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An Unknown Sibling

By monzepelmoon

Scifi / Action

The Runaway

My name is Sonata; some of you might know me better as the used to be unknown twin sister of Soul. Soul didn't even know about me until a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly appeared on his doorstep with nothing, but the clothes on my back. You see the Evans had twins when Soul was born, but they, and by they I mean my father, didn't want to deal with a girl.

I was raised mostly by the household staff, and the books that I was given in place of human companionship. I was never allowed out of my rooms, everything that I needed was passed under the door. When I was little I used to sit on the enclosed balcony that came with my room and stare at the sky wondering what it would be like to be free, but I knew that even though I was a girl I would never get to escape, I was after all the only one in the family at least at that point who knew the true character of my the man who called himself our father. My twin well he never actually got to see me, but he knew that someone his age was locked in the room across from his. Whenever he was upset when he was little he would sit outside my door and talk to me. I don't know why, but even though he came to me only rarely I felt as though I had someone that I could count on.

One day when I was twelve I learned that my brother had left. He had left because the weapon inside his soul manifested itself. When I found out I smiled, at least one of us had been able to escape this hell hole.

Right at this moment you are probably wondering why I'm telling you all this instead of telling you all what happened when I appeared at Soul's house, and well there is a reason for that. The reason is that when I turned seventeen, I myself manifested as a weapon. I didn't even give anyone the option to find out about my transformation. As soon as I found that I could make a blade appear from anywhere I wanted on my body I escaped by breaking the door to my prison down. I was too weak before hand to do such a thing. As soon as I did that I ran to the airport. Atlases while boring, were great ways to create mental maps for people with an photographic memory such as I.  One of the maids had been giving me money over the years from someone they wouldn't name and I took all that money and left for Death City. One saying I took to heart quickly in that house was, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

When I arrived in Death City, the city that I knew held the academy that taught those like me how to control their powers, I bought myself a purple and black motorcycle. I knew that I would need it to take me to where I needed to go, and I was not getting a car...small spaces and I were not friends. As I drove through the town I smiled even wider, my shark like teeth gleaming as I drove. When I got to what looked like a park I got off my bike and went to the basketball court. As soon as I neared it my smile grew even wider. On the court were a bunch of people my age playing a game that I had played by myself for most of my young life, well the throwing hoops part anyway.  I stood watching them play with sunglasses over my scarlet eyes, when suddenly one of them shouted over to me, "Soul I thought that you couldn't come today." My eyebrow rose and I looked behind myself to make sure that the kid was talking to me.

"Who are you talking to," I asked the kid my waist length silver hair hidden under the hat that I had stuffed it into.

"Well you of course. I wouldn't talk to some that was not worthy of my Godliness," stated the blue haired boy that had called to me. He didn't look that bright to me, more like a muscle bound idiot.

"Well my name isn't Soul," I stated as I walked onto the court with a swish of my hips. I had been standing in the shade so some of my features had been obscured by the light, namely my chest. Seriously though the shade wasn't that deep and my chest is pretty noticeable, damn annoying things too.

When I came into the light the other boy that had been playing the game looked at me and then said, "I think we should take you to Soul," he stated in a serious tone. "Liz, Patti, we're leaving." I was taken aback by the sudden order. I didn't know what was going on...mind you these people didn't exactly give me a choice.

Then the bubbly blonde girl yelled in a very hyper voice, "Kay!"

The other two girls looked at each other and just nodded as the boys grabbed my arms to lead me to this person named Soul. At the time I had no clue that this Soul was the same Soul that was my brother. As we passed my bike I forced the boys to let go of me, "Just lead the way ,"  I growled irritably, "I just bought this beauty, and I am not going to let it get stolen because you two idiots decided to man handle me."  Never-mind the fact that I wasn't very comfortable with human contact. At this the hyper blonde started to laugh. I just continued to walk wheeling my bike next to me as to follow the boys who were leading the way. I know I looked strange walking a motorcycle, but seriously the whole town looked weirder than I did.

