Faith Of You

Chapter 16

Looking up from the new stack of books she had taken into her arms, Emily smiled at the sight of her friend standing at her own locker, her head bent slightly into the metal compartment as if she were looking for something buried beneath all her books. She shut her locker door before hobbling her way over to the blond, gently tapping her shoulder to gain her attention.

Jennifer practically jumped out of her skin at the unexpected touch. "Jeez!"

Emily quickly shook her head, smiling amusedly at the younger girl who put her hand to her chest. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Are you alright?"

"No yeah, I'm fine," she nodded.

Emily looked pointedly down to the rosary clasped tightly in the Christian girl's hand. "Everything alright?"

Jennifer adamantly nodded her head, shoving her jade rosary back into her locker before slamming the door. "Yeah, completely fine," she smiled.

The brunette girl stepped closer, doing her best to smile comfortingly. "Are you sure? You're praying during the five minute interval between fifth and sixth period."

"Any time is a good time for prayer."

Emily smiled at the passionate look in her friend's eyes and she tenderly touched the blonde's arm. "Alright. Well are you ready for English?"

"Definitely am," she grinned. Jennifer held the French girl's hand in hers and helped her up the nearest staircase, knowing her friend's side was still very sensitive and in a lot of pain. She took the heaviest book from her friend as they entered the classroom and waited for her to get seated at her desk before settling her books underneath her seat. "Feeling ok? Do I need to get an icepack for you from Nurse Healy?"

The brunette laughed as she shook her head. "I'm fine, really."

Aaron smirked at the pair from his seat next to his new friend. "She still babying you?"

Jennifer let her eyes harden on the older boy. "Not funny, Aaron. I am not babying her, I'm just making sure she can walk alright and carry all of her books at the same time without feeling any pain."

The older boy shook his head. "Ya' helped her sit down, JJ."

Jennifer reached over to smack the brunette boy in the forehead before sitting beside the French girl. "Shut up."

Emily smiled at her new friend, letting him adjust the wobbling leg of her desk. "She's just being sweet," the brunette laughed. "There's no need to tease her."

The brunette boy looked to the French girl with a gleam in his eye. "That's the exact same thing Damian Octan said the other day; she's really sweet." The football player winked. "He's thinking about asking her out."

In that moment Emily immediately felt her tiny world come crashing down, the illusion of the blond and her having the tiniest inkling of an intimate and maybe even sexual relationship shattering at those few words spoken. "Oh yeah?" she croaked.

"They went out on a date back in freshman year and it didn't really lead anywhere because the Jareau's thought she was too young, but they'd definitely let her go out now."

Emily gave a soft bite to her lip before glancing over to the sixteen year old on her other side, watching with dull eyes as the younger girl elegantly wrote her heading on a new piece of notebook paper. "Great."

Halfway into the period the French girl felt a small tap on her shoulder. Looking up from the essay she was writing, Emily's doe eyes caught Aaron's. "What?"

The football player grinned playfully to the younger girl. "Read it."

Frowning, Emily took the crumpled up note from her friend. She neatly unfolded the paper and scanned the words written across the white paper.

I think you're really cute. Wanna go out on Friday? Circle yes for yes or no for definitely yes.

The brunette looked back to the boy at her side, watching as he pointed behind hi to a gorgeous brunette two seats back. Her gray eyes hit Emily like a bucket of ice, her smile practically shining from across the room.

Emily could barely contain her urge to smile back and thought for a quick second before nodding her head back to the teen. She quickly looked back to the note before her and grinned like an idiot. Somebody liked her.

Jennifer frowned at the sight of her friend almost in giggled. "What's that?"

The French girl looked up from her paper, the idiot grin still plastered on her face, and shook her head. "Nothing."

Jennifer watched as the ebony haired girl folded up the note and stuffed it into her jean pocket before quickly getting back to her writing, and she could feel her heart sinking.

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