Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 2 Part 3

The Night of the Dance Party...

"Hello, Smello!" I greeted Haruhi at her apartment.

"Bringing back an old classic huh? You haven't used that one in years," Haruhi chuckled.

"Yep, ready to dance the night away?" I asked spinning around theatrically.

"OK let's get it over with. Seeya dad," Haruhi sighed.

"Bye Ranka, love ya," I called.

"Have fun you two," Ranka called back.

At Ouran Academy...

"Good evening gentlemen. Don't you look dapper this evening," I complimented.

"Finally took you guys long enough," Hikaru huffed impatiently.

Hikaru dragged Haruhi and Kaoru dragged me to the dressing room.

"Change into this please?" Kaoru requested, holding up the dress.

"Well, since you asked so nicely."

I wriggled into a silk black dress, which ends at the knee at the front lengthening towards the back.

"I think this dress is too pretty for me," I said to myself.

"Don't be stupid," I heard the twins say behind the curtain.

"Help me zip up the back, please," I said to one of the twins, opening the curtain.

"What?" I questioned seeing the twin's shocked reaction.

Then I heard Haruhi wolf-whistle behind me.

"Well don't you look handsome Dearest. The gals will be all over ya," I complimented Haruhi.

"You certainly look gorgeous in that dress Sugar," she replied.

"We need to do your hair and makeup," the twins said, snapping out of the weird trance.

"Meet you guys there," Haruhi said heading out the door.

"Wait zip me up first!" I called dragging her back.

She zipped up my dress before leaving.

"All done!" the twins declared after what felt like ages.

They put my hair up into a bun and added a black rose clip. I had black and silver eye shadow plastered on, mascara, red lipstick and black sparkly nail polish.

"Wow, don't I scrub up nice?"

"Come on the guests will be here soon," the twins said taking me to the dance hall.

"It'll be easier if you didn't give me these heels."

We entered the large hall, which was already beginning to fill with excited guests. The Hosts were on stage preparing for the grand welcome.

"Tomo-Chan you look pretty," Honey commented.

"Thank you, Honey, so do you," I replied curtsying.

"My daughter looks so cute!" Tamaki squealed hugging me tightly.

"Not to be rude Senpai but your nice white suit is going to get ruined with my makeup," I muttered.

"Besides the guests are all here now," Kyoya added.

"Places everyone," Tamaki instructed before racing away somewhere.

"Where's he going?" I asked.

Kyoya pointed upwards to the higher balcony.


We went into the places as we rehearsed, as the lights were turned off for dramatic effect.

"It is so good to see you tonight my little lambs. The Ouran Host club would like to bid you..." Tamaki greeted suavely a spotlight shining on him, "Welcome."

The lights were turned on a set at a time and the orchestra started playing, again for dramatic effect.

"As always ladies the Host club is here for your entertainment so we invite you to dance to your hearts content. Based on her dancing skills one lucky young lady will receive a passionate kiss on the cheek from our king," Kyoya spoke charmingly.

"Good luck to you, my darlings," Tamaki flirted, causing the girls to go wild.

"And whoever we deem worthy of second place shall receive a kiss from the Vice president Kyoya," Hikaru and Kaoru added.

Hold on that wasn't in the rehearsal.

Kyoya sent an evil glare to the twins.

"When can this just be over?" Haruhi groaned, somehow already looking exhausted.

"Haruhi that isn't very gentlemanly of you," I tutted.

"Yeah show some enthusiasm," the twins agreed symmetrically.

"Well excuse me, guys, sorry. I'm not used to this sort of thing, I'm only used to the festivals held in my neighbourhood park," Haruhi grumbled.

"I don't know if you would call that a party or not," Kyoya said.

"I would their awesome," I concurred.

"Well, while you're here you may as well get something to eat. We've got quite a spread," Kyoya continued.

"A spread?" both Haruhi and I said perking up like meerkats.

"Wiiith fancy tuna?" Haruhi asked hopefully.

"FANCY TUNA!" The twins and Tamaki exclaimed.

Tamaki gracefully dropped down onto our level like an acrobat.

"Get some fancy tuna in here right now," Tamaki demanded.

