Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 7 Part 3

"Wow this place is like a real jungle huh?" Tamaki commented

"Yeah and I keep hearing all of these strange animal calls." Haruhi stated

"You don't think those animal calls…" Hikaru started

"…Belong to the real thing do you?" Kaoru finished nervously

"I'm not sure but I do know that my family does strive on authenticity whatever the cost." Kyoya responded

Inner Monologue

Mori Senpai's always so straight-faced I can never tell what he's thinking. But even though he's doing a good job of staying calm I'm sure he's worried.

I wouldn't be surprised those two are pretty close.

Maybe they're childhood friends like us? That could explain their bond.

Yeah or they could be related.

No way they look nothing alike.

Yeah, you're probably right dearest.

Outer world

Then Mori Senpai slipped on a random banana peel.

"I thought people slipped on banana peels in cartoons?" I thought aloud

"Mori Senpai is…" Hikaru started

"Acting as clumsy as you do boss." Kaoru finished

"Shut up!" Tamaki snapped

"Yep, he's worried," I whispered to Haruhi, which she nodded in response.

At that moment, I slipped on a frickin' banana peel!

"Ow, that hurt my toosh." I moaned, whilst dearest helped me up

"Uh oh, it's about time for the squall," Kyoya informed, looking at his watch

"What's a Squall? How come it's cloudy all of the sudden?" I queried

"It's a rain shower sugar." Haruhi supplied

"Oh…wait what?"

Suddenly artificial rain hammered down on us. Luckily there was a hut nearby which we quickly ran and sheltered under.

"Why is it raining in an indoor water park?" I demanded to emphasise 'indoor'

"Like I said my family strives for authenticity," Kyoya answered

"So Mori Senpai you seem to be close with Honey Senpai. Are the two of you like childhood friends?" Haruhi asked Mori

"You mean you didn't know?"

"That they're cousins." The twins answered

"You're kidding me you mean they're related?" Haruhi uttered in surprise

"The Morinosukas have been serving the Honinosuka family for generations," Kyoya interjected

"However two generations ago the families soon became relatives through marriage and the master/ servant relationship soon became a thing of the past," Hikaru explained

"Even so Mori Senpai has always made a point to accompany Honey Senpai," Kaoru added

"Must really get his blood going. The blood of a loyal servant flows like a mighty river through Mori Senpai's veins." Tamaki commented

"Such a beautiful story I'm touched." The Tweeds sobbed through handkerchiefs

Where we they keeping those handkerchiefs? Wait actually that's an answer I don't want to know.

"Uh, I wouldn't say it was a beautiful story," Haruhi remarked

"Dramatic as usual." I sighed

I noticed Mori was looking out at the rain, seeming deep in thought.

"Dearest time to use your consoling powers," I whispered to her, to which she agreed and went up to him.

"Hey, Mori Senpai it's gonna be alright. I'm sure Honey Senpai is safe. He's a lot tougher than you think he is. And if he gets hungry the trees are full of bananas." Haruhi reassured, placing her hand on his arm as an act of comfort.

"Bananas?" the twins questioned

"What's he going to say?" Tamaki wondered

"You're right." Mori responded smiling a little, placing his hand on Haruhi's head.

"Don't tell me Mori Senpai's out for my spot as Haruhi's daddy!" Tamaki shrieked

"Don't worry you still have a daughter spare," I assured lightly, gesturing to myself

"No one wants that spot, but you boss." Hikaru pointed out

"It's kinda creepy if you think about it." Kaoru opinionated


"Ha, you're a big old' perv." The twins teased

"SHUT UP I'M NOT A PERV!" Tamaki shouted

The twins continued to torment Tamaki by chanting "Senpai's a perv for Haruhi" over and over, which, of course, made Tamaki angrier each time the phrase repeated.

"Hello, it's me. Well, we've got into a situation." Kyoya answered his phone call.

"Well, at least the rain looks like it's starting to die down," I muttered to myself, looking outside the hut with Haruhi and Mori.

Rossi's Narrative

"We should get back to the others soon if we follow the path right?" I stated

"Uh huh. I hope we get back soon though I'm hungry." Honey responded

Suddenly it started pouring down with rain.

"Why is it raining? We're indoors!" I exclaimed starting to shiver.

Honey ripped of a huge leaf and held it above the two of us.

"We can use this as an umbrella until the rain goes away." Honey stated, linking his arm with mine and continued walking.

"Good idea, then we won't get colds. Though the rain isn't too cold." I commented

I glanced at Honey who still had the contagious smile he always has.

Even after almost drowning and the rainy weather he's still joyful as ever.

