Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 10: Askin' All Them Questions 2

Alicia: Hi everybody and welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire! How's everyone?

Everybody but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: I'm good. Enough chit chat! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays Trumpet Lights by Chris Brown)

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: What in the world is that song?

Alicia and Alexis: Trumpet Lights by Chris Brown.

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Alicia: Our first questions comes to us from NamelessDemonamong and says:

Hey I'm backs, and I hope you had a good christmas.! I gotz meh dares!

Sebastian: can you strip for the sebby fans here?

Ciel: who would you marry: Lizzie or me?

Undertaker: can you show what's under those sexy bangs of yours ;)

Everyone: who is your LEAST favorite person? Only pick one now!

That's all thank you and have a good day!

Sebastian: As you wish. (strips for the Sebby fans) Is this what you wanted?

Grell: (passes out)

Alicia: (epic nosebleed) Yes...One hell of a sexy butler, you are indeed.

Sebastian: (kisses Alicia on the lips) Yes, I am, Alicia.

Alicia: (kisses back) True dat.

Ciel: I would marry you. Lizzie is more crazy...

Undertaker: It's a secret.

Alicia, Sebastian, Alexis, Ciel and Alois: Claude.

Claude: Alois.

William: Grell.

Undertaker: Grell.

Ronald: Grell.

Everybody Else: I don't know.

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from AnimeFreaksAreBetter and it states:

Don't have many questions.. I'm already starting to hallucinate from staying up all night...

Alois: :D Can I spend a whole day with you?

Ciel: Would you rather: Be nice to Alois for a week OR Spend a week with Grell?

Sebastian: Same as Ciel, but with Claude instead of Alois.

Alicia&Alexis: Song recommendations?

Lizzy: Which is better: Neon Orange or Neon Blue?

Alois: Sure.

Ciel: Neither.

Sebastian: Neither.

Alicia and Alexis: Love More, Don't Think They Know, Kiss Kiss, Turn Up the Music, Till I Die, Look at Me Now, Wall to Wall- Chris Brown feat. Nicki Minaj, T-Pain, Aaliyah, Lil Wanye and Busta Rhymes ; 1 Thing- Amerie; Freakum Dress, Upgrade U, Grown Woman, Video Phone- Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga; Higher Ground, Goooo, Easy Easy - TNGHT; Dope - Tyga feat. Rick Ross: Can't Be Friends - Trey Songz; International Party - Swizz Beatz feat. Alicia Keys

Lizzy: Neon Blue.

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from pinkjhaynaiza and says:

Hahaha Ciel and Alois really do look adorable in their new clothes...

Ok here are my questions...

Undertaker: Choose Bloodbath or Serene death...

Ciel,Alois and Claue: Your opinion on what Undertaker choose.

Alexis and Alicia: What can you say about the gender-bent version of Sebastian I mean " Sebina " and Ciel whose name is still the same.

Sebastian: I just really want to say I really admire your looks and cooking so here's my question... What's the hardest or most complicated dish you've cooked and can I have some :3

Bye I'll see ya later!

Undertaker: Serene death.

Ciel, Alois, and Claude: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: We have nothing to say at the moment.

Sebastian: Probably curry balls. You may have some. (hands her some curry balls)

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Akatsukisluv and states:


1. Claude!...I fucking hate you...How does that make you feel?

2. Ciel...*stares*

3. Alois darling you are my fav character, and I think you make a much better looking girl than Ciel!

Claude: Do I look like I give a fuck?

Ciel: (stares back)

Alois: Why thank you!

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from I'mNotYourAverageItalianChick and says:

Sebastian: Can i have your children

Claude: Go bath in holly water! NO LIKES YOU!

Ciel: what are some ups and downs about being a demon

Alois: why do cry so much in season 2

Mey-rin: why are you so clumsy when you're a trained assassin?

thats all for now...

Sebastian: No.

Claude: Do I care?

Ciel: I forgot.

Alois: Because I hate being alone.

Mey-Rin: These glasses.

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from Blackitten13 and it says:

Alright, this is my first time asking questions so I'm sorry if they're a little odd.

Alicia and Alexis: if you could play matchmaker for everyone, who would you put together?

Lizzy: what would you do if you found Sebastian and Ciel in a compromising position?

Ciel: can I attack Claude for creeping on you, and if so then are there any restrictions?

Thank you for listening to my questions and updating the story!


Alicia and Alexis: Sebastian and Alicia and Ciel and Alexis. Everybody else can pick for theirselves.

Lizzy: Kill the both of them.

Ciel: Yes you may.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji! All rights goes to the owner! This is chapter 10 of "Questionnaire: Black Butler Style". I will have chapter 11 by next week. Also check out my stories "Romance at the Phantomhive Manor, Old Friends, and Secret Meetings", "Waking Up In The World Of Rozen Maiden", "Alicia and Alexis In Wonderland","Questionnaire for Kuroshitsuji and Rozen Maiden", and "Truths or Dares of Rozen Maiden". And check the poll on my bio and vote! And my new stories for Baka and Test called "Baka and Test Questionnaire", Vampire Knight, Diabolik Lovers and D. Gray-Man called "Questionnaire and Truth or Dare with D. Gray-Man!" will be out soon! Bye! ~MsAliciaSimoneMichaelis

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