Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 12 Part 3

3rd person Narrative

Currently the twins were around Tomuru's house, using her as a manikin for Marcel's latest clothes creations.

"Ya know I don't think spotty leggings suit her," Hikaru opinionated.

"Well it doesn't have to suit her; she just has to stay still for me to finish drawing," Marcel responded, sending a pointed look towards Tomuru.

"Well if SOME people didn't keep sticking pins on my back like I'm some voodoo doll then there wouldn't be an issue Mars!" Tomuru stated in irritation, glaring at the twins behind her.

"Just making sure the dress stayed on, it's a little loose on you Doggie," Kaoru excused innocently, adding another pin onto her.
"Yeah well that doesn't mean turning me into some porcupine furry," Tomuru argued.

"We do not say that word in that context in this house Tomo." Marcel piped up.

"Oh yeah, forgot you have a passionate hate for people that take dressing up to a whole new odd level. Sorry Mars."

"And what's with this new nickname you gave me?" Marcel muttered.

"Look I only just made the connection so just roll with it," Tomuru waved off.

"Fine," Marcel rolled with it.

"At least your nickname is a planet. I got stuck with Yucky!" The four of them heard Yuliana shout through from her room.

"Good point," Marco agreed, still concentrating on his drawing pad.

"Yo Tomo?" Rossi came into the room.


"D'ya think Honey's gonna be ok?" Rossi asked worriedly.

"Honestly? I'm not sure. I mean for a normal person they'd be fine. But this is cupcake we're talking about, he practically lives off cake. Lord knows how he's gonna handle not eating any snacks for however long," Tomuru responded.

"Hmm," Rossi hummed in agreement.

"I suppose we're just gonna have to wait till tomorrow," Kaoru spoke up.

"Yeah," Hikaru agreed.

"OW will ya pack it in with the pins!" Tomuru exclaimed.


Honey walked through the hallway, saddened by being unable to not eat anything sweet.

"Poor Honey Senpai looks so miserable. It's a shame the Host club has banned snacks," One of two girls commented in concern as he passed.

"It must be really difficult for him. I hope this doesn't seem insensitive, I know he's in pain but…" the second girl conversed.

"Aww, he's so cute!" Both girls gushed, due to the fact that the bandage around his head makes Honey look like he has bunny ears.

"Mitskuni, bag," Mori came up behind him with his hand stretched out.

"I can carry it," Honey assured.

"Yes you can, hand it over," Mori insisted.

Once he had the bag he tipped it upside down. Tons of sweets tumbled from the contents of Honey's bag, forming a large pile in front of him.

"I was just looking. I wasn't going to eat them," Was Honey's excuse.

"Really? If you were just looking then try this," Mori handed Honey a dessert flyer.

"I'll keep the real stuff," Mori stated.

"AAAAHH!" Honey once again fell to the floor in despair.

Meanwhile around the corner stood Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi, witnessing what just happened.

"Oh man, that was rough," The twins commented.

"I kinda feel sorry for him," Haruhi admitted.

"I had no idea that Mori Senpai could be so brutal," Hikaru commented.

"You wouldn't expect it. I thought his principles kept him from doing anything to upset Honey Senpai," Kaoru stated.

"And to think he could get the boss to go along with him,"
Haruhi stopped for a moment to take I what the twins said, concerned for Honey's wellbeing.

At the Host Club…

"Hey Dearest, how's Honey Senpai doing?" As soon as she entered the room, Tomuru went straight to Haruhi to get updated.

"Still as miserable as yesterday, he tried to sneak some sweets in his bag but Mori Senpai quickly intercepted," Haruhi supplied.

"Poor little dude," Tomuru spoke in concern, looking to where Honey was watching Rossi attempt to cheer him up.

As she did her usual routine she heard comments from the guests, mainly about Honey's current condition.

"It's too bad Tamaki. I wanted to give you some chocolates specially made the new patisserie; my family just hired him from France. But I can't give them to you because you're not eating sweets," Tomuru overheard Tamaki's guest.

"Do not fret my princess. For the present, I must abstain from eating sweets for poor Honey Senpai's sake. But eventually we'll be able to share chocolate together again," Tamaki spoke in his Princely act.

"The friendship you boys have is absolutely beautiful," The guest admired.

"I believe things will work out for the better this way my dear. I'm sure it's delicious, but no chocolate could ever withstand the heatwave of our love so it will all melt and go to waste," Tamaki spoke romantically, entwining his hands with hers.

"Oh, Tamaki," The guest sighed.

"That's your excuse huh?" Tomuru muttered, heading to the next Host station.

Once she reached Kyoya's table she noticed something was different.

"Are you feeling alright shadow lord?" She asked, pouring his coffee for him.

"Never better Tomuru why do ask?" Kyoya responded pleasantly.

"Cus you're smiling, you never smile," Tomuru answered bluntly.

"I smile sometimes."

"No, your evil smirk doesn't count."

"Shouldn't you be bothering someone else?" Kyoya went from a smile to an irritated small frown.

"That's more like it!" Tomuru said cheerfully, before leaving Kyoya to his business.

