Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 11 Part 3

Random Episode!

The Day Tomuru was normal

Tuesday afternoon at Higashi High

Tomuru was currently playing basketball in gym class. However, she was stuck in her own little world, who somehow got High School Musical songs stuck in her head despite only watching it once when she was eight. Maybe it was cus she was playing basketball I dunno, don't ask me what goes on in the inner workings of Tomuru Sanka.

"Sanka!" one of her classmates Torao called, throwing the ball to her.

But since she had her head in the clouds she had no idea what he said so didn't catch the ball in time, the basketball in question bounced off her head instead.

Making Tomuru crumple down and lose consciousness for a few minutes.

Huh guess my head wasn't in the game. Was the last thing she thought before slipping into unconsciousness.

Once she woke up again she the faces of a few of her classmates leaning over her nosily and the gym teacher knelt beside her, checking her pulse.

"You passed out there for a sec Sanka. Are you feeling alright? Can you move?" the gym teacher asked

"I'm a little dizzy but other than that I'm fine thank you sensei." Tomuru responded standing herself up

"Right sit yourself on the side-lines and rest for the rest of the lesson. The rest of you get into position, this will be our last game for today." The gym teacher instructed

Tomuru calmly walked towards the bench and sat herself down.

"You're supposed to catch the ball with your hands, not your face Tomo kun." Torao joked

"I will remember that for next time. Thank you for the advice." Tomuru responded, with no sarcasm intended which was strange for her.

"No problem?" Torao replied unsurely before returning to the basketball game.

At the end of the lesson…

"Are you sure you're alright?" Torao asked as they walked to the changing rooms.

"I'm perfectly fine thank you. Are you alright?" Tomuru responded

"Uh I'm fine." Torao answered hesitantly, before they separated into their gendered changing rooms.

After school…

"Seeya tomorrow Tomo kun." Torao stated, still bewildered by Tomuru's behaviour

"Goodbye Shinsato san." Tomuru replied, which again was odd because she usually calls Torao Tigger (Torao translates to Tiger man to add some context).

"Right?" Torao drawled before getting on his bike and riding away.

Tomuru walked over to the Middle school as usual to meet up with Rossi.

"Hey Tomo." Rossi greeted cheerfully, hugging her as usual.

Yet unusually she kept her arms to the sides, not reciprocating the hug.

"Uh, you ok?" Rossi asked, as they started walking, noticing something was different.

"I'm perfectly fine to thank you. Are you alright little brother?" was Tomuru's response

"Other than getting a little weirded out by you yeah," Rossi replied warily

"Good, I'm glad."

"…What the fudge?" Rossi muttered under his breath

At the Host club business was usual, unaware of what's to come.

"Hey, guys Tomo's weirding me out." Rossi greeted, Tomuru following behind him.

"Tomo why are you weirding Rossi out?" Haruhi asked, coming up to you

"Good day Haruhi, how are you?" was the response given.

"I'm ok I guess, are you ok sugar?" Haruhi asked in concern

"I'm perfectly fine thank you, and please refer to me as Tomuru since that's my name." Tomuru insisted

"That's what she told me when I asked if she was ok, perfectly fine." Rossi realised

"You're right she is acting weird." Haruhi agreed with Rossi

"Haruhi you have three guests to tend to. Tomuru can you hand out the cakes on the cake cart?" Kyoya instructed

"Alright." Haruhi looked back at Tomuru worriedly before walking towards her guests.

"Of course Ootori Senpai." Tomuru obliged, walking towards the cake cart

The response given made Kyoya freeze in his tracks and turn to look at Tomuru, before walking to question the errand girl.

"What did you just call me?" Kyoya questioned

"I called you Ootori Senpai, as that is your name." Tomuru answered

"Just making sure I heard right." Kyoya stated, to which she nodded once and resumed pushing the cake cart.

"Haruhi what's the matter with Tomuru?" Kyoya queried Haruhi as she entertained her guests.

