Haruhi's Best Friend

Episode 3 Part 2

Tomuru's Narrative

"Ready to go?" I asked Rossi meeting him outside of the Middle School.

"We're not going straight there are we?"

"Yes, we have no time to change Rossi."

"Aww man, I wanted to wear one of my Lolita dresses," Rossi moaned.

"Don't fuss I'm sure the twins have some dresses up their sleeves," I waved off.

"You definitely know how to get there right?" Rossi asked.

"Yes have more faith! I know the route," I said, as we walked towards town.

"But not off by heart."

"No but then again I don't know the way home off by heart so..." I admitted.

I took Rossi the shortest route I could find, which meant I have to pass by Bernard's duck fountain.

"Shut up Bernard!" I snapped, as he led a loud chorus of angry quacks.

"They really don't like you do they?"

"Nope and I don't like them."

At Ouran Academy's entrance...

"Welcome to Ouran Academy," I announced.

"Tis bubble-gum," Rossi commented.

"Shut up its pink! Let's get inside."

"So. Many. Stairs." Rossi panted as we climbed the third staircase.

"Tell me about it, look it's just down this hall," I said.

"Music room 3?"

"Yeah abandoned music room," I informed before opening the door.

As usual rose petals floated towards us, one petal always somehow lands in my mouth making me choke.

However there were no guests at the club today, the Hosts were crowded around a whiteboard, except Haruhi.

"Guys this is Rossi, Rossi this is the Host Club. Tamaki is blond one with violet eyes, Kyoya is the black haired glasses one, Hikaru and Kaoru are the ginger twins, Honey is the strawberry blond one and Mori is the tall stoic one," I introduced pointing to each Host.

The Hosts stopped whatever they were doing and greeted Rossi.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Rossi. Your sister has told us a thing or two about you," Tamaki greeted.

"Has she now?" Rossi said turning to me.

"I haven't been bad mouthing ya if that's what you're thinking, just some details," I defended.

"Please take a seat and our errand girl will serve you shortly," Kyoya said in his Host manner.

"Wait we wanna give Rossi a makeover first," the twins interjected.

"Sure! Do you have any Lolita dresses?" Rossi agreed eagerly.

"Yeah what colour do you want?" the twins asked as they took Rossi to the changing rooms.

"Have fun!" I called before turning my attention to the Hosts.

"Alright, you lot where are the guests today?"

"They're not coming today. Sometimes we have days just to plan club activities," Kyoya informed.

"Let me guess today you guys are planning on how to stop people finding out Haruhi's a girl at the physical exam tomorrow," I sussed.

"Exactly," Haruhi confirmed.

"You will not be here whilst the plan unfolds won't you Tomuru?" Tamaki said.

"Alas, you are right. I won't be able to see how you're gonna pull this off," I sighed dramatically.

"Eh I'll probably tell ya all about it Tomo," Haruhi said.

"You better."

I set up a tea set and some Angel cake for Rossi.

"All done," the twins called hiding Rossi behind their backs.

"Show me then," I urged.

The twins stepped aside to reveal Rossi. he was wearing the most puffiest pink Lolita dress I've ever seen. He also wore some pink ballet flats and a pink bow in his short black hair to match.

"Well what do ya think?" he asked twirling.

"Tis pink. Very pink and fwoofy," I commented.

"It's not pink its fusia!"

"Shut up it's pink. Come and have some cake."

I sat with him whilst he ate some cake.

"Right you. Do you want the whole Host club experience? Or just sit and hang out? I asked.

"Dunno what's the Host club experience?"

"You pick a Host to entertain you. There's the princely type, the boy Lolita, the stoic type, the little devil type, the cool type or Haruhi," I listed.

"Why don't I get a type?" Haruhi demanded.

"Cus I don't know what type you come under."

"Boy Lolita type please," Rossi decided.

"Very well, Honey Senpai you're up," I said letting Honey sit where I sat.

"Hello, Rossi-Chan! I'm Honey and this is Usa-Chan," Honey said cheerfully, holding up his bunny.

"Nice to meet you both," Rossi replied.

I left them to chat and stood beside Haruhi.

"I've got it. You guys are worried that if they find out I'm a girl I can't be a Host and therefore can't repair my debt," Haruhi said before she started calculating how much money she still had to repay to the Host Club.

"Well, I guess I'll have to find another way to pay you guys back," Haruhi continued before she started laughing.

"Why are you laughing you said nothing funny?" I asked, very confused.

"Do something the subject doesn't appear to have any motivation," the twins demanded to Tamaki.

"Why did we get stuck with such a difficult heroine?" Tamaki moaned.


"Are you saying you hate being a Host, that you hate this club?" Tamaki demanded.

"To be honest I have to say yes," Haruhi answered, which, of course, made Tamaki go in his dark aura.

"I mean you guys aren't bad but if the school finds out I'm a girl there's nothing I can do ya know?"

"Shouldn't the Dean and the teachers that teach you to know that you're a girl anyway? The registers must have the information on them or something?" I thought aloud.

"Yeah I guess. You're point being?" Haruhi asked.

"So it's just the students think you're a boy."


"So what the teachers just play along? They don't call you Miss or she."

"...alright I see what you're getting at that is a bit weird," Haruhi agreed.

"Haruhi doesn't seem to care one way or the other," Hikaru realised.

"Well before we do anything else we need to find a way to motivate her," Kaoru stated.

"Fancy tuna," Mori suggested.

"Oh, that's right you never got to eat any after last episodes party did you?" Tamaki said somewhat creepily.


"Did you hear that Haruhi has never tried fancy tuna before isn't that awful," Hikaru stage whispered.

"Wow talk about a difficult childhood," Kaoru replied.

"If only Haru-Chan could stay in the Host club then she can eat all kinds of yummy things whenever she wants," Honey played along.

"Manipulative boys," I muttered, catching onto what they were doing.

"What are you talking about don't be silly. Just because I'm poor and I never had it doesn't mean I'm so much of a glutton I would go on fooling everyone just to try some fancy tuna," Haruhi said, trying to act convincing but they knew they had her interested.

"Am I really gonna get to try it?" she murmured.

"You're so easy to bribe dearest."

"Yeah so are you, chicken."

"Where?" I said looking around eagerly.

"See it's too easy."

"Curse my love of chicken! How's it going over there, Rossi?" I asked.

"Honey doesn't know what Hetalia is," Rossi exclaimed.

"Really? Does he at least watch Disney films?"

"I watch studio Ghibli," Honey said.

"I love studio Ghibli!" I said enthusiastically.

"We need to show Hetalia though Tommi," Rossi insisted.

"Sure thing, so I take it you're enjoying yourself then?"

"Yeah I love this place it's like a fictional romantic comedy."

"Does that mean you like to make these visits regular?" Kyoya guessed.

"Yep I wanna be a full-time guest to Honey-Senpai," Rossi declared.

"Haruhi we're going to be working at the Host Club for ages," I informed.

"What's happened now? Did you break a ridiculously expensive vase too?"

"No Rossi's gonna be a full-time guest at the Host club."

"Great, well as long as Rossi is happy," Haruhi sighed.

"Love you Haruhi!" Rossi called.

Once the Host club ended Rossi wanted to thank the Hosts.

"Thanks a lot for having me as a guest today. And with being so cool with the way I dress. Tomo probably told you I get harassed a lot for it so this is a nice change. I can't wait to visit you guy's again," he said sweetly, back in his school uniform.

"SO CUTE!" everyone, except Mori, Kyoya and Haruhi because they are somewhat sane, squealed and hugged Rossi.

"And I thought Tomo alone was bad enough," I heard Rossi mutter.

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