Faith Of You

Chapter 19

Emily bit hard into her bottom lip, not hard enough to make it bleed but just enough to feel the pain throughout her entire mouth. She was nervous. Her date was funny, chivalrous and completely beautiful, and she was into her. Her. Nerdy, nobody Emily Prentiss. The brunette rolled her eyes. She wouldn't try to mess it up, but there was a big chance of it happening anyway.

The steely eyed girl glanced over to her date, smiling slightly at the nervousness she saw in the other girl's wandering eyes. "Hey you ok? You haven't spoken in about ten minutes."

Emily's head snapped to the side, her dark eyes widening. "Yeah! No yeah, I'm ok."

At that, Sage arched a brow.

"Ok, I'm just a little nervous." The brunette girl let her tongue swipe over the bite mark in her bottom lip. "I've never actually been out on a date with a girl before."

Sage nodded her head, stopping at the next stop sign she came to. "Really?"

Emily hesitantly looked to the younger girl. "Is that bad?"

"No, not at all." Sage turned onto her street, making sure to slow down her speed in case a kid came running out into the street. "How do you know that you like girls though?"

The chocolate eyed teen glanced out the windshield, looking out to the dark sky. "I don't know," she shrugged. "I just do."

Nodding her head, the brunette teen smiled. "That's the exact same thing I told my parents and they didn't seem to understand at first." Turning into the sixth driveway on the street, she pulled the car to a stop. "Ok, we're here."

Emily eyed the large home. "Wow." She quickly turned back to her date. "I thought we were going to see a movie."

"We are," the girl grinned. She shut her car door and made her way to the other side of the car, opening the passanger side door and taking her date's hand. "I have a cinema."

The eighteen year old gulped as the polite girl led her up the front steps and into the mansion. "Your house is amazing."

Sage smiled, slipping the winter coat from her date's shoulders before she did her own. "Thank you. Both my parents are CPA's and my mom is also a fashion designer."

Emily shivered at the gesture of the younger girl, her mind immediately going back to when Jennifer had done the same exact thing for her. "Oh really? That's cool."

"What do your parents do?"

The older girl followed her date through the empty house, her fingers playing nervously in front of her stomach. "Both my mom and dad are ambassadors. That's why I moved to France back when I was ten. We've been stationed there for the past couple of years."

Sage smiled to the beautiful girl, opening up the fridge to get her a drink. "Soda?"

"Sure," the brunette nodded.

"So do you have to go to a bunch of dinner parties and stuff for your parents?"

Emily groaned at the thought of all the parties she'd attended in all the years on Earth. "Ugh, yes. It's ridiculous. They throw or attend parties to meet and mingle with people who they don't even like to get money for fundraisers so they can show how 'good' they are at their boring jobs."

Sage resisted the urge to laugh at the annoyance in the older girl's eyes. "Sounds like your parents are a bit dull."

"Just a little," she laughed. Letting her date take her hand and lead her down into the basement, Emily's eyes widened. Sage's 'cinema' was a room with a giant screen facing seven rows of couches that would fit about four people, three taking up each row. "Oh my gosh, this is amazing."

"I thought we'd have a lot more privacy here than in a crowded movie theater."

The eighteen year old gave a jerky nod of the head, sitting down on the center couch in the first row.

Sage set her drink down. "I'm gonna go set up the film, ok?"

"Ok." Emily scooted back into the couch, which was more like a plush, firm bed, and set her back against the pillows that lay there. Her feet barely hung off the edge.

The French girl rubbed her hands nervously down her dress to smooth out any wrinkles, her heart picking up it's pace as the lights dimmed. She was on a date with a beautiful girl, who wanted to be alone with her, and all the eighteen year old could do was think of the blond she had left at home.

What was the matter with her? Jennifer wasn't even into her AND she was asked out by a guy in school, which she'd probably go on. Why was she holding back for the hopes of being with a girl she didn't even have a chance at having?

Sighing, Emily shook her head. She had to stop thinking of the Christian girl when she had a perfect oppurtunity being held out right in front of her.

The eighteen year old practically jumped out of her skin when her date plopped down on the couch beside her, her hand going to her heart. "God, you scared me."

Sage smiled gently to the older girl, scooting closer and rubbing her hand down the ivory teen's soft arm. "I'm sorry." She cautiously wrapped her arm around the beautiful brunette girl's waist, batting her eyelashes. "Is this ok?" she whispered, hearing the movie start in the background.

Emily let a real smile spread over her lips, feeling the gray eyed girl's hand cupping her hip through the material of her dress. "Yeah. This is ok."

Halfway through the movie, Emily found herself laying her head on her date's shoulder, her eyelids drooping slightly as she tried to focus on the movie. "So he's not into her?"

"No, he is. But he's also into someone else, and he doesn't know which one to choose."

Emily scoffed. "Jackass."

Sage laughed loudly at the older girl's comment and she gave a short nod of agreement, her fingers playing with the material of the brunette's dress. "Alright, jackass it is." Looking down to the teen who used her shoulder as a pillow, Sage smiled, letting her hand move up from her hip to her face, brushing the soft waves from her face. "You are so beautiful," she whispered.

The older brunette looked up to the steely eyed girl, shivers running up and down her spine at the look she was giving her. She heard her breathing grow rapid as Sage seemed to lean in closer. "Yeah?"


Emily held her breath as the younger girl's lips tentatively touched themselves to hers, feeling Sage's fingers weave their way into her dark hair. Finally letting all those negative thoughts go, she felt herself begin to enjoy the taste of the other teenager's lips on hers, gripping her date's waist to bring her body closer.

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