Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 11 Part 1

"Soo police theme? Security guards? Just decided to wear random uniforms?" I tried to guess the theme of today's cosplay.

"You guessed correctly the first time," Kyoya stated

"Since when do policemen dress like that?" I scoffed pointing at Tamaki

"Never mind that get changed," Hikaru remarked, pointing towards the changing rooms

"Sweet." Rossi admired his dress, which was black with a police belt and badge

"What?" I stared at my black and white striped dress with black leggings.

I took the outfit and went to confront the Tweeds.

"What have zebras gotta do with this theme?" I asked in confusion

"No, you're supposed to be a criminal, genius." Hikaru corrected snarkily

"Seriously? The stripes are kinda cliché don't ya think? Let me guess I have a black eye mask too." I scoffed

"Yeah, it should be with your outfit," Kaoru replied

I muttered quietly to myself as I walked back into the changing rooms and changed into my cosplay. I found the eye mask and tied it over my eyes, meaning I can only see what's directly in front of me. I slipped on a pair of black knee length boots that completed the cosplay and headed to the clubroom.

"Took ya long enough," Rossi spoke up as I entered

"And not a minute too soon. I hear a guest approaching gentlemen." Tamaki stated

We got into our welcoming poses just as the door opened. However instead of our usual gaggle of girls stood a pint-sized blond girl in a pink dress with large cute blue eyes.

"Oh my what an unusually small guest. Well, glad you're here my little lost kitty cat." Tamaki greeted the girl kindly

The girl entered the room and came closer to us without saying a word.

"Little kitty cat why have you come to see us today?" Tamaki tried talking to her again to see if she'd respond.

"It's a reverse harem! This is a reverse harem!" the little girl's childish voice spoke out, however, none of us expected the words that came from her.

"Beg ya pardon?" I blurted out in sheer surprise

"That can't be right I must have heard wrong. Maybe there's still some water in my ear from when I went swimming." Tamaki denied what he heard, patting his hand on his ear to try and dislodge any water that may have resided in there.

"Ha ha ha ha water in the ear that's gotta be it." Hikaru agreed, twisting his fingers in his ear.

"I'm sure we just heard her wrong. There's no way this cute little girl said the words reverse harem something's going on with our ears." Kaoru insisted, mirroring his twin's actions

"There's debauchery here." The little girl piped up, which again surprised us further.

"Yay there's debauchery here isn't there!" the child began to cheer gleefully before she then listed what 'characters' we were.

"You're the glasses character. You're the boy Lolita and the stoic type. Twincest! The bookworm, the weird kinky type and the tranny type." She listed referring to shadow lord, cupcake, Groot, the Tweeds, Haruhi, myself and Rossi.


When she turned to Tamaki her eyes began to well up.

"Big brother," She spoke softly before launching herself at Tamaki

"My brother's blond you must be him!" she stated, as Tamaki caught and held her in confusion.

"You never told us about this!" Hikaru remarked

"Since when do you have a little sister?" Kaoru demanded

"Oh god she's not my aunt is she?" I paled at the thought

"I don't I'm definitely an only child, at least as far as I know." Tamaki defended

"The more I look at you two looks an awful lot alike. You are both blond after all." Honey commented

"I want to know if glasses character is superior to big brother." Kyoya wondered

"Does it really matter? I can't believe she called me bookworm." Haruhi grumbled

"My lifestyle choice is not some sexy fetish," Rossi muttered irritably

"I am NOT kinky. Weird yes, but kinky? No!" I protested

"You sure about that Doggie?" Tweedledum teased

"Yes!" I confirmed

"I dunno you seemed really eager to wear that maid outfit a few episodes ago." Tweedledee joined in

"To make me as uncomfortable as possible for dearest to forgive me!" I argued

"Or that you secretly loved it." the Tweeds persisted

"I swear a thwack is coming your way if you don't shut up!" I warned

"Plus you don't seem to mind being treated like an animal, Doggie." Hikaru continued, the two of them getting up close on either side of my face.

"Right that's it!" I snapped

"You're gonna spank us?" the Tweeds purred promiscuously

"Nope!" I jammed my index and middle fingers into their nostrils and dragged them onto their knees, via nostrils.

"A new technique Yuki taught me. If I twist my fingers a certain way it will break your noses. Now are ya gonna stop?" I stated firmly, to which they attempted to nod their heads with their eyes getting watery.

"Alright, that's enough torturing the twins Tomuru," Kyoya told me

"Fine." I shrugged, unhooking my fingers from their nostrils.

"Eugh." I rubbed whatever contents I unearthed from the Tweed's noses onto some tissue.

