Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 1 Part 3

Tomuru's Narration

The past few days have gone by quite quickly in my opinion and yes I have gotten lost. However, I only needed Haruhi's rescue on one of those occasions. For that week, I got interrogated by the Hosts and guests almost constantly (Especially by Tweedledum and Tweedledee).

THURSDAY AKA Day 2 of Errand Girl

"How did you get Kyoya Senpai's number?" Haruhi asked as I served tea to her guests.

"He gave it to me as a contact number to inform the club when I can't make it or if I'm late," I answered simply.

"By the way you said you won't be late today you cheese donkey!"
"I know, I know, I need to get used to the route."

"Hey Tomo we want to ask you things," the Tweeds said dragging me to their sofa, where their guests sat.

"Well, I did say you could fire away!"

"What's the deal between you and Haruhi?" Tweedledum asked.

"Platonic best friends I've told you guys this," I sighed, bored of repeating myself over and over.

"Yeah, so what's the deal with whole 'sugar' 'dearest' business?" Tweedledee argued.

"It started when we were 12. One of our friends joked that we were as close as a leessaaa...couple. So as a joke we started calling each other names. Haruhi picked Sugar and I picked Dearest. They sort of stuck to this day," I explained, almost giving away Haruhi's secret to the twin's guests.

"Aw that's so cute!" a few guests gushed, obviously none the wiser.

"Well, that's one mystery solved. Why does Haruhi act so differently around you? In class, he acts so dull and always concentrates on work and acts mature. With you he's more..." Hikaru continued.

"Easy going, down to earth, light hearted?" I listed.


Tamaki was listening intently now.

"Don't take it personally fellows. Believe me, I act differently without Haruhi around too. I'm a head in the clouds nerd. Haruhi and I sort of just channeling our weirdness we conceal at school," I tried to put into words.

When I got a load of blank stares I tried to put it simpler.

"Alright, basically Haruhi and I have been close friends since we were three and have always acted weird towards one another and no one else."

"Oh, so you two are just really close friends?" Tamaki summed up.


"Next question! Why did Haruhi want to come to Ouran Academy in the first place?" Tamaki asked.

"Oh, because he wants to be a lawyer when he's older."

"What's your career path Tomo?" Tweedledee questioned.

"I...donot know really. It would be cool to be an author like my mum, although Literature isn't my strong point. I don't really like the fame that goes with it, though."

"Your mother's an author? Has she written anything we would've heard of?" Tweeds stated curiously.

"Amara Okiro, author of the Tomboy series," Kyoya interjected.

"That's right she's writing the third book of the series as we speak," I confirmed.

"I'm actually a fan of your mother's work," Kyoya told me.

"Really? I'm surprised you have the time to read," I stated in mild surprise.

"What is it about?" Tamaki asked curiously.

"Their fiction books that are based on current issues, mainly feminism and equality," Kyoya began explaining.

"The story itself is about a girl forced to attend an all boys school. There she gets treated as a lesser..." I continued.

"Excuse me may we have a refill on tea over here?" One guest called from table 5.

"Right away princess," I replied.

"Gotta serve but I recommend you read the books. They're brilliant, I'm her biggest fan."

"No, I'm her biggest fan!" Haruhi called over to us.

"HA, you wish!"

I tended to Honey and Mori's guests, chatting to them as I poured tea.

"Do you like sweets Tomo-Chan?" Honey asked, stuffing another forkful of cake into his mouth.

"I love sweets Honey Senpai. Chocolate buttons are my particular favourite though I can't say no to cake."

"I love all sweets! Usa-Chan does too."


Honey held up a pink bunny plushie in front of me.

"Oh, I'm sorry we haven't been formally introduced. Hello, Usa-Chan my name is Tomuru Sanka, it's a pleasure to meet you," I greeted to the bunny holding my hand out.

Honey looked ecstatic holding out Usa-Chan's paw for me to shake formally, giggling childishly.

"Usa-Chan says it is a pleasure to meet you too and wants you to have some cake with us," Honey spoke for Usa-Chan.

"Maybe when I've finished my errand girl duties."

Once I tended to all the errands Kyoya wanted of me I returned to Honey's table as the guests were leaving.

"Yay cake time! Which cake do you want Tomo-Chan?"

"Any will do, so long as there's no sushi in it. Do you have any red velvet cake I've wanted to try that for ages?"

"We have red velvet cake. Don't you like sushi?"

