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What Doesn't Kill You


Adele is a normal 17 year old in a world full of the supernatural and when she makes it back to her home town to see that the supernatural has found it's way in, how will she handle the new normal?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

She reaches up a relatively pale hand to the nightstand beside her queen size bed. The cell phone resting there is buzzing with alarming persistence and she doesn’t want the consist vibrations to wake the male sleeping peacefully beside her.

With the hand firmly clenched between her slender fingers, she moves back to sink back into the mattress. “Caroline.” Her partner mumbles, voice heavy with sleep.

“Let me just see who it is.” She whispers. “I’ll be quick.” She pulls the small device back eyeing the lit up screen and she squeals in utter excitement at the name displayed causing the male to jerk slightly. She presses talk before he can mutter a single word. “Hello?” Her voice is cheery, full of uncontainable joy. “Adele? Please tell me it’s really you.”

“Of course it is.” The female on the other end laughs and that laugh has his ears twitching. He scoots a bit closer on the bed, waiting to hear more. “I just wanted to check in. I would have called Elena but I have a feeling I know how that conversion would have went and I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet. Plus you are my eyes and ears of the town, I’m sure I’d get what I need and more from you alone.”

The voice is so soft, sweet but with a slight husky edge to it that mesmerizes him, keeps him hanging on to every last syllable. Caroline, his girlfriend of the minute, lets out a laugh as she leaves the bed, scooping up her clothes from the floor. “Well first things first,” She’s saying. “I have a new boyfriend.”

There’s a mocking gasp of surprise from the girl. “Of course you do. Is he cute?”

“So much more then cute.” The tall blonde laughs. “He’s the older brother of your sister’s new boyfriend.”

“So he’s older? How scandalous of you.” He hears her laugh as Caroline is closing the bathroom door behind her.

She climbs the steel bleachers, shoving her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket and passing the girlfriends of a few of the football players sitting towards the middle, watching as they gawk there surprise at her as she goes by.

“Oh my god.” She hears one whisper. “That’s Adele Gilbert.”

“Who’s Adele Gilbert?” Another one questions and it causes a small ruffle of squeaks from the other three.

“That’s right you’re new, you wouldn’t know.” She makes it to the top of the bleachers and sits down in the far corner. “She’s Elena Gilbert’s twin sister.”

“You mean that brunette girl in 2nd period?” The “new girl” tilts her head and Adele wonders if they even realize she can hear them. “They certainly don’t look like twins.”

“Well they are. She’s also Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood’s best friend and Michael Landon’s ex and I still can’t believe they broke up.” One of the three explains and she’s trying hand to focus on the football players but the gossip circling around her and these four girls is hard to ignore.

“Apparently from what I heard is that she didn’t want to be tied down any more. They dated for almost 3 years, basically the epitome of high school sweethearts. She broke his heart but hey, let’s look at the bright side. That means he’s single and oh how I’ve waited for the day Michael Landon is finally available.”

“You don’t know who Michael Landon is yet but you’ll understand when you do. He’s yummy but back to the real topic here, Adele’s parents died in a car accident last year and she took off after the funeral. I can’t believe she actually came back.” Adele’s eyes roll and the conversion finally moves on to something she has no problem blocking out.

She watches the football players practice, watches them fumble to catch the balls being thrown or kicked, Mystic Falls High School was never known to have the best football team but she has to attempt that watching this year’s team practice was painful, that is until something catches her eye at the edge of the field. A new player was running up and she doesn’t recognize him in the least. Which could only mean that it was Stefan Salvatore, her sister’s new boy toy.

Which brings her attention to the cheerleading practice taking place on the other side of the field near the weight room. Caroline was there, directing her girls on what to do but she couldn’t see her sister anywhere in sight which worries her. She wasn’t yet ready to face her over-emotional sister.

She stands, making her way back down the bleachers quickly and as she reaches the bottom her eyes catch those of the new guys who stares at her, a question in his eyes.

