Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 8 Part 2

When I went downstairs there was only Kyoya there to meet me.

"The others went to entertain the guests?" I guessed


"You didn't have to wait for me ya know."

"Wrong knowing you you'd get lost."

"…Fair enough let's go." I agreed

"How come you don't wear swim trunks shadow lord?" I asked as we headed to the beach.

"I have no interest in such menial activities," He replied

"You can swim though right?"

"Of course."

"Alright just wondering."

We met up with everyone at the beach. I saw that the twins were playing volleyball with a couple of their guests. Honey Senpai and Mori Senpai were doing exercise Zumba thing with a few of their guests, including Rossi.

"The nosebleed went?" Haruhi asked as I laid my towel beside hers.

"Yeah," I confirmed, laying on the towel and propping myself with my elbows to observe what was going on around me.

"Alright, your alone time with Tamaki is up. The next lady please proceed." I heard Kyoya instruct.

Tamaki's guests were waiting in line for one to one flirting sessions with Tamaki. I redirected my attention to the Tweed's volleyball match.

"Hey take it easy Hikaru!" Kaoru protested, running after the ball rolling along the beach.

"I'm sorry I'll get it!" Hikaru called running after Kaoru

"Wait for me Kaoru." Hikaru moaned

"It's not my fault the ball is rolling away." Kaoru laughed in response

I wolf whistled at the brotherly love act as usual before looking back at the volleyball net thoughtfully.

"Whatcha thinking about sugar?"

"Wanna beat the Tweeds at volleyball?" I suggested

"Nah I just wanna relax as much as I can." Haruhi declined casually

"Eh, you're not the best at volleyball anyway." I shrugged off


"I'm gonna ask Rossi." I decided, getting up and searching for him.

"Hey wanna beat the Tweeds at volleyball?" I asked Rossi, who just finished making a sandcastle

"Yeah, it'll be like siblings Vs siblings!" Rossi agreed eagerly

"Yes! Tweeds." I called to the twins as I jogged up to them

"Yeah, Doggie what d'you want?" Hikaru asked

"We wanna play volleyball. Okiros Vs Tweeds." I challenged

"You're on!" the twins agreed

We played two matches against the twins, each team scoring one point each.

"That's one game won each. Let's make this the final game." I suggested, dusting off some sand off my leg.

"We're gonna beat your asses Okiros!" Hikaru stated determinedly

"NO SWEARING!" unless you want a repeat of the last beating I gave ya," Rossi warned

"Sorry." Hikaru quickly apologized

"Kay let's get this game going!" I interjected throwing the ball in the air, hitting to their side of the net.

"Hey, we weren't ready!" Kaoru complained, counter hitting the ball towards Rossi.

This game was intense; we played for what seemed like ages until…

"YES!" Rossi and I cheered as Hikaru missed the ball, giving us the winning point.

"No way!" the twins exclaimed

"Good game Tweeds but I'm gonna relax with dearest for a bit," I spoke lightly, as they were in their dark auras.

"Your swimsuit is gorgeous Tomuru." One of Haruhi's guests commented as I sat beside Haruhi.

"Thanks, Honey Senpai picked it out from a bunch of swimwear the twins showed me," I explained

"Um Haruhi aren't you going swimming with us?" another guest requested

"Well uh, I like looking out at the sea from a safe distance." Haruhi responded politely

"Well if you're not going to swim would you mind if we sit and talked with you?"

"But why? You girls should go swim. You've got cute swimsuits on why not show them off." Haruhi stated charmingly, making the three girls.

Guess dearest is the natural type.

As Haruhi continued to entertain her guests I turned my attention to Hikaru, who I heard complaining.

"I can't believe he fooled us."

"Who knew he'd bring the ladies with us?" Kaoru added

"We certainly didn't expect it," Hikaru replied

"You were invited on this all expense vacation for a reason. And that is to keep our clients entertained." Kyoya interjected

"We know but with the ladies here…"Hikaru started

"Haruhi can't change into her swimsuit." Kaoru finished

"Don't worry I have it all under control. My little angel shouldn't be parading around in a swimsuit. At least not in front of two perverts like you." Tamaki stated

Then he went into his little Tamaki world.

"It'll happen just like that, the greatest day of my life. I don't know if I can handle it!" Tamaki prattled, his face bright red as he wriggled in his beach chair like a lovesick worm.

"What's the matter with Tamaki? Is he having a seizure?" One of Tamaki's guests asked in concern.

"Don't worry about it, he gets like this occasionally," The twins assured casually

"I'm guessing he's thinking about dearest," I interjected, standing beside the Tweeds.

"Yeah." They agreed

"Haru-Chan, Tomo Chan wanna come hellfish shunting with Rossi Chan and me?" Honey called out to us.

"Hellfish shunting? Don't you mean shellfish hunting?" I corrected, going over to Honey along with Haruhi.

