Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 20: Special 1

Alicia: Hi everybody and welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire! How's everyone?

Everybody but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: I'm good. Enough chit chat! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays Monokuma Ondo (Monokuma Song) Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation OP 2 (Episode 4) - Kobayashi Sachiko feat. Monokuma (CV: Ooyama Nobuyo))

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: What in the world is that song?

Alicia and Alexis: Monokuma Ondo (Monokuma Song) Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation OP 2 (Episode 4) - Kobayashi Sachiko feat. Monokuma (CV: Ooyama Nobuyo)

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Everybody but Alexis: What is your sister doing?

Alexis: Acting like Monokuma from Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation.

Alicia: Upupupupupupupupu...

Alicia: Our first questions comes to us from BlackButlerFan13 and says:

Hey, it's Lydia again! Thanks for posting my dares once again! And also, April 26 is my 14th birthday. YAY!Sebastian: Sorry about the dare I gave you last time! I heard my little sister pounced from behind while you weren't looking. Did she really hurt your back that bad? And sorry about the other two also. And luckily today, I don't have to deal with them because I tied them all up and locked them in the closet. Question: Can you sing the birthday song for me, just once because it is my birthday. Dare: I dare you to do The Wheel of Death, which involves a person attached to moving wheel while you throw knives at them. And luckily, the victim who you throw knives at is Grell. Oh, and after that, you have to saw Claude in half. And wear the outfit you wore at the Noah's Ark Circus. And you should dress up as Izaya Onihara from Durara! Thanks!

Ciel: I don't have a question for you this time so I'm going to dare now. I dare you to go on a date with my best friend Ashley. She will be wearing a blue sapphire dress and a headband with a blue rose. After your date, I want you to play William Tell with Alois. And Alois has to be the one you shoot. And you should dress up as Aoba Kuronuma. Thanks!Lau: I told you specifically not grope me. *kicks Lau's ass and bitch slaps him 100,000,000 times* So I dare you to switch roles with Ran Mao. Ran Mao, go wild with him because now he's the uke. And Lau should dress up Mikado Ryugamine from Durara! While Ran Mao gets to cosplay as Celty Sturleson. Also, I forgot to mention in the dare that you both have to switch clothes in the dare. Thanks!

Finny: Thank god you didn't do the dare! I dare you to hang out with my friend Julio for an entire day. Yes, I know it sounds gays and he does too but he says he isn't( yes, he is). Just be careful because he's heavier than you and also is a huge Finny fan. And don't be suprised if he asks you if you're going to finish your lunch because he does that, ALOT. And you should dress up as Shizuo Hewajima, he has super strength too but also a bad . I love you Finny!

Grell: Forgive me for my last dare. Sorry about Marylou and Brianna beating you up for making a move on them. But I specifically told you not to make a move on them, their very protective of each other. And I can refer you to a specialist for your injuries because I heard they hurt your back really bad but I did tell you that they both weigh more than you. This dare comes from my friend Kenny, he dares you to play the knife game and you have to sing the song too. And you should dress up as Saki Mikajima from Durara!Thanks!;)

William: Question: Can I still date Ronald even though I'm 14? And how old do you have to be to get married in the Shinigami Realm? Not that I'm thinking about getting married, I don't want get married until I'm at least 22. I dare you to give Ronald and Finny the talk. And I mean the sex talk. Also, Grell tainted your coffee with her blood! And she also tainted the cherry jello that Sebastian made for everybody. She told me earlier after I ate 2 bowls of jello. I hate to sound like an anorexic, but if everyone wants to live. Stick your fingers down your throat and throw up! I may never be able to eat jello again! And you should dress up as Shinra Kishitani from Durara! I pick him for you because he wears glasses so that way you don't have to take off your glasses. Thanks!

Ronald: Thank you for letting be your girlfriend! Question: Have you ever seen your date get ready and she asks you if her outfit makes her look, you know. If you don't, Alicia and Alexis explain it. Dare: I dare you to let me feed you this cupcake and let me lick the frosting off your lips or let me feed you grapes one by one. You can pick both if you want, it's your choice, sweetface. Thanks. And you should dress up as Masaomi Kida from Durara! And I'll dress up as Anri Sonohara from Durara! Thanks!

