Faith Of You

Chapter 14

Jennifer glanced over to the older girl who run her fingers through her perfectly waved hair, the ebony ends falling just below her shoulders. The entire family was getting ready for church that day, and Emily wanted to look presentable in front of the rest of the town so she put on her favorite black dress that covered everything necessary and more, and small diamond studs.

The brunette girl looked beautiful.

Amielle had let her take the previous Sunday for her to continue to get acquainted with their home and small town, but now every Sunday was mandatory. The French girl didn't have to attend Sunday school, but the masses were a family tradition, and Emily was now a part of the Jareau family.

The eighteen year old gave a final stroke of her mascara brush to her long lashes before turning to her friend. "How much more time do we have?"

Jennifer's gaze immediately connected with her friend's. "About five minutes before we leave. Why?"

Emily smiled gently before running out of the room. "Got to pee!"

The blond let out a laugh as she watched the older girl run down the hall, and she slowly moved her eyes to look at her reflection in her friend's vanity. Her honey colored hair shined bright as it swayed behind her head in the ponytail she had put it in, and her aqua eyes matching the skirt she had chosen to wear.

She and Emily had spent the last two days practically living outside in the freshly falling snow, throwing snowballs at one another to just lying there on the ground and staring up to the white sky, talking and trying their best to catch snowflakes on the tips of their tongues.

Jennifer had found out her new friend to be so much fun, not always the extroverted type, but definitely someone you always wanted to be around. She knew how to make anyone smile and feel an immediate comfort when in her presence, and for Jennifer that signified the start of a great relationship.

Emily jogged her way back into the room and threw a winter coat into her friend's lap. "Your dad is downstairs and doing his best not to wring your mother's neck."

The younger girl stifled a laugh. "Is she preaching the gospel to get Rich out of the fridge?"

The brunette's movements paused, her eyes somehow narrowing and widening at the same time. "She does that?"

"She can preach in any situation and make it work," she sighed, standing and slipping on her jacket.

Emily shook her head as she buttoned up her jacket before taking the blonde's hand, smiling softly at her friend and pulling her out of the room. "Well the faster we get downstairs and into the car, the faster we get her to stop."

The blond vigorously nodded her head. "Good plan."

The pair of friends quickly made their way down the stairs and out the door of the Victorian house, following the Jareau leader, James, down to the car. Taking a big step over a small bank of snow in the driveway to try to quicken her pace, Emily's foot slipped on a small patch of black ice.

Jennifer's jaw dropped as she watched her friend fall heavily to the floor, and she quickly knelt by her side trying to help her up. "Emily are you alright?"

Groaning, the brunette slowly nodded her head, letting both her friend and her friend's father help her off of the paved driveway. "Yeah, I'm ok." Emily's eyes immediately widened at the feeling of a sharp pain stabbing at her side as she tried to stand straight, and she tightened her hold on the older man at her side. "Ok pain. A lot of pain," she croaked.

Jennifer hated the tears she saw in the brunette's eyes and she leaned in to whisper in the older girl's ear. "Do you need to go and lay down?" Forcing her friend's teary eyes to meet hers, she softly cupped the older girl's cheek. "How bad does it hurt?"

"I can go to church," she argued, doing her best to stand as straight as she could with the throbbing pain near her hip. "I'm alright, really."

The sixteen year old immediately stepped back, letting go of her friend. "You walk three steps without grimacing and you can come."

James softly nodded his head, pressing a fatherly kiss to the brunette girl's forehead before stepping back himself. "She has a point, pumpkin. Just three steps."

Emily held her head high before taking a step forward, her foot barely hitting the pavement before her jaw clenched. The pain was worse than before. Her dark eyes slowly cast over to her friend who stand two feet away, teeth nibbling gently into her bottom lip to try and distract herself from the pain. "I don't think I can go," she whispered.

James swiftly picked up the young girl in his arms and held her tight, carrying her back into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. "You lay down and stay comfortable until we get back, alright?" He peppered gently kisses to her forehead after laying her in her bed, looking warmly into her eyes. "Jennifer will stay with you."

"I'm sorry," she croaked, holding her hand to her side. "I didn't mean to delay anyone more than they already were."

"Don't you even think about putting any blame on yourself, that's nonsense. Just lay here and get better, alright? You took a hard fall."

Jennifer came walking into the room with a hot water bottle in hand, sitting herself down on the bed and helping the brunette girl slip off her jacket. "Daddy we'll be ok."

James smiled affectionately at the pair, watching with warm eyes as his daughter helped the eighteen year old roll onto her side, setting the warm pack right on her hip. "You two don't get into trouble now," he teased, leaving the room to go downstairs and journey to the church with the rest of the family.

Emily bit her lip, enjoying the feel of her friend's hand rubbing up and down her back. How much trouble could they get into?

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