Questionnaire: Black Butler Style

Chapter 5: Awkward Pt 3

Alicia: Hello everybody! Welcome back to the Black Butler Questionnaire. How is everybody?

Everybody else but Alicia: Fine. You?

Alicia: A little tired and sleepy, but I am fine. Enough talking! On with the questionnaire!

Alexis: (plays GOD DIVA by Ali Project)

Everyone else but Alicia and Alexis: What in hell is that music?

Alicia and Alexis: GOD DIVA by Ali Project.

Everybody else but Alicia and Alexis: O.O

Alicia and Alexis: Ok...

Alexis: Our first questions comes to us from FelinaSky and it states:

For Sebastian, has Viscount Druitt ever tried to break into the manor to kidnap your young lord?For Ciel, who do you hate more? Viscount Druitt or Alois?For William, has Grell ever pulled pranks at work?

Sebastian: No. But if he did, I will kick his goddamn ass from kingdom come!

Alicia: Well said, Sebastian.

Sebastian: You are welcome, Lady Alicia.

Alicia: You are welcome.

Ciel: Who do I hate more? (Chuckles) I really hate the Viscount a little for being perverted but Alois has got to be the person I hate so much because he is crazy as damn hell!

Alois: I ain't got shit to say, so no comment.

William: No.

Alicia and Alexis: LOL! (Laughing their ass off)

Alicia: Our next questions comes to us from Ice LunaWolf and says:

For Sebastian, what would you do if Ciel was turned into a kitten or a puppy?For Alois, why do you always wear booty shorts?For Ciel, would you ever wear booty shorts?

Sebastian: If it was a puppy, I would let him stay with Pluto. But a cat however, I would pet him and put him in the closet.

Alicia and Alexis: DAYUM!

Alois: Why do I wear booty shorts? For two reasons: Because I am sexy and I'm gay!

Alicia and Alexis: Damn! He said that like he was gay!

Ciel: No! Because if I did, I would be like Alois Trancy aka Sir Booty Shorts over there!

Alexis: Our next question comes to us from NamelessDemonamong and says:

Sebastian: if you were on a boat with me, Alicia, and Alexis, who would you eat first?if its me you have my permission.

Sebastian: Very good question. I would eat Alicia first. May I have your permission, Alicia?

Alicia: Yes, you may.

Sebastian: (eyes changes color and helps Alicia stand up) This may hurt a bit. (Eats Alicia's soul) How do you feel?

Alicia: (is now a demon) I feel wonderful, Sebastian. Thank you. (Bows like a lady and goes to her seat and sits)

Sebastian: Pleasure is mine. (Sits back down)

Alicia and Alexis: Our final questions comes to us from Confessions-of-an-Animaholic and states:

XD Ciel: Why are you so bitchy to Sebby?Sebby: How do you put up with Ciel?

Sebastian and Ciel: No comment on that one.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji! All rights goes to the owner! This is chapter 5 of "Questionnaire: Black Butler Style". I will have chapter 6 by next week. Also check out my stories "Romance at the Phantomhive Manor, Old Friends, and Secret Meetings", "Waking Up In The World Of Rozen Maiden", "Alicia and Alexis In Wonderland","Questionnaire for Kuroshitsuji and Rozen Maiden", and "Truths or Dares of Rozen Maiden". And check the poll on my bio and vote! And my new stories for Baka and Test called "Baka and Test Questionnaire" and D. Gray-Man will be out soon! Bye! ~MsAliciaSimoneMichaelis

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