Sweet Sweet Love


Short stories about the rangers Love short stories about the rangers with their true loves expect Tori she is with Hunter

Romance / Fantasy
Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: Bathtub Love Tommy and Kimberly

Bathtub Love (Tommy/Kimberly)

Weak sunlight started blanketing through the partially open blinds in the master bedroom. Laying in the middle of the bed, completely wrapped up tightly in a thick warm blanket, Kimberly Hart, soon to be Kimberly Oliver slept peacefully; hugging her pillow tight and breathing through her fiancé's wonderful masculine scent, which have engulfed her nose. A huge smile appeared on her face as she slowly began opening her brown eyes. The original pink power ranger stretched out on the king sized bed and yawned as evidence of last night's passionate lovemaking engulfed her brain. It seems after she accepted her fiance's marriage proposal, sex with him has only gotten better.

Speaking of her fiancé, he quietly climbed in the bed beside her and lavished a tender kiss on her neck. Kimberly felt her eyes flutter as he continued lavishing tender kisses on her neck and shoulders. Before long, she shifted around on the bed, grabbed his face and slammed her lips onto his; moaning softly as he snaked his arms around her naked body. The couple laid on the bed; kissing, holding and caressing one another as the sun continued to rise. They couldn't get enough of each other.

When air finally became a problem, they finally pulled apart, but they didn't let go of their hold of each other. Kimberly laid her head on his broad shoulder and sighed in contentment as he lavished another tender kiss on her, this time on her forehead.

"Good morning, soon to be Mrs. Oliver," Tommy said, finally breaking his silence.

She raised her head up to look him and let another smile form on her face. "Good morning, sweetheart. I can't wait to marry you."

"It won't be long now. We're now less than a month away from tying the knot. But, who said we can't have any fun right now?" he grinned foolishly.

"You're so silly, Tommy. What time is it?" she asked as she sat up on the bed.

"Uh, a little after seven. I'm about to take a bath. Care to join me?" he asked as he climbed out of the bed and extended his hand out to her.

Kimberly grinned as she slid her hand into his and climbed out of bed herself, the thick blanket sliding away from her nude body. Tommy's eyes darkened in lust at the sight of his soon to be wife standing in front of him buck naked. His erection once again stood at full attention. One look at her and he's ready to go.

"Tommy, I thought we were gonna take a bath," she said, snapping him out of his trance. He shook his head and gave her another handsome smile, the same smile that made her fall in love with him in the first place.

"Yeah. We are. Let's go do that now," he said quickly as he pulled her towards the bathroom. She giggled at his eagerness, but even she couldn't deny the growing arousal bubbling in her stomach and between her legs.

If anything, she never wanted or desired anyone liked she wanted and desired her fiancé; not just now, but always and forever.

Once inside the bathroom, Kimberly was pleasantly surprised to find that Tommy had already filled up the bathtub. She could even smell the lavender bubble bath soap he used, which happens to be her favorite. A sly smile formed on her face because she knew he's gonna get them both dirty...and clean when it's all said and done.

"Shall we get in, babe?" he asked, a grin appearing on his handsome face.

She could only nod as he scooped her up in his strong arms and stepped inside the tub. He made sure that he didn't drop her as he sat down and allowed the bubbles and the water to engulf them both. Kimberly ended up leaning back against him; her body shivering in delight when she felt his hard erection pressing against her lower back. It's something she can definitely get used to.

"This is perfect," she sighed in contentment. Tommy kissed her temple gently and tightened his arms around her as they laid in the bathtub; enjoying each other's company.

However, realizing that she needed him and she needed him right now, she pulled him down for a deep, passionate kiss; moaning softly as he responded right away and massaged his tongue with hers. Another moan escaped her lips when she felt his hands cupping her breasts gently, thumbing her nipples until they became hard peaks. Tommy pushed his erection further into her lower back, needing more contact, wanting so badly to be inside of her. The hunger he has her for her, considering that it's early in the morning, was unbridled.

Fortunately for her, Kimberly was hungry for him as well. So much so, that she ended up straddling him in the tub, with his erection now rubbing against her slit. Soft pants escaped her lips when he attached his lips on her neck and shoulders; nibbling and nipping on her skin lightly as he continued rubbing his hard member against her slit. The original green ranger was anxious to be inside of her again.

She quickly realized that she needed him as well. Shifting around on his lap until she got more in contact with his erection, a loud moan escaped her lips when she eased on down over his shaft; gasping slightly as he was entering her. Because he wasn't a small man by any means, it took her a minute to get adjusted to his big size. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, Kimberly held him close to her as he finally buried himself deep within her. Tommy couldn't believe how soft and tight she was. And she never felt so right in all the years they've known each other.

