Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 8 Part 1

"The beach?" Haruhi questioned

"Of course, the beach!" the twins responded

"But why?"

"Have you forgotten dearest? You said you'd quite like to go to the beach. So of course we're going." I reminded her

"Did I say that?"

"Yes Haruhi, here's the fun part!" the twins stated

"We've brought some swimsuits for you to choose from. Pretty cute don't ya think?"

"Just pick whichever one you want."

"Where did all those manikins come from?" I wondered, only noticing now the manikins dotted around wearing different swimwear.

"You and Rossi get to pick swimwear as well Doggie," Tweedledum added

"Sweet! Wanna help me pick?" Rossi asked Honey

"Kay!" Honey agreed and the two of them looked through the swimwear that was Rossi sized.

"Can't I just wear my own?" I asked

"Nope!" the twins denied

"We have picked out two cute swimsuits for you and Haruhi," Kaoru stated

"Can't I just wear the one I wore at the water park?" I asked

"Nope!" the twins repeated

"I think this one would be much cuter on Haru-Chan." Honey piped in holding a light blue sailor type one piece.

"I don't think you get it Honey Senpai." The twins disagreed

"Just look this uniform barely hides the fact that Haruhi is as flat as a cutting board." Hikaru began, the twins were holding up Haruhi for emphasis

"A one-piece suit like that would upset her because it draws attention to her lacking feminine physique." Kaoru continued

"That's why we carefully selected this two piece suit. The ruffles help hide the fact that she's so flat chested." The twins concluded gesturing to a light pink ruffled two piece.

"Oh, so you basically want a swimsuit that makes Haruhi a cup size larger…frickin pervs." I summed up

"This is your swimwear Doggie." The twins spoke to me.

They revealed another two piece swimsuit, dark pink that looked like a thong and two small triangles held together by string.

"OW!" the twins exclaimed when I thwacked the pair of them.

"No way in hell am I wearing that!" I stated firmly

"We just wanted you to flaunt your feminine beauty." Hikaru excused poorly

"Yeah I bet you did. I'm gonna go with the one Honey picked out it's less revealing." I decided

"Really?" Honey gasped in excitement

"Of course I quite like the swimsuit you picked out," I replied

"You punks better stop harassing my little girls. I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!" Tamaki exclaimed, holding a baseball bat for some reason.

"So does that mean we're not going to the beach?" the twins queried cautiously

"Who said we're not going?" Tamaki responded

"Really so you want to go after all?"

"Can Usa Chan come too?" Honey asked innocently

"I see no problem with that," Kyoya replied

"Huh? We're really gonna go?" Haruhi spoke in surprise

"Why not? Let's go to the beach!" Tamaki declared

So this weekend we were going to the beach.

"So which beach are we going to?" I asked

"Do you have a passport?" Kyoya questioned

"Yeah Rossi and I have passports, dearest doesn't though," I answered

"So overseas beach will be out of the question, as I thought. We'll go to Okinawa; my family owns a private beach there." Kyoya decided

"Huh didn't think your family would be the beach type."

"There is very little you know about my family."

"Correction I know zilch about your family."

"I thought you knew that my family has a private police force?"

"What? Shadow lord has minions. Wait…so that's where those police guys came from that Honey beat up." It dawned on me

"Yes, you only just know realised that?" Kyoya scoffed

"Well, no one told me!"

"Moving on the guests will be leaving soon so could you hand out these invitations to them as they leave?" Kyoya requested handing me a bunch of pink envelopes.

"Sure thing. Hold on the guests are coming too?"

"Yes as per the King's instruction."

"Guess that means the twins don't get to see Haruhi in a swimsuit after all." I chuckled


I did as requested and handed the invitations to the guests as they left the clubroom.

"Oh what's this?" a guest asked curiously

"A trip the Hosts have planned for you ladies," I answered

"All the invitations are handed out Senpai sir," I told Kyoya, saluting

"Good it'll be interesting to see how the others will react," Kyoya replied with his trademark evil smirk.

"Wait you mean the other Hosts don't know that the guests are coming?"

"Aside from Tamaki no."

"Uh, Doggie what were you handing out to the guests?" Kaoru asked

"Invitations to the beach as per the Shadow lords request," I answered

"WHAT? THE GUESTS ARE COMING WITH US!" the twins exclaimed

"Our darling guests deserve a trip to the beach," Tamaki interjected

"Plus it will ensure that the girls will continue to be regular guests," Kyoya added

"That means Haruhi can't change into her swimsuit," Hikaru complained

"Oh no how awful," Haruhi remarked sarcastically

"Yes, what a tragic shame," I commented sarcastically along with her.

"Oh well, at least we get to see Doggie in a cute swimsuit." Hikaru shrugged

"Speaking of that Rossi which one did you pick?" I asked

"This one," Rossi replied holding up a one piece swimsuit with a tuxedo design on it, which was kinda ironic.

"That's the only way to get you into a tuxedo." I laughed


"Why don't you two try them on?" Hikaru suggested

"Yeah." Rossi agreed to drag me to the changing area

"Is it a bit weird that the twins know my swimsuit sizes?"

"He could've got your size from the cosplay you wear." Rossi guessed

"Oh yeah." I realised

I pulled the curtains to one side so Haruhi could see.

"That really suits you sugar," Haruhi commented

"Thanks, dearest."