"So how's the pervy little'n doing?" I asked Haruhi

"Well her name's Kirimi but that's all we know. Apparently Tamaki has adopted her into his family." Haruhi answered

"Kirimi huh?" I looked over to where Tamaki was spinning Kirimi in the air.

"What do you think we should do Kyoya Senpai?" Haruhi asked Kyoya, as shadow lord is the most logical of the Host club members.

"We should probably try to find out if she really does have an older brother at this school." Kyoya responded

"You're under arrest for assaulting police officers!" the Tweeds suddenly declared, Hikaru cuffing one of my hands to his and Kaoru mirroring his actions.

So I have handcuffed to not just one Tweed but both of them!

"Oh for god's sake!" I moaned, wriggling my arms in frustration

"That won't help you." Kaoru sang poking my cheek with his free hand.

"Payback's gonna be fun," Hikaru stated before the two of them cackled evilly

"Permission to dramatically go down on my knees and shout 'NOOOOO'?" I requested

"Hmm granted." The Tweeds allowed

"Thanks NOOOOO!" I dramatically exclaimed, going down on my knees

"Kay get back up." The Tweeds pulled me up by the handcuffs.

"Kirimi, Kiiirimi." A mysterious voice suddenly drifted into the clubroom.

The voice came from a black door, that I'm sure wasn't there before, where a blond boy stood with eyes just like Kirimi's.

"Hey who the hell are you?" the twins demanded

"He looks like a foreigner," Honey commented

"What's up with that? How come the door looks different all of the sudden?" Haruhi questioned

"Oh Kirimi." The stranger spoke up again

That voice sounds strangely familiar. Hang on is that…

"Master." A deep voiced butler came forward, disrupting my thoughts

"You forgot your cloak." A cat eyed maid finished

The two of them spun the stranger around. And in the superhero style the boy now wore a dark wig, cloak and cat puppet on one hand, my suspicions were confirmed as it was indeed…

"Nekasowa Senpai!" Haruhi, the twins and Tamaki exclaimed in surprise

"Master Umaheito I terribly vulnerable to any form of bright light. For that reason if he does not shroud himself in black he will fall victim to the brightness of the outside world and undoubtedly collapse. And to be more comfortable he has to cover his beautiful blond hair with a dark wig." The maid explained, before twirling into the background

"On the other hand his sister mistress Kirimi I frightened of dark, dimly lit places." The Butler added

"So this little girl is Nekasowa Senpai's younger sister?" Haruhi questioned, as I blew one of the butterflies out of my face.

"You are quite insightful, yes that would be correct sir." The Butler answered, wiping away tears for some reason.

"Kirimi so this is where you've been hiding." Nekasowa approached Kirimi

"Brother save me from the monster!" Kirimi squealed, jumping back into Tamaki's arms

"Please don't be scared. I'd like to introduce you to someone this is Belsanaff. The Nekasowa family has been worshipping cats for generations." Nekasowa stated

"You know I get the feeling she's not scared of the puppet. Call me crazy but I think it's you." Haruhi spoke up, with Kyoya nodding in agreement

"It's probably your clothes we'll help you change kay?" the twins started pulling on Nekosawa's cloak with their free hands.

"No don't do that it's far too bright I may die!" Nekasowa protested, clinging onto his cloak like his life depended on it.

"Pack it in will ya!" I scorned the pair of them, to which they stopped and puppeted my arms once more.

"I know why don't we just darken the room?" Honey suggested, although as he started to draw the curtains Kirimi began crying in fright.

"Either way someone's unhappy," Kyoya commented

"It's a tragedy that these two siblings are such polar opposites. As a result, they have come to be known as the Nekasowa family's Romeo and Juliet." The maid spoke up again

"But Romeo and Juliet aren't brother and sister. I think the there situation was a little different." Haruhi pointed out

"Yeah and Juliet actually wanted to be with Romeo," I added as the Tweeds waved my arms all over the place as entertainment for them.

"Oh, I'm well aware of that. To be honest, it was something I just came up with on the fly pretty impressive huh? I thought it might make the story more dramatic." The maid responded, holding up what looked like a small white banner.

"Oh, I see." Was all Haruhi could say in response?

