Faith Of You

Chapter 2

James quickly rounded up the kids on the lawn as their new houseguest did her best to tug her backpack off of the floor of the front seat. "Alright you guys, she's here and she's very nervous. Try not to make this hard for her, ok?" Once he saw a nod from each in the small group, he turned to their new guest and smiled. "Come over here, Emily."

The brunette barely caught herself before tripping over a crack in the paved driveway, her hand quickly going to her heart. "Ok, I'm alright," she chuckled, cautiously putting her ebony hair behind her ear as she walked up beside the father of three. "Wow there are a lot more than three here."

James smiled to the teenager. "These are all the children that my wife teaches in Sunday school." He gestured to the two tallest ones there. "But these two are mine. Julia and Richard are both eighteen."

"Twins," Emily nodded. She held out her hand, smiling the brightest smile she had as they squeezed and shook. "Hi, it's so nice to meet you guys."

A five year old brunette boy looked up to the stranger he had been introduced to and gently pulled on her pant leg. "Hello."

Emily smiled gently down to the little boy, bending down to his level and letting him grab onto her fingers. "Hi I'm Emily. What's your name?"


The seventeen year old's eyes widened. "Really? Wow that's so weird, I know another person named Dylan."

Dylan's little green eyes bugged, his jaw dropping. "No way."

"Way," she grinned.

James smiled at the two, looking back to Emily once she stood. "Why don't you go on inside with Julia? She'll show you around while I get your luggage."

Emily nodded, letting the older girl lead her into the two-story house. "Your dad seems really nice."

The blond smiled. "He really is. Everybody has been really excited for you to get here." She quickly took Emily's light coat and hung it on the mahogany coat rack. "Come on, my mom and sister are in the kitchen."

Emily bit her lip as she slowly made her way into the kitchen, a smile blossoming on her face at the sight of an older woman dancing around with flower falling from her fingertips.

"Mom cut it out, we have company."

Amielle Jareau turned at the sound of her eldest daughter. "Never tell your mother to stop dancing when she's baking, Juliebug. You know that." Her blue eyes turned to the younger girl beside her and immediately smiled. "You must be Emily."

The brunette teenager quickly nodded her head. "Yes I am." She let out a big grin when the mother of three took her into a hug, feeling her being careful to not get any flour on her. "It's so great to meet you Mrs. Jareau."

"Oh please," she dismissed, "it's Amielle. Has Julia been showing you around?"

Emily smiled. "The living room and the kitchen," she laughed. Her dark eyes cast over to another blond figure in the kitchen, her heartbeat speeding up at the sight of long, flowing hair and sparkling blue eyes even brighter than her father's. "Hi," she whispered nervously.

The younger girl quickly made her way over to the new member of her family, taking the brunette's soft hand in hers. "Hi I'm Jennifer."

"What happened to your face, Rosie?"

Jennifer did her best to shoo away her mother when she tried to wipe off a smeared patch of flour from her cheek with a wet thumb.

The brunette girl in the kitchen bit back a smile at the other girl's antics. "Rosie?"

"My middle name," she laughed. "Come on, I'll show you to your room."

Emily gave a generous nod of the head, letting the younger teen take her hand and lead her up their stairs of their now shared home.

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