Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 2 Part 2

"Quick, quick, slow, quick, quick. Good work Haruhi! Now on the slow you should bring your feet together and remember the gentleman always leads. And make sure to look at the lady you're dancing with," Princess Kosika taught Haruhi.

"Got it," Haruhi jinxed before she tripped and fell on top of Koniko.

"Clumsy klutz," I called her, though I don't fare much better in the dancing department.

I watched the two of them practise as I did my usual errands. At the corner of my eye I spotted Tamaki, who was also watching gloomily.

"Why so gloomy boss?" the twins asked.

"I bet it's because he wanted to be the one that Haruhi practise's with," I guessed.

"I think you might be right but he's too tall to stand in as a woman," Kaoru pointed out.

"Don't forget you still need to practise Tomuru," Kyoya reminded.

"How could I forget? I still need to do my dog duties first," I replied.

"Who's going to be the lucky Host to teach me?" I added.

"We'll teach you," the twins replied quickly.

"No it is customary for her father to teach his daughter to dance," Tamaki exclaimed.

"Since when?" Hikaru scoffed.

"Since forever!" Tamaki squealed.

"I wanna do it!" Honey announced, then the four of them began bickering.

"I never thought I'd have handsome lads fighting over me," I laughed in bemusement.

"You pick!" Haruhi suggested from her table.

As soon as she suggested it the four Hosts gave me they're best puppy dog expressions.

"Oh don't make those faces at me," I whined.

Suddenly someone grabbed my arm from behind and twisted me around.

"Kyoya Senpai?"

"You were taking too long to choose, when you should be doing your errands. the quicker I teach the quicker you can resume them," Kyoya reasoned.

"NO FAIR!" the twins and Tamaki exclaimed.

"Don't you have guests to tend too?" Kyoya stated calmly.

"You guys can take a turn dancing with me later kay?" I offered, lifting their spirits up and returned to their guests.

"Now first you place your right hand on my waist and your left hand in mine like so..." He instructed placing my hands in the correct place.

"Alright now the hard part. Just a warning there will be a 90% chance I will step on your feet. Having a bad sense of direction doesn't bode well in the dancing department," I warned.

"Thank you for the heads up, now as I take a step forward with my right foot you take a step back."

"With my right or left foot?"

"It would be your left foot where you're standing."


"You don't have to take that big of a step Tomuru," Kyoya sighed in exasperation.

"You didn't specify how big of a step to take!"

"Yes but I thought you would've seen people waltz on TV."

"I'm also trying not to step on your feet Kyoya Senpai."

"Appreciated now..."

"Hello I'm here with the new teacups you ordered," A male voice called.

"We'll resume the dance lesson later," Kyoya stated, turning his attention to the boy.

"Ah thank you very much. Every item you have chosen for us has been very popular with the ladies. I'm quite impressed," Kyoya greeted the boy pleasantly.

"Well that's good to hear," the boy replied earnestly.

"Tomuru please put these in the kitchen and arrange them into their matching sets," Kyoya instructed.

"The boxes are just by the door," the boy added, pointing to the stacked boxes.

There were five boxes in total, so I carried them to the kitchen one by one to prevent accidents. Unpacking the tea sets carefully, I heard a certain conservation outside.

"Oh Haruhi you're so funny. I can't blame you for not knowing after all he doesn't look like the heir to a first class company," I heard Koniko laugh, though to me it sounded like she was hiding another emotion. Just a thought.

"First class company?" Haruhi questioned.

I looked at the name that was printed on the box which read 'Suzishima'.

"His family runs the Suzishima trading company. They mainly deal with the importing of table wear. So whenever something exceptional is in we ask him to set some aside for us. He has a great eye for fine china, don't you Suzishima?" Kyoya supplied.

"Huh...well they are beautiful," I muttered to myself.

"You think? I've still got a lot to learn but thank you," Suzishima replied modestly.

"Aren't you leaving next month to study abroad in England?" Kyoya said.

"That's correct...well I best be going now," he answered, a little sadly in my opinion.

England huh? Well if anyone knows tea it's the Brits. I'd love to go there one day.

"I get the feeling you and that guy are kinda close," Haruhi spoke, I assume to Koniko.

"Don't be ridiculous we hardly know each other. What made you say that Haruhi? Now if you please excuse me take care," Koniko rushed in a panic, leaving the club room.

"Haru-Chan! You're right they do know each other. Suzishima is Kasika-Chan's fiance," Honey said.

"Kyoya how long have you known about this?" Tamaki questioned.

Tamaki knows Kyoya too well.

"About the two of them being engaged? Well as you know I conduct general searches on all of our guests. Apparently the two of them were childhood friends. The marriage was set up by their parents. I didn't think the information benefited us so I disregarded it," Kyoya replied.

"I see."

"Todu Suzishima, outstanding grades, fair social status, he's ordinary looking but he's reliable. If I could fault him for anything..." Kyoya continued.

"He doesn't have much presence-" Hikaru started.

"-And he's faint hearted," Kaoru added.

"So in other words he's boring," Kyoya summed up.

"Well aren't you guys bitchy," I quipped, heading out of the kitchen holding empty boxes.

"I didn't know they were so merciless to other guys," Haruhi told me.

"What do you want me to do with the boxes and bubble-wrap?" I asked.

"Put them in the storage cupboard," Kyoya said.

I did as per instruction, when I returned the Hosts were crowded around a whiteboard.

"Should I ask?" I queried to Haruhi.

"Probably not," she advised.

"We're working on a strategy to get Suzishima and Princess Kosika together," Tamaki supplied, continuing to scribble on the whiteboards.

"Aww, you little matchmakers," I cooed.

"Shall we resume the dance lesson or wait until tomorrow?" Kyoya suggested.

"We'll pick it up tomorrow."

"Very well."

"Did you actually learn anything from Kyoya's dance lesson?" Haruhi asked.

"Well you don't take huge steps when waltzing I know that much."

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