Lizzie: My friend Ashley is mad at you for calling Ciel a prick. And I apologize for my last:'( But this dare comes from my friend Ashley, she dares you to get knocked up by Justin Beiber. Sorry, and you shouls dress up as Mika Harima from Durara! And don't worry, her outfit is cute.

Undertaker: Question: What is the thing that scares you the most? I dare you to take my friend Danielle on a date. She will be wearing a black corset dress, boots like yours, and a headband with a black rose. And can you hit Lau with your death scythe?

Claude: I dare you to have sex with Grell and knock her up in the process. And yes you can knock her because I slipped a gender changing potion in her drink earlier that I got from Undertaker. Grell, if you didn't see the effects, you're a fakku baka( translation: fuckin' idiot). And when the time comes to deliver, William gets chose whether or not to give her the epidural. Everyone but Claude and Alois, RUN and listen to music! And you should dress up as Seiji Yagari from Durara! Thanks!

Alois: This dare comes from my friend Gabriel. He dares you to give him a lap dance wearing a purple speedo and call him Bret Kwonda. Then, you and Ciel have to give my friend Ashley a lap dance, and Ciel has to wear a blue speedo and you wear the same purple speedo. If you do the dare, Gabriel and Claude will give you both lap dances in matching black speedos. And Ashley will also give you and Ciel a lap dance in a blue stripper dress. And you should dress up as Walker Yumasaki from Durara! Thanks!

Pluto: *glomps Pluto* You're so adorable! * gives Pluto a dog biscuit and a kiss on the cheek*

Alicia and Alexis: Thanks for posting my dares, you two are awesome! I dare you to let me a permanent character on the show on the questionaire and to let me be your assistant. Also, do you think I can talk a little on the questionaire. And, you two will like this, dress up as Mairu and Kururi Onihara from Durara! Their both twins on the show so you'll like that costume idea. Thanks;)

Also, I need everybody's opinion on this. My little sister grabbed me from behind in a headlock, then pinned to the bed and stuck her sock in my mouth. Everyone please tell what you think about this and whether or not kick her ass. Thanks!Please update soon!Sincerely, Lydia;)

Everybody but Alicia: Happy Late Birthday! (mumbles) Alicia was busy doing secret shit...

Sebastian: They just hurt my pride. (starts singing) Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, my dear Lydia. Happy Birthday to you. (Kisses Lydia's hand)

Lydia: THANK YOU BASSY! (fangirls)

Grell: (is put on the Wheel of Death) WHAT THE HELL?!

Sebastian: (comes out in his outfit from the Noah's Ark Circus arc of the manga) Hello, Grell. (smirks and throws knifes at him)

Alicia: (Thinking) DAT ASS...

Grell: NO!

Sebastian: (Saws Claude in half)

Claude: The fuck?!

Sebastian: (comes out dressed as Izaya Onihara)

Alicia: (thinks) DAT ASS...IS MINE!

Ciel: (goes on said date with Ashley and plays William Tell with Alois)

Alois: That hurt! T.T

Ciel: (now dressed as Aoba Kuronuma)

Lau: Ow...

Everybody but Lau and Ran Mao: (laughs) You guys gotta have sex...XD

Ran-Mao and Lau: (goes backstage into the lemon room and timeskips; comes out with Ran-Mao as Celty Sturleson and Lau as Mikado Ryugamine)

Finny: (hangs out with Julio for a day and is now dressed as Shizuo Hewajima0

Grell: I'm fine...(starts singing and playing the Knife Song'stabs his finger on the second go around and is currently dressed as Saki Mikajiama)

William: Yes, you can. (gives Ronald and Finny the sex talk)

Everybody but Alicia, Alexis, and Lydia: (throws up)

Lydia: Good grief...

Alicia and Alexis: Got that right.

William: (now dressed as Shinra Kishitani)

Ronald: Yes. Feed me grapes.