"Not really, I'm allergic to raw fish. It gives me the same reaction I would have if I ate raw chicken, nasty business," I supplied.


I ate my slice of cake contently answering more questions from both Honey and the Tweeds, who soon joined us.

"How many brothers or sisters do you have?" Hikaru asked (I assume).

"One little brother Rossi who's 12, an older brother Marcel who's 19 and an older sister Yuliana who's 21," I answered.

"Are they as mad as you?" Kaoru said (again just basing it on the different voices).

"My family is a bit bonkers. My mother believes in a few myths and legends, to which she passed onto Rossi and me. My sister has a huge temper and my brother I suppose is quite normal really. Aside from the puppet I guess," I laughed.

"What about your father?" Tamaki piped in.

"My dad is out of the picture. Left when Rossi was two," I waved off.

"Sorry about that Tomo-Chan."

"Eh, it's no big deal. After my dad left mum went back into writing and created the Tomboy series, he was just weighing us down," I shrugged.

"Who was weighing you down?" Haruhi questioned, now just joining the conversation.

"My dad."

"Oh, yeah he was a prickly pear."

"Definite prickly pear," I agreed.

"Don't worry I shall be your new daddy!" Tamaki declared.

"Yeah OK," I agreed.

"Really?" he squealed in delight.

"Sure what's the harm," I shrugged.

Then he gave me a massive glomp...and didn't let go.

"By the way I cleaned up the tables for ya. You just need to wash up Sugar," Haruhi added.

"Thanks, dearest, right new dad I've got plates, teacups and forks to wash," I said trying to squirm out of the hug.

"Aww, but my little Tommi is so cute!" Tamaki squeezed me tighter and spun me around.


"Hey, Sugar?"


"What's the harm?" she mimicked.

"Shut your cake-hole."


"Tamaki let her go she has a job to do," Kyoya stated sternly.

Tamaki let go reluctantly and I went to wash the dishes.

"Finished," I sighed after what seemed like a hill of dirty dishes to clean.

"Right?" I verified to Kyoya.

"Yes, you are done for today."

"Good...what time is it?"

"4:45 pm," Haruhi informed.

"What's your favourite colour?" Tweedledee asked.

"Don't have one, I like lots of colours."

"Haruhi same question," Tweedledum said.

"Red...why?" she answered skeptically.

"Just curious. Favourite animal?" the twins said simply.

"My dog Boris!" "Tomo's dog Boris!" both me and Haruhi said at the same time.

"Specific. So you have a dog I presume?" Kyoya presumed, writing in his black notebook.

"Yep he's a big cream Shar-Pei, two years old and is a big goofball. Come along Dearest it is five o'clock."

"Aww," the light-haired Hosts moaned.

"Right away Sugar."

FRIDAY AKA Day 3 of errand girl duties

"Are you wearing your school uniform Tomuru?" a guest asked, looking at my dark red and white uniform with a black skirt and the Higashi emblem on the blazer.

"Yeah I go straight from my school to Ouran Academy, if I don't get lost that is."

"Which school do you attend?"

"Higashi High...it's a public high school."

"Oh there's a public high school near us," another guest added.

"If I knew I'd be an errand girl at the Host Club I would've gone to Ouran public high school," I replied, thinking of how easy my life would be if I did.

"Doggie, you're needed," Hikaru called.

"Here girl!" Kaoru called, both of the twins laughing.

"Sorry ladies I'm needed."

"Can we chat another time?"

"Of course I enjoy your company ladies. I know Haruhi does too," I said warmly, causing them to squeal and swoon.

I went to the twin's table just as they were doing they're 'brotherly love' act. I wolf-whistled them.

"Did you just wolf-whistle us?"

"Yes get a room you two."

"We've got one filled with ladies who enjoy our brotherly love," Hikaru said.

"It's icky, though. What do you want me for?"

"Refill on tea," Hikaru said, holding his teacup at me.

"The teapot is right there," I pointed to the steaming teapot which was a few inches away from them.

"So?" the twins chimed, smirking.

"So, can't you pour your tea yourself?"

"Nooo," They responded cheekily.

"Fine," I sighed.

"Good girl!" the twins cooed patting my head.

I poured tea for their guests as well.

"Are you close with your siblings?" a blonde guest asked.

"Not as close as these two, I don't think that's possible, but yeah we're pretty close, I'm especially close with my little brother Rossi," I answered.

Just then my phone rang, to which I answered.

"Hey, Yucky what's up?"