After about ten minutes we arrived at the place that they were taking me to, and sure enough when the group of people that had taken me here got to the door it opened to reveal a more masculine version of the same face that I wore. I gasped and then much to my displeasure I fainted, but luckily I was caught by someone's quick thinking, but still don't know who.  I wasn't going to ask either...again with the issues, okay!

When I woke a few minutes later it was to find myself laying on a couch with every single person in the room hovering over me. I pinched my nose in aggravation and then I noticed that my sunglasses were missing, "Damn it," I hissed as I sat up quickly looking around frantically I got enough odd looks for my hair and skin tone I don't need them from my eyes too.

"Whoa, don't get up so fast, you might faint again…man this is so uncool," someone said pushing on my shoulders so that I was forced to lay down again. I turned my scarlet eyes on the person pushing me down in a glare. When our eyes connected and he noticed the unique color of my eyes he recoiled so fast that I was surprised that he didn't fall on his ass.

I sat up again, slowly this time, to see everyone in the room staring at me with wide eyes.  I recognized  the four from the park, but there were a few new faces that I didn't know. It was then that I felt that my hat had fallen off when I sat up the first time, "Shit fire, what the freaking hell," I screeched, again books and photographic memory...large vocabulary for everything including curse words. I reached for my hat, but before I could grab it someone touched my hand causing my to freeze, unease flooding my body.

When I followed the arm that touched me I came face to face with someone who instead of  the fear that people had when they had looked at me  on my way here before I covered up, her's held only curiosity, "Hey, no need to hide your hair or your eyes. No one here is going to hurt you," She told me softly as she sat down next to me.

"Hey, Soul," the blue haired idiot said. "I didn't know that you were so popular that the girls were starting to dress like you." My eyebrow started to twitch in irritation I wasn't trying to emulate someone else this was just well, me.

My twitching grew more violent as the seconds passed that the girl next to me noticed so she turned to the boy who had made the comment. "Black*star," she hissed, but the idiot continued, and  that is when it happened. "Maka…chop!" The boy was out cold.

The person that the boy from the basketball court called Soul looked at me and then did a double take, then proceeded asked me, "What is your name."

"My name…my name…" I said as though in deep thought tapping my chin thoughtfully as it had been quiet some time since anyone called me by it. "Oh, right that's it. My name is Sonata Ella Evans." My name had left the entire room in a dead silence. I sweat dropped "Ummm… did I do something wrong?" I asked in sincere confusion.

"No," the girl next to me said her bright green eyes watching the boy that was called Soul intently.

"Can I ask a question," I asked softly my true colors coming out as I pulled my legs to my chest. My fears causing a reaction to  being surrounded by so many people at once.

"Go ahead," she said.

 "Uh-ummm, what is everyone here's names, I mean I'm new here and I don't know anyone," I babbled. Butchering the language in my attempt to communicate.

Suddenly, nervous laughter filled the room as the tension broke. "That sounds like a reasonable request," the girl stated. "Well that there is Black*star, the girl next to him is Tsubaki his partner, right there is Death the Kid, and next to him are Patti and Liz Thompson. Over on the counter snacking on fish is Blair. That right there is Soul and I'm his partner Maka."

"Ok then…ummm… what do you mean by partner? Are you guys dating," I asked. I had read some where that was another term for those that were involved romantically with each other.

In unison both Maka and Soul sputtered, "N-NO!" They then looked at each other and blushed immediately looking away from each other. This is when I started to laugh. Finally someone else was in the spotlight!

"Okay moving on," Maka stated as I soon as my laughter had died down. "I mean that we're all meister and weapon partners." My eyes rounded as I realized that I had come into contact with some of the people that could help me almost instantaneously to my arrival in this strange town.

"That's great," I squealed then I scratched my head in embarrassment when they all looked at me funny, especially Soul. "I mean that I just found out that I'm a weapon and well I turn into a black, silver, and purple scythe."

Soul's eyes rounded in surprise when I said that I was a weapon and then got even wider when I said that I was a scythe. "Wait a minute," he said softly. "You said you're an Evans and a scythe too?"

