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What Doesn't Kill You

Chapter 2

She’s tossing and turning, whimpering as the images flash throw her mind. Her blue eyes snap open and she sits up taking a few deep breaths to calm her rapidly beating heart. God damn those nightmares, why was she having nightmares? She never used to have nightmares and she couldn’t figure out exactly what they meant. Glancing at her alarm clock she groans as she sees it’s 4 in the morning. She lays back down shoving her head underneath her pillows.

On a split second thought she hops out of bed, grabs a pair of shorts, and an old MTV tank top before she quickly dresses, slipping into a pair of running shoes, grabbing her IPod and leaving her room, making sure to close the door behind her. It’s been more than a few days since she went jogging and in her mind that was just a little to long for comfort.

The sun wasn’t quite up yet and it’s warm, but not hot. There was a slight breeze and Adele smiles as she looked up at the sky. There was something about being outside that made her feel…content. She grew up outside whether the sun was shining or it was raining, there wasn’t anywhere she wanted to be more then outside and she was glad to have a best friend that shared the joy of the outside life with her and she planned on waking him up in an hour or so, so he could join her.

She jogs up the steps of the Lockwood house around 5:30, and Carol is there to let her in. “Would you like anything to eat sweetheart?” Adele gives the woman a soft smile before shaking her head. “I ate about 30 minutes before I started over here.” Carol finally taking in her appearance and gives her a pointed look. “Why are you up so earlier running? You should be getting your rest, making sure your sharp for school.” Adele laughs lightly. “I’m never as sharp as I am when I run in the morning, you know that.” Carol nods. “You’re right; I forget how important it is for you to be active every day.”

“I’m just here to wake up Ty and drag him out with me.” Carol nods slowly, smiling at the young girl. “Good luck with that.” Adele smiles as she makes her way up the stairs of the Lockwood house.

After banging on the door doesn’t work and she calls out his name and getting no response she swung the door open and sighs stepping into the room. She was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but he was leaving her no other choice. She walks slowly up to his bed, her footsteps silent. He’s looking up at her, his blanket pulled up to his shoulders. “Your back…now I’m guessing this is going to start happening every morning again?” Adele smirks down at him. “You know it buddy.” He sighs and turns his head the other way. “Well to bad for you, I’ve enjoyed the peace I get in the morning when you’re not waking me up.”

Adele can tell he was going to choose to be difficult this morning and she wasted no time in grabbing his pillow from under his head and hitting him over the head with it. He let out an “oof” sound before turning his head back to glare at her. “Are you going to get up? I have all morning to slap you around with your own pillow Lockwood.” Tyler pushes himself up into an sitting potion. “I’m up.” He mutters and she smiles before hitting him once more with the pillow knocking him back down. “What was that for?” Adele shrugs. “It was fun.” She places the pillow back on the bed and smiles an innocent smile down at him.

Adele takes a sip of water as she slows down next to Tyler, he glances at her. “You have something to say. I can tell.” Tyler nods slowly turning around and heading back towards the town and out of the woods. Adele falls in step with him. “I just…This is all still so surprising. I mean it feels like you’ve been gone forever…” Adele takes a deep breath. “I know what I did…may have…”

“Hurt people?” Adele nods slowly looking at Tyler. “I just felt like I was suffocating, being here after they died. I know if I stayed I could have gotten through, I had you and Caroline but I’m not exactly sure what happened, everything was falling apart and I was so lost…My parents meant the world to me.” Tyler sighs. “I know, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I just had to know…” She smiles sadly at him. “Pain is a weakness Ty...”

“I know…That’s one of the many things I adore about you Adele. You’re tough; I don’t see how you do it. You were so strong after their death.” Adele swallows thickly. “I was broken…I wasn’t trying to be strong, I had no strength…I was tired, I was emotionally and physically tired. I just needed time to cope with everything without someone coming up to me every day and telling me how sorry they were for my loss or how great of people my parents were because I already knew amazing my parents were and I didn’t want their pity.”

After rushing home, taking a shower and getting ready for the school day Caroline is waiting for her in the parking lot of the school as she parks her 1969 slick black Mustang in the spot she found in the front of the school. As she steps up to Caroline she spots the small yellow Volkswagen Beetle that was stopped not too far away out of the corner of her eye. The girl who owns the car (Adele thinks her name is Andria) steps out her eyes locking on Adele and Adele raises an eyebrow as she turns to the girl. “That is my spot.”

