Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 10 Part 3


Honey and Tomuru's date!

Friday at the Host Club

"Today's the day Tomo Chan!" Honey sang

"What's today's the day Tomo Chan?" I asked in confusion

"The date remember? The rest of us have done our dates now it's your turn with Honey Senpai." Haruhi reminded me

"Oh yeah, how could I forget. So what's the plan cupcake?"

"It's a surprise." Honey giggled

"Just have her home by midnight," Rossi stated in mock stern

"Kay." Honey responded

"First you need to change into the dress Honey picked out for you," Tweedledee stated he and Hikaru dragged me to the changing rooms.

"Well, the dress it cute," I admitted, admiring the light blue dress with white collar and white laced trim.

Underneath the dress was a pair of matching Mary Janes with bows on each shoe. I change into the outfit and return to the Tweeds to sort out my hair and makeup.

"You're curling my hair?" I questioned when Hikaru got the curling iron out.

"Hey, we're just going by Honey's orders." Tweedledum shrugged

"Besides I think curled hair would suit you," Kaoru commented

"Ok all done!" the twins announced when they were finished

"Huh I kinda look like Motherlord, she has curly hair," I commented, twirling my finger with one of the curls.

"You should curl it more often," Rossi stated

"Please, I'm too lazy to curl my hair every morning." I scoffed

"Sugar ready for your first date? Honey Senpai's waiting." Haruhi asked

"Yep, can you take my stuff back home?" I asked


I followed behind the Tweeds to meet with the other Hosts. Honey was wearing a matching light blue suit and bow tie which looked admittedly cute.

"These are for you, Tomo Chan." Honey handed me a bunch of light blue roses.

"Aw thank you, Honey." I thanked, admiring the flowers.

I guess light blue is the colour theme of this date. Where are these guys getting these colour spectrum roses from?

"My darling daughter looks so cute!" Tamaki gushed, glomping me even tighter than usual.

"Choking not breathing!" I gasped, my face turning a shade of blue continuing the theme.

When I was finally freed I caught my breath back.

"Ready to go Tomo Chan?" Honey asked, linking his arm through mine.

"Lead the way cupcake." I responded chipperly

"Seeya later guys," I added before we left

"Have fun." I heard Rossi call out to us.

"There gonna follow us aren't they?" I predicted

"Yep just like when we followed Haru-Chan and Kudi Chan on their date." Honey agreed

"Ah yes, the date with Haruhi and Kudikano. That was fun to watch I admit. Especially when Kudikano insisted on kissing Haruhi." I recalled

We stepped into the limo waiting outside and headed to Honey's surprise destination.

"So is this your first day too?" I inquired

"Uh huh," Honey answered

"You're date isn't too fancy right?"

"You'll see." Honey giggled

"Ooh we're here, we're here!" Honey stated excitedly when the limo stopped.

Honey jumped out and I followed behind him. The limo stopped outside a pastel green café with a sign that read 'Neko's Nibbles' and a picture of a cartoon smiley cat at the side.

"Well this is definitely your style Honey, but I thought you were more into rabbits." I commented

"I like a lot of cute fluffy animals! This is one of my favourite places, they have the tastiest strawberry cakes." Honey replied

Once inside I noticed that all the staff were either in their late teens or early twenties and wore cat ear headbands and tails. Also there were actual cats scattered around.

"Oh, my glomp!" I got startled when I had to quickly catch a cat that launched itself at me.

"Yeah, Muta does that sometimes. Hey, Honey welcome back. Do you want your usual table for you and your lady friend." A female waitress greeted

"Yes please, Sachi Chan," Honey replied

I placed Muta down only to have him jump back on me again.

"Looks like Muta's gotta new favourite customer." One of the male staff commented to a fellow employee.

"You can adopt him if you're interested. All the cats here are rescued and looking for homes." Sachi informed

"You mean this is also a cat rescue centre as well as a café? That's brilliant!" I responded enthusiastically

"So what can I get you two?" Sachi asked, pen and pad at the ready

"Two strawberry shortcakes and a large strawberry milkshake to share please." Honey ordered for the both of us.

"Ooh to share eh?" I commented

"Coming right up! Here's a list of all the cats ready for rehoming if you are interested." Sachi handed me a booklet

"Thanks! I'm gonna call Motherlord!" I grabbed my phone eagerly

"You really want to adopt Muta Tomo Chan?" Honey asked

"Yeah I'm up for adopting anything. You really shouldn't have bought me here cupcake I will take every cat if I could." I stated, to which Honey giggled

"Hello?" Yuki answered the house phone.

