Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 10 Part 2

We passed Ranka on the steps.

"Ranka morning." I greeted, hugging him

"Shouldn't you still be asleep?" Ranka chuckled, returning the hug

"I would be if the Tweeds didn't barge in! The Hosts are here just so you know." I supplied

"So that's who those cute boys were who passed the stairs."

"Uh huh, though I don't know where they are now, though." I looked around to find myself Hostless.

"I'll just get them," I told Ranka

"Is Haruhi still at home?"


Ranka smiled and continued upstairs, as I turned and walked downstairs to catch up to the Hosts.

"Are they still not ready yet?" Hikaru sighed when I caught up with them.

"Change of plan come along." I gestured them to follow me back up the stairs.

"What?" the twins groaned

"C'mon those two might be snogging for all we know," I commented, to two ginger-haired blurs blew past me.

"Knew that would get them moving." I chuckled

"So why are we delaying the trip?" Kyoya asked

"You'll see." I left it at that and walked up the stairs.

Soon we met up with the twins at Haruhi's doorway.

"Hey boss what in the world is taking you so long?" Hikaru asked

"Whoa check it out. The tranny we passed downstairs earlier as Haruhi's father." Kaoru commented

"Hikaru, Kaoru help me out!" Tamaki pleaded, currently beneath Ranka's foot.

Instead of helping the Tweeds decided to walk over Tamaki to introduce themselves to Ranka.

"It's nice to meet you Haruhi's dad. We're good friends of your daughters the Hitachiin twins." The twins greeted

"So you're a transvestite huh?" Hikaru conversed

"You're the first real transvestite we've seen," Kaoru added

"So you finally put the moves on Haruhi huh boss?" the twins turned their attention to Tamaki, who was getting trampled on.

"Don't mind him he's a ladies man if you know what I mean," Hikaru told Ranka

"He's a pheromone machine. In fact I bet he's fooled around with more ladies than you can count." Kaoru added

"He likes to fool around huh?" Ranka spoke deadly quiet.

"NOOO, I'm not a ladies man! I'm a nice guy, I care about her!" Tamaki defended himself, getting the twins to get off him

"I'm being completely honest here I care about Haruhi like she's my own daughter, Tomuru also," Tamaki admitted honestly, on his hands and knees.

"Right now that's out the way I'll make some tea," I spoke up, making my way to the kitchen

"I'll help." Haruhi offered

"What the heck happened when we left?" I whispered to her

"Oh, Tamaki wanted to pay respects to mom before we left. Then when he stood up he slipped and fell on top of me. At that moment, my dad walked in." Haruhi summed up

"Awkward and I take it Ranka was mad." I put two and two together


We carried the teas into where the Hosts and Ranka sat.

"So you must be the Host club I've heard so much about. You sure are a bunch of good looking men I don't know which one I like most. What about you dear? Tell you what why don't you boys call me Ranka, that's my professional name I use at work." Ranka conversed

"Professional name you mean like a stage name?" Honey questioned

"Exactly like that Mitskuni," Ranka confirmed

"Hold on how do you know my name sir?" Honey asked

"You are third years Mitskuni Honinosuka and Takashi Morinosuka. And you two are first years in the same class as Haruhi, you're the Hitachiin twins."

"So Haruhi told you about us?" Kaoru questioned

"No Kyoya told me over the phone." Ranka corrected

"You know you really are a beautiful person Ranka." Kyoya complimented, smiling towards Ranka

"What the fluff?" I muttered in surprise

"Kyoya?" Tamaki demanded, grabbing Kyoya's shoulder whilst still crouched in his dark aura corner.

"We've been entrusted with the care of his precious daughter. It is only natural that we give him regular reports. Ordinarily that would be your job wouldn't it?" Kyoya responded

"I'm surprised the club has such a capable president. But wait a minute you're only the vice president aren't you Kyoya? I guess that president is pretty much good for nothing huh?" Ranka spoke to Kyoya, whilst arrows hit Tamaki with every one of Ranka's insults.


"What am I supposed to do Haruhi? You never tell me anything about school." Ranka replied pouting


"Haruhi the thing about you is…you're cutesy even when you're angry!" Ranka gushed, glomping his daughter.

"Haruhi's dad reminds me of someone," Hikaru commented

"This explains why she's so good at handling the boss." Kaoru realised

"Wait for Haruhi where are you going?" Ranka asked when Haruhi walked away from him.