She stares up at the 2nd story window on the side of the house and she runs over the way up in her head a few more times. She’s done it a hundred times before, all the times she used to sneak out to go out with her friends or her boyfriend, all the parties she didn’t miss due to curfew.

Unfortunately for her, her bedroom window was directly above the kitchen window where Elena and her best friend Bonnie are preparing a restaurant delivered dinner for whatever reason.

Getting caught sneaking into her room wasn’t part of her overall plan for the night. She wants to get in her room and get some sleep; she’d deal with all her family drama tomorrow. If Elena caught her tonight she can bet she’s bitch and moan and bitch some more and her dinner party would be ruined and Elena would never forgive her for that.

Peeking into the window, she sighs in relief to see there back’s turned to the window and she uses the opportunity to host herself up onto the window seal as quiet as she possibly can. She reaches up cursing her height when her fingertips just barely graze the window seal to her bedroom window.

With a deep breath, she hops up, grasping the window seal tightly and host herself up before swinging her leg up to push herself the rest of the way up and once she’s securely on the seal she checks the window and after finding it successfully unlocked, she opens it just enough to slip through into the dark room.

She closes up the window and locks it up before turning and grinning, eyes scanning the room. Though it’s dark she can see just enough to know that nothing’s been changed and she feels a small sense of security to be back in her own territory.

She crosses the room to flip on the lamp on her dresser, not wanting to flip on the overhead light and draw unwanted attention to her room. She can only imagine that nobody’s been or even looked at her room since she left.

She figures she should call Caroline, let her know she was finally back in town but when she reaches for her phone, it’s not in her back pocket where she had put it. She frowns, feeling her other pockets and even her bra before her eyes shift back towards the window. It didn’t fall did it?

She unlocks the window and shoves it up, poking her head out and looking down towards the grass where she spots the fallen phone laying there discarded. She lets her head hang for a minute, contemplating whether or not she was going to climb back down or just risk her sister finding out she’s here by sneaking down stairs and getting it.

She’d just sneak down stairs and get it. It would take too long to climb back down and it was just so much more work then she wanted to actually do that night.

Shutting off the desk lamp, she cracks open her bedroom door poking her head out enough to look up and down the lit hallway. There’s nothing, nobody around and she sighs with a bit of relief.

Slipping out the bedroom door and closing it behind her as quietly as possible, she creeps towards the staircase where voices drift up from the living room, male voices at that. She pauses just at the top, trying to zero in on the conversion. “That’s not a problem because I’ve been invited in and I will come back tomorrow night and the following night and I’ll do with your little cheerleader whatever I want to do, because that is what is normal to me.”

What? What kind of guys did Elena invite into their house? She sighs; it would do her no good to worry about it now so she brushes it off before taking her first couple of steps down slowly. Peeking out from behind the wall, her blue eyes widen slightly as two different pairs of eyes are looking back at her. Other than the two males sitting on the couch there is no one else is the living room. She slowly comes out of hiding, leaning slightly over the railing to see if she could spot Elena in the kitchen.

The younger of the two guys starts to move, he begins to stand and Adele shakes her head, mentioning for him to sit back down. Things we’re going great so far, she couldn’t have him ruining it. She presses a sender finger to her lips and the older male’s eyes narrow as he leans towards the other. “I think she wants us to stay quiet.” Adele points to him before tapping her nose. “Who is she?” He questions glancing beside him and he shrugs. She takes her chance, rushing the rest of the way down the stairs and to the front door. She unlocks it before slipping out and the two men watch her close it quietly behind her.

At a complete loss of words the two men glance at each other with puzzled expressions before a sound so small it was hard to detect forces there attention back to the front door where she is slipping back into the house and locking the door up behind her. She takes a step towards them on the couch, eyes focused on the kitchen area and they take the chance to get a good look at her. She’s a good height, possibly a bit on the tall side just like Elena; probably 5’5 maybe even 5’6, lithe body type with a good amount of curves, tanner then Elena by a whole skin tone but they can guess that might be because she spends more time in the sun, it was a sun kissed type of tan. Her blonde hair was just that, blonde, very blonde but not quite bleach blonde and straight down to her mid back but her eyes are what got them. Her eyes are so blue, so bright they seem to shine, to sparkle with just a hint of black in them.

