Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 21: Randomness Galore!

Alicia: Hi everybody and welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire! How's everyone?

Everybody but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: I'm good. Enough chit chat! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays Look at Me Now - London Future & Djemba Djemba feat. Ifa Sayo)

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: What in the world is that song?

Alicia and Alexis: Look at Me Now - London Future & Djemba Djemba feat. Ifa Sayo

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Everybody but Alexis: What is your sister doing?

Alexis: Acting like Monokuma from Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation.

Alicia: Upupupupupupupupu...

Alicia: Our first questions comes to us from Black Dragon Valkyrie and says:

*laughs* loved the responses! And I think I'm actually have Ciel's sister join me this time. *17-year-old that looks like Elsa from Frozen appears* you wanna ask a few questions?

Girl: ok. I guess the first would be to everyone. Me and my authoress are trying to find a good spot somewhere in the first 2 or 3 episodes to which make my first appearance, cause I want to be there for everything, but not RIGHT at the beginning of episode 1. Anyone got any ideas?

Ciel: hello little brother *hugs* like Elsa I have actual ice powers. Would you have a problem with them? And if you want to know my name, just ask.

Sebastian: *bows* thank you for taking care of my little brother since our parents' demise. I don't believe I could ever thank you enough.

Mey-Rin: *accent switches to Scot/Irish* hallo love! *hugs* you are simply adorable! Can we be friends?

Pluto: awww! *hugs and rubs behind ears* I love dogs!

Finny: *shyly asks* can I have a hug?

Baldroy: heard you were in the war. Is it true you were the only surviver?

Alois: *glares* touch me or my brother... I will not be responsible for my actions... Or your death. And honestly, boots shorts for twerking? Ew... *looks at everyone else* don't you need 'junk in the trunk' for that sort of thing? Cause he ain't got it. *points at Alois*

Claude: *glares at him as well* same threat that went to Alois goes to you.

Soma: *curious* you say ye a prince? Then why did you almost violate my friend? *points to Mey-Rin* (and if it's an answer I don't like, I will slap you, but BE HONEST!)

Agni: how so do you put up with a 17 year old who acts like he's 3?

Grell: lay off Sebastian and William, or my snake demon butlers will get you. (Yes, I have them. And they're twins about Sebastian and Claude's age in appearance.)

William: I know I'm human, but would it be possible to maybe explore and learn about Grim Reapers?

Undertaker: can I help you put dead bodies back together? I'm not squeamish around blood and stuff and have no problems getting down and dirty.

Lau and Ren-Mao: mind teaching both me and my authoress Chinese?

Ciel: (surprised) Uh...not at all.

Sebastian: Welcome?

Mey-Rin: Oh yes! That would be wonderful.

Pluto: (barks and wags his tail)

Finny: Sure! (gently hugs her)

Baldroy: Yeah I was!

Alois: You don't need junk in the trunk for twerking! My ass is natural!

Grell: (snaps his fingers) You gonna need some more ass in order to twerk. Ok?

Claude: -_-

Soma: I didn't! I was flirting with her!

Agni: (shrugs)

Grell: Never!~

Sebastian and William: -_-'

William: Yeah.

Undertaker: Sure, my darling!

Lydia: No more Bizarre Dolls...(sweatdrops)

Lau and Ran-Mao: (shakes their heads)

Alicia: (thinks) We need some fanservice...and fast. And Black Dragon also has something to say to Lizzy...(sweatdrops)

Ok Elisabeth...

(Elsa look alike in background: uh-oh... *to everyone but Lizze*If you value you're life HIDE!)

That comment about the braces was not nice nor appreciated. I may not have to wear braces myself, but many of my friends do and I know that they would be deeply hurt by that comment. So... *backhands* that's what you get. And don't try threading me... For I am called the demon of fear and I can see and expose your worst nightmare... *laughs evilly*

Everybody but Lizzy: (hides)

Lizzy: Whatever, bitch.

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Namine Zenitram and it says:

Hello Again! -coughs- um so idk if this will even show up because of how stupid i was last time -_- oh well hears for trying!

everyone: if you lived in modern times what jobs would you like to have and why?Sebastian: how can i make my fiancé become one hell of a butler? Also my cat Nemu had kittens i'll let you hold them -hands over kittens- their names are Ceil, Umi, Tomo and Emi. (sorry i named one after you ciel he just looks so much like you XD)Ceil: Do you have any artistic bone in your body…you can't seem to sing, dance, play and instrument or paint...Mey-rin: can i get sniper lessons from you?Prince Soma & Agni: switch rolls for the rest of the dayGrell: dance like the smexy bitch you are!Finny: talk threw this plushy bunny from now on -hands him a plushy bunny-Lizzy: sing "do you wanna build a snowman" to ciel.

Sebastian: I would be a butler because you see, I'm simply one hell of a butler.

Ciel: (shrugs)

Grell: A maid because I want to get close to my Sebas-chan!~

William: reason I guess.

Agni and Soma: (shrugs)

Mey-Rin, Lau, Ran-Mao, Finny, and Baldroy: In the circus...

Everybody else but Alicia, Lydia, and Alexis: (shrugs)

Soma and Agni: Like that is ever happening!

Grell: (twerking)

Finny: (talks through bunny plushie) OK!

Mey-Rin: Sure!

Sebastian: Dress like me. (pets cats)

Ciel: Not really.

Lizzy: (sings)

Ciel: -.-'

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from Cheesecake Superstar and it says:

Eeh... questions... lemme think...

Alois: *glomps* You're not alone anymore! I'll never leave you! Claude: Dude, you're a bitch. But, you deserve some love. *hugs*Ciel: Can I have a hug?Grell: *hands you some of Sebby's blood in a vial* Don't ask how I got this. Alexis&Alicia: What has your favourite chapter of this been so far? Um... I think that's it! I love this q&a so far! XD

Alois: (glomps back)

Claude: -_-

Grell: OH YES!~~~~~~ (takes it)

Alexis: Chapters 3, 4, and 5.

Alicia: Chapter 20. XD And thank you. (high fives and glomps Chesecake)

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji! All rights goes to the owner! This is chapter 21 of "Questionnaire: Black Butler Style". I will have chapter 22 by later this week. Also check out my stories"Alicia and Alexis In Wonderland" and "The College Life of Mutual Killing". Bye! ~Mastermind Enoshima Alicia

P.S.- Send in your questions! Ask me or Alexis some questions! Me and Alexis would love to hear from you guys! And I want some fanservice requests! XD

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