"Impressive boss that was quite an act," Hikaru stated as Tamaki walked passed the twins.

"Missing sweets aren't you?" Kaoru guessed.

"Buzz off. The number one priority is our guests, all that matters are their happiness," Tamaki responded.

"You better watch yourselves out there. Don't give any sweets to Honey Senpai no matter what tricks he resorts to. Oh and incidentally those instructions come from Mori Senpai this isn't my doing," Kyoya instructed, with a cheerful smile on his face.

"So is it just me or does he seem to be enjoying this?" Hikaru commented.

"I don't trust shadow lord smiling like that, it weirds me out," Tomuru stated.

"What? Kyoya Senpai actually looking happy for once?" Kaoru guessed.

"Exactly! Hey, where'd dearest go by the way?" Tomuru asked.

"Oh, I think she said something about going to the library," Kaoru answered.

"Oh okay." Tomuru shrugged, returning to her errand girl duties.

I wonder what kind of tricks cupcake's got planned? Tomuru wondered.

"Look Takashi my cavity's all better now!" Honey called to Mori happily, running up towards him.

"You sure?" Mori asked, continuing to read.

"The swelling's even gone down!" Honey insisted.

"Has it?"

"So d'ya think I could have a piece of cake? Juust one? Pleeease," Honey asked sweetly.

However once Honey got close Mori stuck a bubble gum ice lolly in his mouth to see if Honey was telling the truth. This made Honey's eyes water as he clutched his swollen cheek in pain.

"You haven't fully recovered yet," Mori stated, walking off with the ice lolly still at hand.

Two guests at the Host club were enjoying tea and sandwiches when Honey suddenly targeted them. The two girls looked away as Honey walked over to them, his cuteness level at full power.

"What are you ladies drinking?" Honey asked innocently.

"Err Darjeeling tea it's really good," The guest with the green headband answered.

"Yeah? What are you going to have to eat?" Honey asked.

"Well, I was going to have a sandwich," The black haired girl responded.

"Know what you need, some sweets. That tea will go well with something sweet. Like maybe some cake! C'mon, what d'ya say?" Honey suggested, his pink flowers twirling in the background.

"Well…it would go well with cake," The first girl commented reluctantly.

"It sure would," The second girl agreed.

Then the two girls decided to abandon their tea and run away.
"We're so sorry Honey."

"But it's for your own good."

"W-wait!" Honey called after them, before hanging his head in defeat.

On his third attempt, he decided to target Haruhi and Tomuru
"Honey Senpai?" Haruhi stated as he walked to stand by them with his eyes looking to the ground.

"Hey, you hanging on there sweetie? Crap, I shouldn't have said sweetie!" Tomuru stated, realising her mistake after she tried to comfort Honey.

"Haru-Chan, Tomo-Chan, am I a bad person?" Honey asked sadly, gripping Haruhi's blazer.

"I just don't understand why god hates me. What have I done?" Honey continued tearfully.

Haruhi looked around before responding to Honey.

"Ok fine, but only this once got it?" Haruhi whispered, rifling through her blazer pocket.

"Dearest no you must resist!" Tomuru whisper scorned.

"Is it a snack?" Honey asked brightening up.

"Yeah, here," Haruhi handed him a stick of kelp in a red wrapper.

"It's the same colour as chocolate, try it," Haruhi stated chirpily.

However, Honey just looked down at his hand in frozen shock.

Tomuru gave a low whistle "Jeez three whole days without sweets that must be a record for Honey," Tomuru stated in admiration.

"He's gonna crack," Tamaki commented, the Hosts watching Honey pace around the room.

"Could someone please talk to him? He's scaring me," Kaoru spoke nervously.

"He's heading for the candy!" Hikaru exclaimed in panic.

"No need to worry, we emptied out all the sweets," Kyoya assured.

"Kyoya Senpai you seem really chipper today," Haruhi pointed out to him.

The Hosts watched as Honey looked inside the candy drawer, took out Tamaki's teddy bear and threw it on the ground.


"Well don't bring your teddy bear to school then," Tomuru stated
Honey took a few steps forward back into the clubroom before falling down in defeat.

"Well, there he goes."

"Three days and he give up," Hikaru said.

"Uh, Tamaki I think it'll be best to leave him be," Tomuru advised, seeing Tamaki get up and head towards Honey.

"Uh, Honey Senpai?" Tamaki asked nervously, nudging him gently.

Suddenly Honey bit down on Tamaki's hand and refused to let go.

"AAAH SOMEBODY HELP ME HE'S EATING MY ARM OFF!" Tamaki screamed as he ran around the room, with Honey still biting down on his hand.

Mori got up and walked towards the two blonds.

"Mitskuni doesn't take this out on other people, it's disgraceful," Mori scorned.

This made Honey let go of Tamaki, his anger now turned on Mori.

"Takashi…YOU IDIOT!" Honey shouted, flipping Mori over his back.

"Holy Macaroni," Tomuru whispered, in shock like the other spectating Hosts were.