"Yuki! Can I adopt a-"

"Nope, you're not adopting anything. Be it a cat, dog and definitely NOT a snake!"

"Aww but these cats need homes Yu-Yu!" I protested

"No Tomuru!" Yuki stated firmly

"Prickly pear." I mumbled in a pout

"Bye pouty pants." Yuki hung up

"I'm not allowed." I supplied to Honey

"Aww." Honey pouted with me

"Eh let's not dwell on it. This place is awesome Honey, good choice." I praised

"I knew you'd like it Tomo Chan." Honey responded happily

"Psst look towards the window." I stage whispered to Honey

To which Honey looked over and giggled. The Hosts, dearest and Rossi were there, and not even in disguise. Hell they didn't even change out of their uniforms.

"They could've at least gotten out of their uniforms." I sighed, stroking Muta who was kneading my lap.

Haruhi's Narrative

"So this is the place he picked for their date?" I commented, stroking a black Persian cat on my lap.

We sat at the table beside the window observing Honey and sugar's date.

"Hello welcome to Neko's Nibbles. What can I get for you? Oh hey, Mori." A male waiter wearing brown cat ears and tail greeted

"Hey." Mori greeted back

"So I take it you and Honey come here often?" Rossi presumed

"Yeah, they're regular customers here. I take it Honey's on a date?" the waiter answered

"Yeah the girl he's with is my sister Tomuru." Rossi responded

"No kidding? Is that the girl he calls Tomo Chan?" the waiter asked

"Yeah," Mori answered

"Huh well, it's about time Honey got himself a girl. Anyway, would you like to order anything?"

We placed our orders then the guy headed to the kitchen. I ordered some green tea and a blueberry muffin.

"Well, they seem to be enjoying themselves," I commented, observing the two of them.

I noticed Tomuru had a black and white fat cat on her lap. At that moment, sugar looked in our direction, which, of course, meant she spotted us. She smiled and whispered to Honey looked in our direction and giggled with Tomuru.

"Well she caught on quicker than you did. Kudikano had to point us out to you." Hikaru commented

"Shut up, besides why are you guys insisting on spying on only Tomuru's date and mine anyway?" I asked

"I need to be sure your date was fit for our guest and that Honey was treating my darling daughter like a princess!" Tamaki answered

"Right?" I drawled

"So basically you're nosy blighters." Rossi spoke up

I turned my attention to Kyoya, hoping to see him jealous of Honey dating Tomuru. But no, he was just drinking his tea nonchalantly.

"What?" he asked when he saw me looking at him.

"Nothing just wondered what you thought about Honey and Tomuru's date," I replied casually

He looked towards their table before responding.

"Well, it seems to be going fine." He shrugged

"I wonder if this will lead to those two becoming an item?" Kauru wondered

"Nah Tomo doesn't have any romantic feelings towards Honey. She sees you lot as an extended part of her family." Rossi answered, retying his hair into a ponytail

"Yeah, that's true." I agreed

"We're family to her?" the twins stated

"Of course," Rossi confirmed

We all turned attention back to Honey and Tomuru. I noticed all the Hosts had a smile on their faces, even Kyoya had a small smile though it quickly went after he saw me looking.

"Must. Hug. Daughter." Tamaki exclaimed, getting held back by Mori.

"Don't disturb their date," Mori stated firmly, to which Tamaki pouted and sat back down.

Tomuru's Narrative

"What's up with Tamaki?" I wondered, to which Honey shrugged

I ate my cake happily and quickly as Muta was eyeing it up.

"Are you having fun Tomuru?" Honey asked

I was taken aback by Honey using my full name before responding.

"Are ya kidding? I'm having tons of fun cupcake." I responded cheerfully

"Great!" Honey replied just as cheerfully

Once we finished our food Sachi took away the dirty dishes.

"So do you have anything else planned for us Honey?" I asked

"Yep, come along Tomo Chan." Honey went up to the counter and paid for what we ordered.

Then we got into the limo and went to our next destination.

"Not sure how you're gonna top a cat café cupcake," I stated

"You'll see." Honey left it at that.

Haruhi's Narrative

"Quick they're leaving!" Tamaki exclaimed, to which we paid and quickly exited the café.

"Come again soon." our waiter stated before we left.

"So where's Honey taking Doggie now?" Hikaru wonder rhetorically

"Oh wait, Honey did ask me what Tomuru liked," Rossi remembered

"Well, what did you say?" Tamaki asked

"Cake, chocolate buttons, sunsets, animals except ducks, Boris, uh I forget the rest." Rossi listed

"Maybe he's taking her somewhere that they can see the sunset?" I suggested

Tomuru's Narrative

We sat in the limo in comfortable silence. I almost began to nod off before…

"Do you like Kyo-Chan?" Honey blurted out

"…Beg ya pardon?"

