Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 9 Part 2

"This isn't going to work."

"Shush Kyoya it'll work. I know my dearest better than you." I insisted

"Daughter zip me up." Tamaki requested, to which I zipped up his dress

"This goes with your outfit Ootori," I stated

"A fan really?"

"Yep and Groot don't forget your tambourine."

"How come Mori Senpai isn't cross-dressing?" Hikaru demanded

"Cus this suits him, don't question my genius! How's the makeup coming along Marco?"

"Still can't believe you dragged Marco into this," Kaoru commented

"Are you sure you want the make up this heavy?" Marco asked unsurely, as he put on Honey's makeup.

"Yes, the heavier the better. Did you bring the camera liked I said?"

"Got it right here," Marco confirmed, holding it up

"Well make sure you take a ton of pictures kay?"

"So long as I get to use some for my portfolio. Honey, you're all set." Marco replied

"Thank you, Marco Chan." Honey hopped off the makeup chair.

"Kyoya you're the last one." I dragged Kyoya to the makeup chair.

"Can this count as the favour I owe you?" Kyoya asked hopefully

"Nope!" I sang

"Hate you." I heard him mutter before I walked away.

"Right is everyone ready? Where's Rossi?" I asked

"Right here," Rossi spoke up

"Good now I'll get ready." I went into the changing room where a long-tailed black suit and top hat waited for me.

Well if the Hosts are waiting for me then why can't I? I even had a cane to go with it. I got changed and put my hair into a top bun so it can be hidden in the top hat. Then I searched for Marco so he could tie my tie because I have no clue how to do it.

"Ok, you're done Kyoya. Though it seems a bit pointless since you'll be covering your face with the fan." Marco stated

"Tie my tie please?" I requested

"Allow me." Kyoya offered, smiling as he took the tie from me.

"I don't trust you when you smile like that," I spoke warily, as he tied the knot.

Then he yanked the knot upwards making it tight around my neck.

"Are you trying to kill me?" I squeaked, trying to make some breathing room.

"Ties are meant to be that tight." Kyoya insisted with his trademark evil smirk, before walking away.

"Prickly pear," I swore under my breath

"Right time to get in position. Marco wants to take a few photos before Haruhi arrives." I managed to call out.

We all got into the positions Marco ordered us into.

"Can I have Kyoya and Tomo together now, please?" Marco instructed

"You sound like a wedding photographer." I pointed out to him as I moved to where Kyoya stood.

"Great now Honey and Mori then a few group pictures," Marco stated

"Alright all done," Marco said once he was finished taking pictures.

"This is a wonderful plan, my daughter is so clever!" Tamaki gushed hugging me tightly

"It hasn't even unfolded yet." I responded

"Does everyone remember what we rehearsed?" I checked with everyone, to which they nodded

"Goodo now we wait." I rubbed my hands together in anticipation.

"This is ridiculous." Kyoya sighed

"Shhh, I hear the Lobelia girls. Marco turns off the lights and make sure you film everything. Remember guys try and sound as feminine as you can." I instructed excitedly, to which Marco turned off the lights.

"Hi, young maiden." I heard Benio greet

"We've come for your decision." Hinako continued

"We're ready to confront those Ouran idiots and set things straight once and for all," Chizuru stated

"Set what straight?" Haruhi asked

"That you should come with us and go to school with your own kind," Benio answered

Shortly after the doors opened revealing Haruhi and the Zuka club.

This is it!

I gave the hand signal to start the plan.

"Ouran." Tweedledum sang

"Ouran." Followed by Tweedledee

"Ouran." Sang Mori, though still in his usual deep voice.

"Ouran." Sang Kyoya, which I struggled to suppress laughter

"Ouran." Honey sang

On my cue, the lights came back on when Tamaki sang "Ooouurrraaan!"

"Host cluuuub!" Rossi and I sang

I sang in the most boyish voice I could, which turned out to be Scottish for some reason.

"Welcome to!" All of us chorused

As predicted the Zuka club and dearest was speechless.

"Oh, Haruhi welcome back!" Tamaki walked forward, as instructed speaking slightly feminine.

"Look, Haru-Chan, I'm a princess now! Aren't I cute?" Honey told her.

"Do you like our new look dearest?" I asked still doing the voice, gesturing to the Hosts with my cane.