"This doesn't seem like the kind of beach Honey Senpai. You're not gonna find many shell…fish." Haruhi paused in surprise when we saw that Honey and Rossi were surrounded by shellfish.

"WHAT THE HELL? NO WAY!" Haruhi exclaimed in surprise

"NOPE!" I shouted making a cross with my arms, before running away.

"Sorry, Tomo Chan I forgot about your allergies," Honey called after me

I ran to the safety of my beach towel and caught my breath. I found out the source of the shellfish came from a huge black police van, with Kyoya's face on it. A group of police people were carrying buckets of the death critters.

"Uh shadow lord why are your private police dudes infesting the beach with shellfish?" I questioned, eyeing the buckets warily

"Well as I told Mori Senpai they wanted to repay Honey Senpai for attacking him at the water park," Kyoya answered, smirking at my squeamish expression

"So they brought shellfish?"

"So they brought shellfish," Kyoya confirmed

"Riiight." I drawled, before returning to the safety of my beach towel.

As I walked passed I heard Honey and Haruhi conversing.

"Amazing look how many we got!" Honey commented

"We're going to have some fancy side dishes tonight. It's gonna be delicious." Haruhi responded cheerfully

Good job I packed ramen or I'd go hungry whilst everyone stuffs their faces with crabs.

"My, my, it certainly looks like they're enjoying themselves. All is right with the world." Tamaki commented

"Hey, sugar dinner's gonna be awesome!" Haruhi called happily to me

"Yeah for you maybe!" I called back

"Senpai dinner's gonna be awesome! It's a major haul!" She then called to Tamaki

"It's a major haul! Dinner's gonna be awesome! It'll be a real treat!"

"I'm sorry what's dinner gonna be again?" I asked sarcastically

"Awesome apparently." Kyoya responded sitting beside me, equally sarcastic.

"Tell me Haruhi isn't this crab…crabtivating?" Tamaki asked her as he held up a red crab.

"Was that a pun?" I groaned

"Oh yeah." Haruhi laughed at Tamaki's puns

They both seem to like puns. They belong together.

"You're so cute." Tamaki cooed

Then he froze when a centipede crawled up the crab.



"PEDE!" the guests squealed in fright, everyone ran away from Tamaki.

"It's just a centipede," I muttered, shaking my head at the overreaction.

As Tamaki whimpered with fat tears rolling down his face, Haruhi calmly picked up the bug and was about to throw it over the rocks.

"Wait Gimme!" I demanded, making a grabby hand gesture

"Alright?" Haruhi obliged placing the centipede in my hands

I smiled as it crawled over my hands but then it bit me.

"Ow, you son of a bush baby!" I exclaimed, throwing the centipede over the rocks

"Hey, Doggie." The twins started, slinging their arms over my shoulders

"Now I know that most girls aren't the bug lovin' type and I certainly didn't think you and Haruhi were but…" Hikaru started

"Couldn't have you been easier on that little guy? Kaoru finished

"Hey, I like bugs! Besides that little bugger bit me." I defended myself

"Anyway, it takes a lot more than that to kill a bug," Haruhi added

"Haruhi is so brave and manly." One guest gushed

"And yet still so sweet." Another sighed

"Tomuru is also brave. Those two are so cute together."

Damn, I thought they forgot about the whole 'thinking I'm in love with Haruhi' thing.

I left the guests to 'Moe' over Haruhi and stood by the twins.

"Well isn't that just great," Hikaru stated irritably

"Haruhi and Doggie aren't normal I thought girls were afraid of bugs," Kaoru stated

"Hey stop stereotyping! Tamaki was scared too. And I couldn't help but see you two running away." I scorned

"I was not!" Tamaki denied in embarrassment

"We did not!" the twins also denied

"I'm sure they're afraid of something," Tamaki muttered

The twins looked like they had another game up their metaphorical sleeves.

Hey boss we've thought up of another game to play that could be a lot of fun. What d'ya say?" The twins told Tamaki

"It's called the whoever can find out Haruhi's and Tomuru's weakness game. Think you're up to it?" They continued

"You guys are evil," I commented

"But that game sounds terrible." Tamaki objected

"I guess you're right beside Haruhi would only share her weakness to someone she's really close to." Hikaru manipulated, as the twins walked away.

"What are the rules?" Tamaki asked urgently

"Now that's more like it! The deadline is sunset tomorrow. Whoever can find out Haruhi's and Doggie's weakness wins." The twins explained

"And I've got the perfect prize for the games lucky winners," Kyoya interjected, holding up the pictures I sent him of Haruhi and me in Middle School.

Tamaki was fuming, demanding the source of the pictures, as Kyoya held them up away from his reach.