When the slight pain became a dull ache and unbridled pleasure began bubbling in the pit of her stomach, she gripped his broad shoulders tightly and began to move. His thrust were slow and languid at first; hitting her hot spots dead on like a pro. Tommy growled against her throat as he easily moved in and out of her; her vaginal walls clenching his shaft like a vise grip.

"Oh, God, Tommy," Kimberly whimpered as she kept rocking over him with gentle and loving precision. Another gasp escaped her lips when she felt his hands cupping her ass and squeezing them softly as he kept thrusting inside of her. That simple action caused her to throw her head back and moan; her voice bouncing off the walls in the bathroom. They both knew that they wouldn't last much longer.

Running her fingers through his short brown hair, Kimberly picked up the pace. Tommy bit down on her neck enough to send her mind into a tizzy. The soapy water was splashing around them but they didn't pay no mind nor did they care about the mess as they continued making love in the bathtub. The genetically gifted couple were making enough noise to wake up the neighbors.

Realizing that he wanted to make sure her needs came first, he reached down between them and started fondling her bundle of nerves. He even leaned over and fastened his mouth on her right nipple; biting and blowing on it as he gripped her ass much tighter and feeling the end was near. He could never get enough of her.

The combination of him sucking her nipples, his finger fondling her clit and his member pushing through her tightness finally became her undoing. Kimberly screamed Tommy's name so loudly, her voice was hoarse. He thrust into her a couple of more times before he finally exploded within her and slumped against the cool tile. She buried her face in the crook of his neck and began to come down from her incredible high. There was nothing like making love, in the bathtub nonetheless, early in the morning.

The Falcon and the Crane exchanged tender kisses for a moment before climbed off his lap and turned her back towards him. She leaned back and laid her head on his chest; sighing in content as the pleasure they experienced finally subsided.

"Ah, man, that was one incredible morning workout," Tommy chuckled, breaking the silence between them.

"Tell me about it, handsome. What a way to wake up in the morning," Kimberly said, her smile never leaving her face.

"I love you, baby," he said as he leaned over and kissed her temple lovingly.

A pleasurable gasp escaped her lips when she felt his member pressing against her lower back. "I love you, too, handsome. Wanna go again before we have to get out of here? I'm still burning up."

He looked at her with a knowing smile on his face and wagged his eyebrows playfully. "You read my mind, Kim."

Instead of straddling him again, they both ended up on their knees, trying to create enough room for them to move more. She now felt his member pressing against her ass and it made her more aroused. She was quivering with desire and she knew that she wanted him again.

Fortunately, he felt the same way about her. Grinning foolishly, Tommy gripped her hips with his hands and slowly eased himself into her from behind. Kimberly closed her eyes tightly and gripped the tub with her hands so hard, her knuckles were turning white. This time, however, because of how wet she was again, he slid right inside of her, making sure that he didn't hurt her.

With his hands still on her hips, he started moving; thrusting in and out of her core easily and going deeper with the penetration. He started kissing all over her back and shoulders as he kept thrusting inside of her with precision. She hissed loudly when he came in contact with her G-spot and bumping her cervix. She reached behind her and gripped his hair with her fingertips, silently letting him know that what he's doing felt so good.

Before long, Tommy started picking up the pace. He grunted in her ear as his thrust escalated. Kimberly felt his fingers fondling her clit and she couldn't help but scream out her pleasures. Somehow, their lips fused together ruthlessly; their tongues battling for dominance as they neared their second climaxes of the morning.

"I'm coming, Tommy," she breathed when they finally pulled apart. He quickly got her meaning and began hammering into her much harder and faster.

"Ah, Kim," he groaned against her cheek, feeling his balls tighten as he neared his release. Just to see her face contorting in pleasure finally became his undoing. Feeling her cream gushing his nuts sent him over the edge. He came, hard and deep inside of her, slumping against her and breathing heavily as they were coming down from their highs once again.

"You better hope that I'll be able to walk today, big boy," she panted, laughing softly as they let their heated bodies cool off.

He smiled against the back of her neck. "Believe me, Kim, I'm gonna have a hard time concentrating today. I can't believe I'm gonna marry a wildcat."

"As much as I'd love for us to go at it one more time, we have to get out of the tub. I'm pretty sure the water has gone cold," she said, pecking him on his lips quickly as he pulled out of her and leaned back against the tub. Kimberly climbed out of the tub and grabbed a towel off the rack as Tommy leaned back against the tub and closed his eyes for a moment, basking in the aftermath of their second vigorous lovemaking.

As the sun made its full view in Reefside, California, the Falcon took a moment to analyze how blessed he is of having his Crane in his life again. If what just transpired between them have any indication, he vows to never let her go again and vice versa.

After all, in about a month, they will be joined together in holy matrimony. And they will be able to experience many more sexy, sweet and romantic moments in the bathtub for years to come.

And he wouldn't have it any other way.

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