Redefining History


After The Avengers Loki is back on earth but not in the fomr you'd expect and without his memories. The entire world's fate is in the hand of a dysfunctional superhero team and a teenage supervillain

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

This is my first Avengers story and also made on my phone (this part anyways) I've been wanting to make a story like this and the characters are probably gonna be ooc since I'm not used to writing many fanfiction stories. English isn't my native language so I apologize for any grammar mistakes, if you see some you can really help me by telling me. I don't own anything it's all Marvel's. Please review/comment, I'll probably be not motivated enough to continue if you don't

Tony Stark is having a fantastic day because let's be honest, if you're Tony Stark every day is a great big party. While sipping from some really good scotch he goes over the things that make this day so good in his head and smiles. Pepper has promised him they're gonna do quite some... interesting things once she gets back from her meeting in Paris and on top of that Bruce has finally relented and is on his way right now, to Stark Tower to work with Tony on some really epic projects where an expert on gamma radiation is more than welcome. Of course a bunch of other minor stuff has made Iron Man's day but they're not that relevant nor are they worth actually mentioning here. Short version: Tony Stark otherwise known as Iron Man was absolutely, 100 percent sure nothing could ruin his day, absolutely nothing.


Natasha is trying to be patient, honestly she is, but seriously Clint's been in that coffee shop for a very long time. She knows the Starbucks is always really crowded but going from the amount of time Clint's been away you'd think half of New York had suddenly decided to go get coffee at the exact same time as Barton. It's not like she wants to go to Stark Tower that badly but she knows they have to be there before Bruce. The excuse is that they want to check on Stark because his recent project almost destroyed a whole street. This is partly true, Fury really isn't happy about that incident but he's not angry enough to send two of his best agent, just because Stark has decided he wants to try and make ice cream machines fly around freely for anyone who wants some, it's a nice gesture but still, not appreciated. The real reason is rather obvious for everyone: they want to keep a close eye on the Hulk. Although the green monster has saved earth from being defeated and ruled by a Norse god and his disgusting alien minions, the Chitauri, it's still a big risk to every single civilian in New York when he's in Stark Tower playing with radioactive material and gigantic arc reactors. They really don't want the 'Other Guy' to wreck New York only a few months after he's just saved it. When Clint finally gets back he's not even holding two cups of coffee in his hands. No, he's running towards the car and although he's trying to hide it, he's furious and really nervous. Natasha knows a lot of things and one of those things is very simple: if you're the cause of the way Hawkeye's face is right now, you better pray to every god in existence ( but not the Norse ones because she thinks those are arrogant and real assholes, with the exception of Thor of course) and hope you get to die quickly. When he reaches the car and gets in she immediately starts the car. He starts explaining while they're driving. And the more he talks, the faster a very luxurious car, driven by a red-haired woman goes, not even bothering to look back when said car almost bumps into every car that doesn't get away fast enough.


Bruce Banneris nervous. And angry, but then again isn't he always? He's really not that angry but still, maybe irritated is a better word. He knows Fury has send the Black Widow and Hawkeye to make sure he doesn't destroy anything. That's of course not the reason he's irritated, no he's irritated because his plane has just landed and right now he's trying to find his luggage with almost all of his scientific research and material and he can't find it. His suitcase isn't extraordinary big nor does it have a special color or something like that. It's very plain and brown, it's even worn out and damaged so nothing anyone should be interested in enough to try and steal it. Now, the reason he's nervous is much easier to guess. He doesn't trust the 'other guy'. Simple, he's still doubting his decision to go to New York again, even now, standing in its airport. He's trying to blend in, he really doesn't want some guy recognizing him and making a fuss because he really doesn't know whether he'll be able to control himself then. He's just spotted his luggage, but before he's able to even take one step his cellphone is buzzing. He considers just letting it buzz and getting his suitcase first but then he remembers no one has his number except like two people, Tony ( who he has blocked for the moment because he wants to keep his temper in check when he's in public areas in New York ) and director Nick Fury. Conclusion: Nick Fury was calling, deduction: earth was in danger, so Bruce did the logical thing: he practically ran to his suitcase to make sure he had it and then answered the phone. The voice on the other side wasn't even done talking when Bruce had already dropped the phone and ran out of the airport, both luggage and phone forgotten.


