Faith Of You

Chapter 20

Giggling against her date's lips, Emily let her eyes flutter open. "You're a really good kisser."

Sage grinned devilishly at the older girl, tightening her arms around the brunette's slender waist. "I'd have to say ditto." She leaned in and nipped playfully at the French girl's bottom lip. "So tomorrow?"

Emily vigorously nodded her head. "I'd love to," she smiled.

"Oh Emily!"

Groaning, Emily stepped away from her date. "Ok, time to go."

Sage frowned, looking to the teenager in the Jareau's front doorway. "Who's that?"

"Richard," the brunette chuckled. "My pseudo brother for a couple of months."

Richard grinned at the pair from the front porch, feeling Julia trying to peek out from around him. "It's two minutes to eleven. Get in the house!"

Emily bit her lip. "Ok I really have to go."

The younger brunette nodded before taking a step closer and pecking Emily's cold cheek. "I'll call you tomorrow?"

"Yeah," she smiled.


The brown eyed girl laughed before running up the front steps, lightly pushing the twins out of the way so she could step inside the house. "Hey guys."

Julia sat herself down on the arm of one of the living room couches, watching as the guest in her house wiped her feet on the mat and slipped off her coat. "How was your night, Em?"

"Fine," she dismissed. "How was yours?"

Richard shook his head, blocking Emily's way to the staircase when she tried to hurry out of the room. "You're not going anywhere."

The other twin stood beside her brother. "We'd like to know about your date."

Emily smiled lightly to the two blonde's. "I told you it was fine." Slipping her hand over her mouth, she faked a large yawn. "You know what? I'm actually pretty tired. I think I'll be headed to bed."

Richard stuck his arm out, smiling to the younger girl who stood before him, close to defeat. "What's her name?"

Julia nodded along with the other Jareau, watching as the brunette's eyes flickered over to her. "It was kind of hard to see through the darkness."

The only brunette in the household puffed out her cheeks, knowing she wouldn't be able to get away from the two if she didn't give up some kind of information. "Her name is Sage Michaels and she's very sweet." Giving them both a grin, she slipped past them. "Goodnight now."

Richard's jaw dropped. "Sage is gay?"

"That's all you have to say?" The eldest Jareau girl slapped her brother's shoulder. "Emily has been here three weeks and already got the most popular kid in school!" Julie gave a pout, trudging up the steps to her bedroom. "Not fair."

Emily shook her head at the comments of the older teens as she tip toed down the hallway, careful not to wake up the parents that had taken her in in case they were already sleeping. Walking over to her friend's bedroom door, the brunette knocked softly. "Jen? You awake?"

"Come in."

The chocolate eyed girl quietly opened the wooden door and immediately closed it behind her, making her way through the dimly lit room to her friend's bed. "I'm sorry, were you trying to sleep?"

Jennifer chuckled lightly before scooting over in her bed. "Nope, just waiting for you to get home." She pat the side of the bed beside her. "Sit. Let us talk about your date."

Biting her lip, Emily slipped off her shoes and got into the bed, covering herself with the comforter, smiling as the blond turned to look at her. "It was really great," she whispered. "Sage took me back to her house to watch a movie in this giant movie theater she has in her basement."

"What did you watch?"

The brunette frowned. "I don't know the title. It was something about a man in love with two women but doesn't know which one to pick."

Jennifer rolled her tired eyes. "Jackass."

Emily grinned, gently tapping her friend on the arm. "That's what I said! Anyway, it was like halfway through and she kissed me." Oddly enough, the older girl felt weird about sharing her relationship with someone else with the blond.

Jennifer felt her heart stop, her eyebrows raising at the statement. "She kissed you?"

The eighteen year old softly nodded her head, her tongue swiping over her bottom lip. "Yeah. Is it too fast to kiss on the first date?"

"No," the other girl quickly denied. "Not really, no." She watched as her friend began to pick at her nails, something Jennifer had noticed she always did when she got nervous. "How was it?"

Emily fought the grin that tried to pop onto her face. "It was really good." The brunette frowned at the look in the younger girl's eyes. "What?"

Jennifer slowly shook her head. "No, nothing."

"Come on, what is it?"

Jennifer had to laugh at herself. Why was it so hard to say? "I was just wondering what it would feel like." Looking up at the brunette's wide eyes, Jennifer giggled slightly. "To kiss someone."

Emily felt herself inch closer to the younger girl. "You've never kissed anyone before?"

"Nope," the blond chuckled. "Never really wanted to, I guess."

The eighteen year old frowned. "Liar."

Jennifer slapped at her friend's chest, watching as her face brightened when she laughed. "Alright, quit the laughter. I just never got the opportunity."

Emily felt a knot begin to form in her stomach at the way her eyes connected with the younger girl's. "You know, when I was twelve my friend Matthew taught me how to kiss. Nothing really intimate about it, just a lesson on it."

"He taught you to kiss? How?"

Emily smiled. "He kissed me, silly."

Jennifer's eyes widened. "Oh."

Feeling her heart practically beat itself out of her chest, the eighteen year old nodded. "If you want...I could teach you."

The blond froze. Her maybe-crush wanted to kiss her. "You want to teach me how to kiss?"

Emily jerkily nodded her head, her fingers gripping the comforter that lay atop her. "It wouldn't be anything romantic," she whispered. "Just a lesson to teach you how to do it. You get the hang of it pretty quickly."

Jennifer sat up in her bed, now completely awake. "Ok."


She could see surprise in the older girl's eyes. "If you want to, then ok." The blond shrugged dully, trying not to show the excitement she felt welling up inside of her. "I wouldn't mind learning."

Emily sat up beside her friend, moving closer to the blond girl. "Ok." She gently moved the hair from Jennifer's eyes so she could see her clearly, her fingers traced delicately along the smooth skin of the younger girl's cheek. Leaning forward, she watched as the other girl's eyes shut before hers fluttered closed as well, their breath barely hitting one another's lips when the bedroom door swung open.

James entered his daughter's dark room with a grin on his face, watching as both girls' heads whipped around to face him. "Pumpkin, I thought I heard you come in."

Emily shakily nodded her head, sitting back against the headboard as she let out a nervous chuckle. "Yup. Two minutes before curfew," she grinned.

"Well let's go pumpkin, time for bed. We're all headed to the homeless shelter at seven in the morning."

The brunette jumped out of the bed, following the older man out into the hallway. "Goodnight Mr. Jareau."

James smiled, kissing the eighteen year old's dark hair. "Goodnight Emily. Sweet dreams."

Waiting until the father of four walked back into his room, Emily stuck her head back into the blond girl's bedroom, disappointment filling the air at the lonely teen sitting in her bed. "Goodnight Jennifer."

Jennifer slowly nodding her head, watching as her friend shut her bedroom door. "Night Em."

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