My Kimberly, my Tommy


The love story of Tommy and Kimberly comes into the open Everyone wants to hear the love story of the very first pink and 5 time power rangers

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Chapter 1: Closet Talk


Some time in June

The Oliver House

Kimberly stood in her closet, gazing at the clothes and wondering what she wanted to pack for their long vacation. The school year was over, and Tommy was out with the SUV getting it detailed along with buying a few supplies for the drive to Angel Grove.

This walk- in closet was something that Tommy had jokingly told her was her anniversary present. Over the years she'd gone through the various fashion trends and Tommy had stood by watching in amusement and lovingly offering his thoughts in the most respectful way possible. Kimberly glanced at the newest editions to her wardrobe; unlike the last time, she'd been able to fully enjoy her shopping experience at the maternity shops. But now, with her post pregnancy body slowly shrinking back to her regular size, she would soon need to comb through her maternity clothes and figure out which ones she wanted to keep. Purely for sentimental reasons, of course.

It was one of her quirks. She liked to keep one or two pieces that held good memories in the back of her closet.

She'd done the same thing for Tommy. With each ranger color he acquired, a major shopping trip had been the result. With each time she switched the color over, she kept one or two items that were special to her. She kept them in little bins in the back of this closet. One of which, her little ninja was combing through.

"Mom, was this dad's?"

Kimberly looked down to see Kayla holding up one of Tommy's sleeveless green hoodies. This was one of those things she had insisted on keeping around.

"Yeah sweetie. It is. Your dad really liked to wear it a lot, especially when he was busy practicing outside."

"It's so soft!"

Kimberly chuckled when her daughter immediately slipped it on over her head and pulled it down over her clothes. She looked silly in it as the beloved hoodie swamped her.

Kimberly shook her head and went back to packing her suitcase.

"Mommy, this thing still smells like him; why is there a hair thingy in the pocket?"

Kimberly chuckled and looked down again. "Because at one time, your daddy had long hair like yours. When we had to fight the bad guys, he wore his hair up for the same reason you do. To keep it out of the way. Every time I would do our laundry, I was constantly finding them in his jean pockets.

"Can I wear it? I love green!"

That statement surprised Kimberly; she had no idea how to respond. That incident a few months earlier had been at the forefront of her mind lately. What would happen if the green ranger powers had somehow been passed on to their daughter?"

"Mom, are you okay?" Kayla was giving her a worried look.

Kim picked her baby girl up and walked out of the closet. She slowly sat her on the bed and criss- crossed her legs. A moment later, Kayla copied her.

"Yes, my Little Ninja. I'm fine. I just keep thinking about what happened a few months ago when your spirit animal showed up."

"The green dragon?"

Kimberly nodded. "Yeah. I'm just wondering how much of his powers you've inherited. You see, when I first met him, he wore a lot of green. A little later, he showed up as the green ranger and his first robot was the Dragon Zord. Just like yours do, his eyes turned green when he was feeling strong emotions."

"Like I was?"

Kimberly nodded and kissed her daughter's forehead.

Kayla was quiet for a moment and then looked up again. "Tell me your story…about you and Daddy. Was it love at first sight?"

Kimberly grinned at her.

"I was just about Kira's age when I first met your daddy. He was such a handsome guy and I loved his long brown hair. Your uncle Jason was in a karate tournament and your daddy was the one he was going to fight."

Kayla's eyes widened. "Who won, Mommy?"

"It was a tie. They were both excellent fighters; time ran out and they were both declared winners." Kimberly paused to see her daughter was drinking in every detail.

"Anyway, afterwards, I asked him to come and hang out with us. Unfortunately, before he could join us at Ernie's, an evil witch took him and cast a spell over him, using the sword of darkness."

"No!" Kayla gasped.

"Yep! She turned him into a bad guy so that he would destroy the power rangers."

"You guys?"

Kimberly nodded. "Yep, and he nearly did it too. The only way we escaped was to break the spell over him. When your uncle Jason destroyed the sword, your daddy was free of the spell. He was really upset about what he had done and begged for us to forgive him. We did and for as long as he held his green ranger powers, he fought with us until the evil witch was defeated."

"Mommy, did you fall in love with him then?"

Kimberly grinned and kissed her baby girl. "I really liked him. But, just like those flowers we planted earlier, it takes time to become true love. We had to brave many dangers and fight a lot of monsters to be together, but it was all worth it."

"When did you know you loved him?

Kimberly grinned at her. "I think that's a story we should save for another time…it might make a good bedtime story. In the meantime, your daddy should be home soon, and we need to have our clothes packed."

"Did you choose your outfits already?"

Kayla nodded. "I did, but none of them are green. Can we go shopping for more clothes later?"

Kimberly sighed and smoothed her daughter's hair back from her head. She looked up seeing Tommy in the doorway. He had a concerned look on his face.

"Sure, Little Ninja. But you still need to pack some of your clothes and your Gi. I think Fabian is also going to start his training when you get there. I pulled your suitcase down from the closet, you should start packing, do you remember how to do all that?"

Kayla nodded. She kissed her mommy's cheek and hurried out of the room.

Tommy turned his head and watched her go. "Was that my old hoodie she was wearing?"

Kimberly sighed. "Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if she started sleeping in it everynight." She didn't meet his gaze as she walked back into her closet and started pulling her clothes out.

Tommy walked into the closet and wrapped Kimberly in his arms and held her from behind. "Hey, it's going to be okay. We've gotten through rougher things than this."

Kimberly nodded. "I know. She's starting to ask for stories about us. I don't know what we're going to tell her, our story isn't exactly G-rated. It's more like something out of a trashy romance novel."

Tommy kissed her neck and held her tighter against him.

"Hey, I'll never complain about any of them. Those trashy romance novel moments are some of my favorites.

Kimberly smirked at him. "Only because you got laid. We humped like bunnies back then.

Tommy smirked and nuzzled her again. "Yep, I did it all for the nookie and also because I was madly in love with you…I still am. Maybe when we get to the nest, we can relive some of those fantastic sex-capades."

Kimberly chuckled and turned in his arms. "Hold it right there, Winged Lord of the skies. If you keep talking like that, I'll never get this packing done. The last thing I want is for our daughter to catch us messing around in the closet."

Tommy chuckled. "Ok, I'll leave you alone to your packing…by the way, I've picked up another box of condoms. I intend to put them to good use later."

"Aw, poor baby. You've really suffered from nookie withdraws, haven't you?"

Tommy nodded. "Yeah, six weeks is a long time for me."

Kimberly chuckled. "Okay, I'll make it all better when we get to the manor. Now, why don't you go see to our son. I can hear him waking up in there."

Tommy kissed her. "Did you leave a bottle in the fridge for him?"

"Yeah, I made it this morning."

"I'll handle everything, Beautiful. Go ahead and finish packing."

"Thank you Handsome. I promise to make it up to you later."

"I'm holding you to that…and a lot more."

Kimberly laughed out loud this time. "Get going you Horndog or I'll never finish here."

Tommy laughed and gently smacked her behind. Kimberly shook her head as he walked towards the kitchen.

An hour later, they closed up the house and were on their way.

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