Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 3 Part 1

Tomuru's Narrative

It was Saturday afternoon and Haruhi and I was lounging on my bed watching Hetalia.

"Favourite country?" I quizzed her.

"Japan 'cus it's my native country and he seems to be the most normal one out of them," Haruhi answered.

"Mine's Italy because he shares my love of pasta and he's an adorable moron. PASTA!" I responded.

"Of course."

"You guys are watching Hetalia without me," Rossi whined entering my room.

"Yes Muhahahaha," I replied, doing an evil laugh.

"Meany Beanie," he muttered.

"Come and watch then," Haruhi said shuffling to make room for Rossi.

"Sweet!" he exclaimed, jumping in between us.

"Rossi favourite country go," I asked quickly.

"Britain because of his eyebrow game and he's a prickly pear," he answered.

"OK both of you, country you'd date go," I quizzed.

"What? Japan again if any."

"Hungary, Britain or Spain," Rossi listed.

"For me USA, Britain or Sweden."

"Sweden?" Rossi scoffed.

"Yeah he's cool, don't disrespect Sweden," I defended.

Throughout the 20th episode a random thought popped into my head.

"I have an amazing idea!" I exclaimed.

"Stop doing that!" Haruhi snapped in surprise, thwacking me on the arm.

"Rossi how would you like to visit the Host Club?" I asked him, smushing his face.

"Yeah OK!" he answered eagerly.

"Brilliant! You see the Host Club already knows about the bully issue, they're nosy, and they can definitely cheer you up. I'll ask the guys about it on Monday. I can pick you up from school and take you there," I babbled excitedly.

"Are they nice?" Rossi asked, playing with one of his bows on his green Lolita dress

"They're very nice Rossi. Weird, over the top but nice," Haruhi assured smiling.

"And they won't mind me dressing like this."

"Rossi they won't mind a bit. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise," I promised.

"They will treat you like one of their guests," Haruhi added.

"Wait, what if Kyoya wants us to pay for Rossi like they charge the guests?" I thought suddenly.

"Well then it can be added to my debt," Haruhi waved off.

"No I couldn't do that to you," Rossi protested.

"Rossi it's cool. Besides it's only one day as a trial right sugar?"

"Yeah, a trial basis, I'm telling mum," I said, heading to my mum's study.

"Hey Motherlord, I know your busy and stuff but I'm gonna take Rossi to the Host Club to cheer him up, sometime next week," I informed, quickly popping my head around mum's study door.

"Great idea Tommi! Thanks for the heads up," Motherlord praised, before returning to her typing.

"Okay!" I replied leaving her to her work.

"Motherlord says it's a great idea," I informed.

"Great can we watch more Hetalia now?" Rossi urged.

"Yep," Haruhi and I agreed.


"Yes new record only 10 minutes late," I praised myself standing outside Music Room 3.

"Wait, where is everyone?" I pondered, as the room was deserted.

There was only a black and white waitress uniform on a manikin my height. On it was a note which read:

"Doggie! Put this on and meet us in the back gardens. The one with the cherry trees. Hikaru and Kauru X."

"Riiight? Wait how many gardens do they have here?" I thought to myself as I took the clothes of the manikin and headed to the changing rooms. Once changed I went in search of the Host club. Shouldn't be too hard...

15 minutes later...

"OH COME ON! Really? This school has a maze. How did I...?" I exclaimed in middle of a rose maze.

I called Kyoya for assistance.

"Tomuru? Are you in the school grounds?" he answered.

"Your school just HAD to have a maze didn't it?" I exclaimed.

"I'll take that as a yes. I assume you're stuck in the maze?"

"I've managed to get stuck right in the middle of it!"


"Shut up, how do I get out?" I snapped.

"Just keep to the right until you see the exit. Someone will meet you there," he instructed.

"Thank you...wait keep to the right or left again?"

"Right," he said before hanging up on me.


"OK keep to the right, keep to the right, keep to the right," I chanted to myself, walking with one hand on the right hand side of the rose maze.

Kyoya's Narrative

"Haruhi your friend is lost in the rose maze," I told Haruhi, who face palmed.

"I knew I should have waited to meet her. I'll head there now," she sighed.

"You have guests to tend to," I reminded.

"We'll go meet Tomo-Chan!" Honey offered, Mori nodded.

"Best be on your way then," I said.

"Thanks a lot you guys," Haruhi said appreciatively before returning to her guests.

"Where's Honey and Mori going?" One guest asked.

"They've gone to save Tomo. She's stuck in the rose maze," Haruhi explained.

"She seems to get lost frequently doesn't she?" the guest laughed.

"More than you know," Haruhi sighed shaking her head.

Tomuru's Narrative

I'm having doubts about this strategy.

I saw what looked like an entrance. Luckily there stood Mori and Honey in their cosplay.

"At last Salvation!" I said relieved, hugging Honey.

"Come on Tomo-Chan, it's this way," Honey urged dragging in the right direction.

Then I saw the guests and club members around floor tables.

"Late as usual Doggie?" Tweedledum laughed.

"Actually if you guys were in the club room as usual I would only be 10 minutes late! That's a new record for me," I argued.