"Did he win?" I asked calmly.

"YEAH! He beat the living daylights out of them, despite one being 15. I assumed it was because they swore, you know what Rossi is like with swearing. Rossi is the only one getting punished, even though he also got injured in this ordeal," she babbled.

"WHAT THAT'S RIDICULOUS!" I shouted silencing the room,

"Ya think? I bet it's because Rossi's 'different'."

"Hold on I'm being rude I'm going outside."


"Family trouble," I informed quickly, heading out of the room.

"Continue, does Motherlord know?"

"It was her mobile they called to inform us of the incident. Mum was not happy, you know how she gets into her writing flow. Guess what else they said. The Dean said that Rossi has to wear the male uniform so as not to 'distract other students' from learning," she spat bitterly.

"Rossi is, though! He's wearing the blazer and white shirt, students have the option of wearing either trousers, shorts or skirts," I exclaimed.

"I think that refers to the girls at that school T," Yuliana pointed out.

"If a girl can wear trousers, a boy should be able to wear skirts. ARGH!" I complained in frustration.

"Want me to lawyer some sense into them," Haruhi offered, who joined me outside listening in on the conversation.

"Already got it covered H. Mum's going to that school to speak with the Dean and if need be the Chairman," Yuli said.

"No way mum's going out? She's always in that study of hers," I laughed, knowing if the Motherlord is on the case then God help them.

"Marcel and I are joining her," she added.

"This is pretty serious huh?" Haruhi muttered.

"Damn right it is! I'm going too!" I insisted.

"School remember," Yuli pointed out.

"This is way more important than..." I started to argue.

"NO! Rossi would feel too guilty if he found out you were skipping classes for this," Yuli objected firmly.

"Okay fine! One of you three better thwack someone for me then," I growled.

"It'll get sorted sugar," Haruhi assured, holding my free hand.

"You bet! Look you better get back to your errand girl duties. You'll be home soon so we'll talk more then," Yuliana stated.

"Yeah, yeah see ya Yucky," I muttered.

We returned to the Host club and everyone looked in our direction, before hastily going about their chatting, flirting or tea slurping.

"What was that about?" Hikaru asked curiously.

"Like I said it's family business," I replied a little coldly.

"But I'm your Daddy, I should know," Tamaki interjected.

"Leave it Senpai," Haruhi snapped, which made Tamaki go into his dark aura.

Once the guests were gone I tended to my usual errands in quiet thought.

"Your errands finished?" Kyoya asked, once I finished, to which I nodded my head.

"Are you OK Tomo-Chan?" Honey asked in concern.

"Not really Honey Senpai," I sighed, with a small smile.

"Come on Tomuru just tell us the phone call was," Hikaru whined, annoyed that he was denied information.

"OK fine, nosy boys."

"No Tomo you don't have to..." Haruhi protested.

"No, it's OK. Basically, that phone call was from Yuliana. She told me that Rossi has been put in detention for defending himself from three boys, two Middle school boys and one High school student. Only Rossi is getting punished," I explained grimly.

"Well, that's stupid," Hikaru commentated.

"Why is only Rossi-Chan getting punished?" Honey wondered innocently.

"Because Rossi is different that's why!" I exclaimed, raising my voice a bit.

"Different how exactly?" Tamaki asked softly.

"Rossi...he likes to wear clothing items that are deemed feminine, he likes playing with toys with a girl target audience and basically loves everything that is stereotyped to the female gender," I explained, with a tone that says 'if you have a problem with it I'll beat you senseless'.

"He has been bullied and harassed for his choice. People have accused my mother, my sister and even myself of being cruel and that we're 'forcing him' to wear such attire. Do you know how hard we had to fight for Rossi to wear the female school uniform at school?" I ranted on started to pace.

"You maybe the most brilliant sister I've met," Tamaki chuckled approvingly.

"Yeah I am and will continue to be one. I love Rossi and he has been unhappy for a while. In Elementary school, they assigned him to the school therapist without my mum's consent to 'change' him, which made him think he was a freak. I punched the therapist when I found out didn't I dearest?"

"Yeah I made you a cake to congratulate you," Haruhi laughed.

"Remind me to never harm any of your loved ones," Kyoya interjected.

"Kyoya Senpai do not harm my loved ones," I reminded.

"Hey, it's passed five we better go so you can hug Rossi," Haruhi said.

"Right you are! Seeya guys Monday," I returned to my more cheerful self.

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