Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 9 Part 3


A Host Club Valentine

Valentine's day was here, a day practically made for the Host club. So in order to honour this holiday of romance, as Tamaki put it, the Host club is hosting yet another dance. The Host club Valentines ball!

"Did you know that St Valentine is not only the patron saint of love, but also beekeeping, epilepsy, and the plague?" I told Tamaki as I helped put up decorations

"Really? I never knew!" Tamaki replied

"Where did you source this fact?" Kyoya asked, looking sceptical

"From a reliable, informative source," I stated

"Tumblr?" Haruhi guessed

"…Yeah." I admitted

"Hikaru, Kaoru have the heart balloons been inflated?" Tamaki asked

"Just a few more to go, boss," Hikaru called

"…Balloons?" I paled looking towards the far corner where the twins inflated pink and red helium balloons.

"Oh no," Haruhi stated

"What's wrong Tomo Chan?" Honey asked worriedly

"You could've told us you planned on having balloons!" Rossi accused Tamaki

"Sugar has a balloon phobia." Haruhi supplied, as I gripped onto the ladder

I heard the Tweeds cackling from the corner.

"BALLOONS!" the twins laughed

"Hey, they are unpredictable and untrustworthy! Plus they always seem to pop in my face!" I defended, which caused them to laugh even more.

"I am NOT going to attend this dance if those popping menaces will be there," I stated firmly

"They won't be near you Tomuru. The balloons will be placed at the corners of the dance hall for decoration nothing more." Kyoya explained

"…Fine but I'm going to be extremely uncomfortable and wary throughout. Have that on your conscious." I muttered reluctantly.

"If that was an attempt to make me feel guilty then you failed." Kyoya responded coolly

"Come on let's get this decoration finished," Haruhi stated impatiently, supporting the ladder I was on.

"Fiiine." I drawled, hanging up the last of the cherub and heart chains.

"Done!" I announced climbing down the ladder.

"Excellent job daughter the ballroom looks wonderful!" Tamaki gushed

"Thanks so is everything set for tonight?" I asked

"Yes, everything is prepared," Kyoya confirmed

"Now we need to get ready. To the changing rooms' people." Tamaki instructed

Once at the changing rooms I changed into a corset fit red cocktail dress with matching red sparkly bow tied in my hair. As well as velvet red three-inch heels. The twins then put on red lipstick and mascara.

"Done," They told me, once they finished colouring me in.

"Great, I'm gonna head back to the ballroom," I replied

"I'll join you the guests will be arriving soon," Kyoya stated, who was wearing a dark purple suit with a light purple rose on his lapel.


Once we arrived I headed straight towards the Valentine's themed buffet. However to my horror a barricade of balloons floated between me and the food.

"Oh come on! I am not getting starved this time! Shadow lord please just waft the menaces away?" I pleaded to which he rolled his eyes.

Then excited chatter was heard behind the ballroom doors.

"Sorry, I have to let in the guests." Kyoya excused himself and walked away from me.

"No, wait for Kyoya!" I whined, looking sadly back at the food table

"I'm watching you." I threatened, narrowing my eyes at the heart balloons.

The guests rushed in ecstatically, commenting on the decoration.

"Good evening ladies, you all look wonderful!" I greeted

"So do you Tomuru. I love that colour on you." A regular of Haruhi, Azumi, gushed

"Thank you're all welcome to enjoy the buffet whilst you wait," I called to them, to which they headed to the buffet.

As planned the balloons were moved to the side to let the guests through.

"Yes, now's my chance!" I cheered, almost reaching the table before Kyoya grabbed me.

"Uuuuuh!" I protested

"We have to meet up with the others to properly greet the guests."

"Uuuuuh!" I repeated, making grabby hands towards the direction of the food.

"You're so childish." Kyoya sighed

He dragged me to the ballroom balcony where the other Hosts stood.

"You look lovely sugar," Haruhi commented, wearing a dark red suit with a black waistcoat with red love hearts dotted around it.


"She's moaning because she wanted to stuff her face with food." Kyoya supplied

"Ah," Haruhi replied

"Cheer up Tomo Chan we'll eat sweets later kay?" Honey offered, wearing a peach coloured suit, with matching bow and dark pink waistcoat.

"Fine." I sighed, giving a smile to Honey Senpai to satisfy him.

I looked at what the remaining hosts wore. Tamaki had a white suit and silver waistcoat, Mori had a navy suit and light blue waistcoat and the twins wore matching pinstriped red suits with bowler hats. Each Host also wore a rose on their lapel, each with their own Host colour. Rossi wore a pink knee-length dress with sequin roses dotted all over it.

