Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 2 Part 1

"So...Tropical Paradise theme today?" I guessed looking around the club room jungle decor and what the Host's were wearing.

"Nirvana to be precise, they even brought in wildlife," Haruhi replied, pointing to the Toucans and parrots.

"That's so cool! I want a parrot."

"You're not having a parrot!" Haruhi objected.

"You never let me have anything," I pouted.

"You also have an outfit daughter dear. I think you'll like it," Tamaki said excitedly.

"I don't mind dressing up. Though it seems a certain someone does. Dearest I can't help but notice you're not in cosplay?" I said.

"Yeah well you know me. I prefer to wear early spring attire in early spring."

"We'll show you the outfit!" the twins interjected dragging me to the changing rooms.

I was presented with a long, cream dress with Greek style gold plated pattern on the chest and cuff area and gold belt, with gold sandals and gold bangle to match. I changed into said dress and put my uniform in my school bag.

"We need to do your hair and makeup," the twins insisted making me sit in front a dressing table, already starting to brush my hair.

I started to fidget in my chair, as it felt like the twins were taking ages.

"Are you guys nearly finished? You have guests to tend to."

"OK done, what do you think?" Tweeds said.

"Tis very gold, but I like it. You guys can put on makeup better than I ever could," I approved, looking at the gold eye shadow, light pink lipstick and Egyptian type eyeliner. My hair down with a plait down the middle.

I returned the club I took over tea serving from Haruhi.

"You look gorgeous sugar," Haruhi complimented.

"Thank you dearest," I replied.

"Oh and I almost to mention to you ladies, next week the Host club will be sponsoring a party," I overheard Tamaki inform his guests.

"We're throwing a party?" Haruhi thought aloud.

"What kind of party is it going to be. Is it going to be formal?" a light brown haired guest from the twin's table asked.

"Yes we even rented the schools largest hall..." Hikaru answered.

"It's the perfect place for dancing," Kaoru finished.

"But I really wanted to spend some alone time with you Kaoru," Hikaru pined softly, holding his brother's cheek being mere inches from him.

"Don't be upset Hikaru, I know exactly how you feel," Kaoru murmured, a slight blush on his cheeks, which of course made their guests swoon for some reason.

I wolf-whistled at them, which I was going to do every time they did that barely legal act.

"So you plan to do that every time they perform that 'brotherly love' act?" Haruhi sussed, like she knew what I was thinking.

"Yes, yes I am."

"Tomuru you look lovely in that dress," a guest at the twin's table told me.

"Thank you Princess, though it was mainly the twin's work. You ladies look this lovely every day without the twin's assistance, of course," I replied, letting them indulge in my compliments to them whilst I handed out cakes and sweets.

Once the guests left I had a challenge helping with taking the decorations down, especially in capturing the exotic birds.

" ...birds. I'm sure birds hate me," I gasped, out of breath from running around, my hair a mess with the amount of times parrots got tangled in it.

Everyone was sat at a long table planning the party, except Tamaki who appeared to be pouting and eating ramen.

"What's got Tamaki in the mood?" I asked no one in particular.

"Beats me?" Haruhi shrugged.

"Hey boss quit eating that commoners ramen and help us with the party planning," Hikaru called to him.

"Does it really bother you that Princess Kosika has taken a liking to Haruhi?" Kaoru scoffed.

"He shouldn't be surprised she's had the illness for a while now hasn't she?" Kyoya said, typing on his laptop.

"What illness?" Haruhi asked in concern.

"She's got the Host hopping disease..." Hikaru started.

"...Aka the never the same boy twice disease," Kaoru finished, both standing behind Kyoya symmetrically.

"Usually a guest settles for one Host and sees him regularly. However Princess Kosika seems to change her favourites, on a regular basis," Kyoya explained.

"That's right because before she was with you she was with Tama-Chan," Honey added.

"Oh so he's upset that I took her from him?" Haruhi sussed.

"SHUT UP I COULDN'T CARE LESS!" Tamaki shouted at Haruhi.

"Yeah, because that tone of voice always conveys a level of not caring," I muttered sarcastically to myself.

"I'm running out of patience. Haruhi it's time you started dressing like a girl!" Tamaki exclaimed, pointing at her.


"I don't understand how you can be so popular with the ladies when yourself are a lady! No one in the entire school knows your secret except for those of us here," he continued to rant, opening a random treasure chest and taking out a huge picture of Middle school Haruhi. Whilst he was rummaging his ranting didn't stop.

"That's enough Haruhi, now you listen to daddy. Daddy wants you to go back to the way you're used to be!"


"Yeah and how did he get it?" I questioned.

