Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 22: Randomness Galore PT2

Alicia: Hi everybody and welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire! How's everyone?

Everybody but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: I'm good. Enough chit chat! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays Bayonetta 2 OST - Tomorrow is Mine)

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: What in the world is that song?

Alicia and Alexis: Bayonetta 2 OST - Tomorrow is Mine

Everybody but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Everybody but Alexis: What is your sister doing?

Alexis: Acting like Monokuma from Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei - The Animation.

Alicia: Upupupupupupupupu...And I have an announcement to make: We will be having the Noah's ark Circus come and answer your questions in the next chapter as well as a friend of mine from the video game Bayonetta.

Alicia: Our first questions comes to us from Black Dragon Valkyrie and says:

Elsa-look-alike: hallo again! My authoress is letting me ask the questions again!

Lau and Ran-Mao: aw... Why not?

Ciel: YAY! XD -hugs- you're so adorable! and my name's Rhiannon Phantomhive.

Sebastian: how would you feel about having two snake demons working with you in the manor? -points to two tall blondes that have dark blue eyes-

Mey-rin: x) thank ye love! -goes back to normal British accent- I love doing that accent.

Pluto: -squeals and pets him more- and I promise to play with you a lot!

Finny: -smiles and hugs back, actually picking up the slightly shorter kid- thanks!

Baldroy: oh! Awesome! XD -looks over at table- is that a flamethrower? -looks up excitedly- can I barrow it?

Alois: boys naturally (not counting Grell) have no ass!

Claude: -walks passed and ignores-

Soma: -death glares and temperature in room goes down for a moment- ah-uh. Riiiight. No touchy my friend!

Agni: -shrugs- just curious.

Grell: -smirks- well, it's your death wish!

Undertaker: I was actually gonna ask about the bizarre dolls. Can I ask how you got the idea to create those?

Lydia: don't worry, I won't let him make anymore. I'm just asking.

Ciel: (surprised) Uh...not at all.

Lau: We're lazy.

Sebastian: As long as they don't go near my cats...

Mey-Rin: (smiles)

Pluto: (barks)

Finny: You're welcome!

Bardroy: Sure.

Alois: What do you mean by-

Alicia: Your ass is a square, Trancy.

Alois: Hey! My ass is not square!

Claude: (death glares)

Soma: Why not?

Agni: Alright then.

Grell: What death wish?

Undertaker: Let's see... I put fake memories into the people that died. That's all I remember.

Lydia: Good.

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from i-saw-it-first and it says:

idk if you're even doing this still but here yah are xD: For Ronald, do you like your nickname 'Foxy Knoxy', would you take me for a ride on your lawnmower and what pick up line would you use on me?;) ps, your hair is amazing cxFor Grell, do you get a period?!For Claude, have you ever considered not being a creepy weirdo?For Bassy darling, if Grell were actually a woman and a little less... creepy, would you date her?Undertaker, please can I work with you?! I'm grat at making bodies beautiful again, and I know great jokes and how to make bone biscuits, also will you pretty please build me a coffin? c;Sebby bby, pwetty please come to my house and see my kitties, I have 2 black, 2 tortoise shell, and 1 siamese who would love you c;Claude, I keep finding spiders in my room, is this your way of stalking me? I remind you that I am terrified of spiders, you lil arachni-bitchGrell, let's go shopping some time?Alois, wanna go stalk Ciel together?Ciel, love you *blws kiss*Awesome writers of fabulous, I love this, it's hilarious xD Please keep going, and can one of you hug Ciel and Sebby for me please? Thanks! *jumps away on a spacehopper*

Ronald: I would love to take you on a ride on my lawnmower! (Smile)

Grell: Maybe...

Claude: Not really.

Sebastian: To answer your first question, no. And to answer your second question, drag me there.

Undertaker: Sure!~

Claude: I love being a stalker.

Grell: OH YES!~~~

Alois: Yes!