Lydia: (feeds Ronald grapes one by one while dressed as Anri Sonohara)

Ronald: (dressed as Masaomi Kida) Thanks babe!

Lydia: Welcome, honey.

Lizzy: HELL TO THE NAW! (dressed as Mika Harima)

Undertaker: Nothing really. (takes Danielle out on a date' comes back and hits Lau with his death sytche)

Lau: Ow!

Claude: Nope.

Everybody else but Claude and Alois: (runs around and listen to Wiggle by Jason Derulo; starts singing) You know what to do with that big fat butt

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggleWiggle, wiggle, wiggleWiggle, wiggle, wiggleJust a little bit of... swing

Patty cake, Patty cakeWith no handsGot me in this club making wedding plansIf I take pictures while you do your danceI can make you famous on Instagram

Hot damn itYour booty like two planetsGo head, and go ham sammichWhoa, I can't stand it

'Cause you know what to do with that big fat butt

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggleWiggle, wiggle, wiggleWiggle, wiggle, wiggleJust a little bit of... swing

Cadillac, Cadillac, pop that trunkLet's take a shotAlley oops that dunkTired of working that 9 to 5Oh baby let me come and change your life

Hot damn itYour booty like two planetsGo head, and go ham sammichWhoa, I can't stand it

'Cause you know what to do with that big fat butt

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggleWiggle, wiggle, wiggle(Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle(Shake it, shake it girl)Just a little bit of(Little bit of, little bit of, little bit of swing!)

Alicia and Alexis: (rapping Snoop Dogg's part) Shake what your mama gave youMisbehave youI just wanna strip you, dip you, flip you, bubble bathe youWhat they doTaste my rain drops, OK booNow what you will and what you want and what you may doCompletely separated,Till I deeply penetrate itThen I take I out, and wipe it offEat it, ate it, love it, hate itOverstated, underrated, everywhere I been canYou wiggle, wiggle for the D, O, double G, again?

Everybody but Alois and Claude:

Come on babyTurn around (turn around, turn around, turn around)You're a star girlTake a bow (take a bow, take a bow, take a bow)It's just one thing that's killing meHow'd you get that in them jeans?

You know what to do with that big fat butt

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle(Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle(Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle(Shake it, shake it girl)Just a little bit of(Little bit of, wiggle wiggle)Wiggle, wiggle

Now make it clapWiggle, wiggle, wiggleNow make it clapWiggle, wiggle, wiggleMake it clap(Baby when you do it like that)Just a little bit ofNow make it clapNo hands baby, make it clap, clap, clap(Like swing)

Damn baby you got a bright future behind you.

Claude: (dresses up as Seiji Yagari)

Alois: Nope. (dresses up as Walker Yumasaki)

Ciel: Wont happen.

Pluto: (barks "You are Welcome" and eats the dog biscuit)

Alexis: Welcome. Actually, give the credit to Alicia. She deserves it.

Alicia: Welcome! And sure!

Lydia: Thank you!

Alicia and Alexis: No problem! (Alicia is dressed as Kururi Onihara and Alexis as Mairu Onihara)

Everybody: KICK HER ASS!

Lydia: Thanks.

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Black Dragon Valkyrie and it says:

*LMAO!'* XD nice responses! And glad that you're happy that you're getting a sister Mey-rin! *hugs maid*Ok questions:Mey-rin: remember when you first meet Prince Soma and he tried to order you to strip? How would you feel if I had your sister bitch slap him for ya? X)Ciel: Sweet! XD *hugs Ciel (even though he's really short compared to my 5'11 height)* warning for everyone: don't underestimate Ciel's older sister! She will freeze ya till the next 7 centuries! And she's either marrying Edward Midford or Baldroy... Still deciding which.Lau: can you and Mei-rou teach me Chinese?Alois: sorry... But I had to say that last time. Though honestly... What's up with the booty shorts? I never understood the reason for them on you or teen girls here where I live.Sebastian: *Scottish/Irish accent kicks in* Hallo laddie! How'd ya feel if ya had to deal with a crazy lassie like me? *smiles*Claude: ... *bitch slaps* perv...William: anyone ever make fun of your glasses? I know what it's like cause I have to deal with it. *fixes glasses*Grell: hey... I got a friend who loves to cosplay as you. And she got proposed to by a Sebastian at a convention and I recorded it. Wanna see the video? IT WAS ADORABLE! XDLizzy: *slowly inches away* you try to put me in a dress or anything pink... You'll probably see why some people are scared of me.Undertaker: can you show me how to make a coffin? And can I try one of those dog biscuits?Prince Soma: dude, you need a chill pill. *holds out bottle*Agni: hi! *hugs* Soma's probably gonna need to take those chill pills once every 20 minutes or so. He's a little too crazy for his own good.