"I have no idea, she's definitely not herself," Haruhi answered, glancing at Tomuru in concern.

"Oh dear is Tomuru not feeling well?" Azumi asked worriedly

"Don't worry she's not sick she's just acting a bit out of character." Haruhi assured her

At that moment Tomuru was at Honey and Mori's table handing out cakes.

"Hey Tomo Chan do you wanna have some cake with me?" Honey offered

"No thank you Honinosuka Senpai I have to finish my errand girl duties. Besides too much sugar is bad for my teeth and I'd much rather avoid dental issues." Tomuru responded matter of factly

"See I told you she's not herself. She's now refusing cake." Rossi commented

"Oookkkaayy?" Honey drawled in puzzlement, before turning to eat his cake. Mori furrowed his eyebrows observing Tomuru in perplexity.

Tomuru gave a nod of satisfaction before carting the tray to the two sofas where the Hitachiins were stationed with their guests.

"Hey, Doggie." The twins greeted cheerfully, none the wiser of the confusion to come.

"I'm not of canine origin Hitachiin sans. It would be very unsanitary to allow a dog to serve food. Would you like anything from the cake cart?" Tomuru stated sensibly, making the twin's freeze with shock

"Uuh?" the twins turned to each other in confusion before looking back at the errand girl.

"Who are you and what have you done with Tomuru?" Hikaru demanded trying to convey a playful tone to hide his unease.

"I don't understand your claim Kaoru-san?" Tomuru cocked her head to one side in confusion.

"I'm Hikaru, you know this!" Hikaru exclaimed

"Forgive me but I'm afraid I cannot tell which twin is which."

"Right that's it! Excuse us ladies." Hikaru grabbed one of Tomuru's arms whilst Kaoru mirrored his actions and dragged her towards Kyoya.

"Explain what's going on Kyoya Senpai." The pair demanded simultaneously

"I'm afraid I don't know what's wrong with her." Kyoya replied honestly

"What do you mean you don't know?" Hikaru started

"You know everything." Kaoru finished

"Excuse me can you please unhand me I have to complete my errand girl duties." Tomuru spoke up.

"Actually I would like to have a word with you if you don't mind. Haruhi can continue your duties for a bit after she's entertained her guests. Hikaru, Kaoru your guests are growing impatient." Kyoya stated

"Very well Ootori Senpai." Tomuru accepted, taking a seat beside him on the sofa he sat at.

"Fine just find out what's up with her." Hikaru grumbled, before the two of them returned to their guests.

"What's the matter with Tomuru?" one of their guests asked in concern

"Eh, she's fine." Hikaru stated casually

"She's probably just pranking us," Kaoru assured though they tried to assure themselves as they spoke.

After a few minutes Renge's platform rose, revealing Renge and Bernard.

"Oh nemesis time for your daily dose of Bernard!" Renge sang as Bernard launched himself in Tomuru's direction

"This should be interesting." Kyoya muttered

"It's not very hygienic to have a wild duck in the clubroom." Tomuru stated rationally

Just as Bernard was about to attack Tomuru calmly stood up and lifted him up. Cradling him under one arm so he couldn't flap his wings.

Bernard quietened and looked up at her in confusion.

"Quack?" Bernard quacked as if he was thinking:

Hang on? This isn't supposed to happen?

"It's best to keep your pet at home in a natural habitat." Tomuru recommended, placing Bernard back on the platform.

Everyone just stared in astonishment at what just happened.

"Bernard is your enemy you empty headed peasant!" Renge snapped

"I don't have any enemies, especially any which are of a different species. A duck enemy? What a preposterous idea." Tomuru retorted soundly, shaking her head in amusement as she returned to her seat.

"What just happened?" Renge demanded an explanation

"She's not herself today Renge." Haruhi supplied

"I can see that! Forget it I'll torture her tomorrow." Renge responded, her platform sinking down again.

