She will be loved

Chapter 4: first sight

"POWER DOWN!" The mysterious Red Ranger shouted. Ashley held her shoulder when she saw that the Red Ranger de-morphed into a young man, not much older than them. She stared at him, in a little bit of shock. Something weird happened that had never happened before. Her heart missed a beat.

The young man had dark brown hair with blonde streaks that hung around his shoulders, hazel eyes, he was wearing some sort of uniform, and he had two earrings in his ear.

Ashley slowly circled around him. She stood behind him and she poked his shoulder twice, seeing if he would change into something else right before her very eyes. "You're human," she observed. The young man gave her a weird glance.

"What did you expect?" He asked.

"I don't know...I're not from Earth are you?" She answered with another question.

"Earth isn't the only place where humans live. I'm from a Space Colony. KO-35, it's in the Karovan system," he explained.

As Ashley looked at him, there was no expression on his face whatsoever. He just stared with the most serious look she had ever seen in her life. "So you're...from outer space?" TJ asked. He nodded.

"Incredible!" Carlos commented.

Cassie smiled and took a step forward. "Well hey, I'm Cassie and it's really nice to meet you," she commented. Ashley stood in front of her.

"And I'm Ashley," she answered with a smile.

"Carlos," Carlos informed with a small wave.

TJ held his hand out to him, but he took a step back. "TJ," he informed. The guy stared at TJ's hand for a second before he placed his hand in TJ's and shook it.

"TJ, I'm called Andros," he answered.

Just then, Andros's communicator went off. "Andros, I have finished the damage assessment report," a voice informed.

"Alright, I'm on my way," Andros answered.

He turned and walked away. Ashley stood there watching him forgetting about the pain in her shoulder until someone poked her good shoulder. "You're human!" Cassie mocked. Ashley blushed.

"I didn't know! He could've been a giant lizard," she objected.

(The Ship)

Ashley held her shoulder while walking around ship. Andros was walking down the hall with a data pad in his hand. He looked up to see the injured girl. "Here, follow me," he told her. Ashley gave him a quizzical look but she followed him.


Andros set the data pad down, gently grabbed her around the waist and set her down on the medical bed. Ashley tried not to blush. "This is going to hurt for a minute," he informed. Ashley bit her lip and nodded her head slowly. "Okay, take my hand," he instructed. Ashley held his hand and she felt a spark go from his hand to hers. She bit her lip and she looked at him. "Ready?" He asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

Ashley lowered her head so she didn't have to see. "Here we go," he muttered. He then pulled on her arm. A huge crack could be heard and Ashley cried out in pain when the pain shot through her shoulder. She leaned against him to keep herself from falling off the medical bed. Andros let her lean against him for a little bit. "You're okay," he assured her. Ashley couldn't help but let out a small sob because the pain in her shoulder was too painful. Andros found himself holding the young woman close to comfort her.

(The Bridge: Later on)

Andros was working underneath one of the control panels when Ashley came in. Her arm was in a sling and she walked over to Andros. "Your shuttle's ready to go. Programmed to take you back home," he Informed.

"Well, what about you? I you ever go home?" She asked.

"To KO-35? No," he replied.

He went to stand up and she held her good hand out to him. "Here," she told him. He just glanced at her hand before getting up without her help. Ashley bit her lip as he stood up. "You don't like accepting you?" She asked. Andros glanced at her before walking by her over to the others. Ashley lowered her head slowly and she wrapped her arm around her stomach. Ever since she was pregnant with Rosalyn it became a habit. She thought about Rosalyn, she was hoping she was okay. Cassie placed a hand on her shoulder and they went to the Megalift.

"DECA, take them to the main hanger," Andros instructed.

Ashley looked at Andros and she waved as the doors closed. She lowered her head slightly and she pushed her hair out of her face.

(The Planet)

Ashley looked around and saw that Alpha was nowhere in sight. "You guys...where is Alpha?" She asked. They looked around and saw that Alpha was gone. As they looked around, Quantrons appeared behind them.

"Quantrons!" Cassie gasped.

Ashley forgot about her injured shoulder and she pulled off the sling. She got in a guarding stance and started fighting the Quantrons that were coming at her.


"I believe Alpha has a valid point," Andros," DECA commented. Andros glared at the AI.

"Quiet. Look, I work alone, I don't need them," Andros answered.

"If you want to rescue Zordon. You're going to need all the help you can get," Alpha informed.

Andros stayed quiet. "Think about it," Alpha added and walked away. Andros stood there and thought about the other former Rangers that were just on his ship. However, his mind drifted back to the girl in yellow. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He cleared his throat and he pushed his hair out of his face. "DECA...turn the Astro Megaship around," he instructed.

"Returning to last destination," DECA informed.

The Astro Megaship turned around he went back to the planet where he left the four teens.

(The Desert Planet)

Ashley winced in pain as the Quantrons held onto her injured shoulder. "Destroy them," Astronema told the Quantrons. Ashley struggled as hard as she could against the Quantrons and she looked up to see a gap appearing in the sky. "Time to go," Astronema laughed. Then she disappeared in a purple light. Ashley saw a familiar ship come from the sky and knocked the Quantrons to the ground.

Andros saw that he had freed them and he ran down the hall. "DECA, land the ship," he instructed. He went over to one of the walls and he pulled it back to find that it was a secret hiding place for a safe. He put in the combination and pulled out four morphers. "I better not regret this," he muttered. Then he ran off the ship.

Ashley looked up and smiled to see that it was Andros. "It's Andros!" She told them. TJ smiled to see a sparkle in Ashley's eye, something he hadn't seen in awhile. Andros ran up to them and handed them the morphers.

"Here put these on," he instructed.

Ashley strapped the morpher on her wrist and she looked up at Andros. "Alright. LET'S ROCKET!" He shouted. Ashley put in the combination and she felt the familiar sensation of the Ranger powers flow through her veins.

(Megashp: After the Battle)

Ashley walked around the ship after Andros gave them a tour. She sat at the bridge and she looked at the controls. "Pretty cool huh?" A voice asked. Ashley looked over her shoulder to see Andros standing there. She quickly stood up from the chair.

"I was just looking..." she trailed off.

Andros shook his head. "It's fine," he assured her. Ashley sat down in the chair again. "That'll be your station anyways. Carlos and TJ's would be back there and Cassie's would be over there," he informed. Ashley looked at him.

"And your station?" She asked.

Andros walked over and sat in the chair next to hers. "Right here," he replied. Ashley bit her tongue and she cleared her throat, pushing her hair behind her ear.

"So um...what does what?" She asked.

Andros pushed his hair out of his face and started showing her which button did what. At one point, Ashley reached over to point at a button to make sure it was the right one when her hand brushed against his.

TJ stood in the doorway with a small grin on his face before he turned and walked away.

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