Dearest walked up to me and dragged me along with her.

"Well, I guess I'm going too," I commented

"The supermarket alright. I need to get some things for lunch and I want to do it with Tomuru alone. So just stay here and try to behave yourselves." Haruhi stated firmly

"Wait we want to go to the commoners supermarket!" I heard Hikaru complain as we left.

"Sorry guys maybe another time," I called to them before I shut the door and caught up with Haruhi.

"You ok dearest?" I asked in concern as we walked to the shops.

"Yeah, just a bit peeved. I mean can you believe that?"


"What?" Haruhi blurted out in surprise

"Oh come on dearest you've gotta admit this is exactly the type of thing shadow lord does." I pointed out

"I guess, do you think he's doing the same with your mom?"

"Maybe, but I don't know what else he could tell her. I mean I pretty much tell Motherlord everything that goes on in the Host club." I replied

"Yeah, still I can't believe he's been calling my dad and giving him updates," Haruhi stated irritably

"Let's not dwell on it eh?" I suggested

"Fine, what do you think I should make for lunch?" Haruhi changed the subject

"Probably something that can feed a lot of people."

"Good point, maybe some sorta stew?"

At that moment my phone buzzed, meaning I had text. When I looked at the screen I saw it was Kyoya texting me.

"Keep Haruhi's attention on you.

Ranka X"

"Why? Are you following her again?" I texted back

"Yes now make sure she doesn't turn around."


"Who was that?" Haruhi asked

"Just Marco wondering if I'm having lunch at home or at you place." I lied casually, putting my phone away.

"Ok." Haruhi left it at that

We arrived at the shop and wandered around.

"Is there anything you need getting?" Haruhi asked

"Nah…oh wait for yes more tea," I remembered mid-sentence

"Ok do you what to get the tea and meet me at the fruit and veg isle?" Haruhi suggested

"Sure." I shrugged and parted

"I wonder where the others are?" I wondered as I walked to the hot drinks aisle.

Just then I spotted Kyoya a few steps ahead of me.

"So does double coupons mean I need two of them." I heard Kyoya mutter to himself

"Yes, it does," I answered him, to which I saw him jump slightly and spin around to face me.

"Aha, I made shadow lord jump!" I cheered, doing a little celebratory jig.

"Shut up!" he thwacked me on the head, stopping my jig.

"Oi, a bit of an overreaction! So enjoying the supermarket?" I moaned rubbing my head

"It's certainly different from other stores I've been too," Kyoya admitted

I got the tea and we went in search of the others.

"Well, would you look at that," I commented, stopping to look at Tamaki and Haruhi.

"Still think you'll win the bet?" Kyoya asked

"Of course. It'll be too soon for those two to declare their love. Tamaki still thinks of Haruhi as a daughter and dearest are still oblivious to anything romantic." I responded confidently

"We'll see," Kyoya remarked

I just noticed Ranka not too far from us.

"You ok Ranka?" I asked, patting his back comfortingly

"Just thinking about it makes my blood boiling." Ranka fumed

"What? You mean your little girl having a special someone by her side?"

"Yes, I'm not ready to give up yet!"

"I know Ranka I know." I comforted

Haruhi spotted us and the two of them walked towards us.

"Is everyone here?" Haruhi sighed

"Yes," Haruhi answered

"Great." Haruhi drawled

"Right we should pay for our things. Why don't you guys get the Tweeds, Honey and Groot?" I suggested

Kyoya and Tamaki went to get the others, whilst Ranka came with us to pay. We met back up with everyone outside the supermarket and headed back to Haruhi's place.

Back at Haruhi's place…

"So what's for lunch?" Hikaru asked

"We're having a stew pot," Haruhi answered.

Haruhi and I were in the kitchen preparing the stew whilst the others conversed among themselves.

Once it was ready we sat around the dining table and plated up our stew.

"This look soo good," I commented, as I eagerly ladled the stew into my bowl.

"Hey don't hog it all!" the Tweeds complained, taking the ladle away from me before I got carried away.

"Here Tamaki, chrysanthemum your favourite," Ranka spoke pleasantly, piling on the green vegetable into Tamaki's bowl.

"Sugar will you quit eating so fast!" Haruhi scorned

"Can't talk, eating." I mumbled whilst I ate

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