Faith Of You

Chapter 15

Emily sucked in a breath, willing the tears away as her friend lie down next to her in the bed, her hand continuing it's path up and down her back. Her side was in extreme pain from the fall out in the driveway. She had even hobbled her way to the bathroom to check out what it looked like, and her porcelain skin was already bruising.

The blond gently settled herself beside the injured girl, plopping her chin right onto her friend's shoulder. "You feeling any better?"

"A little," Emily nodded, her eyes staring straight ahead to the white wall covered in Grace's old swimming medals. "Thank you for staying with me." Taking one of her hands that she had been laying on, she reached back and took her friend's wandering hand in hers. "I appreciate it."

Jennifer smiled softly, leaning in and pecking the eighteen year old's cheek. "Of course. Besides, now this gives me a chance to ask more about this mystery girl."

The older girl immediately let out a groan, dreading the conversation about to come.

"Don't you try to get out of it! I gave you a whole day and a half and now you have to tell me."

"I have to tell you?" the brunette laughed. "Do I really?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Yeah I think you do."

Emily bit her lip, anxious of the questions that would rapidly be fired at her in a moment's time.

"Ok," the blond teen started. "Do I know her?"

Emily gave a slow nod of her head, feeling the blonde's fingers tangle with hers as she contemplated her answer. She could talk about it without giving it away, right? "Yeah, I think so."

Jennifer felt her smile widen. "Nice, ok." Hearing the ivory girl laugh, the youngest Jareau child felt her mood immediately perk up. "What does she look like?"

"Very pretty," the older girl nodded. "She has the prettiest hair that is the color of a dandy, and she's about as tall as me." She turned her head just a touch so she could look into her friend's shining eyes, seeing how much she was enjoying herself. "Her smile is one that lights up a room, and I always love to see it on her."

The youngest of the Jareaus gave a delicate smile, the corners of her mouth barely lifting as she looked into the French girl's captivating eyes. "You sure are a sweetheart," she teased, watching with a confused gaze as her friend's eyes mysteriously darkened. "Is she funny?"

Emily grinned. "She tells the cutest jokes that she thinks are funny, but when you hear her laugh you can't help but go along and laugh with her."

"She sounds adorable."

The brunette felt her heart warm at the look in her friend's eyes, and she tightened her hand around the younger girl's. "She really is. I would love to finally get the chance to ak her out but I don't know if she's actually into girls or not."

Jennifer gave a frown, sitting up slightly so she could readjust the hot water bottle on her friend's injury. "Why don't you just ask her?"

"You can't just ask someone that! It could be insulting to some people, or just plain confusing." Emily vigorously shook her head. "No, I can't do that."

The younger girl bit her lip. "Well what if you don't ask if she's gay or bi, just ask her out? Don't make it sound as if you want it to be a study date or something, but just a day to hang out. Get to know her before you do anything serious," she suggested.

Emily felt herself smile at the blond at her side, running her fingers gently across her friend's. "That's actually a really good idea." Leaning up, she pressed a tender kiss to the corner of Jennifer's mouth, not too far from the warm skin of her cheek but just close enough so her lips delicately touched hers. "Thank you," she whispered.

Jennifer watched as the older girl quietly drifted off into a tranquil little state of serenity, her eyes closing to block out the light that seeped in through the window. She gave a small frown, her hand untangling from Emily's so she could touch the corner of her mouth. Whatever she and the brunette were, she liked it, and for just a moment, the sixteen year old wanted it to be her that Emily spoke about.

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