Guys hear what the girls think The boys get in trouble for eavesdropping on them from Mighty Morphin to Dino Charge

Drama / Humor
Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: MM-Turbo

"I can't tell how weird it felt to be the one who needed saving," Kim said as she, Kat, Tanya, and Trini walked to the picnic tables in the park so she could tie her shoelace.

"It must've been weird," Trini agreed, "I'm actually kind of sad I missed this adventure. I couldn't make it back in time."

"Trust me Trini, you can live without it," Kim assured her while bent over.

Kat hopped up on the table and sat on her hands, unaware that she was pressing on her communicator, "Tommy was really worried about you Kim."

At the juice bar, all the guys, Rocky included, had congregated to simply sit back and relax after all the stress. Tommy heard Kat's voice coming from his wrist. He looked at his communicator, he heard Kim say, "Yeah I know, I was kind of worried at first, you know… about coming back." Tommy quickly covered his arm again as a couple passed by and leaned forward to talk to the others.

"Hey guys come listen to this," Tommy gestured to the hall and the boys followed. The red turbo ranger pulled up his sleeve again and they all heard Trini say, "It must have been awkward seeing him again." Then Kim said, "Yeah kind of."

"Oh my god," Adam's jaw dropped.

"We have so got to hear this," Rocky said enthusiastically.

"I don't know," Justin put in uneasily. "They'll be really mad if they find out."

"They won't find out bud," Jason assured the youngest ranger. "This here is a golden opportunity for you to learn about girls, something that is going to be highly significant in later life." Justin just shrugged at they all settled on a bench to listen in.

Kat – "Is it bad that even though he was in danger I still noticed was how hot Jason had gotten when I first saw him?"

"Oh really Katherine?" Jason asked smugly.

Kim – "Don't worry sweetie, I had some serious issues with my jaw when he picked me up from the airport."

"Well, well, well," Jason leaned back like a king.

"Don't flatter yourself," Rocky said dismissively.

"I don't have to, the girls are doing for me," Jason pointed out with a grin.

Kim – "Although Tommy is still gorgeous."

"Why thank you Kim," Tommy looked at Jason.

"Whatever man," Jason waved a hand like swatting flies.

Trini – "Kim do you remember when every single girl at Angel Grove High would trail after Tommy and Jason?"

Kim – laughing "Of course I do, Tommy used to swear up and down he didn't enjoy it but I saw him flex more than once, the little liar."

"Hey it wasn't every day the captain of the cheerleading squad winked at you," Tommy defended himself with a grin.

"It was for us," Jason quipped and the two fist-bumped.

Kim – "Jason was the worst though."

"Was NOT!"

Kim – "He actually used to pose off against the lockers, leg bent, pushing his hair back."

"Okay maybe I was," Jason scratched his forehead.

Kat – "Those two really sound like a double act."

Kim – "They were, Jason and Tommy," sighing.

Trini – "So what's the deal? Do you still like him or…"

Kim – "I won't lie, I'm not proud of sending that letter but I don't regret it either. It took some time away for me to realise Tommy and I…we needed some space. It just felt like that we were kind of pushed together really quickly. While I was in Florida it started to feel more like I had to be with him rather than I wanted to, and that's no relationship. Even though things fell through with Colin I'm not going to push it. Maybe there is something there, maybe there isn't but I want it to be real you know what mean?"

While the other girls agreed, Tommy nodded as well. At least now he knew what possessed her to send him a Dear John letter of all things.

Trini – "Okay now that we've gotten rid of that heavy topic, can someone please tell me why T hasn't gotten a haircut yet?"

"No ragging on the hair," Tommy's hand immediately jumped to his ponytail.

"Dude your hair reminds me of my little cousin, who's a girl!" Adam exclaimed.

Kat – "It's not that bad -"

"See Kat will defend me."

Kat – "Right up until you realise he has longer hair than any of the girls on the team."

"HEY!" The girls and guys laughed in harmony while Tommy looked indignant.

Trini – "So what happened with Adam? He wasn't that good-looking when I left."

Kim – "Been paying attention to him Trini?"

Trini – "Not really, he was always handsome but it's like he's grown into himself without losing his sweet charm. It suits him."

Tanya – "He is cute, isn't he? Especially those eyes…" breathy sighing.

The guys nudged the green ranger who blushed. "Oh Adam," Rocky simpered in a falsetto voice, "you're so dreamy." He dodged Adam's punch.

"Oh your eyes just sparkle when you do that," Tommy said breathlessly. That earned him a hard shove.

"Enough," Adam muttered.

Kat – "Is there something you want to tell us Tanya?"

The guys looked like they were going to fall on top of Tommy, that's how close they came to his wrist.

Tanya – "What? No… of course not."

The guys fell back disappointed. Tommy glared at them, "Do you mind not trying to squash me?"

"We'll think about," Rocky shrugged.

Kim – "I swear I had a heart attack when I heard about Rocky. I couldn't believe it."

"Aw good to know you care Kim," Rocky smiled.

Trini – laughing, "you're better than me, my first thought was he hurt himself showing off. At least his back isn't damaged permanently."

"Thanks Trini," Rocky brought his eyebrows together, "I think?"

Tanya – "It was awful to watch but we knew he'd be okay, especially when he started flirting with the nurses at the hospital."

Kat – high-pitched giggle, "He does not stop does he?"

Tanya – "Nope, he is relentless, just not sure whether or not that's a good thing."

"Believe me, it's a good thing," Rocky said confidently. He looked at Justin, "Remember little man, persistence is key with the ladies, they'll find it endearing and flattering." All the other guys shook their heads silently.

Kat – "That brings us to our darling Justin."

Kim – "He is such a sweetheart."

Trini – "He's just so bright-eyed and innocent, it makes my heart melt."

Tanya – "I wish the guys were like him, so sincere, so well-meaning."

"Well, well, well," Justin kicked back just like Jason, receiving a high-five from the former red ranger to boot. "Seems like I might be the favourite."

"Just because you're younger," Tommy messed his hair.

"You're cute Justin but in that baby/puppy kind of way," Adam smirked.

"Says the one with the 'sweet charm'," Justin shot back.

"Yeah but I've grown into myself," Adam said satisfied, "Unlike Tommy's hair, which just keeps growing out."

"Watch it before you lose one of those dreamy eyes," Tommy threatened.

"Don't mind me," Jason said while stretching, "I'm just the hot guy."

"Who loves to pose," Rocky audibly whispered to a chorus of laughs.

"Boys…" they whipped around to see the girls standing behind them, hands on their hips. Kim glared crossed her arms and glared, "were you listening to us?"

"Not precisely," Rocky said and four hands smacked his stomach. The girls formed an angry wall, each one seething and the guys braced for the explosion.

"Run – NOW," Katherine hissed. They all took off immediately swearing to never do this ever again.

Jason paused, "You know Kat I -"


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