"Is there a reason for wearing the roses?" I asked

"Ah, all will be revealed daughter dearly." Tamaki answered mysteriously

Then he turned his attention to the guests below, who were waiting in anticipation.

"Welcome, my princesses to the Host club Valentine's day ball! We invite you to dance the night away with your favourite Host. In the end, a special Valentine's day surprise will be in store." Tamaki announced, to which the ladies went into Moe mode as expected.

"Valentine's day surprise?" I queried, as we went downstairs.

"Yeah, it was kinda last minute." Haruhi responded

As the Hosts were preoccupied I attempted to get at least a heart shaped cookie. However, the balloons returned.

"It's like their guarding the food!" I stated huffily

However when I turned around one of them was facing me, before 'POP'! I stood there frozen in shock as the balloon popped right in my face. The culprits were the dastardly Tweeds who were currently laughing at my shocked expression.

"Your face is priceless!" the twins laughed

I continued to stare where the balloon was before my eyes welled up and I started to sniffle. Then tears rolled down my face and my nose began to run a little. This made the Tweeds stop laughing.

"Y-you s-shocked m-me!" I whimpered, more tears dripping

"We're sorry Doggie! Don't cry, don't cry!" the twins stated in a panic, putting their arms around me and trying to stop the crying.

"I'll get some napkins and a huge plate of food!" Hikaru offered, running towards the buffet

When he returned they shepherded me to the outside balcony.

"See? No balloons here Tomuru." Kaoru comforted nervously, gesturing to around Hikaru whilst we handed me a napkin.

I dried my eyes and blew my nose, calming down.

"If Rossi saw that you two would've been thrashed." I chuckled, feeling a lot better.

"Duh, that's why we took you out here with no witnesses!" Hikaru responded, handing me the food.

"Yes finally, thanks, guys!" I cheered, before gorging myself on food.

"I don't think I've ever seen you cry before Doggie," Hikaru commented

"Except from crying with laughter. We certainly didn't expect that kind of reaction from ya." Kaoru added

"Yeah, we just thought you would thwack us," Hikaru stated

"You popped a frickin balloon in my face! Of course, I was gonna be shocked. How would you like it if I shoved the thing you fear in your face!" I paused from eating

"True, sorry Doggie." The twins spoke honestly, looking sorry for themselves.

"One thing before I forgive you." I thwacked the twins in the head.

"Yeah I guess we deserved that," Kaoru spoke in pain, through gritted teeth

"Yep, now I forgive ya," I stated before finishing off the last of the food Hikaru gave me.

"Whoa, you went through that quick," Hikaru commented in surprise.

"I was hungry." I defended

"We're gonna head back inside to dance with the guests. Ya coming?"

"Nah I'm gonna stay in a balloon free zone for a bit." I turned down

"Kay." They shrugged before heading off.

I leaned on the balcony and looked outside, the full moon shining down on the surroundings. I heard someone walk up and stand beside me. I glanced to see dearest red-faced and panting a little.

"Aright there dearest?" I asked

"So many guests want to dance with me this time!" she groaned

"Well on the plus side it means you've gained more guests than you had at the previous dance party." I pointed out

"True, so you're out here to get away from the balloons right?" Haruhi sussed

"Pretty much, I've had enough of balloons for one day. I actually got to eat this time around!"


"Yeah, the Tweeds felt guilty for popping a balloon in my face." I supplied

"They did what? Oh, I'm going to give them such a scolding!" Haruhi growled

"Well, I've already thwacked them. I think they were taken aback because I cried a bit." I spoke casually

"They made you cry?" Haruhi seethed

"Dearest just keep it in until the guests leave alright? No need to make a big hullaballoo about it." I told her

"…Fine." She huffed reluctantly

"Haruhi can I dance with you, please?" Azumi requested

"Coming! Are you gonna be ok here on your own?" Haruhi asked

"Yeah sure, go one be off with ya." I pushed her towards Azumi, who giggled a little at us.

When Haruhi left I returned to my leaning spot. After a while, I felt myself go a little drowsy before someone placed their hand on their shoulder. This, of course, made me jump out of my skin.

"Bleeding Hog monkeys!" I gasped in surprise, turning to see the shadow lord beside me.

"Are you planning to remain here the whole night?" Kyoya asked

"No, I plan to go home at a reasonable hour," I answered to which he rolled his eyes.

"I meant the whole dance moron." He reiterated

"Yep," I confirmed

"You'll go hungry again." Kyoya tried to influence me with food.

"Aha, not this time shadow lord! The twins gave me food earlier." I stated smugly, holding up the empty plate beside me.