"My daughter's so brave for facing her enemy like that!" Tamaki praised, as usual the last one to catch on, hugging Tomuru.

"Please do not touch me without my consent it's very rude. Also I am not your daughter you're too young to be my father. In fact I don't think we are related at all given the fact that my skin colour is brown and yours is not." Tomuru stated firmly

"NOT MY DAUGHTER!" Tamaki exclaimed, backing away from her in horror

Tamaki turned white and crumbled onto the floor.

When the guests left the Hosts turned their attention to Tomuru, still remained seated on the sofa until told otherwise. All except Tamaki who sat in his corner of shame, still disheartened by Tomuru's comment earlier.

"So what are we gonna do about her?" Rossi asked

"Yeah we need to get Doggie back." Kaoru stated

"Was she like this yesterday?" Kyoya asked Haruhi and Rossi

"No she was her normal bouncy self." Rossi answered

"Maybe something happened at school." Haruhi thought aloud, moving to sit beside Tomuru.

"Tomuru?" Haruhi started cautiously

"Yes Haruhi, what can I do for you?"

"What lessons did you have at school today?" Haruhi conversed

"Let's see I had maths, history, then it was break, English language, then it was lunch, literacy and gym. Why do you ask?" Tomuru answered

"She's just making conversation now did anything happen during the day? An injury or fall perhaps?" Kyoya joined in with the questioning

"No not that I can recall." Tomuru replied, after she thought for a minute.

"Then why the hell are you acting like this?" Hikaru blurted out indignantly

"Acting like what? This is how I normally act." Tomuru replied, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion

"This isn't how you normally act Tomuru. You're usually not this serious or…" Haruhi differed patiently, though couldn't think of the word

"Normal." Rossi finished

"Yeah that's the word." Haruhi agreed

"We want our old Tomo Chan back." Honey spoke up

"Yeah." Mori agreed

"Oh well I'm terribly sorry but I've always been like this. Perhaps you're thinking of someone who looks like me?" Tomuru suggested

"Uuh!" Many of the Hosts moaned

"Snap out of it sugar!" Haruhi snapped, losing her patience.

"I told you to call me by my name Haruhi." Tomuru reminded, earning a thwack on the arm from Haruhi.

"Now there's no need for violence." Tomuru tutted

"Maybe we need to give her a shock?" Rossi suggested

"We must get my darling daughter back! It's obvious that she is possessed by an evil spirit. Quick someone get Nekasowa Senpai!"

"Ah so you've finally got over what Tomuru said." Rossi spoke to Tamaki

"Senpai she's not possessed." Haruhi sighed in exasperation

"You sure about that?" the twins eyed up Tomuru warily

"Evil spirit I command thee to release this innocent form your malevolent clutches!" Tamaki commanded dramatically, holding Tomuru's face in his hands

"Suoh Senpai I've already told you once don't touch me without my consent." Tomuru stated, taking his hands off her person.

"Clearly this spirit is strong. We need to perform an exorcism." Tamaki spoke determinedly

"Yeah!" the twins agreed eagerly

"You are not performing an exorcism on my best friend!" Haruhi objected

"Well of course I'm not Nekasowa Senpai will; he's the expert in black magic."

"No one is performing an exorcism!" Rossi stated bluntly

"I think we should try giving her a shock like Rossi suggested earlier," Haruhi commented

"Huddle round gentlemen." Tamaki instructed

"Tomuru go clean up after the guests," Kyoya instructed Tomuru so he wouldn't question what they were doing.

"Very well," Tomuru stated, getting up of the sofa.

"Right any ideas?" Haruhi asked

"Well I would've suggested Bernard but we know that wouldn't work now." Rossi came up with

"We could make a loud noise?" Kaoru suggested

"We could use her greatest fear." Hikaru devised

"Hang on you don't mean-" Haruhi started to say before she got interrupted

"Kyoya get-" Tamaki, the interrupter in question began to demand

"Already on it." Kyoya interjected, dialling a number on his phone.