"We were sent by the master's family to get our beloved mistress Kirimi back home safely." The butler explained

"Is the rest of the family-" Hikaru started

"-As out of touch as the three of you are?" Kaoru finished


"Jeez calm down," I muttered

"Tokaro huh?" Kyoya stated

"Wait you mean Romanoff right?" Tamaki queried

"There's a legend that says once every few hundred years a Nekasowa child born. A child that is destined to be possessed by the darkness exactly like our master Umaheito. That legend may or may not be true." The Maid informed

"What do you mean it may or may not be true?" Honey asked

"Is it or isn't it?" the Tweeds questioned deadpanned

"Mistress Kirimi fell in love with the handsome fairy tale prince of an older brother she had seen in portraits. However as a result of his condition the master is unable to go near his sister without being shrouded in black. Once she had learned that her older brother is enrolled in a high school here she decided to go looking for him. That's what brought her to your Host club. We've tried to keep her comforted by reading her bedtime stories about princely characters like her brother, but we recently ran out of stories. So recently we decided to start reading her Shoujo manga that has princely characters in them. And I'm afraid she's become completely addicted." The Maid supplied

"Shoujo manga?" I questioned

"I see so that's where it came from." The twins realised, referring to Kirimi's earlier comments.

"Is there really debauchery in Shoujo manga? But Sashimi Chan is so young." Haruhi stated

"Not Sashimi." Kaoru derided

"She's not a type of sushi dearest," I added

"It's Kirimi." Nekasowa corrected

"So Kirimi Chan doesn't know that you're her real older brother Nekasowa Senpai?" Haruhi summed up, making Nekasowa crumple into his dark aura.

"Yes we tried talking to her but she refuses to believe us." The maid answered for him

"Aww, that's so sad no wonder Neko-Chan is so upset," Honey stated in concern, wiping his eyes with his anime flowers showering around him.

"It's painful, that's why every night I offer hopes and prayers that one day Kirimi will come to embrace the darkness," Nekasowa spoke up, as he regained his composure

"Uh, I think you've got it backwards buddy." The twins remarked

"You should get accustomed to the light," Hikaru stated

"What are you trying to do to your sister?" Kaoru asked

"Come along Mistress Kirimi." The butler started

"It's time to go home." The maid finished


"Nekasowa Senpai?" Tamaki spoke in concern at Nekasowa's reaction.

"Don't worry about me Suoh. All I want is for my sister to be happy. Make sure she gets the love she deserves." Nekasowa ran out of the clubroom in sorrow.

"But wait a minute Senpai." Tamaki called out to him, but it was futile as he already left the clubroom.

"Sibling relations are a problem in any family," Kyoya stated

"Even so I'm kinda jealous. I grew up an only child so I can't really relate. But I can't imagine how tough it must be to have a sibling so different from you that you can't even be in the same room as them." Haruhi shared her thoughts

"Must be tough." I agreed, thinking how lucky I was to have good relationships with my siblings.

Tamaki placed Kirimi back on the floor.

"Is something wrong? Tell me big brother." Kirimi asked

"I'm sorry Kirimi Chan, but I'm not the big brother that you've been looking for. Don't worry he's still out there. Believe it or not, you have a big brother that's even more handsome than I am. And I promise you he's a real prince." Tamaki responded assuredly, making Kirimi's face light up

"But Senpai," Haruhi interjected though was ignored by Tamaki

"Once she stepped foot into this room Kirimi Chan became a guest of the Host club. And it's our job to make sure all of our guests are happy. It's an absolute tragedy to see a brother and sister at odds this way. We must be something we can do to help them. Operation change Nekasowa Senpai into the princely character of Kirimi Chan's dreams is under way." Tamaki did one of his dramatic speeches again, with white backlighting and his white roses floating about around him.

"Are you serious?" the twins asked

"But sir." The butler spoke up, uncertain of Tamaki's scheme

"You want to change Umaheito from a prince of darkness to a prince of light? I don't know if that's even possible." The maid spoke seriously, also unconvinced.

"Senpai! Quit getting so carried away by your emotions. Don't make promises you can't keep." Haruhi scorned

"Oh, yee of little faith. Have you forgotten that we have an expert on our side? Someone who knows the importance of changing character." Tamaki responded, unfazed by the response of his speech.

"You don't think" Hikaru started

"He's talking about?" Kaoru finished his sentence

At that moment the laugh that sends shivers through my body and makes me immediately tense up echoed through the clubroom. Renge rose on her pretentious twirling platform.

"Yep sure enough." The twins sighed, answering their own query.

No! No, no, no, no, no! I don't feel like a Bernard maul today.

I tried to drag the twins away from Renge with me, however, they stayed rooted to the spot.

"Ah, ah, ah you're not getting away." The twins denied, easily pulling me towards Renge by the handcuffs.

"Oh just get it over with then!" I gave up as Bernard advanced on me, with the Tweeds securing my arms.

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