She will be loved

Chapter 9: day off

Ashley was sitting in the living room with Rosalyn in laying across her lap while she was reading a book. Rosalyn let out a gurgle and Ashley smiled and kissed the baby's forehead. She looked up when there was a knock on the door. "Ashley could you get that?" Diane called. Ashley got up, holding Rosalyn in her arms, and she walked over to the door. She was careful with her daughter's head and she opened the door. She stopped with a shock look on her face.

"Andros..." she murmured.

"Hey Ash."

"What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering..."

Andros looked up when Diane came downstairs. "Ashley who's at the door?" She asked. Diane smiled when she saw Andros. "Oh hello..." she greeted. She smiled as she cleared her throat.

"Oh mom...this is Andros...he's new in town," Ashley informed.

Andros nodded to Diane and he shook her hand. "Nice to meet you ma'am," he greeted. Diane smiled.

"Nice to meet you," she answered.

Andros looked at Ashley. "So what brings you by?" Diane asked.

"Um...I was wondering if I could take Ashley and Rosalyn out for the day?" Andros answered.

Diane smiled. "If Ashley feels up to it," Diane replied.

"Sure," Ashley replied.

She handed Rosalyn to Andros. "Let me grab a few things for her," she informed.

"Take your time," Andros answered.

Ashley went upstairs to her room and Diane watched as Andros played with Rosalyn for a few minutes before she went upstairs after her daughter.

(Ashley's Room)

Ashley was getting a diaper bag ready when Diane came in. "Is he a Ranger too?" She asked. Ashley sighed and she set the diaper bag down as she searched for Rosalyn's hat.

"Yes, he's our leader," she replied.

"And you like this boy?"

Ashley grabbed the little hat that was under the bed and stood up. "Yeah," Ashley replied as she threw the dirty hat into the hamper.

"Has that boy been over here while we're gone?" Diane asked.

Ashley could hear the distrust in her mother's voice. "Yeah, I thought we'd get started on giving Rosalyn a brother or a sister," she replied.

"Ashley..." Diane started.

"Mom, Andros and I aren't even dating. He helps me take care of Rosie that's all."

"What if you two end up sleeping together and you get pregnant again? How do you know he won't leave you like Carlos?"


"Seriously Ashley, have you thought about these things?"

"Mom! Andros isn't even ready for another relationship! We're just friends!"

Ashley grabbed another hat for Rosalyn and she walked by her mother.

(The Park)

Ashley sighed as she had Roaslyn sit in her lap. "I didn't get a chance to give you this on your birthday," Andros commented, sitting next to her. Ashley looked at the box in his hand. She handed Rosalyn to Andros and took the box. She opened it and she felt her heart stop for a second to see the necklace inside.

"Wow..." she trailed off.

She held the necklace up. "The stone's a rare gem from KO-35, I hope you like it," he told her.

"I love it..." she trailed off.

Ashley looked at Andros with a smile when he set Rosalyn in her stroller. "Thank you," she added. Andros nodded with a small smile and she hugged him. She kissed his cheek before letting him go. "It's beautiful," she commented.

"Here," he murmured.

He took the necklace from her hand and he sat behind her. She held her hair up and he clasped the necklace around her neck. Ashley let her hair down and she looked over her shoulder, catching Andros's eye. Their faces were mere inches apart. However, the moment was interrupted when Rosalyn gurgled inside of her stroller. Ashley got up and she walked over to her daughter. Andros let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding. "Thank you, Andros," she murmured.

"For what?" He asked.

She picked Rosalyn up and she sat next to him on the ground. "For helping me with Rosalyn, for being there for me," she replied.

"The least I could do since you didn't give up on me," he answered.

Ashley smiled and she held Rosalyn's tiny hand. Andros smiled as he looked at the giggling baby in her arms. Ashley looked over at Andros. "I can't believe that Carlos doesn't want to be part of her life," he commented. Ashley sighed.

"It's his choice, his loss," she answered.

"And my gain..." he said without thinking.


Andros felt his face turn red. "Um...nothing...nothing," he replied. Ashley giggled.

"You're cute when you blush," she commented.

Rosalyn gurgled and she reached out to Andros, making small whimpering sounds when she couldn't reach him. "Here, take her," Ashley told him. The baby stopped whimpering once she was in Andros's arms again. "She really likes you, I never saw her get so attached to someone before," she commented. Rosalyn cooed as she looked up at Andros and she reached out, tangling her little hand in his hair.

"As long as she doesn't tug I'm good," Andros commented.

Ashley laughed slightly. Rosalyn let his hair go and she pulled at the chain that she saw around his neck. "Ashley...I don't want her breaking this," he commented.

"Here," She told him.

She took Rosalyn from his arms. Once she took Rosalyn from his arms, the baby almost immediately started crying. "I think someone needs a nap," Ashley stated. Andros tucked the locket back into his shirt.

"I'll walk you home," he informed.


"Here I'll hold her again."

He took Rosalyn back into his arms before getting up from the ground and walked Ashley home.

(Ashley's House)

Ashley smiled to see that her daughter had fallen asleep in Andros's arms when they came up to the house. "Thank you," she told him quietly. Andros nodded his head slowly before they went into the house.

"Ashley," Diane called, coming downstairs.

Ashley gestured for her to be quiet, motioning to the sleeping baby in Andros's arms. Diane nodded her head slowly and watched as Ashley led Andros upstairs.

They went into the room and Andros slowly placed Rosalyn into the crib. He placed the pale yellow blanket over Rosalyn and he stroked her cheek. Ashley smiled as she turned the mobile on and looked at Andros. "Thank you again," she whispered.

"No problem. I'll see you later," he answered quietly.

He kissed her cheek and left the room. Ashley watched him go with as mile. She looked back at her sleeping daughter and let out a sigh.

Diane watched as Andros left. "You better take care of her," she murmured. Then she went upstairs to check on Ashley and Rosalyn.

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