"Do. You. Like. Kyo-Chan." Honey emphasised

"What do you mean by like?" I asked warily though I think I knew the answer.

"Like romance like," Honey answered

"Oh cupcake not you too!" I moaned

"Who else asked?"

"Dearest is pairing me with me and shadow lord together," I explained

"So do you like Kyo-Chan?" Honey persisted

"No Honey I don't like Kyoya in a romancy schmancy way," I answered

"Oh ok." Honey shrugged

"…This isn't over is it?" I sighed

"Nope!" Honey sang

"What made you ask that now anyway?" I questioned

"Because none of the others are listening," Honey replied

"Ok so does anyone else think I like shadow lord?" I asked curiously

"Well Takashi agrees with me, Rossi doesn't see it, though."

"Well, at least my brother sees sense."


"Alright so what is it that makes you lot think that shadow lord and I getting together is a good idea?" I continued

"You two just suit each other. Plus Kyo-Chan is too serious, he needs someone silly to make him smile more." Honey explained

"Hello? He's gotta bunch of silly friends. I don't think making one of said friends his girlfriend will change anything." I pointed out

"He's smiled more ever since you came along."

"Cus I'm funny!" I argued

"We're here Tomo Chan." Honey dropped the subject, getting out the car.

I got out and followed behind him. We at a walking park, full of colourful flowerbeds and neat grass fields.

"This way!" Honey took my hand and dragged me into the park, walking on the brickwork pathway.

To be honest I was enjoying people watching as I was dragged. Watching little kids screaming and running about the way only little kids can. But when I do it people think it's 'weird'. Frankly it's none of their business whether I want to pretend to be a dragon or not. Anyway back to the matter at hand.

"Close your eyes, Tomo Chan," Honey instructed

"Do I have to?"

"Please." Honey insisted, his eyes looking larger and more puppy-like.

"Fine." I closed my eyes and relied on Honey to make sure I didn't bump into anything.

"Ok sit down." Honey stated, to which I sat on what felt like a bench.

"Kay open the eyes." I opened my eyes as per Honey's instruction.

"Oh, my fluff!" I gasped, taking in the view.

The sunset shone onto a small lake, reflecting the colours towards the surrounding scenery. Making everything look pink, orange or yellow. The birds on the lake were shadowed, overall making the view look like a holiday brochure.

"This is amazing, I couldn't imagine a better end to a date," I stated, still in awe of the view.

"Rossi Chan told em you like sunsets. Can I sit on your lap?" Honey requested

"Sure hop on." Honey sat on my lap leaning back on me, whilst I cuddled him.

Both of us sat in comfortable silence and stared at the sunset, a slight breeze continuously flapping my hair in my eyesight.

"I've gotta take Boris here one day," I muttered quietly

I looked down and smiled as I found my date fast asleep on my lap.

"Aww bless." I cooed quietly, scooping up the sleepy third year into my arms.

"Right now where's the exit? I guess I should just follow the path and it will lead the way…hopefully." I muttered to myself

I turned right and stayed on the path.

Why'd they decide to use brick as a path material? Usually, it's concrete or something. Don't let your mind wander Sanka! I am not getting lost with a sleepy cupcake in my arms!

At that moment someone tapped me on my shoulder, which made me jump and almost wake up Honey.

"Jeez, I almost dropped Honey Senpai," I told the Hosts in a hushed tone

"Sorry." Haruhi winced, who was the one who tapped my shoulder.

"I'll take him." Mori offered, to which I handed Honey over to him.

"Ahh." I sighed, stretching my arms.

Honey was surprisingly light, but I was holding him for a while, which made my arms ache.

"So how was your date?" Rossi asked

"You guys already know, you've been stalking us since the cat café." I responded

"Yeah but what did you think of it Doggie?" Tweedledum asked

"Twas fun, I really enjoyed myself," I answered honestly

"So is there love blossoming?" the Tweeds teased

"What? Rossi, didn't you tell them?" I moaned

"I did!" Rossi defended himself

"Honey's like a little big cousin to me. Just because you two are into incest doesn't mean everyone else is." I stated

"You really do think of us as your family!" Tamaki spoke up in delight, hugging me.

"Course I do. I wouldn't call ya Dad otherwise." I responded matter of factly

"I think I might follow Honey's lead and take a nap when I get home. Stalking dates is tiring." Rossi decided

"Good idea." I agreed with him, letting out a yawn myself.

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