She will be loved

Chapter 3: Heading to Space

Ashley woke up and she walked over to Rosalyn's crib. She picked the sleeping baby up and she laid back down in bed. She had Rosalyn lying on her back and she had a hand on her stomach. She kissed her daughter's soft forehead and she let out a sigh. "I love you sweetheart," she whispered. Rosalyn woke up and she held onto Ashley's hand. "Mommy loves you even if daddy doesn't," she murmured. Ashley sighed as she sat up and had Rosalyn lay across her lap. "Things between your daddy and me used to be great," she commented.


Ashley was laughing with her friends after cheerleading practice. Carlos walked up to her, his duffel over his shoulder. " I talk to you?" He asked. Ashley looked up.

"Sure," she replied.

They walked away from the team and the squad. "You know that Valentine's Day dance that's coming up?" He asked. Ashley smiled.

"Yeah," she replied.

"I was you have a date yet?" He asked.

She shook her head slightly. "Nope," she replied. Carlos smiled.

"Would you like to go with me?" He asked.

"I would like that," she replied.

(End Flashback)

Ashley let out a sigh and she pushed her hair out of her face while looking down at Rosalyn. Rosalyn was pulling at Ashley's shirt, whimpering slightly. Ashley knew that gesture all too well. "Just one hungry baby aren't you?" She asked. She undid her shirt and held Rosalyn while leaning back against the wall.

(Juice Bar)

Ashley came in wearing one of her favorite outfits. "Ashley, over here," Cassie called. Ashley smiled as she walked over to the others. However, she saw Carlos there too.

"Carlos," she muttered.

"Ashley," he answered.

Ashley sat down next to Cassie with a smile on her face. "So, how's Rosalyn?" Justin asked, not caring if Carlos was there.

"She's doing great. You guys should stop by again to see her," she replied.

"Maybe we will," Cassie agreed.

Justin looked at Carlos. "Why don't you come?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, might be nice for you to see your own daughter," TJ agreed.

"I'll pass," Carlos muttered.

TJ glared at Carlos slightly before looking at Ashley. "Sorry we haven't been by to see her," he told her. Ashley held her hand up.

"No, don't apologize. You guys have personal lives. You don't need to drop everything just to see Rosalyn," she assured them.

"You kidding? We love seeing her," Cassie commented.

Ashley smiled and she looked up when Justin's dad walked in. Ashley rubbed the back of her neck when she saw Carlos staring at her. "What?" She asked angrily.

"You just had to let them bring it up," he snapped.

Ashley glared at him. "She's not an it. She's Rosalyn and she's your daughter," Ashley answered. Carlos got up from the table, grabbed Ashley's arm.

"Hey..." TJ started.

"Don't worry about me, Teej," Ashley assured him.

They stood in a private spot and Ashley ripped her arm out of his grasp. "Stop saying she's my daughter," Carlos snapped. She crossed her arm over her chest.

"I say it because she is. I didn't create her by myself," she snapped.

Ashley held her hand up before he could say anything. "And I didn't cheat on you," she added.

"You might as well have," he answered.

"Why do you hate her so much?"

Carlos just stood there and Ashley pushed him slightly. "Why do you hate her? She's your daughter!" She snapped. Carlos grabbed her wrist.

"You brought it upon yourself. You got pregnant on purpose," he answered.

Just then their communicators went off. Ashley pushed Carlos again before she ran out of the Juice Bar with the others.

(Power Chamber: Divatox's Invasion)

Ashley did a few back flips only to have a Pirahnatron grab her from behind and threw her against the controls. She winced and hit the floor holding her stomach. She became surrounded and she was thrown to her feet. The next thing she saw was a white light and everything went black.

When Ashley came to, she saw that her helmet was broken and she pulled it off, tossing it aside. She held her injured shoulder, slowly getting up from the ground. "CASSIE! CARLOS! JUSTIN! ASHLEY!" TJ called.

"Over here!" Ashley answered.

She limped down the hill and she bit her lip when she tried to put any kind of weight on her left leg. TJ stood by her and helped her stand up. Their powers disappeared and they stood there in their torn civilian clothes. "Our powers...they're gone..." Cassie murmured.

"What do we do?" Ashley asked.

"What we need right now is someway to go after Divatox," Carlos replied.

Ashley bit her lip and she lowered her head slightly. "I think I know a way," Justin informed.


The injured Rangers got into the Space shuttle. Once they learned that Justin wasn't going with them, Ashley looked over at TJ. "TJ, press the com button again," she instructed. TJ pressed the button. "Justin, can you hear me?" She asked.

"Yeah," Justin replied.

"Could you tell..." she trailed off.

"I'll tell her, don't worry."

Ashley sighed and sat back. She closed her eyes when they went off into space. Her mind drifted back to Rosalyn. Her one true reason why she was chasing Divatox into space. She wanted to keep her baby girl protected. Having no idea that her fate lied somewhere out in space, with a mission of his own.

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