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Chapter 2: Cold Hearted Snake

Ashley sighed as she sat in the park with Rosalyn in her arms. She needed to get Rosalyn out for some fresh air after they were released from the hospital. She held Rosalyn close and a smile came across her face. She rocked her daughter back and forth in her arms. "Ashley?" A voice called. Ashley looked up and her heart stopped.

"Carlos..." she trailed off.

She set Rosalyn into her stroller and she stood. "What are you doing here?" She asked, hoping that he'd say he was there to see her.

"I came to jog like I usually do," he replied.


"You actually went into public with that?"

He gestured over to the stroller. "She needs the fresh air too, Carlos," she answered. Carlos pushed his hair out of his face.

"I'd leave it at home," he commented.

"Well, the day you take up the responsibility of being her father then you have a say in what I do with Rosalyn."

"Dare to dream."

Ashley glared at him. "What did I do wrong, Carlos? Whatever it is we can fix it," she insisted. She walked over and held his hand. "Tell me what to do," she added. Carlos pointed at the stroller.

"Get rid of that and we'll talk," he answered.

He pulled his arm from her grasp and he jogged off. Ashley wrapped her arms around herself with tears falling down her face.

Later that afternoon, Ashley was sitting in her room, staring out her window. She looked over to see her daughter asleep in her crib. Sitting beside her was stuff from the adoption agency again. Tears pressed against her eyes and she wiped a stray tear from her face. "Is he all that worth it?" A voice asked. Ashley looked up to see Cassie standing there.

"What?" She asked.

"Carlos. Is he really worth all this? Giving Rosalyn up just so you can be with him?" Cassie asked.

"I can't go on without him."

Cassie sat across from her. "Sure you can, Ash. You just pick yourself up and brush yourself off. You hold Rosie close and never let her go," she advised.

"You wouldn't know! You're not a mother," Ashley answered.

Tears fell down Ashley's face. "I didn't create this baby by myself! He should be here!" She hissed. Cassie placed her hand on her shoulder. "He should be here," she repeated.

"We're all here for you, just talk to Carlos again," Cassie repeated.

Ashley pushed her hair out of her face and she nodded her head slowly. "Look, he's going to be at a party tonight, you should take the chance there," she commented.

"Okay," she answered.

(The Party)

Ashley went to the party and she nearly gagged at the sight. "Great a make-out party," she muttered. She looked around trying to find Carlos. When she found him, her heart shattered into so many pieces, she thought she had died. Carlos was sitting on one of the couches making out with another girl. Ashley grabbed her cell-phone from her purse and she ran out of the house.

Ashley sat on the front lawn and she called the first person she thought of. "TJ," the person answered. Ashley let out a sob.

"TJ, it's Ashley," she informed.

"Ashley, are you okay?" He asked.

Ashley let out another sob. "No, TJ, I can't drive. I need you to come get me," she replied.

"Where are you?" TJ asked.

Ashley gave him the directions. She hung up and she placed her head in her hands. "Ashley?" A voice called. Ashley looked up and she saw Carlos. She got up and grabbed her purse. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I was coming here to talk to you and I guess it was a mistake," she replied.

"What did you give the brat up?"

"You see! That's exactly why I wanted to talk to you."

She winced when Carlos grabbed her arm. "Let go," she hissed.

"You still have it!" He snapped.

She pulled her arm from his grasp. "First off, she's not an it! Her name's Rosalyn and she's your daughter!" She hissed.

"NO SHE'S NOT!" He shouted.


Carlos raised his hand to smack her. "HEY!" TJ shouted. Carlos looked up as the Red Turbo Ranger walked over to him. "You okay Ash?" He asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

TJ wrapped his arm around Ashley's shoulders. "Get in the car, Ash," he told her. Ashley pushed her hair out of her face and she walked away. TJ glared at Carlos. "You better start taking responsibility for that baby," He snapped.

"You're not my father, TJ. You don't tell me what I can and can't do," Carlos answered.

"It's your duty!"

"If you care so much you be the damn kid's father! You're already getting cozy with Ashley!"

Carlos stumbled a bit when TJ punched him in the face. "You're Rosalyn's father, not me," TJ snapped.

"You might as well have been," Carlos answered.

TJ grabbed Carlos by his shirt. "TJ!" Cassie shouted. Ashley bit her lip.

"He's not worth it Teej," she insisted.

TJ glared at Carlos and he let him drop. He turned and walked away.

(Hammond Household)

Ashley sighed after she fed Rosalyn and set her down in the crib. Cassie was sitting on the bed. The two friends had agreed for Cassie to stay over while Ashley's parents were away on business. "So, how exactly did your parents find out that you were pregnant?" Cassie asked. Ashley pushed her hair out of her face.

"Easy, my parents were the one read that read my pregnancy test," she replied.


Ashley went to talk to her parents, she stood outside the room listening to them. "What do we do?" Diane asked. She heard her father stay silent for a minute.

"I have an idea, how about I go to Carlos's house and smash his head through a wall?" Neil suggested.


"Okay she's sixteen-years-old. We put her in another school and have her get it aborted."

Ashley bit her lip and she placed her hand over her still flat stomach. "Okay Neil, you go all crazy on her. Then she runs off and marries the boy and we don't see her anymore!" Diane snapped.

"So what we just let her decide?" He asked.

"Yes, she's able to decide what she wants to do with her life."

"And what if she wants to keep the baby?"

"We have to support her."


"Neil...we can't lock her in her room forever."

Ashley felt tears press against her eyes. "I'll be damned if I lose my daughter the same way I lost my son," he told Diane.

"Then let Ashley decide what she wants to do," Diane answered.

(End Flashback)

Ashley reached into the crib and she held the baby's hand. Cassie slept in the bed that was setup for her and Ashley laid down in her bed. She rolled on her side and she fell asleep.

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