Steve Rogers is jogging when and where it happens. He's run over 35 miles already and hasn't broken a sweat, naturally. He's running in Central Park like he does every day and is quite enjoying himself when suddenly clouds begin to gather. It's been a sunny, nice day and Steve doesn't even have the time to frown at the sudden change of weather because then the ground starts to shake and suddenly a bright gigantic flash blinds him. He's in the middle of trying to cover his eyes to protect them from that horrible light and then it feels like the world has exploded. And this is Captain America the super soldier we're talking about. Steve feels his body being lifted off the ground and thrown away with so much power that he's sure that he would've broken all his ribs from the impact on the tree he slams into if he wasn't Captain America. The light has blinded him so much that he thought he'd never see again, but he's proven wrong when everything turns black. It only lasts for a few seconds, after the darkness he starts to see little dots but he can feel his body already recuperating, he knows it will be a matter of seconds before he can move again, minutes before he can move without pain of course.

The first thing that he thinks about is the civilians, like a good soldier. The moment he can, he looks around. He hadn't really paid much attention before whether there were a lot of people in the park with him. Of course there had been, it was a beautiful day, you had to be out of your mind not go outside. He scans through the park rather quickly. No one is really badly hurt. One other jogger had been a lot further away and had been blown away as well but less far and was obviously just really dazed. An old woman who had been sitting on a bench feeding the ducks had somehow managed to keep a hold to the bench and was now lying behind it, screaming. Steve could see she was only screaming because she was afraid. Some kids who had been playing not far away had been blown away as well but had miraculously managed to fall in the water and were only really spooked and wet. Their parents were already diving in the water to save them even though the kids were obviously not in need of saving seeing as they could swim. Some other people who had been standing on a safe distance were screaming, others were yelling and pointing and some even took out their phones like it was some kind of flash mob and they expected Steve to suddenly start dancing or something like that. When he was certain no one was really hurt or you know, dead he jumped up. Grabbing his cellphone and for once, happy he has SHIELD on speed dial he starts speaking really fast to the man on the other side of the line

"Explosion in Central Park, no injured or dead, it looks like a beam from the Bifrost but there's like a huge crater. I'm going to check up on it, maybe it's Thor but I doub-" he hasn't even finished saying what he was going to say when Fury interrupts him.

"I'm sending the rest of the Avengers, they're all in New York it'll take five minutes." He says, and that's it. Director Fury has already hung up and Steve is standing there, with the phone in his hands, staring at the huge crater. He's only a few feet away when he hears a voice. He can see someone, obviously blown away as well, getting up and rubbing his eyes, by the way his elbows stick out and are moving up and down.

"..told you that you cannot just mix Mothers potions and not cause an explosion, if you're purple again, Thor I swear I will…" The voice suddenly stops talking. And Steve finally realizes who it is he's looking at. Loki is standing in the middle of the crater, face pale and eyes wide open like he can't believe what he's seeing. And that's the last thing Steve can see before someone decides it's a good idea to start shooting in his and Loki's general direction. Both are obviously surprised, neither of them had seen this coming at all and while Steve jumps away and he sees Loki look up and do the same the only thing he can think is Damn it Stark, what the hell are you doing?


The blasters on his hands are still shooting when a British voice suddenly interrupts "Sir, Mr. Rogers is asking you to stop shooting him."

"To hell with that!" Tony Stark grumbles. He knows what he's seen. Loki, the mass murderer and the cause of all his nightmares. And the only thing Tony Stark wants to do is destroy him.

"He's insisting, sir." JARVIS, says. "He says there are civilians in the area and that you-" the AI pauses as if not sure what to say, "should stop being an egoistic little prick and stop firing before he will skewer you with his shield." Tony has never been the one to respond well to threats but only this one time he realizes that Steve is right and that he's endangering everyone in Central park by blasting through everything and everyone. He stops shooting and flies down as fast as he can. JARVIS had already informed him that all the Avengers with the exception of Thor have arrived and are now gathering. He lands swiftly, glaring even though he knows he's still wearing his mask so no one can see him glare.

"What's going on?" Clint asks, arrow already on his bow but lowered to the ground.

"Loki," Steve says and then, glaring at Tony "And Stark is trying to murder everyone in Central Park."

"I object to that, I haven't hit anyone!" Nobody really listens and they're all looking at Steve.

"Loki is here? He's supposed to be at Asgard, you know, rotting in jail." Natasha says with venom in her voice. Barton has narrowed his eyes and is looking around for any sign of the man who had controlled his mind a few months ago. The man who has been haunting him ever since, the man he so desperately wants to put an arrow in, or preferably multiple ones.