Her pouty lips are parted slightly as she focuses her eyes on them before she speaks and the older male’s expression turns knowing as he recognizes the voice immediately. It’s soft, sweet with a husky edge. According to his girlfriend, this must be the one and only Adele Gilbert. “You didn’t see me.” She tells them. “I was never here.” She speaks low, just loud enough for him to hear her but not loud enough to draw attention from the kitchen. Her voice is compelling enough for them to nod in agreement and she’s satisfied enough that she back tracks to the staircase and quickly disappears.

*Vampire Diaries*

The screams and cheers from the half-drunk high schoolers makes Adele smile thinking back to last year when she was on the cheerleading squad. She had been on her way to drunk by the time kick off rolled around and her best friend’s Caroline and Tyler had been shoving water down her throat in an attempt to sober her up in time for the game. No one noticed her state though when she managed to preform quite well when the game started. A part of her missed that but that was all in the past and she had no intentions of going back down that path.

Adele passes by the crowd of people, football players and cheerleaders, making her way over to the tailgaters. Hoping up onto the tailgate her brother was on, the boy next to him almost jumps out his skin when he notices her. The couch was saying something she wasn’t listening to as the guy hands her a cup and Jeremy turns as she steps up to him. “Holy shit…” He’s speechless for a moment as he looks at her. “Adele…What the hell are you doing here?” He laughs as he wraps one arm around her, the one not holding the bottle of alcohol.

“I live here Jer.” She is quick to remind him with a half-smile that he returns.

“I know that…but you left…” She raises an eyebrow a smirk curving her lips.

“For the summer, didn’t I explain that?” She questions glancing around them at the many familiar faces.

He sighs and nods. “But no one expected you to come back…I mean there was a rumor going around yesterday that you had but no one believed it.”

She frowns. “No one?” He nods and she sighs looking out over the crowd around them. That just goes to show how much faith people have in her.

Adele sits and Jeremy soon follows her led smirking as he watches his older sister grab the bottle from his hand and pour some into her cup before handing it back. “So Jer, what’s been going on with you?” Before he has the chance to answer Adele takes in the way he tenses as he spots Tyler Lockwood who spots him as well. Adele’s not blind; she sees what’s about to happen and in a desperate attempt to stop what was sure to be a disaster in the making she jumps from the tailgate of the truck and places her hand on Jeremy’s shoulder stepping out in front of him. “Jeremy don’t.” She pleads as Tyler is approaching.

“Don’t look so down…you can have her when I’m done.” Adele turns around to look at Tyler fully intending to tell him off and his eyes widen just slightly as he notices exactly who she is. Adele ducks in time as Jeremy’s fist comes flying towards Tyler. She stumbled out of the way of the fight just barely making it to the side lines as Tyler practically body slams Jeremy where she was just previously standing. “Tyler stop it!” She yells but Tyler being the asshole that he’s known for being doesn’t listen.

The fight draws attention and Adele runs a hand through her blonde hair as she watches the people surround them. She was seriously considering trying to break the fight up herself before she noticed Elena’s new boyfriend, the younger of the two males that had been sitting in her living room walking up. “He’s down! Enough!” He reaches out and his hand catches Tyler’s wrist midair.

Tyler stands his faces a mask of disbelief and anger as he looks at Stefan. Tyler slams his fist into Stefan’s gut but he doesn’t even flinch and Adele frowns. Out of the corner of her eye she can see Jeremy grab the broken bottle from the ground. “Jeremy, no!” Her voice is echoed as Stefan pushes Tyler off to the side taking the broken bottle to the hand and Elena makes it over pushing Jeremy back towards the truck.

