Faith Of You

Chapter 11

Emily sat on her bed with her legs crossed, her brows as furrowed as they possibly could be as she watched her blond friend balance a spoon on her nose. "Ok I know I've been out of America for a while," she began, earning a chuckle from the younger girl, "but I don't think I've ever seen something like this."

Eyes crinkling, Jennifer began to laugh, causing the silver utensil to fall from the tip of her nose. "It's not that weird."

"Not weird; odd."

Jennifer glared playfully at her friend. "That's the same thing, Emily."

The older girl hesitated before shrugging her shoulders. "I guess."

Jennifer gave a roll of the eyes before handing the brunette a spoon. "Ok all you do is breathe a little hot air onto the spoon."

Emily winked. "Sexy."

Making a face, the younger girl pushed gently at her friend's chest. "Ew," she laughed. "Then place it on your nose and balance."

"Is it ok if I don't?"

Jennifer scoffed, scooting closer to her friend on the bed. "No."

Emily gave a pout, giving an extra ounce of plumpness to her lips as she bat her super long lashes. "But what if I look like a dork?"

"Trust me," the blond cackled, "you will."

The older girl huffed before sitting straighter and breathing hot air onto the silver, just as her friend had directed. Waiting until the fog her breath had created on the shining metal appeared thick, she stuck it gently to the tip of her nose.

Jennifer nodded enthusiastically. "Now take your hand away and try to balance!"

Emily gave a small tip of the head to acknowledge the blond before she took her hand away from the spoon. A huge unexpected grin immediately spread over her face at the sight of the teaspoon hanging from her nose. "Oh I did it!" Laughing as the spoon fell from her nose, the French girl looked to her friend. "That was cool," she agreed. "Very dorky."

Jennifer grinned. "Told you it was cool."

The older girl narrowed her gaze on her housemate. "No you didn't, you said that it wasn't weird."

"Same thing."

Emily quickly shook her head. "Is not."

"Is too."

"Is not."

"Is too, Emily!"

"Is not, Jennifer Rose Jareau!"

The blonde's jaw dropped, watching as a smug expression formed on the older girl's face. "You did not just full name me."

Emily pursed her lips, gently tapping her spoon against them. "Oh but I think I did." Before she got the chance to let out a laugh, the brunette was tackled back onto the bed.

Jennifer grinned as she tickled her new friend's very sensitive sides, loving the fact that she was earning little gasps from the older girl. She was winning.

The brunette did her best to push Jennifer off of her flailing body. "Stop Jennifer stop!"

"Nope! Not until you say I'm right."

Emily gasped for air as she tried to turn on her side, doing her best to get away from the younger girl. "Ok ok you're right!" Finally getting in a breath, she glanced to her friend that plopped down beside her. "Happy now?"

The younger girl grinned. "Yes." Propping herself up on her elbow, the Pennsylvanian girl looked to her friend that breathed heavily. "You know your birthday is in two days."

Emily gently nodded her head. "I do know," she stated, staring gently up to the ceiling.

"Just a little heads up," Jennifer started, "the family is already planning something. So make no plans." Watching as her friend let out a laugh, the blond smiled. "What do you usually do for your birthday back home?"

Home? The brunette could have scoffed. "Nothing really. My father takes me out to dinner, and just before bed my mother comes by my room and drops a large box with brand new designer clothes at my door."

Jennifer bit her lip. "Fun and sad at the same time," she nodded, smiling sympathetically. Quickly sitting up in the brunette's bed, Jennifer poked at her arm. "So guess what I'm gonna do?"

The older girl grinned at the goofy smile on her friend's face, loving the joy she saw in her expression. "What are you gonna do?"

"Give you your present early!"

Emily waited until the blonde's jumping body was out of sight before sneaking a quick look into her vanity's mirror, her fingers immediately raking through her tousled hair. The younger girl had been on her mind for the most part of her stay, and them being so close on her fluffed bed made her insides as warm as the deepest part of the devil's cavern.

Looking up at the sound of her door opening once again, the seventeen year old sat straight in her bed, smiling when she saw Jennifer enter the room. "You really didn't have to get me anything."

"Shut up," the blond laughed. She sat back on Emily's bed and shoved the wrapped present in her direction. "Happy early Birthday!"

Emily gave a gentle 'thank you' to the blond before tearing off the wrapping paper, her eyes widening at the box she held in her lap. "Oh Jennifer, you really didn't have to."

The younger girl smiled wide. "But I did." She pointed to the box her friend now hold. "It's an enscribed silver mirror," she nodded. "The handle has an 'E' carved into the back and there's a little saying behind the glass part."

Emily turned over the antique looking mirror and raked her eyes over the cursive writing. "Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect." The teenager immediately felt her doe eyes fill with tears and a smile spread over her face. "I've heard that before."

Jennifer nodded. "I thought it would speak a lot to you," she whispered. "Oh, and there's a second part but that I'm actually gonna give to you on your birthday."

"I don't need anything else," she denied. With a small smile, the brunette girl leaned forward and pressed her lips delicately against the sixteen year old's cheek. "It's perfect, Jennifer. Thank you."

The blond felt her heart flutter at the feeling of Emily's lips brushing ever so softly against her skin. "You're welcome." Leaning back, she grinned. "Happy Birthday."

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