"Worth a shot, I suppose we'd have to do it here then," He stated

"Do what here?" I uttered in confusion, setting the plate down.

Shadow lord then held his hand out to me.

"I'm curious to see if your dancing skills have improved since last time," Kyoya stated

"I doubt it unless the goddess of dancing graced me with fancy dancey feet." I scoffed, but I took his hand anyway.

"Wait we need music." I realised we couldn't hear the music from here.

I took out my phone and put on the first song that came up.

"Kay!" I went back in position


Well I saw a thing coming out of the sky,

It had one long horn and one big eye,

I commenced the shaking and I said ooh ee,

It looks like a purple people eater to me.

It was a-"

"Aww come on." I moaned when Kyoya paused the song

"We are not waltzing to whatever that drivel was," Kyoya stated firmly, handing me back my phone

"Tis Purple people eater and it's MY favourite!" I defended

"Of course it is." He sighed before checking his watch "It's time for the Valentine's surprise anyway. Come along."

"Noooo." I moaned

He pinched the bridge of his nose before he lifted me up bridal style.

"Unhand me vile creature!" I demanded

"Shut up!" he grumbled, scowling before he walked off with me.

"No!" I snapped, stubbornly clinging to the doorframe.

"Tomuru!" Kyoya snapped, giving me an evil glare at me that made me reluctantly let go.

A few guests gushed over me getting carried by Kyoya, not noticing Kyoya had a scowl on his face and I was grouching. He put me down roughly when we reached the inside balcony where the other Hosts were.

"It was the only way to get her here." Kyoya supplied at the question on the Hosts minds.

I stood by Haruhi with my arms crossed. Dearest was wiggling her eyebrows at me along with the twins, to which I flicked their noses.

"Hey, that hurts a little." Hikaru pouted

"Oh shush." I waved off

"Now princesses it is time for the Valentine's Day surprise." He paused as the girls squealed enthusiastically. "The name of each guest has been placed in this hat." Tamaki holds up a large top hat. "One at a time each Host will pull out the name of a guest. The lucky guest will get the Host's rose and wins a date planned by the Host in question." Tamaki explained, causing a mass amount of Moe.

"I shall choose first." He decided, making the room quieter in anticipation.

"Ryuko Hibachi!" He proclaimed, to which a girl in a sparkly blue dress with her hair in pigtails shrieked happily bouncing up and down as the others looked at her in envy.

One at a time each Host called out a name and handed their roses. With only three Hosts remaining Honey, Mori and Kyoya. Honey Senpai was up next.

"Tomuru Sanka…that's you, Tom Chan!" Honey called out.

It took a moment to process, but it finally dawned on me.

"I'm going on a date with you Honey Senpai?"

"Uh huh isn't it great!" Honey confirmed, handing me his rose.

"…Sure." I smiled at his cheerful expression as we hugged.

Finally, Mori and Kyoya called out the names they picked out.

"Well, I'm afraid this glorious night has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed it princesses, and to those lucky winners I congratulate you." Tamaki stated

The Hosts went to say goodbye to the girls while I remained where I was with Rossi.

"Hmmm." I looked down at the rose thoughtfully.

"Who wrote your name in I wonder?" Rossi thought aloud

"That's what I'm wondering." I agreed

"Well, I thought that went marvellously," Tamaki commented once the guests left the Hosts joined us.

"Who put my name in the Goblet of Fire?" I demanded

"Wrong world sugar," Haruhi whispered

"Oh sorry I mean who put my name in the top hat?" I corrected myself.

"It was you two wasn't it?" I accused the Tweeds

"Hey it wasn't us!" they defended themselves.

"Riiight." I drawled sceptically.

Haruhi stepped up to the Tweeds and thwacked them on the head.

"OW hey what was that for?" they demanded, rubbing their sore noggins

"For making my best friend cry!" Haruhi snapped

"Oh." Was all they said

"You did dearest?" I asked

"Yeah, that's all the justice I need." Haruhi responded


"Dad it's water under the bridge they've been punished twice already," I stated firmly

"Fine," Tamaki mumbled

Walking back home…

"So you and Honey Senpai on a date eh?" Rossi conversed

"Yeah, it'll be fun. We're probably just gonna eat cake and play on the park and stuff. Hopefully, no actual kissing, though. I love Honey to pieces, but I don't think I'd feel comfortable kissing such an innocent sweetie pie." I stated

"Darn, I was hoping you'd get a date with Kyoya Senpai," Haruhi grumbled

"So it was you! You little sneaky shrew!" I accused

"What can I say I ship you guys." Haruhi shrugged

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