Ciel: Hell no. (Blushes)

Alexis: (hugs Sebastian and Ciel) My sister provides the madness. I'm just her co-host, but you can thank Alicia!

Alicia: Thank you!

Alicia: Our next questions comes from Val Guest that says:

Love your story!I have some questions:Ciel: What would you do if one morning you woke up as a cat? You can't no comment this or else I will personally take away your demon powers! (Archangels are really powerful- more than most life or death forms)Lizzy- Can I call you this? Anyway, why did you not resume sword-fighting when Ciel obviously isn't afraid of badass chicks like you anymore?Sebastian: Who would you rather date- an angel or grim reaper?Alois: Can you dance the Tango with me? (After all you are always saying Ole and stuff)Claude: You jerk! At least you know Alois's soul is as prescious as Ciel's! Plus he actually cared for your sorry ass and controlled you till the very end!The sergants of the Phantomhive Manor- You guys are awesome with wepons and are very loyal! You guys are awesome!:-)Our two favorite hosts- Thank you for being awesoe.That's alll from me! be!

Ciel: Hide in Sebastian's closet with the other 13 cats in there... (Looks at Sebastian)

Sebastian: Sorry, Young Master. Can't resist them.

Lizzy: You can call me Lizzy. And the reason I stop sword fighting is because I got bored.

Sebastian: Neither.

Alois: Sure, my lady. (Winks)

Claude: Jerk?! Me?

Alois: Hell yeah, bitch.

Alicia: (plays New Boyz's "You're a Jerk")

Alexis: (laughing)

Finny, Bardroy and Mey-Rin: Thank you!

Tanaka: Ho ho ho.

Alexis: Thank you! (Smiles)

Alicia: You're welcome! (Mastermind smiles)

Alexis: Our next questions comes to us from Lady the Rainicorn. It says:

Ciel and Sebastian : eat England's scones!Grell get some lessons on fabulousness from Poland!That's it! _

Ciel: Are they burnt?

Sebastian: Yes, Young Master.

Ciel: Like hell I'm eating them!

Grell: I'm already fabulous as-

Alicia: You're not, Grell.

Grell: How dare you interrupt me?!

Alicia: Do I look like I give an fuck? Besides, I can trash talk about you all day long.

Everyone but Grell: Damn!

Grell: (huffs)

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from RenaPhantomhiveOswald and it says:

Hi! I have some questions since I missed out of the past chapters

Ciel: what do you think life would be like WITHOUT Sebastian there?Grell: why are you so fab?Everyone: what word you be doing right now if you weren't here?And just a random question for anybody:Is there food here?

Ciel: Hell.

Grell: Because I'm so-

Alicia and Alexis: GAY!

Grell: I'm not gay!

Alicia: You are.

Alexis: There is food. Somewhere...

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from Cheesecake Superstar and it says:

*is glomped by Alicia* *high-fives back* You're welcome!

Heh... thought of another question...Sebastian: *hands you a puppy* TELL ME HOW YOU CAN'T LIKE THIS! IT'S ADORABLE!Claude: :D *slaps you for glaring* Be happy for once, sourpuss!

Sebastian: I only go for cats.

Claude: Ow! How very rude of you...

Alicia: Welcome! (Mastermind grin)

Alois: Oh yeah, I have a question for Alicia.

Alicia: Yeah?

Alois: Why do people call you Mastermind?

Alicia: You don't wanna know.

Ciel: Why not?

Lydia: Everybody wants to know! Even the reviewers!

Alicia: BRUH.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji! All rights goes to the owner! This is chapter 22 of "Questionnaire: Black Butler Style". I will have chapter 23 by later this week. Also check out my stories"Survivor - Pinwheel Forest", "The Keyblade War", "Mastermind's Despair Inducing Circus" and "Haunted Houses, Creepy Dolls and Keyblades - Flash and Alicia Style!". Bye! ~Mastermind Enoshima Alicia

P.S.- Send in your questions! Ask me or Alexis some questions! Me and Alexis would love to hear from you guys! And I want some fanservice requests! XD

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