Adele sighs softly glancing back at Caroline who shrugs. “Be nice.” Caroline mouths but Adele was already turned back. “Let me go all cliché on you for a moment, does it have your name on it? Does the spot pacifically say “This spot belongs to the bitch with the ugly yellow bug?” No…? What a damn shock.” The girl’s glare wasn’t nearly as intimidating as she might have thought it was as she’s walking towards Adele’s Mustang. “What do you think you’re doing? Step away from the car before someone and I do mean you gets hurt.” The girl held up a shiny silver key and Adele frowns looking at Caroline. “You move this metal death trap of a car or I ruin the shiny new paint job.”

Adele takes a step forward holding up a hand. “You ruin the shiny new paint job and I’ll ruin your shiny new nose job, you know no matter how much plastic surgery you get, you’re always going to be an ugly person, I put more money into that car then anyone would be willing to pay to be seen with you. Step away from the car before I bash your face into the windshield of your bug, your choice.” Caroline steps forward as Adele takes another step towards the girl. “Andrea just put down the key. The spot doesn’t belong to you; go find another spot to park there’s tons.”

Andrea glances at Caroline. “Put the key down or you’re off the squad.” Caroline threatens and part of her is hoping she doesn’t listen because having her on the squad wasn’t the highlight of anyone’s day but Caroline wasn’t willing to see exactly how bad this situation could get before Adele did something drastic and knowing Adele’s temper towards her most price possession it wouldn’t take much to set her off.

Andrea slowly lowers the key and gives them both a solid death glare before going back to her bug and driving off. Caroline turns to Adele and Adele glances at her. “Are you like mad at the world or something?” Adele shakes her head. “I’m perfectly clam.”

“You are extremely clam but you extremely clam in a situation like that is never good. I know how you are about your car Adele but don’t you think that was a little…much?” Adele rolls her blue eyes. “No, I don’t think it was a little much. Building that car from the ground up was not easy to do, it took me longer to get under the damn hood of that car then it takes for a guy to get in that girls pants and she has the balls to step up and threaten to key my car? Didn’t I like break her older sister’s nose last year shouldn’t that have told her to back off? I know I’ve gone soft in my old age but I haven’t gone that soft. You don’t miss with a girl’s car, that’s just something you don’t do.”

Caroline let out a high pitch laugh as she tilts her head back to look up at the sky. “You…soft? That’s a joke; you do realize you can be the meanest person in town right? You broke her older sister’s nose for flirting with Mikey at the beginning of last year.” Adele sighs. “I’m not mean, I’m truthful, and I don’t take shit from people with yellow cars that look like bugs and she deserved that, she was rubbing her greasy hands all over him and he was mine.” Caroline just gives her a look as they make it into the school.

Adele was half paying attention when she noticed a couple of girls from the cheerleading squad following them as Caroline proceeded to explain to them about the Sexy Suds Car Wash. Adele catches most of her explanation but loses focus as she spots Elena and Stefan. Caroline spots them a few second later before grabbing a hold of Adele’s wrist. “Where are we going? You know I don’t like being dragged.” Caroline shots her a look. “We’re going to talk to Stefan; I want to know where Damon is.” Adele nods. “Right…sexy ex-boyfriend dude; got it.” And she wasn’t lying; the guy was pretty sexy from what she saw. Caroline smiles slightly. “Boyfriend once he apologizes.” Adele can only smile sadly towards her as she knows Damon wasn’t going to be apologizing to anyone.

“Stefan…” Stefan’s green eyes glance between them as they stop. “Where’s Damon? He has some serious apologizing to do.” Adele meets Stefan’s gaze for a second before he turns to Caroline. “He’s gone Caroline.” Hurt crosses Caroline’s face for a split second before she smiles weakly. “When is he coming back?” But even before she asks, she knows. “He’s not coming back…I’m sorry.” It was a sorry with almost no feeling behind it and Caroline nods slowly as she watches him walk away before her eyes focus on the now very interesting lockers a head of her.

Elena places a comforting hand on Caroline’s shoulder a small smile on her face that makes Adele want to slap her. “This is a good thing…Caroline.” Adele frowns at Elena. “You have to be kidding me.” Elena glances at her. “Adele don’t, Damon was a bad person.” Adele nods. “Maybe so but Caroline likes him, or did like him. Telling her that him being gone is a good thing is not going to comfort her in anyway what so ever. At this very moment him being gone is only good in your mind…it’s only good for you.” And the rest of the town.