Mey-Rin: DO IT.

Ciel: XD

Everybody: ...

Lau: Not at the moment.

Alois: So we can twerk. (twerks)

Alicia and Alexis: WTF...Alois?!

Sebastian: Well.

Claude: ...

William: Nope.


Lizzy: Ok...

Undertaker: Sure. (Hands Dragon a dog biscuit)

Soma: Ok! (takes a chill pill and chills out)

Agni: Ok. (holds the bottle)

Lydia: Soma and Agni...where did you guys come from?

Agni: The fourth wall.

Lydia: -_-

Alicia and Alexis: ...

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from Lilly- Tyler-In- The- TARDIS and it says:

omg i missed out! *sad face* i need a hug ;-;my questions:ciel: can i give you a giant hug and squeeze you to death because your adorable?...sebastian: what is one thing you have wanted to do to ciel besides take his soul?

grell: can i borrow your chain saw?... i need to go murder- erm.. i mean "gently persuade" someone to die in a holeclaude: have you ever done tap dancing before or after your time on kiroshitsuji?

everyone: i want you all tomake a crcle and tell each other one thing you love about me okay cy ya! (hugs everyone then flies aeway on a magical potato*

Alicia and Alexis: (hugs Lilly)

Ciel: Nope.

Sebastian: Look at his ass.

Grell: Sure! (hands Lilly said chainsaw)

Everyone: Awkward...

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from NamelessDemonamong and it says:

Heyyyy...xD i got some questions!

Ciel: once you've truly lost something you shall never get it back no.once you've truly lost something,it shall remain in your heart for all entirety.

Sebastian: can you smack Claude once and a while?Grell: Be normal? you want to read a book together?

thank you! -NamelessDemonAmong.

Sebastian: (bitch smacks Claude) You get smacked like a bitch!

Alicia and Alexis: WORLDSTAR! XD

Ciel: True...

Grell: Can't

William: Sure.

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from YaoiChikan and it says:

Alois:Thank you!

Bassi: Kiss ciel..noooooooooow!Finn: Will you dress up as a bunny?

Alois: Welcome!

Sebastian: No.

Finny: Sure! (is now dressed as a bunny)

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from Ace-senpai and it says:

Guten Tag, liebt! Here's some easy questions for all of you!

Undertaker: *puts on some stylish guy clothes* Ready to the (bi(sexual)) bar with Gil, Roderich, and me?Grell: You wanna go with us as well?Rest of you guys: Can you try playing the game Osu! on the hardest songs and then join in the bar? And can you guys bring along all the rest of the Hetalia characters as well?

Undertaker: Sure! (follows Ace, Prussia, and Austria to the bar)

Grell: (follows)

Alicia and Alexis: (plays osu! on Hard with the song: They're Taking The Hobbits to Isengard)

Everybody else: (in the club with everybody else from Hetalia and they all TURNT UP)

Alicia and Alexis: TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!? (walks in the club and dances with everybody else)

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji! All rights goes to the owner! This is chapter 20 of "Questionnaire: Black Butler Style". I will have chapter 21 by later this week. Also check out my stories"Alicia and Alexis In Wonderland" and "The College Life of Mutual Killing". Bye! ~Mastermind Enoshima Alicia

P.S.- Send in your questions! Ask me or Alexis some questions! Me and Alexis would love to hear from you guys!

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