My right eyebrow rose, "Yeah, and I came out here looking for my twin brother that I never got to meet because my stupid father decided that I should be locked up because I was born a girl instead of a boy, what heck is that to you, ne?" I was seriously close to being pissed off.

"What he means is that you're the same as him except that well you're a girl," Death the Kid stated to me as he was sent a glare from Soul.

I took this information with a confused look then I snapped my fingers and asked, "Soul what age were you when you left the estate?"

"I was twelve why?"

I smiled then proceeded on, "Wasn't there a person that you talked to, but you never saw the person because they were locked in their room?"

"Yeah, but that was a long time ago…wait are you trying to hint at something?" It was so obvious that it was painful.

I face palmed, 'What the hell is this guy dense or something?' "Soul, you really are a fool aren't you?"

Maka looked at Soul and then burst out laughing before she answered for her partner, "Soul, don't you get it, you big dummy. She was the girl that was locked in the room."

'Thank you Kami for your blessing on this girl that can actually think!' I thought to myself.

Soul's mouth dropped at that because as soon as she had said that it made sense to him as to why I looked like him, and why I was the same weapon as him well that is beside the point. "Soul Eater Evans, I'm your twin sister," I stated bluntly. The entire room went silent. They couldn't believe that someone like Soul had a twin, and that she was also of weapon blood when no else in his family had manifested. I looked at Soul hard then asked suddenly as this had been bothering me for some time, "Do you have a scar that bisects your torso, and you got it when you were about thirteen?"

"Yes," Soul answered, but he wasn't looking at me he was looking intently at his partner who had stiffened at the question. Oops, I guess I hit a nerve without meaning to.

I smiled and said, "Well every time someone in the family gets hurt the youngest female takes the largest amount of the pain, and that is both the blessing and the curse of being born a twin. I am so used to pain that I don't even notice it unless something like a family member dying happens. The person will die, but they will die painlessly thanks to the stupid experiments that had been done on me as a child. I have, for lack of a better word, scars all over my body because of people getting hurt. Also when I accept someone as my family that isn't blood related they become part of the web of people who I help." Blessing and a curse, more like a really messed version of the psychic ability known as empathy.

Everyone in the room looked at me as though I was cursed and they pitied me. Then suddenly the girl that I had been told her name was Tsubaki asked, "How can you be so calm about something that can cause you so much pain?"

"I've lived with it my entire life," I shrugged. "I guess I'm just used to it."

There was a loud bang as though someone had just blown something up, but when I looked I saw that Soul had punched a hole through one of the walls. "No one should be used to pain. No one," he growled as he turned his crimson eyes to look into mine.

"Well I am Onii-san so deal with it," I said not backing down from the staring contest that we were having. I admit willingly that I may be a little bipolar. I looked around the room at the people that my brother kept around himself and noticed that they all wore the same horrified expression on their faces. I shook my head as I stood up, "I need to go; I have to find a place to live."

"Wait a minute," Maka said as she stood up to. "I'll be right back…Blair, Soul, come with me please." I sighed I could guess what she was planning, and though I appreciated it I knew that there was more to the fact that I ran away. I wasn't telling them yet that could hurt everyone. "Alright, then," Maka said as she Blair and Soul came back into the room. "You'll be staying with us; after all you are Soul's sister."

"I'm sorry, but I can't there are some things that I need to do that I can't do with other people around me."

"What do you mean?" Maka asked her face full of interest.

"I mean that I need to practice and practice some more." I had just manifested my powers, Hello!

"If you have to work with your weapon form then Soul and I can help you with that. I know that this is a lot to take in and all especially due to the fact that you haven't had much human contact while you grew up, but I'm not letting you run around without someone with you. I mean Stein could get a hold of you and once he finds out about your ability…he'll want to do experiments on you and all that," Maka rambled until Soul put his hand over her mouth. She continued to talk around the hand, but none of it was intelligible.

"Alright, alright already I'll stay, but if anyone gets hurt because of all this just a fair warning I should have left as soon as I realized who you all were."

"Cool," was  all that came from my brother before he went off to one of the rooms that were off the living room.

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