"Where is he, I want to kill him." He says through gritted teeth.

"You don't understand," Steve quickly says, "There was something off, he looked younger, and he really didn't know who I was, you know when he saw me before Stark decided to try and kill me together with him."

"I already objected to that, it's not like I hit you anyway!" Tone exclaims throwing his metal arms in the air.

"What do you mean he looked younger?" Bruce asks, wringing his hands together and looking around nervously.

"I mean he was smaller and looked confused." Steve says

"It's a trick!" Barton says looking around angrily, daring anyone to say differently.

"Obviously," Natasha agrees. "He's trying to throw us off balance, he's a shape shifter isn't he?" She's obviously read some Norse mythology Tony notes before clearing his throat.

"Trick or not, we gotta stop him from whatever he's gonna do now."

"Agreed," Steve nods. But before they can anything else, something silver flashes past Tony. Bruce who's standing just in front of him jumps out of the way and manages to dodge the object but only just. All of the Avengers turn around immediately, weapons at the ready. What Tony didn't expect was Loki, standing there with two daggers in his hand, possibly radiating with energy.

"Who are you? Where is my brother? What have you done to him? I swear to the All-Fathers grave you will regret you have ever been born if you've done something to him!" His pose suggest he's going to throw more knives but that's not what catches everyone's attention. Loki's appearance is, he's much younger, not just a few years but much more. He looks about twelve, he's not small for his age but he isn't big either. He's tall though and slim. He's wearing green armor but it looks light and casual, like he always walks around with armor on, which is probably the case. His eyes looks like they're on fire and his face is twisted into rage but when he looks in his eyes Tony can see the fear. He's obviously afraid but is trying to mask it. And he fails because his legs are trembling and his knuckles are white from gripping his knives too tightly.

"I'm on Midgard am I not? I demand you tell me where my brother is immediately or I will make you tell me!" He is glaring at them and one glance sideways, Tony can see all of the Avengers are standing dumbfounded, except for Clint who's already pointed his drawn arrow, aiming at Loki but not firing yet. Tony knows he's struggling, Loki does look and act like a kid right now, who can shoot a twelve-year-old coldblooded?

"Your tricks won't work on us Loki!" Natasha yells at him. "Stop this charade and we can this over with!" At her words Loki looks possibly even more confused. He' staring at her like she's suddenly grown a second head, his hands even lower a bit like he's not sure how to react to this.

"What are you-" and for the second time that day he stops midsentence. This time not because he's perplexed but because another bright beam suddenly appears and also for the second time that day, the ground shakes and a blast throws everyone off their feet, except for Captain America who's already seen the scenario and has stuck his shield in the ground and manages to hold on while all the others are being blasted away.


Loki really thinks he's losing his mind. Not only because he's being blasted away for the second time that day but also because he's suddenly appeared on Midgard when only seconds ago he's been talking to Thor, telling him that no he can't mix Mother's potions and then drink them all. Last time he did, it turned him purple. Thor had just managed to convince him to cloak him from everyone except Heimdall and Heimdall had other things to do then keep an eye on the princes when they were safe in the palace. They had snuck up on the guards standing before their Mother's door and Loki had just created some illusion of him and Thor breaking things in another hallway not far from the guards. They had immediately reacted and had run over to the noise. Thor had managed to slip inside and not five minutes later a huge blast had thrown Loki off his feet. Loki had been quite angry and had started to yell at his older brother

" I've told you that you cannot mix Mothers potions and not cause an explosion, if you're purple again, Thor I swear I will…" But then he had seen is some stranger looking at him while speaking in some gray box. After that everything had happened really fast. Before he could even apprehend what he was seeing someone started to shoot at him, creating huge holes in the ground where Loki had stood only a few seconds prior. One blast came way to close and again Loki had been thrown against something hard, this time a tree and he had blacked out for a few seconds.However he still was an Asgardian, (or so he thought) so he hadn't been unconscious for a very long time.

All his muscles had ached and when he had tried to stand he felt a jabbing pain in his ribs but it hadn't been very serious and he hadn't broken anything so he stood up anyway. His vision had been a little blurry but he had been able to see some people standing only a few feet away from him. He hadn't managed to make out what they were saying but they were obviously talking about him and once of them had been looking around obsessively, like finding Loki was his life goal. They all had looked agitated and nervous.