"I have my sources," Kyoya answered, with a slight smirk.

"The more I look at this picture the more amazed I am. How can this become that?" Hikaru compared Middle school Haruhi, to Haruhi on the first day at Ouran academy. The hosts were all crowded around the picture now.

"The day before school started one of the kids from my neighbourhood got some gum in my hair. It's a real pain to get gum out of long hair. So I decided to cut it all off, with Marcels help of course. I didn't care if I looked like a dude ya know," Haruhi explained nonchalantly.

"A GIRL SHOULD NEVER REFER TO HERSELF AS A DUDE! MAMMA! Haruhi is using those dirty boy words again," Tamaki complained, weeping like a widow.

"I'm sorry but who is Mamma?" I asked in amusement.

"Based on club position I assume it's me," Kyoya assumed, to which I laughed to myself quietly at the notion.

"Look I don't see what you're crying about working as a host I can pay back more of my debt. It'll never happen if I'm just an errand boy," Haruhi stated, looking down at a distraught Tamaki.

"Hate to change the subject but do you have formal dancing experience, you'll need it at the party," Hikaru butted in.

"Uh no, but the party has nothing to do with my quota right? I'm not interested in going to such events so if I could be excused," Haruhi replied nervously, trying to talk her way out of having to dance.

"Definitely not a refined gentleman must learn how to dance." Tamaki rejected, perking up quickly; "If you want to live like a Host that badly you're going to have to show us how far you're willing to go Haruhi. I order you to master dancing the waltz in one week and you will demonstrate at the night of the party. Or we'll tell the whole school your a girl and knock you back down to errand boy," Tamaki declared.

"Good luck Dearest," I said lightly.

"That does include you too Sugar," Haruhi pointed out.

"Why do I need to waltz? I'm not a Host, I'd probably be handing out nibbles or whatever," I protested.

"No you are to learn to dance the waltz. We've hired maids to take care of the food," Tamaki insisted.

"Whatever," I sighed, agreeing reluctantly.

"One minute...how did get that bump on your head? Was that always there?" Haruhi noticed pointing to a bruised bump on the top left corner of my forehead.

"Oh I forgot about that. It's nothing," I waved off, covering the bump with my hand.

"Tomo spill it," Haruhi, Tamaki and the twins urged.

"It's nothing, quit fussing. I just had a little scrap at school," I insisted.

"Tomuru Sanka you tell me what happened right now!" Haruhi said sternly, hands on her hips.

"Someone didn't hit my daughter did they?" Tamaki gasped, everyone now trying to look at my bump.

"Alright, you how one of the boys who harassed Rossi was from the High school. Turns out it was Kai Ukuru, remember him?" I started.

"Wasn't he that guy who tried to date every girl in Middle school?" Haruhi replied.

"Yep, well he came up to me after classes and started spewing crap about Rossi. Saying he shouldn't have been born and that he's going to beat some sense into him next time he sees him," I continued, growing angrier at the memory.

"What happened next?" the twins urged impatiently.

"I told him if he went anywhere near my brother I would tear him to shreds like a rabid wolverine, to which he laughed at. So I kicked him in the shins. He stopped laughing then, deciding to punch me in the face ergo the bump and throw me on the ground by my ponytail."

"HE DID WHAT? I'LL KILL HIM!" Haruhi shouted, along with the twins and Tamaki.

"Not finished I then got up, kicked him in his tender area, pinched him so hard under his arm it broke the skin and kneed him in the head. i simply told him I was late and walked away," I finished, slightly smirking.

"That's my sugar!" Haruhi praised hugging me tight.

"You're not going to get into trouble are you?" Honey asked worriedly.

"Who knows? I probably bruised his ego among other things. Guys like that don't care to admit they got hurt by a girl. Specially a quiet smarty," I shrugged.

"Your family will be proud," Haruhi laughed.

"Your father certainly isn't. What were you thinking? Standing up to a boy like that. You would've gotten seriously hurt," Tamaki said sternly holding me by the shoulders.

"...OK, I understand that you take being my dad very seriously and that you seem to have some old fashioned notions about genders. But I will never stop fighting for my little brother. That goes for the rest of my family, Haruhi, Ranka and even you guys. Girls are a lot tougher than you think Tamaki, not all of need a white knight to save them," I said calmly keeping eye contact on him throughout.

"C'mon Dearest lets tell them. Seeya guys tomorrow," I said, returning to my cheerful self.

"How can a man do such a thing to a maiden in the first place," Tamaki sighed, returning to his former self as well.

"Well not all boys are handsome gentlemen such as you guys. If they were the world would be a much better place," I answered smiling.

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