Adele watches as Stefan looks down at his bleeding hand and she notices how he squeezes his hand shut looking around as if hoping nobody had noticed his bleeding wound, stops bleeding. By the time she looks back over to Elena she notices Jeremy walking away. Grabbing a six pack from the back of the truck she pushes pass Elena. “Adele…?” But she doesn’t turn back around, she keeps walking, frustration swirling deep in her mind. So much for keeping a low profile.

*Vampire Diaries*

Dropping the six pack into his lap, her brother looks up and sighs as Adele slides down the side of the bleachers next to him. “Are you here to bitch me out?”

Adele laughs softly and turns to him. “No…” He glances at her. “I just want you to listen…” He nods slightly. “I know losing mom and dad was hard on you…it was hard on all of us. I ran, you turned to drugs and Elena…I don’t even know what’s going on with her. You might feel like there’s no place you belong but you belong here Jer, because people here love you they care about you. If you’re going to throw your life away be my guest but don’t expect us to watch.”

Adele gives him a small smile. “I know I left when you needed me most but I’m here now little brother and I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon.” She tells him before standing up and dusting off her shorts. “Clean the blood off your face. It’s in no way attractive.” She says as she stuffs her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket and walks away.

She mirrors his steps as he makes his way towards his car. The football game had been canceled due to an animal attack on the couch Mr. Tanner and she had spotted Tyler walking from the locker rooms. She knew he knew someone was following him but he wasn’t giving anything away.

As they round a corner Adele freezes when Tyler suddenly turns probably to demand why he was being followed and she smiles as he drops his gym bag to stare at her and she takes a step towards him. “Hi Ty.”

He let out a breath. “Holy shit…I thought I was seeing things back there.” She shakes her head closing the distances between them. “When did you get back?”

She arches an eyebrow smiling. “You didn’t hear yesterday?”

He shrugs. “I did…I just thought it was a rumor.” She nods sighing because she was really getting sick of people saying that.

She frowns as she looks up at him. “Are you going to give me a hug or what man?” Tyler laughs lightly as he pulls her to him and she smiles wrapping her arms around him tightly taking a deep breath because man…did it feel good to be home.

There was a pounding at her bedroom door that night; she lies back in bed staring up at the glow in the dark stars that have long since lost their glow with a small smile on her face.

“Adele! I know you’re in there, open the door!” She takes a deep breath her smile widening as she let it out. “You can’t ignore me forever Adele!” Adele rolled her blue eyes, of course she couldn’t ignore her forever and she wasn’t planning on it.

She was just tired and she didn’t feel like having the conversion she played over and over in her head, because she knew how it would go.

She smiles as she steps up to the Lockwood family, Carol, Tyler’s mother’s eyes widening. “Adele!” She shirks as Tyler and Mayor Lockwood smile. She returns Carol’s tight hug before turning to the guys. “It’s good to see you back and safe Adele.” She smiles softly at Mayor Lockwood in thanks. “Come on, I’ll show you to the drinks.” Carol took her hand and led her towards the back. “That is a lovely dress by the way, where did you get it?”

“It was a gift.” She answers with a small laugh.

Damon spots the blonde as he’s walking towards Stefan and his girlfriend. She was just past the dance floor, talking with a few others. He hardly notices when Elena asks Stefan to dance and they walk off leaving him alone with Caroline his eyes locked on the blonde across the dance floor. After a few minutes of watching her he turns to Caroline. “Who is that?” Though he has a pretty good idea, he just wants to be sure. Caroline glances at him before turning to look. “Adele Gilbert.” Caroline takes a sip from her glass her eyes widening as she looks back over. “Oh my god! Adele!”

Caroline rushes threw the dance floor, over to the laughing blonde as she throws her arms around her. “You’re alive!” Her laugh fills the night air, and the sound was almost like a song.

“I called you not too long ago…of course I’m alive.” She mentions.

Caroline nods pulling away. “I know but I was still worried, I heard the rumor about you being back and I got so excited, but you know how rumors are I couldn’t be too sure they were true, I was going to call you and ask but that whole thing that happened with Mr. Tanner…” She smiles softly up at her best friend. “What?” Caroline asks her grin wavering slightly.