"Add some deluxe sushi," Kyoya spoke over the phone.

Whilst this was occurring, the twins were hugging and cooing a red-faced Haruhi.

"Damn rich people," I sighed.

"Do you have any food requests Tomuru, whilst I'm ordering?" Kyoya asked.

"Chicken legs and profiteroles," I replied quickly, to which Kyoya gave a nod and continued to talk over the phone.

"Having fish won't affect your allergies will it Tomo-Chan?" Honey asked worriedly.

"Nah it's only if I actually eat the fish. Although with some fish oils I get a rash from touching it," I assured.

"You're allergic to fish?" Hikaru questioned.

"Only raw fish but I stay away from all seafood just in case," I replied.

"You're Japanese and you're allergic to sushi," Kaoru teased.

"I know tragic isn't it? I can never be a stereotype. Damn you cruel fate," I joked dramatically, waving my fist in the air.

"It's time to dance with the guests," Tamaki said impatiently, gesturing us to go down to them.

I left the Hosts to dance with the guests as I went on the hunt for food.

"Where is this 'spread'? I see no food," I muttered irritably.

"Hey we haven't had a chance to dance with you yet," the twins stated.

"No food first!"

"Come on then we'll give you food," Kaoru persisted.


So I tried out my new dancing skills, only treading on each twin thrice. In my defense, it's hard to dance when you're dancing with two dance partners.

"Ow knock it off would ya?" Hikaru exclaimed.

"Look I'm trying my best but you lot keep insisting on looking at you rather than my feet," I snapped.

"My handsome looks putting you off Tomo?" He said cheekily.

"That's one way to put it."

The song ended and my hunger returned.

"Right, food now if you please," I insisted.

"Ah, ah, ah, we never said how long we will dance for," Hikaru denied, wagging his finger at me.

"You two have guests to dance with," I pointed out the small queue of girls waiting their turn.

The twins shrugged and danced with their guests as I resumed my food search. I spotted Haruhi leaning against a column watching the rest of the Hosts dance.

"I have not seen any food at all since we've been here," I said annoyed, leaning beside her.

"Really? Not even some waiters holding trays of nibbles or something?"


"Haruhi I've been looking all over for you. Do you think maybe I could have the next dance?" Koniko asked, wearing a pale blue dress.

"Yeah, of course, you can," Haruhi replied charmingly, holding out her hand for Koniko to take.

"Shall we?" Kyoya asked holding out his hand to me.

"I thought you of all people would have had enough of my 'dancing skills'," I said bemusedly.

"I'm sure my feet can survive one more dance," he said, taking my hand and heading to the dance floor.

"Where is this 'quite a spread' you said was here?" I demanded whilst we danced.

"Right there," he said, pointing to a huge table filled with food, which included a huge pink cake and profiteroles.

"What? Where did...I have searched all around this hall twice and I...WHAT?" I stuttered.

"I suppose your eyesight is worse than you thought. Perhaps you need glasses?"

"My eyesight is perfectly fine. You just magicked the food to appear with your shadow king sorcery. Just to make me look mad!" I argued.

"Believe me I don't need to do anything to make you look mad Tomuru," he stated smirking that evil smirk he does.

"Kasika-Chan is here," Honey informed, dancing with his guest.

"Very well then let us commence with the operation," Tamaki said, dancing with one of his guests.

"Roger," Honey and Mori said, going to 'fetch' Haruhi.

"Come along," Kyoya said half dragging me to the club room.

"B-but food Kyoya Senpai!" I whined.

"You make it sound like you never get fed."

"With the Hosts around me I don't," I muttered irritably.

As we waited for Haruhi my stomach continued to rumble.

"I know tummy, we'll get you filled soon."

"Are you comforting your stomach?" Kyoya asked bemused.


"There she is," Kaoru said as Mori put Haruhi down.

"You didn't have to be so forceful," Haruhi snapped.

"Never mind that get changed," Hikaru said pushing her into a changing room, with the dress she'll be wearing.

"I still don't think that putting a wig and a dress on Haruhi will make her unrecognizable to Suzishima. I think you guys just want to see her dressed up like that," I thought out loud.

