Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 12: Askin' All Them Questions 4

Alicia: Hi everybody and welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire! How's everyone?

Everybody but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: I'm good. Enough chit chat! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays to the beginning by Kalafina)

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: What in the world is that song?

Alicia and Alexis: to the beginning by Kalafina.

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Alicia: Our first questions comes to us from NamelessDemonamong and says:

Hey I gotz some dares! I'm liking the story!Ciel: which one do you like better? Alicia or Alexis?Sebastian: what would happen if you woke up one day as a human?Grell: can you please hump Sebastian?alois:are you truly loved?Byezz

Ciel: Alexis.

Sebastian: Go over to Alicia's house and get wasted.

Grell: Yes!

Alicia: Grell, touch my man and you going to motherfucking hell!

Grell: Bitch, Sebastian ain't yo man!

Alicia: (takes off her earrings) You wanna fight bitch?

Grell: Hell yeah! Stay the hell away from my man!

(Alicia and Grell started fighting over Sebastian by punching and kicking each other along with some of Grell's hair getting cut.)

Alicia: (sits back down next to Sebastian) Grell, I win.

Grell: Damn...(weak from getting beat up by Alicia)

Alois: No I'm not.

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Akatsukisluv and it states:

Aloi: THanks! *slaps claude and giggles*

Claude: You're a horrible person...

Sebastian: What would you do if you saw Grell waiting for you naked in your bedroom?

Alois: Not at all my lady.

Claude: (gets slapped) What the fuck?!

Sebastian: I would have him go directly to the Trancy Manor.

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from lmncake and says:

I loved this chapter so much! Even though it was short... but still good! Ok... It's question time...Sebastian: Would you kill yourself if Ciel told you to?Ciel: Would you rather have Sebastian kill a cat, or a dog?Alois: What would you do, if you found out that it was actually Claude who killed Luka?Claude:... Even though I hate you... ehh... not much but... Do you think that people should be at least a bit nicer to you?Lizzie: What would you do is you found out Ciel left you for me?Hope you guys use my questions! :)

Sebastian: Yes. I obey my Young Master's orders.

Ciel: A dog.

Alois: Have him live on the moon.

Claude: I don't care.

Lizzy: Kill Ciel. (Kill Bill music playing)

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Blackitten13 and it states:

Authors: did you know they green lighted a new season for kuroshitsuji, it's supposed to be base on the MangaSebastian&Ciel: when was you're first kiss, you can't no comment for this oneClaude: how would you feel if I killed your spidersAlois: can I have a hugCiel: (if you've read chapter 89 of Kuroshitsuji) are you okay, are you in any pain, I hope you're okay

Alicia and Alexis: Yes we do!

Sebastian & Ciel: We can't remember.

Claude: I don't care.

Alois: Sure. (Hugs)

Ciel: I'm fine.

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from Sparky (Guest) and says:

Lol this is funny XD ciel and alois look absolutely adorable *takes picture*Claude: why are you such a pervert? Why do you think spiders are cute? They're grossSebastian: what's the best part of being a demon? Your so damn sexy XD *faints*Ciel: your so cute! *pinches cheek*Alois: can I hug you? Can I help you not be lonely? ;)Undertaker: why won't you let us see what's under your bangs?

Claude: Reason I'm a pervert is because I want Ciel Phanthomhive all for myself. Because spiders rules!

Sebastian: I get to eat souls.

Ciel: Why thank you.

Alois: Sure and yes.

Undertaker: It's a secret.

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from Namine Zenitram and it says:

here are my questions/'s long.Alicia & Alexis: I thought this would be stupid but it's funny as hell, great job and you'll be rewarded shortly ;)Lizzy: you are so bad ass in the manga! Dose it upset you that they didn't show your Sword fighting skills in the anime?Alois: -glomps- I'm so sorry Claude did that to you! And everyone should stop picking on you :(Ceil: can you and Sebastian hang out with me for a day? And ask Alexis for her hand in marrage (sorry Lizzy)Sebastian: can you ask Alicia and Ceil for their hand in marriage?Undertaker: (fan girls) I Love You! -glomps- marry me!Claude: do the world a favor and die alreadyMey-Rin: can I have a shot gun?Finny: -glomps- I Adopted you as my little brother...wait how old are you?

Alicia and Alexis: Why thank you.

Lizzy: A little.

Alois: I agree with you!

Ciel: Yes. (Walks over to Alexis and gets on one knee) Alexis, may I have your hand in marriage?

Alexis: Yes you may.

Ciel: (goes back to his seat)

Sebastian: (has Alicia and Ciel stand up) Young Master and Alicia, may I have your hands in marriage?

Ciel: (sits down) No!

Alicia: Yes you may.

Undertaker: Maybe another time.

Claude: I can't die.

Mey-Rin: Sure (hands a shotgun to Namine)

Finny: 22.

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