Blossom Boarding Academy


“I thought you weren’t ever coming back- you said-“ I said, being interrupted as he pulled me into his arms, I felt like screaming I was so happy. Lucy has her first day at Blossom Boarding Academy, the whole of her old school was transferred there too, in this you will see friendships, heartbreaks and plot twists.

Romance / Mystery
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Blossom Boarding Academy - 1

I groaned as my alarm went off 7:30AM, I knew I shouldn’t have binge watched that show on the last night of break, I went to my bathroom, continuously rubbing my eyes, to wake myself up I decided to splash some water on my face, as I did that I remembered that I would finally get to see my friends again, I brushed my oak brown hair and put it into a highish ponytail with a bit of effort.

I put on the uniform, I preferred it more than the old school uniform, this one was a navy blue with a badge, on the badge was a blossom tree and underneath in small letters was Blossom Boarding Academy, I smiled and grabbed my suitcase and bag, saying bye to my parents then leaving, I got to the bus just in time and I quickly got on, I stared out the window that was covered with smudges, watching the crisp brown and green leaves fall from the trees, before I knew it I had arrived. I hopped down from the bus and saw my three bestfriends smiling at me.

They all ran at me, having a group hug, “I missed you guys” I said, as we giggled and began to drag our suitcases behind us, “Sumaya, how are you and Louis?” I said, glancing at Louis, “They’re never apart!” Anisha laughed, Sumaya gave us a death stare but began to laugh. “Lets go to the field, and sit for a while, I heard the blossom trees are really pretty” I said, turning down a path covered with brown leaves.

We sat down on a dry patch of grass under a tree, “Megan have you found Jamie yet? I see you looking all over for him” I said, smirking. “Jamie?-where?- Oh wow, I’m not even looking for Jamie I’m just appreciating the view” Megan mumbled, “The view of Jamie” Sumaya laughed, they all began to go silent, and they looked suprised, “Guys?” I followed their eyes, to see Finn, “Finn? What are you doing here? Didn’t you move to Greenfall Academy?” I said, blushing slightly, “Yeah but I decided to come back” Finn said, “You didn’t tell me you were coming back-“ I said, being interrupted, Finn pulled my arm behind a wideish tree, he pulled me into his arms, I felt like I wanted to scream I was so happy,he pulled away, I blushed like crazy, he smirked and walked off.

The bell rang, “Ugh, time for assembly” Sumaya groaned, we walked slowly behind Finn, “Why did Finn pull you away?” Anisha said, trying to be quiet, but I could tell Finn was listening, “Oh- he asked about something on Xbox” I said, Megan looked confused, she knew something was wrong so I mouthed the words, I’ll tell you later. We all sat on seats next to our friends in assembly, “You’re sharing dorms with everyone you put in your application form” The teacher said, I only listened out for my name, “Lucy Tate, Megan Reed, Sumaya Hunt and Anisha Nelson, Dorm 113” “Finn Hanson, Louis Singh and Jamie Mason, Dorm 114” Me and my friends got up, and started walking to our dorms with our suitcases dragging behind.

As we walked into our dorms we were suprised, it was perfect, “I claim this one” we all said as we ran to our desired rooms, Luckily no one had a fight over rooms, I began to unpack as we could hear the guys next door laughing, “Shut up!” Anisha said, “Loving the thin walls” Sumaya said, rolling her eyes, I walked into my room, I set up my xbox and began to charge my phone as I got a text from Finn. Hows your room? I replied back Good thanks, wbu? Mines fine, gtg bye He said back, I turned off my phone and smiled, He hugged me... I thought, I changed into a hoodie and some shorts before I went to sleep. I set my alarm to 7:30.

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