"We wanna play too," Honey stated

"I guess that means we're all competing. Rossi you're not allowed to say anything." Kyoya stated

"I wasn't planning on it," Rossi replied

"I thought you guys know my weakness," I spoke up

"Raw fish and shellfish are just your allergies, not actual fears," Kauru told me matter of factly

"Yeah, allergies don't count. We want your deep, dark fear." Hikaru added

"Hold on where did you get those pictures, Kyo Chan?" Honey questioned

"I have my sources why don't we just leave it at that for now," Kyoya answered

"'A cough' pervert 'a cough'." I masked through a fake cough

So tomorrow the game commenced…

"What were you guys talking about yesterday?" Haruhi asked as I sunbathed

"Oh yeah, the guys are doing one of their games again." I answered

"Oh." Haruhi left it at that

"Hey Haruhi, Doggie wanna explore the cave with us?" Hikaru offered, with him was Kaoru and a couple of their guests.

"Yeah ok." Haruhi agreed

"Yeah! Help me up dearest." I requested

After she pulled me up we headed to the cave, flashlights at the ready.

What are the twins planning?

"This is the place. This is the most haunted spot in all of Okinawa. The locals don't even come down here." Hikaru talked as we walked through the cave.

"They say you can only come down here at low tide. Evidently many people have died down here from drowning. And their souls still linger taking revenge on anyone that happens to come inside." Kaoru continued

"Look!" Hikaru suddenly exclaimed, pointing to a monster puppet with glowing pink eyes.

The guests screamed and clung onto each other. Haruhi, however, was unfazed.

"AAAH! It's so repulsive!" I exclaimed, pointing at Kaoru, who was controlling the puppet.

"Haha, you're hilarious," Kaoru remarked sarcastically

"What's going on? Are you guys trying to freak me out?" Haruhi asked Hikaru, who placed a fake hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong with you two? I thought everyone was afraid of ghosts." Kaoru said irritably

"But I've never seen a real one." Haruhi responded logically

"Where did you get these anyway?" I wondered holding the puppet

"Just a shop nearby," Hikaru answered casually

"Right well now that you've successfully scared your guests I think we should go," I commented, pointing to the shaken up girls.

As the twins left comforting their guests, Haruhi and I followed behind, leaving the twins props in the cave.

"So they're trying to find our fears?" Haruhi sussed

"Yep, hopefully, they won't find out my fear," I confirmed

"Yeah same here."

"I doubt they would find yours unless they can somehow control the weather." I pointed out

Later that day…

"Haru-Chan, Tomo Chan can you come over here for a second?" Honey called us over

"Guess it's Honey's turn now," I commented, walking over with Haruhi to the police van

"What the…?" Haruhi muttered

"Could you two come up here for a sec?" Honey asked, giving us the doe-eyed look that I can't say no too.

"Is it safe to drive a truck like this on the sand?" Haruhi questioned as we climbed up

"Probably not." I shrugged

"Well, we're ready whenever you are private police people. Please lower the door." Honey instructed

"Yes sir!" they saluted, which was the last thing I saw until I was shut in complete darkness with Haruhi and Honey.


"Ow, Honey sweetie please calm down." I tried to comfort, whilst holding my face as Honey hit it by accident.

"For god's sake someone opens the door." Haruhi snapped, to which the door opened and Honey ran out in tears.

"Aww, poor Senpai."

"Poor Senpai? What about you? You have a bruise on your forehead." Haruhi noticed when we got off the police van.

"Honey accidently hit me as he flayed around in fear," I explained

"Does it hurt?"

"Throbs a bit but I'm ok," I assured


Once Honey calmed down he happily played in the water with Rossi. Mori Senpai used this opportunity to try and scare Haruhi and I. By holding a spear at us.

"Uh, Mori you're my, Senpai, not a Sentai," Haruhi commented

"Uhh you know I hate puns." I moaned

"Gimme Groot," I asked Mori, making grabby hands at the spear.

"No! Never give sugar a weapon. Ever!" Haruhi denied firmly, pinning me down.

Mori nodded in agreement before walking away.

"Aww." I pouted

After a while, the sun started to set, making the beach look pink and orange.

"I love sunsets." I sighed, looking up at the sky dreamily

"Yeah only cus you never wake up early enough to see the sunrise." Rossi pointed out, lying beside me.

"Maybe I'm scared of mornings." I joked

"I wouldn't be surprised," Rossi replied

"Is she still collecting crustaceans?" I scoffed, watching Haruhi collect shellfish by the cliff contently.

"She's gonna get fat of seafood."

"Yeah, crabs will go extinct at this rate." I laughed, before daydreaming at the sunset once more.

I never felt so relaxed.

"THOSE AREN'T RAT SNAKES! THOSE ARE POISONOUS HABU SNAKES!" I heard the twins exclaim, running away from Tamaki who was holding a bucket of snakes.

"What the…?" Rossi muttered in confusion

Of course, the peace wouldn't last. Wait…DEAREST!

Haruhi was in danger I could sense it! I think it's a best friend thing.

"What's wrong?" Rossi asked seriously, sensing something was wrong.

Instead of answering I ran in the direction of the cliff.

"Tamaki it's…"

"HARUHI!" I shouted in panic

If Haruhi is hurt so help me I will destroy whoever's responsible!

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