Tomuru's Narrative

The rain died down and the sun shone once again. I still think the Ootoris are going to lose money with this squall thing. I mean who wants to be rained on whilst on holiday? Anyway I entertained myself by watching the twins irritate Tamaki, seeing how red the King could get. However when I glanced beside me I noticed Haruhi and Mori Senpai weren't there. I looked around in confusion until I saw a glimpse of yellow go into the foliage.

If they think there gonna search for Honey and Rossi without me, they've got another thing coming.

I ran out of the hut and into the jungle to catch up to the two of them.

"Dearest? Groot? Hey, wait up!" I called out, yet I couldn't find them anywhere.

"No sign of them might as well retrace my steps and search with…OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" I exclaimed looking around to see nothing but plants.

Apparently I went completely off the path and have gotten lost. Just my friggin luck!

"Therapeutic my arse," I muttered in annoyance

I continued walking forward, more like stumbling, through the greenery, tripping on roots and getting tangle in vines. I almost grabbed onto a ball python, which I assumed was a branch at first glance.

"Jeez shadow lord really needs to rethink having the animals loose. It's a hazard waiting to happen." I commented

The python flicked its tongue at me, staring with unusual curiosity.

"Stop staring at me Kaa I am not trusting in you!" I snapped

However it seemed Kaa took a liking to me, he slithered himself onto my shoulders and continued to stare. He tongue was licking my chin.

"You better not be the poisonous kind of snake. Or is it venomous I should be worried about? I always get those two mixed up…ah well, wanna help me find my way back to the path?" I spoke to Kaa, to which I swear he nodded his head slightly

"Alright new friend let's find my other friends. But if you try and hypnotise me I will make you knot yourself!" I warned

That's the first time he's ever called me by my name.

Dearest, where the frack, are you guys?

Sugar Mori called me Haruhi!

I know I heard confobulations now answer my question!

You're lost aren't you?

Of course I am!

Mori's also carrying me.

What? Why?

Cus I freaking out over jungle stuff.

Oh great does that mean Mori's fallen for you too? Have you got a love hexagon now? Dude, you're a rich magnet aren't ya?

Shut up Mori hasn't fallen for me! Even if he has Kyoya Senpai's all yours.

Now is not the time dearest! You've still yet to tell me where you two are.

How should I know? There aren't any signs up.

Kaa's more help than you!

The snake from Jungle Book?

Yes I met him and now he's my friend.

Holy crap some police dudes has surrounded us pointing their guns!

Why the heck are they there? Alright Kaa and I are coming, Mori will protect ya.

Yeah, he just knocked out one of them.

Go Groot!

That his new nickname?


"Takashi! Haru-Chan outta the way!" I heard Honey in the distance

I quickly ran towards the sound of Honey's Tarzan yell, whilst still holding Kaa. When I emerged from the trees I slipped on another frickin banana peel! Kaa got squished a bit in the process.

"Sorry Kaa." I apologised guiltily as he glared at me.

Once I got back up I saw Haruhi, Mori, Honey and Rossi surrounded by beaten up, a couple unconscious, police dudes. Honey was in the centre of them dusting his hands off.

"You guys should be more careful who you mess with. Picking on my friends is bad got it!" Honey warned though the little pink flowers around him made it difficult for me to take seriously.

"So Honey beat up these guys?" I wondered

"Yep, it was sweet!" Rossi confirmed, whilst hugging me.

"Are you ok?" I asked in concern before questioning the huge leaf Rossi had with him.

"Yeah I'm good. We used this leaf as an umbrella when it started pouring it down." Rossi responded

"Good, shame I couldn't see the little dude in action, though."

"Maybe you can ask for a demonstration of his martial arts one day?" Rossi suggested

"Yeah, good idea!" I agreed

"Haruhi! Haruhi are you alright?" I heard Tamaki call out.

I looked to see him running towards us with the twins and Kyoya following behind.

"Hey, it's Tama-Chan!" Honey commented lightly

"Ow wow, you ok Senpai?" Hikaru and Kaoru asked

"HARUHI!" Tamaki squealed launching himself at Haruhi before continuing in relief "I was so worried."

"So obvious." Rossi sighed

"So were you with Mori and Haruhi or did you get lost?" Kyoya queried me

"You already know the answer shadow lord," I replied in irritation

"Lost it is then. You have a mark on your head by the way." Kyoya informed pointing to my forehead

"Well, it's not my fault if there random banana peels on the ground like its fricken Mario Kart!" I snapped rubbing my head

"Tomuru…" Kyoya started


"Why in god's name do you have a snake?"

"Yeah, I was wondering that," Rossi added

"He's my new friend Kaa!" I answered tickling Kaa's chin.