Half an hour later…

"Guys, don't ya think this is a bit excessive?" Haruhi questioned, looking into the now balloon filled prep room.

"It's what needs to be done." Tamaki insisted

"This better work," Rossi muttered

"Kyoya get my darling daughter," Tamaki instructed, to which Kyoya walked towards the kitchen where Tomuru was washing the dishes.

"Hikaru, Kaoru get into position." Tamaki ordered

"You got it boss." The twins saluted and went into the balloon filled room, each carrying a long needle each.

"Quick she's heading this way," Rossi warned, to which everyone else sat in the clubroom trying to act casual.

When Tomuru walked passed she nodded once to then before entering the prep room. Once she went inside everyone dashed to the door and peeked inside. Tomuru stood looking indifferently at the multi-coloured balloons, with a hint of confusion.

On cue, the twins got to work popping the balloons left to right and centre. The reaction given by Tomuru was blinking and flinching lightly. The final two balloons were popped in front of her face, which only made her flinch slightly again. She looked calmly at the worn out, panting twins before walking passed them towards the storage closet to grab a brush to sweep up the mess. Hikaru and Kaoru collapsed on the floor in defeat.

"It didn't work." Haruhi groaned, leaning on the doorway with her head in her hands.

As Tomuru swept up the balloon remnants the others gathered around to think of another plan.

"…Maybe she got hit in the head?" Rossi suggested

"But she said she didn't." Haruhi pointed out

"Yeah but she might have forgot." Rossi claimed

"So she needs to get hit again to return to her weird self." Kaoru mused

"I'll get the baseball bat." Hikaru offered, quickly jumping up

"You're not hitting Tomuru with a bat!" Haruhi objected

"You won't let us perform an exorcism on her. You won't let us hit her with a baseball bat. You don't let us do anything with her." Hikaru complained

"Maybe this is how Tomo Chan is supposed to act but had an accident that made her the Tomuru we know and love?" Honey thought aloud

"God I hope not." Rossi responded

"We could just trip her?" Hikaru suggested

"…Fine we'll try it." Haruhi gave in

"We'll get the rope." The twin's stated dashing off.

Once the rope was set up the twin's waited for Tomuru, hiding behind random flower pots. Tomuru was moving a flower vase from one of the tables to get fresh water for the roses inside.

"Uh, guys maybe you should wait till…" Haruhi started to warn, however…



Tomuru tripped up and the vase flew out of her hands, crashing into tiny pieces.

"…her hands are free." Haruhi finished, a sweat drop formed on her head.

"Oh dear, I made such a mess. Don't worry I'll clean it up." Tomuru stated calmly, brushing herself off before walking away.

"It didn't work." The twins and Tamaki fell into their dark auras.

"Look let's just see how she is tomorrow. Maybe she will sleep it off." Haruhi sighed

"There's blood on the floor," Kyoya commented, turning the other Hosts attention to the glass and water on the floor.

At that moment, Tomuru came in with a small cut on her cheek, holding a dustpan and brush.

"Haruhi cleans up the mess whilst I tend to Tomuru's cut," Kyoya stated

"Here I'll take those sug- Tomuru." Haruhi took the dustpan and brush from Tomuru.

"Well if you insist, thank you Haruhi," Tomuru replied in slight confusion.

"Tomuru comes with me to sort out your cut," Kyoya spoke to her, gesturing her to follow him.

"Oh, the one on my hand you mean."

"Yes and the one on your cheek too."

In the kitchen, Kyoya took out the first aid kit and gestured her to sit. To which Tomuru climbed onto the sideboard since there were no chairs. Kyoya carefully wiped Tomuru's hand with an antiseptic wipe and wrapped the wounded area with a bandage.

"Luckily there's no glass embedded in your cuts otherwise you would've had to go to the hospital." Kyoya conversed as he concentrated on tying the bandage to secure it.

