Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 7 Part 2

Haruhi's Narrative

"Haru-Chan! Wanna share some coconut juice with me? Or do wanna try a piece of the mango cake?" Honey asked he wore a pink bunny rubber ring float.

"Yeah sure I'll share some coconut juice with you," I replied, smiling at Honey's childish behaviour

Just then I spotted Mori Senpai in the distance looking at some of the tropical birds. He then turned to me as I looked at him like he knew I was staring.

"Never mind that we've got a question for ya." I overheard Hikaru speak to Tamaki

"Why did you make Haruhi wear that yellow monstrosity?" Kaoru confronted

"I thought for sure you'd be all 'I wanna see Haruhi in a swimsuit' not making her cover up like that," Hikaru stated

"It was surprising," Kaoru added

"I know he's what he's up to. He doesn't want anyone else to see her in a bathing suit. Do you really think that's it? He must be one of those jealous pervert types. That's pretty twisted." The twins' stage whispered they got bigger and their eyes glowed yellow.

"That's not it at all. I just wanted to protect her innocence like any father or guardian would. After all even if she is wearing a swimsuit it is not decent for a lady to walk around half naked in front of boys!" Tamaki flustered waving his arms all over the place.

He froze when the twins pointed to me and realised that I was in earshot the whole conversation.

Sugar should be here to scorn Tamaki on his outdated views on women.

"Haru-Chan let's play do you wanna go swimming in the current pool with Rossi Chan and me?" Honey asked, grabbing my arm.

"Nah I'm not gonna swim today. Hold on you know how to swim do you still need that float?" I questioned

Honey responded by shaking his head before saying "Just looks cuter this way you know?"

Then he pranced away singing "Prancing, prancing…"

"You're right those bunnies do look pretty cute," I commented, smiling at Honey's cute behaviour.

"He's so innocent." The twins stated

"No way you've got it all wrong!" I heard what sounded like Renge voice echo differ

"Is that Renge?" I queried looking around to see where the voice was coming from.

Suddenly one of the huts opened up and Renge rose on her spinning platform, laughing as usual.

"How does she do that it's like the rig follows us?" I uttered in confusion, as well as sweat dropping.

"That outfits pretty impressively." Hikaru commented on Renge's black bikini. She also had a weird tattoo on her stomach and a purple parasol.

"What's with the tattoo on your stomach?" Kaoru asked

"Oh that you don't recognise it I'm cosplaying," Renge answered

"Yeah as who?" Hikaru asked

"La la!" Renge sang

"La la? Like the Manga magazine?" Kaoru questioned

"Perfect teeth and slender frame. Her blue eyes that light up men's faces her singing voice. Laaa! I am Kuon Kisaragi!" Renge explained theatrically

"I wouldn't have guessed," I muttered

"I had no idea who you were supposed to be," Tamaki stated

Renge then started posing; I assume it for my benefit. How did she make herself sparkle like that? I guess she still has a thing for me.

"Listen up boys! You obviously need help understanding Honey Senpai's hidden motives look!" Renge stated, pointing towards where Honey and Mori Senpai were.

"Takashi!" Honey exclaimed as he jumped in the pool, then he waved and smiled happily at his tall friend.

"What are you talking about?" Tamaki asked

"Think about what he said to you earlier," Renge remarked

"He's not being as sweet and innocent as you think." She then continued after we all thought about what Honey said earlier.

"I agree, try putting the word I at the beginning of the sentence," Kyoya interjected

"He planned that?" the twins, Tamaki and I exclaimed in realisation

"That's Honinosuka for you! In the last episode, he felt threatened by another Loli boy so he's taking steps to keep his rank. I should give him more credit he's a lot smarter than I thought." Renge commented before going down on her platform to her secret lair or something.

"Hey everybody! Check it out watch even though were swimming really fast we don't go any farther than we are now!" Honey called to us on Mori Senpai's back as he swam in the current pool.

"Mermaid style!" Rossi then called after, before dipping under the pool's surface again.

"So what's up with him?" Tamaki wondered about Honey

"Could he really be that smart?" I thought aloud

Just then Tomo glomped me from behind.