Gripping Caroline’s hand she turns towards the direction of their first class and leaves Elena watching after them. “I say….romantic comedies and ice cream tonight?” Caroline looks over to Adele and nods. “Okay…” A slow smile spreads on her face. “Yeah…My house, tonight.

Adele’s eyes scan over the back side of the DVD case in her hand as Caroline is messing around with her make up. It had been a long time since the two of them had a night like this. It was a tradition of there’s ever since Caroline’s first break up. They would rent a whole stack of Romantic Comedies, get a few things of Ice Cream and spend the night coped up in Caroline or Adele’s room doing nothing but watching the movies, eating ice cream and talking.

They had done it for Adele as well (Tyler had also joined them), when she went through her first bad break up with her boyfriend, the guy she dated all through high school up until last year when she broke up with him on a whim in the middle of the year. Sometimes she wonders why she broke up with him.

“I’m serious Adele…no one piece. Do not do the one piece, were going for stripper pole vibe this year.” Adele turns her blue eyes towards her a smirk forming on her lips. “Yes and maybe we can wash the cars in slow motion.” Caroline freezes her eyes widening slightly. “I was kidding Caroline.” Caroline laughs lightly. “Of course, I know that. It was just a thought.”

“A bad one.” Adele mutters as Caroline walks up to the mirror. Adele watches slightly as Caroline stops laughing and turns to stare at the very back corner of her room. Adele turns towards the corner before looking back up at Caroline. “Something wrong?” Caroline shakes her head slowly. “No…I just thought I saw something.”

“Freak…” Adele mutters and shirks holding up a pillow, the brush that was hurdling towards her hitting it before landing on the bed with a soft thud. Adele peeks out from behind the pillow at Caroline who is smirking.

Adele looks over as a crow lands on the window seal of Caroline’s open window. “What the hell?” She asks and Caroline looks almost frightened. Adele stands from the bed still gripping the pillow. She thrust the pillow at the crow knocking it back a step. “Shoo.” The crow doesn’t move staring up at her with black eyes and she hits it off the window seal lightly watching as it flies into the darkness. Turning back to Caroline she hugs the pillow to her chest a smile wide on her face. “All better.” She mutters and Caroline fails to hold back her giggles. “You look so childish.”

It was warm out, not so warm that it was uncomfortable, but there was a slight breeze that made her straight blonde locks fall behind her shoulders as she walks towards the ongoing car wash. She was just a tad bit late arriving but she’s here which is what Caroline will really care about.

She freezes and her hands fly in the air, her eyes are wide and she doesn’t dare move. “Take it off.” Adele glances behind Tyler and Caroline smiles at her. Adele glances down at the hose in Tyler’s hands before looking up at him. “Tyler…” Tyler shakes his head. “Take it off or I will soak you.” Adele glances around her for any sort of help but see’s nothing but smirking faces as people gather. “We can be reasonable here Ty…”

“No…we can’t. You either strip or go home with wet clothes.” Adele’s blue eyes narrowed at him. “You’ve been planning this ever since you realized I would be here, haven’t you?” The smirk that forms on Tyler’s face says it all and Adele nods slowly, she waves an arm in the air and Tyler tilts his head slightly in confusion. “This is my imaginary white flag.” Tyler laughs as she sighs.

She can hear cheers and clapping as she slowly lifts her Pink Floyd top over her head and wiggles her shorts down her legs. Once the clothes are off, she hands them to Caroline before shirking as cold water hits her. Tyler throws the hose to the side before a hand covers his mouth and Caroline snickers. “I am so sorry…it slipped.”

She whips at the water on her face nodding. “It’s okay…it’s not like that shit was cold or anything!” She shirks and Tyler is laughing. “I’ll get you back for that…you just wait!”

She was sprawled out on the hood of her car about a half an hour later, her hands resting flat on the hood and her eyes closed, her IPod was on full volume and she could feel the heat of about 3 pairs of eyes on her but chose to ignore them. Caroline had come to her telling her to go get her car park it at the beginning of the car wash and tan on the hood of it. Adele had thought the idea was ridicules and at first she refused but Caroline had explained to her that it would quite possibly attract more males to the car wash if they saw how attractive the females that were washing the cars were, again Adele had refused telling Caroline that she had self-respect and morals. After 5 more minutes of auguring Caroline had offered her 40 bucks and promised to get a guy out there as well which on top of being able to maintain her tan she agreed. She figured she could drown out the noise and ignore the stares for an hour or two.