"There's no such thing as luck Ootori Senpai," Tomuru replied logically

"Of course."

Kyoya started wiping the cut on her cheek. The usual reaction would be wincing and complaining, but Tomuru didn't even flinch. She just continued to look ahead calmly.

"You're eyes have changed too." Kyoya noted, just now realising the change.

"Ootori Senpai I have always had blue eyes." Tomuru sighed, getting tired of this game the others were playing.

"No I mean your eyes are usually brighter and have a certain spark to them which shows your immaturity and fun demeanour. However they appear duller somehow, meaning no offense of course." Kyoya explained

"Oh, I see." Tomuru left it at that as Kyoya stuck a plaster over the cut.

"So how do I act usually then?" Tomuru questioned curiously

"Well certainly not like this." Kyoya chuckled "The Tomuru I know is strange, cheerful, slightly irritating and admittedly comical. She has quite an imagination on her too." Kyoya went on, smiling slightly

"Am I right in assuming that everyone prefers me like how you described than how I am now?" Tomuru sussed

"Well you are less annoying, calmer and can get your errands done more efficiently. Plus your voice has decreased in volume considerably." Kyoya listed

"But?" Tomuru urged

"…But Tomuru is my friend and I wouldn't want that weird moron to change for anything. Besides it's not like anyone else has the nerve to put me in my place or call me a pervert." Kyoya admitted

For the first time serious Tomuru smiled.

"Well then I'll try to return to normal, or weird I suppose I should say. Let's return to the others." Tomuru responded, hopping off the counter and walking towards the clubroom.

Kyoya remained where he stood watching her walk into the clubroom.

"Yes let's." he spoke softly to himself, before following her lead.

"Hey, are you ok?" Haruhi asked Tomuru in concern, putting a wet floor sign where the fall occurred.

"Yes, Haruhi I'm perfectly fine to thank you." Tomuru responded, her lips upturned into a gracious smile.

"Good." Haruhi turned to hug her friend, to which Tomuru patted her back awkwardly.

"Hey you're smiling, that's something at least." Rossi noticed, when Tomuru was released from Haruhi's hug.

"Hey sorry for tripping you up Dog- uh I mean Tomuru." Kaoru apologised

"Yeah, we thought it would've helped with…ya know." Hikaru added

"I understand," Tomuru assured

"Ok, I think we should head home now. We're already kinda late as it is." Rossi pointed out

"Good idea." Haruhi agreed

"See you all tomorrow," Tomuru spoke her goodbye, nodding once before walking out of the clubroom.

"Seeya guys," Haruhi said she and Rossi quickly caught up with Tomuru.

"Who knows maybe she just needs some rest," Tamaki commented

"Hmm." Kyoya hummed in agreement.

Tomorrow Morning…

Tomuru's alarm went off on her phone at 6:30 am, her alarm ring tone being the Steven Universe theme tune.

"Huh? Wha da…oh." Tomuru sat up groggily

"We are the crystal gems, we'll always save the day.

Even if you think we can't, we'll always find a way.

That's why the people of the world believe in,

Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl and Steven!"

Tomuru sang along with her alarm before switching it off. Yep, she's back to normal.

"Aww good morning Boris baby." Tomuru gushed, freeing her feet from under Boris and fussing the sleepy towel.

Suddenly Boris leapt on her excitedly and licked her face profusely, the little twirl of a tail waggling like a hyperactive spring.

"Boris I was only asleep, I didn't disappear of the Earth's surface!" Tomuru protested, shielding her now wet face with her hands.

"What's up with ya hmm?" Tomuru questioned, as Boris nibbled her finger affectionately

At that moment, three knocks rapped on the door.

"Come in?" Tomuru called, confused cus no one knocked on her door.

"Hey, you feeling better T?" Yuki greeted her cautiously

"Yucky what the cookie dough ice cream are you on about? And why are you knocking? Ya usually barge in." Tomuru questioned

First Boris and now Yuki's acting odd. She thought internally

"EVERYONE SHE'S BACK!" Yuki shouted before she ran and glomped her little sister.