"Well tend to your errands," Kyoya said.

"Yeah, yeah," I muttered grabbing a tea tray.

"Looking lovely lost girl," Haruhi commented.

"Haruhi I actually knew the way to Ouran Academy! Aren't you proud?" I said triumphantly.

"Took you long enough," Haruhi replied.

I served coffee and tea as usual, chatting to the guests.

"Where's the strangest place you ended up, when getting lost?" a usual of Haruhi's asked.

"The cow field was quite random. Though I've gotten lost too many to recount. I've ended up in kid's birthday parties, fields, farms, I'm sure I ended up in a cave once," I listed, making the guests laugh.

"Don't forget to tell the guys about..." Haruhi started.

"Yeah I won't forget. I'll finish my errands first," I interrupted.

"Forget what?" the twins asked curiously, snaking their arms around my shoulders.

"I'm gonna ask if my little brother can visit the Host Club sometime this week," I supplied.

"You mean the one who cross dresses?" Hikaru said.


"Yeah that shouldn't be a problem. We could give him a makeover," Kaoru said.

"I thought it wouldn't be," I nodded.

Once all the guests were content I went in search for either Tamaki or Kyoya.

"Excuse me ladies do you know where Kyoya or Tamaki is?" I ask a group of guests talking amongst themselves.

"We don't know sorry," A black haired girl answered.

"Do you girls mind when the Hosts go off and do their thing? I mean they leave you to entertain yourselves sometimes," I queried, noticing they do that often.

"We're used to it," A light brown haired girl shrugged.

"OK then."

I found Tamaki Senpai by the cherry trees talking to Haruhi.

"Oh wow Senpai you're blooming in more ways than one," Haruhi commented, as Tamaki was sparkling, no literally sparkling. Bloody anime.

"You noticed! Yes my beauty is quite splendorous I'm in full bloom. I bet you'll fall for me soon," Tamaki said pompously.

"You wish," I muttered.

As the twins spoke to Haruhi about what classes to take I took the chance to talk to Tamaki.

"We are in the same class after all," the twins taunted, turning to Tamaki.

This of course made Tamaki go in his dark aura.


"Say Mommy dear?" Tamaki murmured to Kyoya.

"What is it now Daddy?" Kyoya responded, playing along with Tamaki's family delusion.

"Didn't know Kyoya had a sense of humour," I muttered to myself in pleasant surprise.

"I have a new theory. I mean it's just my hypothesis. But it seems that by being in the same class as her, the twins spend more time with her than I do here at the club. This gives them a chance to get close to her and if that happens..."

"Tamaki you just now realised that?" Kyoya interrupted.

"Ooh brutal," I winced as Tamaki got hit by a random bolt of lightning.

"Who's flying that kite?" I wondered to myself, spotting a white kite in the distance.

"According to my research in a single day the twins roughly spend nine hours of class time with Haruhi. Meanwhile your contact with her is limited to a couple of hours of club activities. In other words your involvement in Haruhi's life each day amounts to no more than a mere three percent..." Kyoya stated with some random charts, which he must have apparated them with his shadow magic.


"Listen Haruhi I want you to stop hanging around with those shady twins from now on," Tamaki demanded, grabbing her shoulders.

"Who are you calling shady?"

"Yeah take a good look at yourself boss," the twins called in the background.

"Alright then we can't keep hiding the fact that you're a girl from the school any longer. All daddy wants is for you to be the girl you used to be. For you to start surrounding yourself with girlfriends and start leading a wholesome life!" Tamaki sobbed.

"Hey aren't I enough?" I interjected.

"Well she needs to befriend more girls that are more in touch with their feminine side."

"Ooh Harkacha," I replied holding up an imaginary handbag.

"That's Tomuru's way of reacting to people who say something mean to her," Haruhi explained, fluent in Tomo speak.

"SO CHANGE RIGHT NOW, CHANGE RIGHT NOW!" Tamaki sobbed, shaking Haruhi to and fro dramatically.

"You don't have to rush things she will be found out soon enough," Hikaru started.

"Physical exams are a day after tomorrow," Kaoru finished, both of them symmetrically making the 'whatever' sign.

"Physical...exams?" Haruhi questioned.

"That's right I forgot all about it," Kyoya said.

Really? Shadow lord forgot something? I highly doubt that.

"Then that means there's no doubt. They're gonna know she's really a girl," I spoke aloud.

"Why are they so shocked?" Haruhi whispered, as the Hosts (Except the cool and stoic type) looked horrified.

"Maybe they don't want people founding out so you won't leave them." I whispered back

"Guys can Rossi come and visit the Host club sometime this week?" I piped up; however they paid no attention to me.

"Rude" I muttered

"I see no problem with that." I heard Kyoya say behind me

"Great! Do you want payment for him to come as a guest?" I asked

"First Host club session is free of charge."

"Well this is just going to be a trial run for now. It won't be a regular thing unless Rossi wants to visit more."


"Rossi-Chan is going to visit?" Honey said excitedly

"Yeah but I haven't planned a day yet."

"Just bring him tomorrow." Haruhi shrugged

"Alright." I agreed

"Better get all this stuff packed away now sugar." Haruhi stated


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