"Check it out I look like a smart penguin!" Rossi interjected, wearing his swimsuit

"You sure do." I agreed

"So they fit?" the twins asked, coming into the changing area with the other Hosts following behind.

"Yep." Rossi and I answered

"My darling son and daughter look so precious!" Tamaki gushed, hugging me tightly.

"My precious." I quoted Gollum, complete with the croaky voice.

This made Tamaki let go of me, looking terrified.

"Why did you do that scary voice?" Tamaki whimpered

"You said precious so I did a Gollum impression," I answered, to which I got blank stares.

"Gollum, Lord of the Rings? Well-known fantasy film worldwide? No? Never mind." I tried to clarify

"They haven't watched the film sugar," Haruhi muttered

"Still it's general knowledge," I stated matter of factly

"Right you two better get changed," Haruhi stated

"Yeah, good idea." I agreed

When I got changed into my uniform I sat with the others, who were planning beach activities.

"Tomuru may I have a word?" Kyoya asked

"Ok?" I replied going over to where Kyoya sat.

"Do you have any pictures of Haruhi in Middle School?" Kyoya requested

"Yeah I have…what done you want them for?" I answered skeptically

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Kyoya warned

"Well if it's not for that reason, which I doubt, what do you want pictures of Haruhi for?" I asked

"That is none of your concern."

"Well, you don't sound like a pervert at all," I stated sarcastically

"All right you know how the trio of morons always makes a competition of everything."

"Almost everything yeah?"

"I just wanted to make whatever petty competition they come up with more interesting," Kyoya explained

"Ok fine. I'll email them to you when I get home." I agreed

"Here's my email address," Kyoya replied

"Ok." I put the paper Kyoya handed me in my skirt pocket.

Driving to the beach…

"So why are we going to Okinawa?" Hikaru asked

"Because Kyoya's family has a private beach there," Tamaki answered

"But why couldn't have we gone to the Caribbean or even Fiji?" Hikaru responded

"Do you think a commoner like Haruhi owned a passport?" Kyoya interjected

"Rude," I muttered to myself.

"It's beautiful." Honey commented looking out of the window, Rossi nodded in agreement.

"So this is your summer home?" I assumed as the limo came to a stop at a large beach house.

"Yes, this is my family's summer home," Kyoya confirmed

"Tis big but not big enough to fit both the Hosts and the guests." I pointed out as I got my rucksack

"The guests are staying at a first class hotel nearby," Kyoya informed


"I can honestly say I've never been in a house like this before," Haruhi commented

"Same here, we'll be setting foot in unknown territory. Our wits must be kept about us. We will be observing the rich species up close in a casual environment." I responded, impersonating a documentary narrator.

"Ah instead of usually observing the rich species in a school environment," Haruhi added before we laughed

"Must you always act so silly?" Kyoya sighed

"I dunno must you always act so cold hearted?" I retaliated, to which he shook his head and walked away from us.

"He couldn't come up with a good comeback," Haruhi whispered to me

"I know," I whispered back smirking

When we entered the house the interior was exactly how I pictured a rich summer home would be like except…

"Hey shouldn't there be maids and butlers?" I questioned

"The staff that usually upkeep this place are either ill or taking their holiday," Kyoya informed

"Oh, so we're cooking and cleaning up after ourselves?"


"Right well Haruhi and I aren't doing all the work," I stated firmly

"Don't worry Tomo Chan Takashi and I will help." Honey offered

"Aw thank you, Honey," I replied

"Shall I show you guys your rooms?" Kyoya offered

"Lead the way shadow lord."

Kyoya showed each of us our bedrooms. Mine was in between Haruhi's and Kyoya's room.

"Holy crap I get a balcony!" I gasped excitedly

"So glad that you like it." Kyoya droned sarcastically before closing the door and leaving me to marvel at having my own bathroom.

"This bed is huge! I could have Boris on here and I could still sleep starfish style."

"Do you get a bathroom too?" Haruhi asked, coming through the door in between our rooms.

"We get a door in between rooms!"

"Yeah, your bed is huge," Haruhi commented

"I know let's bounce on it," I suggested

"…Kay." Haruhi agreed

"This is really bouncy I feel like Tigger," I commented

"Yeah I feel like I'm gonna go through the ceiling," Haruhi replied

"Tomuru the guests are…what are you two doing?" Kyoya asked

"Bouncing on the bed, it's really bouncy!" I answered

"If you break the bed it goes onto Haruhi's debt," Kyoya stated

"Oh come on we're not that heavy," Haruhi stated, jumping off the bed

"Well, the guests have settled in their hotel rooms and have arrived at the beach. We have to meet them there." Kyoya informed

"Ok, I better get in my swimsuit," I said jumping off the bed

However instead of landing on my feet like Haruhi did I slipped and fell on my face.

"Fuzzy tarsiers!" I swore

"Idiot." Kyoya sighed before walking off

"You ok dearest?" Haruhi asked, getting a tissue for my nosebleed

"Yeah, you know it's not the first time I fell jumping off the bed," I answered

"True, I think you've just got a nosebleed."

"Just a nosebleed," I mumbled

"I'm gonna greet the guests or Tamaki Senpai will pitch a fit."

"You better change into something more boyish. I think the purple skirt will give your gender away." I advised

"Yeah, good idea." Haruhi agreed

"I'll meet you down there," I called after her

After a few minutes the bleeding stopped and I changed into my swimming costume.

"Beach time!" I declared to myself, grabbing my towel and bag before meeting up with the others.

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