"What the frick frack, snick snack, paddy wack is going on here?" Tomuru demanded, pinned to the bed by Yuki.

"Thank god for that," Marco stated in relief, standing in the doorway with Rossi.

"Don't ever do that again!" Yuki scolded, thwacking Tomuru on the head

"Seriously what did I do?" Tomuru exclaimed, thoroughly confused by everyone's behaviour.

Rossi was now hugging her tightly.

"We'll explain everything at breakfast." Marco supplied, before he and Yuki left to get changed.

"Kay gerroff then Rossi so I can get ready." Tomuru nudged Rossi as an attempt to peel him away.

"Ok," Rossi mumbled, letting go and shuffling towards the door.

"Hang on a minute." Tomuru jumped up and hugged Rossi, kidding the top of his head.

"I thought I wouldn't see you again." Rossi mumbled sniffling a little.

"Well, whatever happened I'm back now kay?" Tomuru comforted


At the Host Club…

Haruhi was pacing back and forth, hoping that Tomuru was back to her usual self. A shared hope among the other Hosts. There weren't any guests to busy themselves with today. The door opened revealing Rossi and Tomuru. Tomuru had an indifferent expression on her face, which showed that she was still serious. I mean to those who have no idea that she's her normal goofy self.

"Don't tell me she's still serious." Haruhi groaned

Tomuru looked around the worried faces in the room before breaking into a huge grin and shouting:

"HELLO SMELLOS!" with her arms in the air

Then Haruhi hugged her tightly, causing a mass hug ball of all the Hosts except Kyoya.

"This is it, this is how I'm gonna die! I had so much to live for!" Tomuru exclaimed dramatically

"Shut up sugar." Haruhi laughed

"Doggie's back, Doggie's back!" the twins chanted

"Okay yes I'm back yay, now get off ya clingy gits!" Tomuru laughed, to which everyone complied except Tamaki.

"My darling daughter is back!" Tamaki uttered jovially, twirling Tomuru round

"Yes, yes I'm back Dad jeez you guys make it sound like I was gone for a year." Tomuru managed to struggle herself free from his tight grip.

"We missed you Tomo Chan." Honey whimpered

"Aww, I'm sorry cupcake. Let's get you some cake eh?"

"Okay." Honey's mood instantly brightened at the mention of cake.

Mori patted Tomuru's head and smiled down at her before following his childish cousin.

"Thanks Groot! Right, you lot tell me everything, every little detail cus I can't remember squat." Tomuru insisted

"I thought Rossi went over this with you?" Haruhi questioned

"Yeah but he only gave a summarised version of the events. How'd I cut my face and hand and who bandaged me?" Tomuru started her grilling, making herself comfortable.

"I bandaged your hand." Kyoya supplied

"Oh, thanks shadow lord."

"Well…" Haruhi began retelling Tomuru the events of yesterday.

"You put me in a balloon filled room and popped them in front of me!" Tomuru gasped, starting to hyperventilate

"It alright sugar there are no balloons now." Haruhi assured her, with her arm around Tomo's shoulder for comfort.

"Right? Well that sounds like a normal drama filled a day at the Host club. I mean there's always some dilemma or problem practically every week." Was Tomuru's response when her friends were finished telling her what happened.

"Well, I'm glad you're back sugar."

"Yeah I can tell dearest." Tomuru remarked

"Did you miss my usual self shadow lord?" Tomuru spoke playfully to Kyoya

"You wish, it was refreshing to have you sensible for a change. Plus you completed your errands much quicker." Kyoya differed

"Of course you'd prefer me to be sensible." Tomuru stated rolling her eyes.

"He missed you secretly, he just won't ever admit it." Haruhi whispered to her.

"Oh yeah, he's a proper softy," Tomuru replied sarcastically though stroking her bandaged hand as she spoke.

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