Faith Of You

Chapter 12

The newly turned eighteen girl ran a hand through her dark hair as she opened up the fridge, having snuck down from bed to get a midnight snack. The Jareau family had one big for her birthday dinner that night, practically making a Thanksgiving meal and a cake that was half her weight.

And if that wasn't enough, everyone had given her gifts as well. Amielle making her a scrapbook of meaningful and thoughtful quotes that she thought represented her, along with buying her a bracelet, James giving her a purse he knew she would love, and the twins giving her a necklace and earring set that held a stone that seemed to be a mix of onyx and amethyst.

Then there was Jennifer. The beautiful blond teenager had given her the second part of the gift just after dinner. It was a first edition 'Pride and Prejudice', the cover even being laminated as to not ruin its condition.

It was worth over five thousand dollars, but from the little town's bookstore, for the Jareau girl it only cost two hundred dollars.

Emily sighed as she sat down at the granite island, swinging her feet as she took a bite from the birthday cake that had been bought for her. The family she had been privileged to stay with had cared more about her and her birthday han her own parents ever had, putting such an effort into a loving party and giving her such thoughtful presents.

The brunette rolled her eyes. Her family sucked.

Looking up from her snack, the eighteen year old's dark eyes glanced over to the kitchen's doorway to see her friend walking on in. "Hey," she smiled. "Bang your head again?"

Jennifer laughed, shoving the older girl as she walked by. "Shut up." She yanked open one of the cabinets and took out a box of her favorite cereal. "So? How did you like your birthday party?"

Emily smiled to the blond before taking another bite of the chocolate cake. "It was great, I had a lot of fun. I wasn't expecting all of the presents."


The brunette quickly shook her head. "I really wasn't. I usually just get clothing from my mother and a hug from my grandmother," she laughed humorlessly. "She doesn't have any money to spend other than on her bills, and my mother refuses to help her."

Jennifer's eyes widened as she sat down across from the older girl. "Why?"

"She feels that because my Grandma Ruth never helped her during her childhood that she shouldn't be held responsible for her now." The ivory girl shrugged her shoulders, her fork playing with the frosting of her slice of chocolate cake. "Some kind of trade-off."

Jennifer bit her lip, looking to her friend with her bright crystal eyes. "Do I have permission to insult your mother?"

Emily let out a bark of a laugh. "Go right ahead."

"What a bitch!"

The eighteen year old smiled softly to the beautiful girl before her. "I agree."

Hearing soft footsteps entering the kitchen, the teenage girls looked up to see the blond mother of three walking through the doorway. "Hello Mrs. Jareau," Emily smiled.

Amielle smiled gently to the girls that sat down at the island. "What are you two doing up so late? You have school tomorrow."

Jennifer grinned at the tired woman. "Just a midnight snack."

The blond woman quickly nodded her head, making her way over to the new eighteen year old and softly scratching at her back. "You know what? You two girls stay up as long as you want. No need to go to school tomorrow."

Emily felt herself frown, loving the feel of the woman's nails on her back. "Why not?"

"Well darling it was your birthday," Amielle chuckled. "Think of it as another present."

Watching as the middle-aged woman walked back out of the kitchen to get herself into bed, Emily looked to her friend with a smile. "Your mom is so nice," she laughed. "But would she really let us do that?"

Jennifer vigorously nodded her head. "Definitely. Once I cleaned the house so well that she let me call in sick the next day that I had a test."


"Yup," she smiled. "My dad wasn't too happy."

After the two girls had cleaned up their snacks, Jennifer took Emily's hand in hers once they agreed to get back to bed. "Julia took your bed because Richard's friend came over and is sleeping in hers, and so you have to sleep the rest of the night in mine." The crystal eyed girl looked back to her friend as they walked up the steps. "That ok?"

Feeling her heart jump up into her throat, the eighteen year old shakily nodded her head. "Yeah," she whispered. "Totally fine." Following her friend into her darkened bedroom, Emily cautiously laid herself down just beside the blond, biting her lip as she watched her obscure figure set her head to her pillow. "I wanted to thank you," she nodded, speaking quietly into the dark room.

Jennifer's brow furrowed. "For what, Em?"

"For being a really good friend," the older girl smiled. "For getting me the most amazing presents that I could ask for. For not ostracizing me and throwing me away like everyone else has." Emily's eyes watered when the blond immediately reached over to hold her hand. "I really appreciate it."

Jennifer gave a small shake of the head, pulling her friend closer so her dark head could lay on her shoulder. "You shouldn't have to say thank you for that." Pressing a loving kiss to the newly eighteen year old's cheek, the blond tightened her hand around hers. "Happy Birthday, Em."

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