"I agree," Haruhi said stepping out of the dressing room, wearing her wig and dress.

"A few accidents towards the end of the night would be quite thrilling. And remember Haruhi there are only 20 minutes remaining until the party reaches its climax. Suzishima is waiting for you in the classroom across the hall," Kyoya informed.

"We know this is the boss's strategy, but it's kind of unsettling," Hikaru opinionated as the twin's put her makeup on.

"Gentlemen there you all are what are you doing? The guests are waiting for..." Tamaki burst in, stopping mid-sentence once he saw Haruhi.

"Tis pink, but you look gorgeous dearest," I commented.

"You look great Haru-Chan!" Kyoya praised, just kidding it was Honey!

"My face feels heavy and it's hard to walk in these shoes," Haruhi grumbled.

"Good luck Haruhi," the twins called as she walked away.

"Luckily she's so pretty," Tamaki squeaked.

"Now I'm getting food before it disappears again," I declared determinedly.

"Wait we haven't danced yet! A father needs to dance with his daughter," Tamaki whined.

"You need to go with Princess Kasika remember. You know as part of your plan," I reminded.

"One song. It'll only be three minutes," Tamaki said quickly, dragging me towards the dance floor.

"Fine, no point arguing with you," I sighed.

"Isn't this fun?" Tamaki said giddily.

"It would be if you guys wouldn't starve me...oh where's the buffet now?" I stated irritably.


"Sorry, I step on feet," I apologised.

When the song ended Tamaki went to find Koniko and I went to find food...again. Except all I saw were guests and Hosts dancing. After a while, I gave up searching and leaned against the column Haruhi was leaning on earlier.

"Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the last dance of these evening festivities. The last waltz of tonight is awarded to this couple," Tamaki announced, to which everyone went on the balconies to watch Koniko and Suzishima dance in the courtyard.

I stood beside Haruhi who was dressed in her previous outfit.

"So the plan worked I take it?" I asked her.

"Surprisingly it did," Haruhi replied, smiling at the happy couple.

"May this awkward couple be forever blessed," Tamaki declared.

"And now to announce the queen of the ball. Congratulations Miss Koniko Kasikasaki," the twins announced, to which Koniko blushed.

"And your reward a kiss on the cheek from the King," Hikaru continued.

"You ready?" Tamaki said suavely.

"Haruhi Fujioka will stand in for Tamaki," Kaoru added, to which Tamaki and Haruhi looked shocked and I burst into uncontrollable laughter.

"Kyoya did say a little accident towards the end of the night will make the evening more thrilling for everyone," the twins excused.

"There is no way I can kiss her," Haruhi stated bluntly.

"If you do it we'll cut your debt by one-third," Kyoya offered.

"Well, it is just a peck on the cheek," Haruhi reasoned, making me laugh even more.

I leaned on the railing for support as I watched Haruhi go down the steps to kiss Koniko.

"You don't think this is Haru-Chan's first kiss do you?" Honey thought aloud.

"What?" Tamaki exclaimed, before running to prevent said kiss.

"WAIT HARUHI!" He shouted as Haruhi went to kiss her cheek.

However Tamaki slipped on a random banana peel, pushing Haruhi into a full-on kiss on the lips with Koniko, which made the guests erupt into delighted chatter.

"I'm...dying," I wheezed barely breathing from laughing too hard.

"And now to reveal the girl who won second place, the reward being a kiss from Kyoya. Congratulations Miss...Tomuru Sanka," the twins announced, with a cheeky glint in their eyes.

"...Say what?" I said, subduing my laughter.

"You heard us Tomo," Hikaru said.

"Me? You've gotta be kidding. I've been stepping on toes all night," I concurred, standing upright again.

Kyoya sighed and pinched his brow before he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, lingering for a few seconds before retracting.

"Now can I please, pleeease get some food," I begged.

"Sorry, the buffet has been packed away," Kyoya informed, with I'm sure an evil glint in his eyes.

"You're kidding?"

"I never kid Tomuru."

I then went into my own dark aura in defeat.

"You okay sugar?"

"I give up. I never even ate a single profiterole. Evil, evil boys."

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