That's Just Enough

"Speaking" "Thinking' Sounds "Yelling"

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Kaneki woke-up with a start. Cold sweat glistened with the reminder of a new day. A new day that he couldn't have.

"Let's go home." Hide's wry smile was stuck in his mind as he got dressed.

Dressed? That's right he was supposed to go visit Touka at the refurbished Anteiku. He stared at the rising sun ahead.

"Oi! Aren't you that kid that always alone? My name's Hide. Let's be best friends." The boy said as he tackled him from behind slightly dirtying his pants. Kaneki quickly shook off the memory a smile unconsciously painted his lips. He opened the door his ears tuning the busy noises as people already littered the streets. It almost seemed like the war didn't happen those years ago.

Almost. It was for naught. Whether you were human, or ghoul death was inevitable.

He took to the rooftops not wanting to be caught in Tokyo's bustle.


"Bye Onee-Chan," the teenager waved as she made her way to school. A yawn escaped her lips as she watched to once young girl leave. She let out a tired sigh as she looked at the coffee shop that will soon be filled. She wished he was here. Touka shook her head at the thought. He wasn't coming back to the place that his best friend died in. She could get the memory of him out of her head.

She watched him, he was a symbol, and Yoshimura said it himself. A human that was also a ghoul. She knew that only that couldn't bring peace between humans, and ghouls, but he was making the first step towards it.

A faint smile graced her lips as she watched him calmly walk through the death riddled battle field. The sole purpose to deliver peace to his friend guiding his steps. All breaths stopped as they witnessed him drop the true thing that he was trying to protect in front of the dove. Time seemed to stop as she finally understood what Yomo was trying to tell her.

You can't always gain strength from the things that you protect, but from what you've lost makes you focus.


She turned her attention to the new customer that she would be attending to. Sensing that he was human she offered him more than just coffee.


He stopped, and watched through the window as customers were served their orders.

The bomb hit the building fire destroyed everything, but his attention was on the only person that he truly gained this strength for, die in his arms. Hot tears escaped his eyes as he took in the image of Hide's peaceful face. "Let's go home."

"Hey! The coffee tastes better when you don't stare at it," A man said knocking him out of his nostalgia. He gave him a curt nod in response. As he was about to open the door another person exited, indicating that it was a busy day.


Yet another person came through the door wanting to be served. She turned to them expecting to see another customer instead she saw the man that was plaguing her mind.

"Kaneki…" she said in almost a whisper the cup in her hands almost dropping. "Ma'am-," the customer's concern went unheard as her attention was somewhere else.

"Touka." He said in greeting.

"You have a lot of nerve coming here," she said trying to hide the fact that she missed him.

"Maybe I can repay you be helping you do seem quite busy." He offered, even though he had nothing to repay for. She handed him an apron knowing that she couldn't refuse the help.

"Yeah, yeah just get to mopping," she said as they got to work.


"Brings back memories?" Touka asked as they stacked chairs the full moon be the only illuminate.

"Yes," he replied. He finished with portion of chairs, and gave back Touka the apron.

"So why did you come back?" Touka said trying to spark a conversation. He stayed silent; she didn't expect him to give some cheesy line about how he came back for her, but at least a reason for his sudden appearance.

She waited for him to answer, but he still chose silence. Touka's eyes stung with tears of aggravation, and loneliness.

"Ass-hole! You think that you can just waltz in here, and act all tough like I didn't lose anything that day either?!" She yelled as she threw a punch. Touka's eyes widened as she felt the attack connect with his face. He could have blocked, or dodged it with ease, but he simply stared at her as if waiting for her to continue.

"Fuck you!" She yelled halfheartedly her head falling on his shoulder tears leaking from her eyes. He wasn't surprised about her sudden out-burst, and he didn't expect her to understand his reasons either.

Touka removed her head from his shoulder. Kaneki flashed a wry smile, despite all the has happened he would smile just for her sake.

One day maybe they could forget their scars.

He wasn't sure if it would be with or without her, but one day he was sure he could find a home.

"I was looking for a home..."

Don't hate me for finishing the story here, but I did only say slight KanTou. Love it, hate it, or slightly dislike it, tell me!

I hope my friend loves it as much as I loved writing it.


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