"A LITTE BIT ISN'T GOING TO HURT ME! YOU'RE SO MEAN! YOU'RE SUCH A HARD HEAD! THAT'S IT I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU TAKASHI!" Honey shouted at him, as Mori sat up, before crying and running out of the clubroom.

"Honey Senpai," Tamaki ran after him.

"I'm gonna see if he's alright," Rossi stated worriedly, running after the two blond Hosts.

"Hey, Mori Senpai," Hikaru spoke up.

"That was harsh will you be alright?" Kaoru finished in concern.

As Mori got up, he stumbled and broke a table he attempted to lean on.

"Ya know I'm sure Honey didn't mean what he said, Groot," Tomuru comforted gently, standing up to join the twins.

"Wow, Senpai it looks like he really got to you. I don't know what's going on, but it seems like you're self-destructing," Hikaru told Mori.

"Maybe Honey Senpai wouldn't hate you so much if you hadn't been so hard on him in the first place," Kaoru reasoned.

"It was on purpose," Haruhi realised.

"What?" Tomuru asked in confusion.

"Mori Senpai by any chance have you acting like this because you were trying to get Honey Senpai to hate you?" Haruhi questioned.

"Why would he do that?" Hikaru asked.

"That makes no sense. That would be like the end of the world for Mori Senpai," Kaoru pointed out.

"Why would he do it on purpose?" the Twins spoke at once.

"Well, maybe because he was trying to punish himself," Haruhi reasoned.

"I'm right aren't I?" Haruhi asked Mori.

"…Yeah, you are this was my fault," Mori confirmed.

"Mitskuni has a cavity because I'm careless. Twice before his naptime I forgot to make him brush his teeth," Mori continued.

"…Beg ya pardon?"

"Eh, that really isn't your responsibility." Hikaru pointed out
"He should know better," Kaoru added.

"But if Mitskuni has to get false teeth it will be my fault," Mori stated in shame.

"Err don't worry that isn't going to happen," The twins assured.

"Wow, what a pessimist," Haruhi commented.

"Uh Sugar, you ok?" Haruhi added, looking down at Tomuru who was currently on the floor with her hands covering her face.

"I wouldn't be able to live with myself right now if Mitskuni hadn't thrown me down."

"Because he felt at fault, Mori Senpai felt he needed punishment from Honey Senpai to make up for his failure," Kyoya supplied.

"Well, that makes for a nice story and everything," Hikaru started.

"It was just a little cavity right?" Kaoru finished.

"I can't…I can't…" Tomuru mumbled quietly on the floor.

The doors opened to reveal Honey, with Tamaki and Rossi beside him.

"Well, there you have it Honey Senpai. What will you do now?" Tamaki asked.

Honey ran into the room in tears, rushing towards Mori.

"I'M SORRY!" Honey cried out, kneeling down beside Mori

"Sis, why are you on the floor?" Rossi asked, looking down over her, along with Haruhi.

"I can't…I can't believe out of all the Hosts, Groot was secretly the most dramatic of them all." Tomuru muttered, still in shock
"Really? Even more so than Tamaki?" Kyoya stated.

"…Alright maybe like after Tamaki and the Tweeds," Tomuru altered her previous comment.

A few days later…

"A few days later Honey Senpai recovered from his painful cavity. So the Host club decided to lift their ban on sweets and Honey Senpai can greedily stuff his face once more," Renge narrated.

"What the heck's up with shadow lord?" Tomuru questioned, seeing Kyoya's slouched form holding bills.

"Cus Honey Senpai's back to eating snacks again," Hikaru answered.

"All those sweets get expensive," Kaoru added.

"So that's why he was so cheerful," Tomuru realised.

"Excuse me?" A female voice came from across the room.

"Oh my, looks like we have a new guest gentlemen," Tamaki commented on the girl walking towards them.

"Are you a fan of Mori Senpai?" Tamaki asked.

"It's that girl," Haruhi muttered.

"What girl?" Tomuru whispered.

"I'll explain later," Haruhi waved off.

"Fine," Tomuru left it at that as the new guest approached Mori.

"Well, Mori I understand now. I know who you feel so strongly about and it's ok," The girl looked over to Honey, who was happily stuffing his face.

"I must say I find it surprising that it's Honey. To think, he's so special to you…I don't know it's just so. I can't explain it's just so…YAY!" The girl continued, hearts in her eyes.

"Yet another Moe girl is born," Tomuru commented.

"Congratulations you've just taken your first big step into a brand new world," Renge congratulated, standing beside her.

The new guest smiled and turned her attention to Mori, who was cleaning Honey's cakey face.

"Mitskuni you've made a mess," Mori spoke as he wiped cake of Honey's cheeks.

This made the Moe girls go gushy.

"THAT'S RIGHT LADIES IT'S MOE! IT'S THE GREATEST I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT!" Renge exclaimed through her microphone.

"Ya know even if this does look and feel like a happy ending. I'm not sure everyone out there will think that Moe is the best way to wrap things up," Haruhi noted.

"I agree," Tomuru agreed.

"MOE!" the guests shouted.

"Oh, good grief," Haruhi said in exasperation.

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