Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 14: Askin' All Them Questions 6

Alicia: Hi everybody and welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire! How's everyone?

Everybody but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: I'm good. Enough chit chat! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays Fiesta by +Plus)

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: What in the world is that song?

Alicia and Alexis: Fiesta by +Plus.

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Alicia: Our first questions comes to us from Akatsukisluv and says:

CLaude: Nothing! I just get off on abusing you ! :DSebastian: Can you give me a number of how many?

Claude: What the hell?!

Sebastian: 6.

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from inukag94 and it states:

Ok so I really like this story.

Authors:what is your favorite song?

Ciel: will you sing the authors favorite song while wearing a kitten outfit?

Sebastian: will you PLEASE kiss me on my lips passionately, and eat my sisters soul?


Alois: hey hon I'm sorry that Lila was killed I know what it's like to lose someone close to ya. So if you don't mind I wanna adopt you as my little brother, just as long as you stop being mean, OK?

Alicia and Alexis: Dark Horse by Katy Perry and Juicy J.

Ciel: Why would I do that?!

Sebastian: No and no.

Claude: (Emo corner)

Alois: I will never stop being mean.

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from SEBBYFANTODAMAX (Guest) and says:

Grell: here ya go *hands a napkin with Sebastian's saliva on it(don't you DARE ask how I got that!)Alois and ciel: ok I remember now! I've always thought of you and ciel as maybe hidden siblings? Your thoughts please.Sebastain: *stares at you grinning*

Grell: (fangirls)

Alois and Ciel: Hell no!

Sebastian: (winks)

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Sebbysgirl (Guest) and it states:

Grell: *smiles* glad your happyLizzie: how did it feel when you saw ceil smile after so long?Finny: your amazing!Sebastian:ok that's good to know.. Also... (This is really weird... But my friend wanted me to ask) have you ever ..*awkwardly coughs* ya know.. *blushes and hides behind grell*

Grell: (fangirl mode)

Lizzy: Like I want to kill him.

Finny: Thank you.

Sebastian: No.

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from RenaPhantomhiveOswin and it says:

This is amazing I am a fan of the anime and I have one question for everyone!My question: can I visit the manor sometime?My second question(yes I know I lied): will you do a truth or dare round?

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: No! And for the second question, no!

Alicia and Alexis: Yes, you will.

Everybody else but Alicia and Alexis: Why?!

Alicia: Because.

Alexis: It's fun!

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji! All rights goes to the owner! This is chapter 14 of "Questionnaire: Black Butler Style". I will have chapter 15 by tomorrow. Also check out my stories "Romance at the Phantomhive Manor, Old Friends, and Secret Meetings" and "Alicia and Alexis In Wonderland". Bye! ~MsAliciaSimoneMichaelis

P.S.- Send in your questions! Ask me or Alexis some questions! Me and Alexis would love to hear from you guys!

A/N: Chapter 15 will be a truth or dare chapter so send in your truths or dares to everybody on the panel including myself and Alexis!

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