Where am I? Wait, where is Thor? They must have done something to him! It had been the only thing on Loki's mind and it was also the thing that had driven him to conjure up throwing knives.

I'll make them tell me he remembered thinking and then he had thrown the dagger. Once they had all turned around to look at him he hissed

"I'm on Midgard aren't I? Tell me where my brother is immediately or I will make you tell me!" He had seen they were all very surprised. The only one that had done the logical thing was the guy with the bow and arrow. The arrow had been pointing his way and Loki knew he could easily evade it because the man had hesitated too long. But he hadn't fired it.

"Your tricks won't work on us Loki!" The woman with the red hair had yelled. "Stop this charade and we can this over with!" What? What are they talking about? They're trying to confuse me! The boy had thought before trying to slip his mask on again, not really succeeding but not failing either.

He had been in midsentence (again) when something blew him away (again).

Loki recovered quickly, well his body did, his mind was still spinning, what was happening? Surely mixing up some potions could never have such an affect. That wasn't possible, potions were strong but certainly not strong enough to send Loki to Midgard. And where the hell was Thor? He really wanted to know where his brother was. What if he was somewhere else entirely? What if he was in Vanaheim or worse, Svartalfheim? The home of the Dark Elves was not somewhere the crown prince of Asgard should be, period. Actually it was not a place where anyone should be, prince, or no prince. He tried not to think about that, focusing instead of what the hell it was that had thrown him away. When he saw the pattern on the ground he recognizes it immediately, the Bifrost! Maybe the All-Father had come to help him! He ran towards the figure shrouded by dust.

"Father?" He tried. The figure turned towards his voice but when the smoke finally cleared it was not the All-father Loki saw standing there. To be honest, he didn't really know who was standing there. He was wearing a red cape and he looked familiar but Loki couldn't quite put his finger on it. But then he overlooked the stranger again, properly this time and thee only thing he could see was Mjolnir, clasped in some strangers hand.

Steve Rogers is the only guy standing, well next to Thor of course and Loki now apparently but then again Loki looked like a kid at the moment so he didn't count as a man, more as a boy. However this isn't very important right now. Steve looks behind him, his team was still dazed but awake and were staring at the scene before them. Steve looked back to the two former brothers.

"Who are you? And how dare you steal Mjolnir from the vault? That is supposed to be for my brother, Thor!"

Steve can hear Loki screaming from where he stands

"Loki?" Thor says looking really confused and surprised, so was Loki for that matter.

"Yes, of course! I am Loki Odinson and brother to Thor, the crown prince, I demand you tell me where you got that weapon from!" Loki is trying to sound brave but his voice is wavering and betrays his true feelings: he is scared to death. He doesn't know what do and he certainly doesn't know what to think about all of this. No amount of training could have ever prepared him for a situation as absurd, yet terrifying like the one he was in now.

"Loki, it is me! I am Thor!" Thor says quietly because he still doesn' t believe what has happened, he had expected to find his brother rampaging on earth, not looking like a kid and demanding to know where he got Mjolnir from.

"Are you mocking me? My brother hasn't reached van manhood yet, you can't possibly think that you can trick me into believing that you are Thor!" But then his eyes wander to Mjolnir and his eyes widen again when realization draws on his face.

"Brother? Is this what the potions did to you?" And after the awe and confusion, anger followed, Loki was obviously thinking of the consequences of all of this and he looked really furious.

"I am SO telling father it is all your fault! Because it is, I cannot believe you managed to convince me to help you with this! I am not taking the blame on myself like I did last time! I told you before that you can't just randomly mix Mothers potions! How are you going to explain this to her because I sure as Helheim aren't!" He took another deep breath but before he could continue rambling, the shield of captain America suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hit him on the head, really hard. The Trickster God fell to the ground, face first from the direction the shield came from, not very graciously. Thor immediately whirled around to see who DARE strike his brother down when he saw Barton, standing next to captain America looking possibly content. Before Thor could start a rampage, a voice coming from his left was heard, Tony Stark, rubbing his head and looking rather groggy, even with the suit. He stood and waved at Thor like they weren't standing in the half destroyed Central Park in New York.

"Rapunzel! Nice to see you and all but WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?"

So, what do you think? Believe me there's more coming, the next chapter will already be typed by the time I publish this, I think but ideas are always welcome! Please review/comment it would mean a lot to me! Also I can't promise the next chapter will be as long as this one because I'm not used to writing this much for just one chapter but I'm just really psyched for this fic!

Xx TheAlgea

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