"What is the meaning of this? Are you trying to make fun of womankind?" Benio demanded

"The opposite actually, they are embracing their inner womanhood." I clarified

"It's the freebie campaign! Guaranteed to make even a crying child smile. My dears you ladies have lived sheltered lives at Lobelia. So you might not know that commoners are weak. They have a weakness for free things. Haruhi you may be drawn to the Zuka club. But choose us and not only will you gain a Host club full of brothers but sisters as well! This means you can experience feminine bonding whilst staying in the Host club." Tamaki persuaded

"Isn't that a great idea! Aren't I pretty?" Tamaki added

"We're the Hitachiin sisters. Which one of us is prettier?" Admittedly I thought the Tweeds did the best female voices out of the Hosts.

"I'm just teasing you," Hikaru commented before Kaoru did a girly laugh.

"Listen Haru-Chan you can call me big sis from now on." Honey spoke up

This is better than I imagined! I'm going to burst soon.

I started to shake slightly struggling to hold the laughter in.

Mori and Kyoya were next to come forward. Though they didn't speak to Haruhi Groot tapped his tambourine and smiled. Kyoya just hid his face with his fan.

"Do you idiots think you can win her over like this? I've had enough of your fooling around!" Benio snapped

At that moment, Haruhi finally burst into uncontrollable laughter, and as laughter is contagious I soon joined her, rolling around on the floor.

"This is too much! I don't even get what you're trying to do? I knew you were all a bunch of goofballs but geez!" Haruhi laughed, in tears at that point.

"This is the greatest thing I've ever done!" I declared in between laughs

"This was your idea?"

"Of course it has Tomuru written all over it!" Marco called from the side

"Are we really that funny?" The twins teased getting up close to Haruhi, making her laugh harder.

Honey joined the twins in torturing Haruhi, the three of them demanding on being called big sister as they chased Haruhi around the room.

"Say it pleeease." They persisted

"C'mon cut it out! What were you thinking? What's gotten into you guys?" Haruhi calmed down

"We did this because we didn't want you leaving the Host club Haruhi." Hikaru answered, to which Haruhi smile

"Well, maiden have you made your choice?" Benio asked

"Yeah I have. I'm sorry, but your club's not for me. I think the idea of a girl's school is great and your views are unique and interesting. But I came to this school with a goal and a plan for the future. So while I appreciate the offer I really already knew that I was never going to leave Ouran academy." Haruhi politely turned down

"And you maiden?" Benio asked me

"Ah, the thing is I don't actually go to Ouran academy. I go to a 'commoner school' you see. Besides even if I did want to transfer to your academy my academic record isn't exactly good enough for higher class education. Sorry ladies." I also turned down.

"HARUHI! Hang on if you knew you weren't going to leave then why did you act so angry yesterday?" Tamaki demanded

"How would you like it if someone stole something from you without asking you? I really liked that pencil it was easy to write with!" Haruhi snapped

"I'm sorry. But I was kind enough to offer you my teddy bear pencil in exchange but you said you didn't want it!" Tamaki whined

"That's right and I still don't want it," Haruhi grumbled

"Did you know that Haruhi wasn't going to leave?" Kyoya asked me

"Course I did." I responded

"So we didn't need to dress up in this attire then?" he growled

"Not really. I just wanted to see you guys wear dresses." I shrugged, smiling cheekily

"By the way you look very pretty shadow lord." I cooed patronisingly

"Shut up! Did you just call me shadow lord?" Kyoya asked smirking

"Huh guess I did. I still get that favour, though." I reminded him

"I know, it's not like you let me forget it," he grumbled

"You forget something?" I scoff

"It could happen."

"We're not going to give up on you maidens." I heard Benio, which caught my attention.

"I swear this to you some day we will come and rescue you from this place. And when we do we'll abolish the Ouran Host club!" Benio continued determinedly

"Well, ado." The Zuka club twirled away laughing.

Is that how drama people travel around? Don't they get dizzy?

Before the doors closed I saw the three of them slip on random banana peels.

Then the dreaded sound of a platform rising was heard.

"Oh, not prissy pink bow again!" I moaned

"And so a new rival the Zuka club has appeared. From this point on the story's going to get even more exciting! What will happen to our beloved Host club boys next? Hang in there Host club, don't give up boys!" Renge flapped her mouth before she took a bite out of a banana.

"Where's Bernard? What's with the monkey? How many lackeys does she have?" I questioned to myself.

"Hey, it's not your job to cook things up!" Tamaki shouted up to her before he slipped on a random banana peel.

"Can we take off these dresses now?" Kyoya sighed

"Fine, Marco did you get all that?" I asked

"Yep, everything's on here." He tapped his camera


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