Faith Of You

Chapter 13

Squinting at the sunshine that streamed through her friend's bedroom window, Emily gave a yawn. She had slept wonderfully beside her friend's warm body that night after having had a good cry into her shoulder. The blond made Emily feel safe and secure, and that was something she really needed.

After giving a good stretch she looked to her friend that lay sound asleep beside her. Jennifer's barely tanned skin shined as the newly risen sun hit it, her cute lips almost forming a pout as she slept.

Emily grinned. The blond was so cute.

She sat up as quietly and as calmly as she could as to not to wake the younger girl so she could look at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was eight o'clock.

The brunette turned and softly touched her friend's face, putting her hair behind her ear. "Time to wake up, Jennifer." Hearing a small groan from the blond, Emily let out a tired laugh. "It's eight, Jen. Time to wake up."

Jennifer slapped her friend's hand away before snuggling deeper into her pillow. "Go away."

The eighteen year old shook her head. "When the sun gets up, that means you get up. That's the law."

"What law?"

Emily paused. "The law of the world."

The blond let out a huff before grabbing her comforter and pulling it up to her ears. "Screw the world, I'm tired." She let one of her eyes pop open to glare at her friend. "We don't have to school so go away."

Emily rolled her eyes before bending down, hardening her gaze on the younger girl. "I can get you out of this bed. I will get you out of this bed."

"Yeah? How?" Jennifer grumbled.

The eighteen year old gave a small shrug before getting on her knees and jumping onto the blonde's back.

Letting out a squeal, Jennifer wiggled underneath the brunette girl. "Ow! Emily get off of me!"

Emily laid all of her weight on the younger girl, doing her best not to laugh at her struggling beneath her. "But I'm tired to," she whined. "And now I'm just soooo comfy. I think I'll sleep right here."

Jennifer did her best to push the older girl off of her. "Come on, Em!"

The brunette tilted her head, meeting her friend's shining crystal eyes. "If I do, will you get up?"

"Why do you want to get up so bad?"

"Why do you want to sleep the day away so bad?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Because it is the way life is supposed to be once you're out of school. Now that's a law of the world!"

The brunette grunted, falling even harder onto her friend's body. "You know what? That sounds really good." She snuggled into the younger girl's back, ignoring the whines coming from under her. "I think I'll just sleep here all day."

Jennifer let out a breath, doing her best to ignore the warmth of her friend's body. "If you get up, I'll get up."

Emily grinned as she rolled off of the blonde's body, watching as Jennifer reluctantly flipped over onto her back. "Well good morning to you too." She gave a wink, watching with a hypnotized gaze as she fixed her nightgown to properly cover her chest. "So? How did you sleep?"

Smiling for the first time that morning, the blond took a pillow and hit her laughing friend with it. "So what do you want to do today? No one's home; my mom had to run errands for our next door neighbor today."

The eighteen year old refrained from biting her lip, thinking of the things the two could be doing with an empty house full of bedrooms. "I don't know," she decided to say. Sitting up in her friend's bed, she looked out the window. "We could go outside."


Emily smiled. "Build a snowman?"

Jennifer immediately nodded her head. "That sounds like fun," she grinned.

The nodding brunette stood from the bed, stretching her arms over her head to get that last bit of sleepiness out of her system.

Jennifer's blue eyes watched as the older girl's shirt rose as she stretched, showing off her washboard stomach. When she realized she had been flat-out staring at the brunette, the younger girl quickly averted her eyes, her heart beating fast. What was she doing?

Emily frowned at the sight of the now flushed girl. "You ok?"

"Yeah," she nodded. The blond stood from her bed, giving a yawn. "You know what we need before going out, though?"


Jennifer's eyes sparkled. "Food."

The brunette laughed loud as she followed her friend down the steps and into the kitchen, sitting down at the island and watching Jennifer take out a pan and a box from the cupboard. "So what will you be making me, Ms. Jareau?"

Crystal eyes glared over to the older girl, her finger pointing angrily to her. "That is Chef Jareau to you."

Holding up her hands in surrender, Emily nodded obediently. "Of course, what was I thinking?"

After adding all the ingredients into her mixing bowl, the blond of the pair began to whisk, looking up to her friend who had a soft look in her eyes. "So I had a question."


Jennifer bit her lip, unsure if her new friend would be offended by the question that had been on her mind. "You told me about Demitri and your relationship, but that was your only boyfriend right?"

Emily gave a gentle nod of the head. "That's right."

"Well there are a lot of cute guys at my school," the younger girl smiled. "Have you seen anyone you think you'd be good with?"

You. "Not really," Emily shrugged, watching the whisk move skillfully in the pancake mix. "Boys really haven't been on my mind lately."

Her jaw dropping, Jennifer stared dumbfounded at her friend. "How are boys not on your mind?"

Emily gave a cackle of a laugh at the expression on the blonde's face. "They just haven't been my first priority." Biting her lip, the brunette looked to her friend. "Actually," she cautiously started, her fingers playing nervously on the granite island, "I don't necessarily know if I'm into boys."

Jennifer looked up from her mix and connected her gaze with the brunette's. "Oh?"

"Yup," the brunette whispered, staring down at her hands. She needed to get some damn courage because this confession was harder than any other she had told. "I mean I know I think that boys are cute, but I've kind of noticed that for me, girls do the same thing." She gave a small shrug, laughing to herself. "I don't know, it's just a feeling I have."

The younger girl bit her lip, setting down the bowl in her hands and sitting across from her friend. "Are you ok with that?"

Feeling herself pause at the unexpected question, Emily jerkily nodded her head. "I'm definitely ok with it, it's everyone else in the world that I don't think will be alright with it," she whispered, almost quiet enough for only her to hear it.

Jennifer felt her heart break in two at the sight of her confused and saddened friend. She slid her hand across the cool granite and tangled her fingers with the brunette's, smiling as warmly as she knew how to calm down the older girl. "It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks but you, Em. You shouldn't think about anybody but yourself in this situation."

Emily felt shivers run down her spine at the look her friend was giving her. "Really?"

"Of course." The blond grinned at her friend. "So let me rephrase that question. Have you seen any girls from school that you think you like?"

The older girl laughed lightly at the sixteen year old's question and she didn't hesitate to nod her head. "I think so, yes."

Jennifer jumped from her seat as if she had been electrocuted, and quickly took the bowl of pancake mix back into her hands. "Ok we are so talking more about this after we eat."

Emily bit her lip, laying her chin on her clasped hands as her eyes drifted down to the blonde's ass. "Definitely."

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