"You know you can't keep it." Kyoya stated

"He's right Tommi ya know Yuki has a phobia of legless animals." Rossi agreed

"Aww…fine I'll put him back." I moaned, lifting Kaa over my shoulders and hanging him on the nearest tree.

"I'm gonna miss you Kaa," I whispered slowly backing away to where the Hosts were. I'm sure he nodded his head again before he slithered up the tree out of sight.

"What do you mean he was holding back?" I heard Haruhi ask, whilst pinching Tamaki's hand to make him let go of her.

"So then…" Kaoru started

"You didn't know about Senpai? The Honinosukas are famous for their martial arts. Not only have they helped train the police and SDF forces but also worked with several overseas militaries. Hikaru supplied

"Honey Senpai, in particular, has been called the dread knot of the Honinosuka family. By the time he was in Middle school he became the national champion in both Karate and Judo." Kyoya informed

"Impressive." I commented, whilst holding Rossi in a piggyback.

Wait was that a drum?

"Mori Senpai's no slouch either. He won the national champion in Kendo when he was just in Middle School." Tamaki added

Seriously who's playing that drum?

"So how were you able to find us Honey Senpai?" Kaoru asked

"It wasn't hard it didn't take us long to reach the end of the current pool. So we decided to look for you guys." Honey answered

"We humbly apologise." One of the police people interjected

I looked to see all the police dudes on their hands knees bowing to Honey, with lots of sweat on them.

"I'm the Second-generation student of the Ischisoga Dojo." The same police person informed

"I'm a student from the Todaroki Dojo." Another one piped up

"And I'm from the Otaki Dojo we are in your debt." Another police person added

"Why is something wrong?" Honey questioned

"Gee I dunno maybe jumping to conclusions and attacking people," I muttered sarcastically to myself

"Yes, sir we're so sorry sir. We were unaware that we were searching for Mitskuni Honinosuka. We've committed a terrible offence here." One of the police people stated guiltily

"I apologise for this confrontation. But my dojo will be so excited to hear that I came face to face with the great Honinosuka. I cherish this moment." Another spoke out

"So he is smart. He's deeper than I could've imagined." Haruhi whispered to me

"It appears so," I whispered back

"Takashi you did an amazing job of protecting Haru-Chan!" Honey praised, pulling Mori down so he could pat his head.

"I bet you were lonely without me around huh?" Honey continued

"I don't know if I would say that," Mori answered nonchalantly, to which Honey giggled at

"You are so cute! Thanks for looking out for my little brother by the way." I stated appreciatively

"No problem Tomo Chan. It wasn't as if I was going to let Rossi Chan die." Honey replied casually

"Uh oh." I barely heard Rossi whispered

"…Beg ya pardon?"

"Rossi Chan didn't tell you? I gave him CPR cus he drank too much pool water." Honey supplied before walking towards the main pool area with the others.

"YOU ALMOST DIED!" I exclaimed at Rossi, who I was still carrying

"Honey's just being dramatic I'm alright." Rossi insisted

"Well, its lucky Honey knew CPR." I stated, a little peeved Rossi left that certain information out.

"Yeah." Rossi agreed, before jumping down and jogged up to Honey.

"So where's your friend Kaa?" Haruhi asked as we walked alongside the main pool area.

"Shadow lord and Rossi made me put him back," I replied sadly

"Probably for the best with Yuki's phobia."

"Yeah…I miss him already."

"Ya know maybe we should go to the beach next," Hikaru suggested

"Yeah, the beach would be nice." Kaoru agreed

"You idiots Haruhi's not interested in anything like that," Tamaki remarked

"Actually I might like to go to the beach. I may not be into this silly water parks but I like the ocean. It would be nice to go the beach. And it's so pretty." Haruhi interjected, agreeing with the Tweeds.

"Yeah alright then that's where we'll go next time." Tamaki declared, completely changing his opinion.

"We're all going to go to the beach, Tama-Chan? That'll be fun don't you think?" Honey asked Mori, who was carrying Honey on his shoulders

"Yeah," Mori answered, smiling a little.

"Eh the beach is relaxing I guess." I halfheartedly commented

"Not the beach type Tomuru?" Kyoya questioned

"The beach is alright. I'm just not a fan of the sea life. Crabs, oysters, fish, clams that sorta thing." I responded

"Ah because of your allergy." Kyoya realised


Back in the limo…

"So overall what did you think of the Tropical Aqua Gardens?" Kyoya inquired

"Let's just say it's a good job you don't have dinosaurs otherwise we'd be eaten by now," I answered, with Rossi sleeping on my shoulder

"You mean having the animals run loose?"

"Exactly, probably best to section them off from customers. Also, will it hurt to have a few signs up?" I stated

"Alright, I bring up those points with the designers."


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