It wasn’t till she looked over and noticed Stefan washing a car alone that she hopped off the hood and walked away from her post. Walking up to Stefan he looks up for a second as she grabs a rag. “Won’t Caroline be mad if she sees you’ve left your post?” Adele throws him a lazy smirk as she begins to wipe down the car. “Caroline doesn’t control me, she might control the rest of society but she knows better with me.” Stefan gives her a small smile. “How did she get you up there then?”

“40 bucks and Kyle on the car on the other side plus it takes work to have a tan like this, winters coming and what am I supposed to do then?” Stefan laughs lightly as he looks over to the blonde on the other side. “So I’m sure my sister has said some interesting things about me.” Stefan sighs. “She’s just upset.” Adele’s eyes sharpened as she looks up at him and he stops what he’s about to say. “Don’t defend her. I know you’re her boyfriend and everything but we all have our reasons for doing what we do. She’s not little miss I can do nothing wrong.” Stefan nods. “I get it.”

She sighs as she stands up straight from leaning over the car. She slowly makes her way to the other side to stand in front of Stefan as she glances around them carefully. “Where exactly is Damon?” Stefan casts her a glance as he continues to dry off the car. “I already told you. He left.” Adele nods leaning back on the car, something about his glances towards her and the uncomfortable edge to his voice gave Adele the impression he was lying, other than that there was no evidence that he wasn’t telling the truth and Damon had simply up and left Mystic Falls.

“I’m not going to play this game with you Stefan. I’ll just cut to the chase. I know what you are.” Stefan’s whole form tensed. His back straightens as he turns to look at her. She arches an eyebrow at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She laughs throwing her head back for a moment. The laugh was forced Stefan could tell. “The way you tensed says otherwise. Your football star cover isn’t going to help you here Salvatore.”

Stefan was caught and he had a feeling there was no way he was going to get around this. “How did you find out?” She sighs pushing off the car to turn to him. “Besides the fact that the Salvatore brothers should have died in 1864…I watched your hand heal at the football game, you weren’t effected by Tyler’s punch, and to top it all off…your brother tried to compel me not to follow him as he dragged my best friend off. I’m not going to tell anyone if that’s what this conversion is going to get at but my sister isn’t stupid, she’ll figure it out soon.”

He nods. “I know that, I’m trying to delay it.” He pauses as he study’s her. “How did you know we exist in the first place?” That was a thought that never crossed her mind, not till now that was and she feels a wave of dizziness overcome her as she thinks about it. It’s almost too much and she places a hand on the car to steady herself as she feels her knees go week. Stefan catches her arm, a look of concern crosses his face as he notices the flush of her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” She blinks as her eyes don’t seem to want to focus on anything. She nods. “I’m fine…I got to go…find Tyler.” As she stumbles off Stefan has half a thought to go after her to make sure she finds him okay but thinks better of it.

She finds Tyler at the other end of the car wash and he frowns as she walks up. “You look sick…are you okay?” She nods. “I’m just a bit dizzy…I’m going to head home. I’ll talk to you later.” He doesn’t have a chance to say anything before she’s walking away and he’s just a bit too stunned to go after her.

As she makes it slowly up the stairs another wave of dizziness washes over it, and her stomach turns, she makes it to her bathroom slamming the door behind her.

Slowly she lays down on her bed a cold wash cloth across her forehead. She suddenly feels like she’s forgetting something, something very important…something very important to her.

Running a hand down her face she picks up her phone and sends a quick text to Tyler asking if he could pick up some medicine for her because it would be too easy for her to have any on hand. As she waited for a reply she starting to wonder where exactly Caroline was, when she was leaving she noticed Caroline nowhere in sight and that just wasn’t like her, because Caroline was in charge and when Caroline was in charge Caroline was on top of everyone and everything. She was a bit worried on top of all the other feelings running through her right now. She jumps as the bed vibrates beside her and she reaches for her phone.

Of course, I’ll pick some up and bring it by right now. I’ll see you soon.

She smiles softly. Tyler might be an ass most of the time but he had his moments and she was glad most of those moments were directed at her. After a few minutes of lying there she starts wondering how long it would take her sister to realize that her perfect boyfriend was a vampire. Elena was a smart girl Adele was sure it wouldn’t take her too long to figure it out. She would give Elena to the end of tonight or by late tomorrow to figure it out. She also wonders where Stefan had hid Damon before her thoughts shifted back to Caroline and where she had disappeared to. All this thinking was starting to give her a head ache and she closes her eyes sighing. This night couldn’t get any worse.

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