She will be loved

Chapter 10: found wanting

Andros was working on something on the bridge. One of the consoles were acting up so he decided to go underneath and check it out. Ashley came on the bridge and she found him under the console. "Boy doesn't this seem familiar?" She quipped.

"Very funny. I can't get the thing to put in the right commands. It does the opposite with what I wanted it to do," he answered.

Ashley ducked under the console and she looked at what he was looking at. "Oh, that's easy," she commented. She laid down on the floor next to him and she reached up. "There we go, a few wires were crossed," she informed. She stood up and she held her hand out to Andros. He placed his hand in hers and she helped him stand up. "Well, that's the first," she commented. Andros laughed slightly and he pushed his hair out of his face. "Well, I haven't seen your hair down in awhile," she commented. He shrugged.

"Didn't feel like pulling it back," he answered.

Ashley smiled and she kissed Andros's cheek. Ashley went to leave when Andros grabbed her hand. "Ashley," he called.

"Yeah," she answered.

Andros stared at her and he let out a sigh. "Nothing," he murmured. She gave him a quizzical look.

"You sure?" She asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

He let her hand go and he started walking away. "Andros," she called. Andros stopped and he looked over at her.

"Yeah," he answered.

"You're coming to see Rosie today right?" She asked.

"Of course."

Andros smiled as he walked away. Ashley smiled as she fidgeted with her fingers.

(Ashley's House: That Afternoon)

Ashley was sitting on the floor with Rosalyn laying on the floor in front of her. She was holding a blue teddy bear out in front of her. TJ, Cassie, and Justin had given her teddy bears with their respective colors. Rosalyn gurgled as she grabbed the teddy bear's leg. She looked up when there was a knock on the door. She kissed Rosalyn's forehead as she got up and went to answer the door. "Hey," Andros greeted.

"Hey," she answered.

She saw that she had something in his hands. "What did you bring with you?" She asked.

"A little something for Rosie," he replied.

Ashley smiled as she let him in. "She's right over there," she informed. Andros walked over and he kneeled in front of Rosalyn.

"Hey, Rosie, you must've gotten bigger the last time I saw you," he commented.

Rosalyn gurgled and she held her arms out to Andros. "Oh! I brought something for you," he informed. He reached into the bag he brought with him. Ashley leaned against the wall and watched as Andros pulled out a little ship. "Okay, I don't know if you like spaceships, but I'm not good at picking out presents," he commented. Rosalyn reached out and she grabbed the ship.

"I think she likes it," Ashley commented.

Andros smiled as he let Rosalyn take the ship and Ashley kneeled down next to him. "Can you do something for me?" She asked.

"Sure Ash, anything," he replied.

Ashley picked Rosalyn up and she set her into Andros's arms. "Hold her for a second," she instructed.

"Uh...okay," he answered.

Ashley giggled as she hurried upstairs and Andros kissed Rosalyn's forehead while sitting on the couch. The baby gurgled and Ashley walked downstairs. "Okay," she commented. Andros looked up and he saw a camera in her hands.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Just hold Rosalyn and smile," she replied.

Andros let out a sigh as he held onto Rosalyn and smiled slightly. Ashley held up the camera and she took a picture. "What is that for?" He asked.

"Rosalyn's baby book," she replied.

Ashley walked over and she grabbed a blue book that was sitting on a shelf. "See, look," she added. Andros set Rosalyn down in her little swing before sitting next to Ashley as she opened the book. He saw Rosalyn's birth certificate as well as a picture of Ashley holding her the day she was born above the words 'Mommy and Baby' underneath. "Your picture will go right here," she informed. She turned the page and set it above 'Family and Baby'. She looked up when she heard a timer go off. "Here hold this, that should be lunch," she commented. Andros watched as she went into the kitchen. He took the picture from the 'Family and Baby' slot. He turned it back a page and put it above 'Daddy and Baby'. He set the book down and he walked over to the swing. He saw the baby fast asleep already. Andros saw the toy spaceship in her arms and a smile came across his face. He leaned forward and he kissed the top of her head.

"I love you Rosie," he whispered.

(Ashley's Room: That Night)

Ashley sat down with Rosalyn's baby book once she set Rosalyn back into her crib. She went to fill a few things in when she turned the page and she saw the picture that Andros had put above 'Daddy and Baby'. Tears pressed against her eyes as she touched the picture. "Ashley," Diane called quietly. She saw the tears in her daughter's eyes. "Sweetheart what's wrong?" She asked. Ashley wiped the tears away.

"Nothing," she replied.

Diane walked over and she saw the picture. "You're not going to let this boy really believe he'll act as Rosalyn's father," she objected.

"What if I do mom? What if I let Andros be Rosalyn's father?" She asked.

"And what if Carlos comes back and wants to be part of Rosalyn's life?"

Rosalyn started crying and Ashley got up and picked her daughter up. "Mom, it's been months. Carlos doesn't want anything to do with Rosalyn. He wants nothing to do with her and nothing to do with me. So you can get the idea of Carlos coming back into our lives out of your head," Ashley answered.

"Watch her head," Diane instructed.

"I know how to take care of my own baby mom."


"Mom! Just leave me alone! I want to be able to raise my baby! And if Andros wants to be the father in my daughter's life I'll let him because this baby means everything to him!"

Ashley sat down in the rocking chair and her heart stopped. "Mom..." she trailed off.

"What is it sweetheart?" She asked.

"She's got a fever, something's wrong," she replied.

(Angel Grove Hospital)

Ashley was sitting in the waiting room when she heard the doors open and Andros running in. "I came as soon as I could," he informed. Ashley stood up and she hugged him tight. Andros hugged her back. "She'll be okay, if she's anything like her mother she'll be okay," he assured her. Ashley let out a small sob.

"I'm so scared, I'm so scared," she sobbed.

Andros let out a sigh. "I'm here Ashley, I'm here and I'm not leaving," he assured her.

"Thank you so much for being here," she answered.

"Of course I came. I love Rosalyn."

He kissed Ashley's cheek. "And I love you," he thought.

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