“Nothing…I just missed you and your obsessive talking.” Caroline smiles before turning and glancing up at Damon as Elena and Stefan are walking up.

“Adele…” Adele’s blue eyes glance over and she sighs. “You’ve been avoiding me haven’t you?” Elena’s expression is pinched and Adele nods.

“No of course not.” She smirks at her sister as Caroline snickers.

“You think your real funny. Do you really think you can just waltz back in here and be treated the same?” Elena snaps.

Adele raises an eyebrow at her sister. “You wonder why I was avoiding you…” She mutters.

Caroline is seeing the change in Adele. “Elena, can you….”

Caroline doesn’t finish her question before Elena cuts her off. “How can you even come back here and act like everything is normal? Like nothing happened?”

“I’m not acting like nothing happened Elena…” She begins.

Elena cuts her off. “Yes you are.”

Adele stepped forward, eyes narrowing in annoyance. “I’m not acting like nothing happened Elena. Mom and Dad died, there dead, gone and I’ve come to terms with that. I’m moving on, like I know mom and dad would have wanted. Just because there gone Elena doesn’t mean the world stops spinning, it’s time to move on. Get over yourself.” Her once sweet voice was emotionless, and there was an edge of something dark in it that had Damon wanting to know this girl even more.

As the blonde pushes past Elena everyone is left staring after her. Elena glances around her as all eyes turn to her before straightening her back with her head held high and walking off in the other direction. Damon found that he is tempted to follow her and when Caroline calls his name he realizes that he had acted without thinking as he started in the direction the blonde had gone.

When he found her she was sipping from a glass of wine standing just at the end of the bar. Making his way over, he ordered a drink before turning to her and he almost takes a step back as he found her blue eyes were watching his every move. “May I help you?” She asks and for a second he forgets how to speak.

“Caroline’s boyfriend right? Damon Salvatore?” She asks.

Damon nods and gives her a lazy grin. “That was harsh back there…”

She scoffs facing forward. “I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, she knows me…she knows my temper but she chooses to push me anyways.”

Damon nods picking up the glass the bar tender sets in front of him taking a sip. “So you and Elena are…”

“Twins…” Adele turns to fully face him and Damon doesn’t miss the bitter tone of her voice as she explains to him that she’s older by 4 minutes.

“You don’t sound too thrilled about it.” He observes causing her to eye him carefully.

She sighs. “No offence, but I’m not talking about this with you. I can tell just by the look on your face that you are a drama starter.” She finishes off the glass of wine in her hand before placing it on the bar and walking away. Damon smirks as she watches her; he could tell already that she was going to be great fun.

Adele pauses in the door way of the bathroom as she spots Elena and Caroline reapplying their makeup. She started to turn around to walk back out, not wanting another confrontation but was stopped as Elena looks at Caroline. “What is that?” Out of curiosity she turns back to watch Elena reach for the scarf around Caroline’s neck but Caroline shrugs her off. Adele frowns; she didn’t even notice the scarf earlier, since when did Caroline wear scarfs?

Elena being who she is didn’t take the hint and pulled up the scarf up revealing to them a bite mark that had started to burse. “Oh my god! Caroline what happened?” Caroline pushes Elena’s hands away. “It’s nothing okay?” Elena looks on in disbelief before she remembers how to talk. “That is not nothing, did somebody hurt you?”

“No! Okay…it’s nothing.” Adele wasn’t the only one to notice that Caroline responded just a little too fast. Caroline leans forward, fixing her lip gloss as she mutters to herself. “My mother would kill me.” And Adele’s blue eyes widen slightly, understanding what was going on.

Elena pushes the white sweater Caroline is wearing down revealing another disturbing bite mark and Adele’s frown deepens. “Did Damon hurt you?” Elena’s the one who voices what’s going through her head because she is just a bit too stunned to say anything. It was like a puzzle pieces starting to fit together and everything was beginning to make sense.