"YO! Did I miss anything?" She stated

"Well, you just missed Renge who made us realise that Honey's not what he seems." I supplied

"Thank the gods! Was Bernard with her?"


"Good, wait how'd she get here?" Tomo asked

"By rising platform as usual," I answered

"But how? Unless she's some evil magic being like Kyoya Senpai. Yeah, that's definitely it." Tomuru answered her own question

Tomuru's Narrative

After concluding that my human arch nemesis was an evil magic being, I noticed the Tweeds were armed with water pistols. Tweedledum shot a blast of water at an unsuspecting Tamaki's face.

"I gotcha," Hikaru stated smugly

"C'mon boss let's have a water gun fight." Kaoru urged

"It'll be Kaoru and me against you. If you get hit in the face you'll lose. What 'd ya say?" Hikaru explained

"No why would I want to subject myself to a childish game like that? Tamaki turned down, drying his face with a towel.

The twins then gave each other the 'stirring up trouble' look before they put their arms over dearest and me.

"Haruhi and Doggie I think it's time that we got married," Hikaru stated loudly

"Then we'll honeymoon in Otoni," Kaoru added

"This is to annoy Tamaki isn't it?" I sussed

It obviously worked and Tamaki got out a water pistol and starting pumping it.

"If you'd think I'd ever let my little girls marry you guys…DADDY SAYS NO!" Tamaki exclaimed aiming his water gun at the twins.

"I'm getting a drink." Haruhi sighed before heading to the tropical hut bar.

"Kay hey I wanna play too! Gimme a gun!" I announced

"Sure it can be two against two! You better watch yourself Doggie." Hikaru warned throwing me a red water gun, which I didn't manage to catch so I quickly picked it up from the ground.

"Ha, you wish. Each one of your Tweedly faces will be soaked by my water ammo!" I declared aiming the gun at the two of them.

"Aw, father and daughter fighting side by side!" Tamaki stated in delight

"Ok let's get this fight going!" I uttered impatiently, shooting a water blast to Kaoru, which he ducked and retaliated with his own attack.

My strategy was mainly to run around manically shooting at anything that looked, Tweed, like.

"I'll get you guys. Sideways sweeping shot!" Tamaki exclaimed, shooting sideways at the twins who shielded themselves with odd long, wood face decoration thingies.

"That's cheating!" Tamaki snapped before he slid on a random banana peel, which made him slide all the way to a tropical ornament thingy and smack his face on.

That's gotta hurt.

"FEAR NOT FATHER I SHALL AVENGE YOU!" I declared before blasting a jet of water to each of the Tweed's unguarded faces.

"Victory!" I cheered

However what I didn't realise is that when Tamaki smashed into the tropical post thingy the eyes on the faces glowed red, thus somehow changing the current in the current pool Honey and Rossi were currently swimming in.

What's everyone looking at?

I then realised why everyone was looking towards the current pool. A huge wave appeared shadowing Honey and Rossi. Before they could get out the wave crashed down, taking them down into the depths of the pool.

"Honey Senpai, Rossi!" I heard Haruhi shout

"Mitskuni!" I heard Mori exclaim urgently soon after.

I quickly ran towards the pool, as I saw Mori Senpai do from the corner of my eye. Before I could dive in and rescue them someone grabbed my arms from behind and pulled me backwards.

"Get the heck off me Kyoya!" I shouted, trying to wriggle out of his firm grasp.

"Don't be idiotic, we would have to save you as well as Honey and Rossi if you went in. The current pool is unpredictable at the moment if you haven't noticed." Kyoya stated calmly

"So? They could be drowning for all I know! I just need to check if they're down there." I responded, feeling paranoid, and desperate for reassurance that the both of them are fine.

"Gentleman we are going after Honey Senpai and Rossi! That pool looks like the quickest way CHARGE!" Tamaki declared before they all ran towards the pool Tamaki pointed to.

"Wait I wouldn't go…" Kyoya began to caution, still holding onto me so I wouldn't jump in.

However, they soon ran back in a hurry exclaiming that they were alligators in the pool.


"Alright, we can't use that pool. Then let's try this way next!" Tamaki instructed, again they all ran towards that direction and yet again there were alligators.

