Faith Of You

Chapter 17

Emily smiled gently at her friend as he helped her to her locker, waiting until her backpack was securely on so she could click in the combination. "Thanks Aaron, you didn't have to help me."

"Well JJ is usually the one to baby you and she had a meeting with Mr. Adler, so." He took the unneeded books from the younger girl's backpack. "So what was that in English?" the football player asked teasingly. "You and one of the sexiest girls in town? Not to offend, but hot."

The brunette's eyes closed tight as she barked out a laugh. "No offense taken." She bit down into her lip, closing and locking up her locker. "So who is she anyway?"

Aaron wrapped his arm around his friend's shoulders, helping her walk down the hall. "She's head cheerleader and the star vollyball player. She's a junior, but is so smart that she toook her SAT's when she was twelve."

Emily smirked. "So did I."

"No way!"

The brunette girl's nose crinkled as she smile up to her friend. "Well she's insanely pretty."

"And she has a thing for you," Aaron teased. "Perfect match. Hot match. Sexy match!"

Emily quickly shook her head, holding back the blush she knew would appear if the older high schooler kept talking. "Alright I get it," she laughed. "Do you think she really likes me?" A small spark of hope heated her core at the thought of someone actually thinking she was someone to go after. If she couldn't have Jennifer then she'd have to move on, and here was a perfect opportunity.

Aaron looked down to his friend in disbelief. "Of course she's interested in you. Didn't you see the look she was giving you?"

Before the eighteen year old could open her mouth, a vision of blond hair invaded her sight.

Jennifer smiled to the pair she had ran over to, brushing her hair from her eyes. "Hey guys. Would you both mind staying after a little bit longer? My friend Damian said he wanted to talk to me."

Doing her best not to show her sadness, Emily gently nodded her head. "Yeah that's fine. I can get my homework started."

Aaron smirked. "Yeah. I'm sure Derek and I can find something to do while you're busy," he winked.

Letting the brunette boy kiss her forehead, Emily groaned. "Ew." The chocolate eyed girl looked to her friend. "I'll just go out front, ok? I'll stay there until you're done."

"You can stay in Derek's truck," the younger girl insisted. "Stay warm."

Emily smiled gently. "I'll be aright. Go talk to Damian."

Feeling as if she almost sensed the sadness in her new friend's voice, the blond was reluctant to agree. "Are you sure?"

"Go," Emily nodded. "I'll be just fine on my own."

Jennifer let herself smile at the brunette. "Alright. I'll only be a few minutes."

Watching with sad eyes as the beautiful girl walked away, Emily cursed herself for wanting to turn her back on the vision. She couldn't keep looking after the girl who she now knew she couldn't have, it would just be too painful.

Hobbling her way out the entrance doors, the eighteen year old shivered at the freezing gust of wind that blew her hair over her shoulders, her alabaster skin chapping from the cold.


Turning around, Emily's eyes widened. It was the girl from English class. "Oh hi."

The brunette girl grinned, reaching out to shake the French girl's hand. "Hi, I'm Sage. I'm sorry I was so forward back in class," she blushed. "It's just that I've seen you every day for the past two weeks and I thought that if I didn't make a move now then I'd lose the nerve."

Emily laughed lightly at the other girl's panic, shaking hands with the gorgeous creature. "You don't have to be sorry. So Sage? That's a pretty name."

Sage gently nodded her head. "Thank you, it was my grandmother's name." She let go of the brunette's hand and quickly slipped her gloves back on. "So I heard you were from France."

"Yeah, Paris."

"Really?" The brunette's gray eyes widened. "Wow that's amazing. Are you an only child?"

Emily almost felt herself smile at the question. The other girl didn't even ask where her accent was. She could already tell that she was different. "Yes actually, I am. You?"

The steely eyed vixen grinned. "I am."

Jennifer adjusted her bag on her shoulder as she made her way towards the front entrance. Damian had asked if she wanted to go out on a date, and confused about her feelings for her new brunette friend, she told him that she'd have to think about it.

The blond girl looked up from her bag to look out the school's entrance doors, frowning at the sight of Emily with the most popular girl in school.

Not one of the most popular, but the most popular. Sage Michael's was the girl everyone loved.

Quietly opening up the closest door, she stuck her head out into the cold air to listen in on their conversation.

Sage batted her perfectly curled lashes at the beautiful brunette standing beside her. "So about the note I passed you. What do you say?" Her naturally reddened lips curved into a smile. "Friday?"

Emily felt her heart race at the look in the other girl's eyes, and she slowly nodded her head. "Yeah," she smiled. "I'd love to go out with you."

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