“No…of course not.” Caroline swallows thickly as Elena reaches for her again. “Just leave me alone Elena!” Caroline grabs her stuff and Adele steps out of her way. Stefan and Damon Salvatore should have died in 1864, Stefan’s non response to Tyler’s punch, the quick healing and the bite marks that may or may not be from Damon, plus it was rare for a mountain lion to stroll into the middle of town and attack only the couch of the football team and from what she’s has picked up the attacks started just after Stefan arrived in town.

Adele glances at Elena before going after Caroline. “Caroline!”

Caroline stops because Adele was her best friend and if anyone would believe her it was her. “He didn’t hurt me I swear.”

Adele nods holding up her hands. “Okay…he didn’t hurt you. If that’s what you say, then he didn’t hurt you.”

Caroline nods. “He didn’t.”

Adele smiles softly not wanting to scare her already frightened best friend. “Want to get a drink?” Caroline nods.

Adele places the drink in front of Caroline and Caroline looks at it before laughing. “Is it fruity?” Adele smiles and nods.

“The bar tender wouldn’t give me anything stronger, because in his words: he shouldn’t even be giving me this.” She tells her and Caroline’s laugh rises in volume and Adele laughs as well.

“God I’ve missed you.” Caroline mutters as takes a sip of the fruity drink in front of her.

A drink and a half later and Adele is frowning when Damon steps into the middle of them looking down at her. “I’m sorry to intrude but may I speak to Caroline real fast?” Just over Damon’s shoulder Adele could make out the pleading look Caroline sends her way.

“Well you know I kind of have questions…” Damon places a hand on her shoulder but snaps it back when the skin to skin connect sends a tingle up his arm and she almost gasps at the same feeling. Her eyes are wide as she looks up at him.

For a moment he’s not sure what to do, but touching her wasn’t an option anymore. “I have to talk to her first.” He mutters and slowly she watches his pupils dilate. “You’re not going to follow us, you’re going to turn in the other direction and walk away.” Her eyes are still wide as she looks up into his icy blue orbs, she feels the pull of submission and she slowly nods.

He grips Caroline’s arm in his vise like grip before dragging her away towards the back of the house and it takes Adele a couple seconds to snap out of her dazed state. A slow smirk forms on her pink lips as she watches them disappear. Damon Salvatore didn’t realize that he had just solved the puzzle of the Salvatore brothers and now everything makes so much sense but she doesn’t have time to worry about it as she realize that he just took off with her best friend and he didn’t look happy. She pulls up her dress making sure it won’t trip her as she takes off in the direction he had pulled her off in.

She finally find him dragging Caroline down the steps at the very back of the yard and she curses, before her eyes spot Elena and Stefan as Stefan is walking off and she curses louder because she knows that Elena probably said something to Damon and this wasn’t going to end too well if someone didn’t stop him, did she plan to be the one to stop him? If she very much had to which probably wouldn’t end well for her but as long as Caroline was okay that didn’t really matter.

Her heels made it difficult to run in the grass but Adele has had enough practice to pull it off and she can see Damon and Caroline. It looked like she was a bit too late but as she spots Stefan walking up from the darkness and Damon letting go of Caroline as he fell to the side choking she almost sighs in relief because Stefan only checks on Caroline before disappearing with Damon.

Adele is frozen for a moment before she realizes that Caroline is standing up and she rushes forward. “Caroline!” She calls as she’s coming closer and Caroline turns to her. “Are you okay?” Adele trails off as she reaches Caroline and Caroline nods.

“Yeah…I’m fine.” She sighs watching the tears run down her best friend’s cheeks.

“Caroline…” She says softly.

Caroline nods once more. “I’m fine.”

Adele shakes her head. “Caroline you’re shaking, come here.” Adele brings Caroline to her and tightly wraps her arms around her shaking shoulders. “Everything is going to be okay.” Her eyes cast a glance over to where Stefan and Damon had disappeared. Why we’re they back in town? What do they want?

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