"There're here too!" the twins exclaimed in panic

"And here!" Haruhi also exclaimed

After Kyoya and I watched everyone get tired out running in circles trying to find an alligator safe route to get to Honey and Rossi, we joined them walking away from the poolside. Kyoya Senpai let go of my arms.

Evil shadow lord!

"What's with all the alligators?" Haruhi asked, still catching her breath

"Beats me." Tamaki responded also out of breath

"Yeah, you said there'd be no dinosaurs shadow lord," I remarked, pointing at Kyoya accusingly

"Those alligators belong to the tropical animal's exhibit. I suppose it is dangerous to let them run wild." Kyoya started to explain, writing on a clipboard as he spoke.

"Yeah you think?" I uttered sarcastically

Wait this is my chance!

I slowly edged back to the current pool as Kyoya was busy speaking.

"Though our current problem is the location of the switch to the current pool. I'll have a brief chat with out designers. Thanks a lot you guys I got some great data today." Kyoya finished, actually smiling, not having his usual evil smirk etched on his face like I thought.

"Say what?" the others apart from Mori exclaimed in irritated shock.

When I reached the edge I quickly turned and dived in, taking a deep breath before plunging. I focused all my energy to swimming deeper underwater.

Jeez, how deep does this pool go?

After two minutes, I started to feel the burn from my lungs through the lack of air getting provided. I managed to see the bottom of the pool floor. However I didn't see any little brothers or little dudes anywhere. When I could barely hold my breath anymore and my ears began to pop from the pressure I swam down to the pool floor and propelled myself upwards. As soon as I resurfaced I took in a huge breath of air and supported myself on the ledge. I looked up to see the Hosts looking down on me, each with worried expressions on their faces. Except Mori who looked monotonous as usual and shadow lord who glared at me.

"I went all the way down to the pool floor. No little dudes anywhere." I informed getting out of the pool.

"Daughter you were down there for five minutes! We thought something awful happened to you!" Tamaki exclaimed worriedly, giving me a big hug.

The twins and Haruhi joined in with the hug of relief.

"Wow, five minutes huh? I think that's a record for me." I commented

"Right now that's over shall we get on with rescuing Honey Senpai and Rossi?" Haruhi suggested

"Definitely." I agreed

Then we followed Kyoya to one of the water park maps that hung up nearby.

"Well as I was saying we need to get here. I have a feeling that's where the two of them probably ended up. It might be tough because to get there we have to get through this jungle area here." Kyoya explained

"It looks like there are a lot of undeveloped areas. Any idea what could be lurking in those parts of the jungle?" Haruhi asked

"Since they're still being developed I'm afraid I don't know," Kyoya answered

"Whatever could be out there could be more dangerous…"

"…then alligators." Kaoru finished Hikaru's sentences.

"Yeah like Honey badgers or gangs of oddly sentient ducks." I piped in

"What's a Honey badger?" Hikaru asked

"You're worst nightmare!" I stage whispered dramatically, which made the Tweeds look at each other nervously.

"Alright, now this is a mission of survival! I know we can get through the treacherous jungle in one piece! It is our sworn duty to save Honey Senpai and Rossi!" Tamaki pep talked

"How bad can it be? I mean it's just a water park." I wondered

My little brother better be alright or so help me I will tear this stupid water park apart!

Rossi's Narrative

I blacked out after the currents bashed me against the poolside. I thought this place was meant to be therapeutic! Anyway, I woke up on dry land with a concerned Honey looking down at me. I coughed up some of the pool water I apparently swallowed.

"Are you okay Rossi Chan?" Honey asked in concern.

"Uh I feel a little 'a cough' groggy but I'm good. Are you ok Honey?" I managed to respond lightly.

"Yep. I had to perform CPR on you, Rossi Chan. You stopped breathing!" Honey informed me, helping me stand up.

"Whoa how long for?" I responded in surprise, to which Honey shrugged.

"Oh well thanks, Honey. You saved my life. Tomo would've torn this place down if anything happened to us." I spoke appreciatively, hugging Honey.

"No need to thank me, Rossi Chan. Everyone will be worried about us so we should probably find our way back kay?"

"Good idea."

Then Honey and I walked through the jungle area to meet up with the others.

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