Faith Of You

Chapter 10

The two girls walked out of school with their gloves on their hands and scarves around their necks, making their way towards the student lot with Aaron in between them.

Emily flicked her hair out of her eyes, seeing an older boy excitedly making his way towards them. "Hey guys, who is that?" She felt herself smile when he got closer, noticing a bouquet of flowers in his hand. "Oh is it his anniversary?"

Aaron quickly nodded his head. "It is."

The brunette girl's jaw dropped as she watched Aaron make his way over to the boy and immediately pulling him into a hug, pecking him quickly on the lips. "That is so cute," she gushed.

Jennifer smiled at the sight of her friends embracing. "They've been together for three years."

"Really? Wow." The older girl walked along with the blond towards the two boys, grinning as they separated. "You never told me your boyfriend was such a cutie, Aaron."

The darker boy let out a laugh, extending his hand towards the new girl. "Derek Morgan. It's nice to meet you."

"Emily Prentiss," she nodded.

Derek's brow raised, looking to the only blond of the group. "So this is Emily."

The brunette girl frowned at the look on the older boy's face, and she quickly looked to the girl at her side to see her giving a shrug. "Have I been talked about?" she chuckled.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Yes, I've told my friends about you." She looked to her friend with a smile. "You're living in my house; kind of something to talk about."

Aaron watched as the brunette girl pursed her lips to keep from giggling at Jennifer's blushing cheeks, and he pulled his boyfriend closer. "Anyway, we were thinking of heading to the mall to see a movie. You two want to come?"

Jennifer shook her head. "No, it's your guys' anniversary. We can't impose."

"But we want you to," the darker teen insisted.

Emily bit her lip to keep from smiling at the couple, nudging Jennifer's shoulder with hers as she shook her head. "We'll just be getting back home," she chuckled. "Thank you though. I hope you two have a good anniversary."

Aaron grinned, nipping at his boyfriend's ear. "Oh we will."

The seventeen year old let out a laugh as Jennifer led her away from the couple. "They are so adorable." She gave a small shake of her head, holding her books tighter to her chest. "Have you ever had someone like that?"

Jennifer nodded slowly. "Yeah," she answered, leading her friend down the path that was a short-cut to her street. "I've had a couple of boyfriends. John was one."

The brunette felt herself freeze, the cold air wisping past her. "Bully John?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "Dated for a couple months."

Emily gave a small nod of the head, turning her gaze to the blond beside her. "What made you go for him?"

"He gave me his lollipop." Receiving a bewildered look from the older girl, Jennifer shook her head, giving a laugh. "It was in the second grade. I was seven and he just turned eight, and it was Valentine's Day. He came over to me during recess and offered me his lollipop, so I took it and kissed his cheek." The blond grinned to her friend. "And so he became my first boyfriend."

Emily gave a gentle nudge to her friend with her elbow, smiling at the blush coloring her cheeks. "You were pretty easy back then, weren't you?" she teased.

Jennifer shoved the brunette. "Shut up Emily."

Sticking out her tongue, the older girl stepped back onto the path.

Jennifer looked to her friend with her crystal eyes. "So what about you?" she asked as they rounded a tree, manuvering further into the woods. "Any boyfriends?"

Emily felt herself gulp. "One," she answered. "Back in France."

"Oooh a French boyfriend," the younger girl practically purred. "That is beyond sexy."

The brunette laughed, her eyes crinkling as they stepped through the snow. "Sexy. Sure."

The younger girl poked insesently at her friend's arm. "Name now. Give me the name!"

Emily glanced down to the blond. "Demitri."

"So? What happened?"

Emily gently shrugged her shoulders. "Nothing big. We dated for about five months, he was my first kiss and we pretty much had a shitty ending."

Jennifer bit her lip, listening to her friend's quiet voice as they strode along the path. "How was it shitty?"

"We had been arguing for a week or so because I had seen him looking at a girl, so he took me out to make it up to me." Her dark eyes stared out among the snow covered branches of the trees that stood ahead, her pace slowing as she recalled the night. "Right in the middle of our dinner he noticed a really pretty French girl and ran off," she whispered. "The waiter took pity on me and paid for the dinner, and then I left in tears."

The blond bit her lip before taking her friend's hand in hers. "I'm sorry."

Emily quickly shook her head, her stomach warming at the feel of the younger girl's hand clutching hers. "No need to be sorry. He just wasn't the right one."

Coming upon their street, Jennifer tugged her friend closer to her, wrapping her arm around the brunette's covered waist. "Well you will definitely find the one. It's only high school," she smiled. "You've got a lot of time."

Emily's doe eyes stared to the house they were walking towards, cautiously wrapping her arm around her housemate's shoulders. "Exactly right." Stepping into her temporary home, the older teen quickly undid her coat. "I think it's time for some hot cocoa," she smiled, practically running to the kitchen to try and get the breath back she had lost from her friend's touch.

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