Faith Of You

Chapter 21

Spooning a serving of fruit onto the next person's plate, Jennifer smiled wide, handing it back to the woman before her. "Have a good morning." The blue eyed girl set down the large spoon and wiped her hands on the apron she had been given, smirking at the sight of Emily trying to get the coffee machine to work. She bit her lip before strutting the few feet to the older girl. "Need some help?"

Emily grunted as she tried to fix the pot that was supposed to be gathering coffee. "I don't get it. It's just not working."

The blond let out a chuckle before taking the glass pot from her friend's hands, smoothly fitting it into the machine before she put her finger to the biggest button, smiling at the older girl when the coffee started to pour in.

Emily gave a frown, looking to her friend. "I loosened it up for you."

"Sure you did."

The eighteen year old quickly held up a hand, taking the other girl's spot over by the fruit. "Alright in my defense, I've never used a coffee machine before."

Jennifer's eyebrows raised. "Never?"

"Nope." The brown eyed girl shook her head, smiling at the next woman to come and hand her plate to her. "I always buy it from this café in France called 'Telescope'." She felt herself moan at the thought of her beloved coffee back in France. "It is to die for."

Jennifer immediately felt warmth throughout her body at the sound the other girl had made.

Looking over to the blond after serving the homeless woman a spoonful of fruit, her brows furrowing at the sight of the suddenly flushed girl. "Hey, you ok?"

The blond hastily nodded her head, smiling to the older girl. "I'm fine."

James made his way back into the cafeteria from out of the kitchen, carrying a new tray of freshly made scrambled eggs. Setting them down, he looked to the two teenagers that stood behind the counter. "You girls are doing great." His eyes flickered over to the brunette that stood beside him. "How are you holding up, pumpkin? Need any help?"

Emily hesitated before shaking her head, looking up to the older man with a grin. "No," she smiled, "I'm good. Jennifer's been helping me with a few things, but other than that I think we're ok."


Jennifer hid her smirk as she watched her father walk away. "Helped you? I only did the entire thing for you."

Emily spun around, slapping the younger girl on the arm. "All you did was help me with the damn coffee," she laughed. "I'm not incompetent, thank you very much." She brushed her dark hair from her eyes, quickly putting it up in a ponytail so it wouldn't interfere with her vision. "So Sage and I are going out later, would you want to come?"

Jennifer felt herself freeze, her crystal eyes staring at the older girl in disbelief. "You want me to come with you? On a date with your girlfriend?"

The brunette looked to her friend, immediately shaking her head. "She's not my girlfriend, Jennifer. She's just a friend who...I'm getting to know very well," she smiled embarrassedly.

"No thank you," she whispered.

The eighteen year old let her eyes sadden on the blonde's sulking figure, watching quietly as she picked up the now filled pot of coffee and pouring a cup for a man on line. "If you want, maybe we can go and do something else. Just us?"

Jennifer quickly shook her head, smiling wide at the older girl. "No, don't change your plans for me. Go out with your girlfriend and have fun."

Emily felt her heart actually constrict at the disgust she could pick up in the underlying of her friend's voice. "She's not my girlfriend," she insisted.

"You kissed her," Jennifer laughed in spite of herself. "She's your girlfriend."

The brunette scoffed. "Just because you kiss someone doesn't mean you're automatically in a relationship with them, Jennifer."

Jennifer almost whipped her head around to look at the eighteen year old, fire spewing from her eyes. "So then you're just a whore."

Emily's jaw dropped to the floor, hurt radiating throughout her frozen stiff body at the words that had been spit out at her. How could the blond say that to her? She was supposed to be her friend. "Excuse me?"

Immediately the younger teen knew what she had said was wrong, seeing the pain in her friend's eyes. Quickly shaking her head, Jennifer reached out to the brunette, hating herself for causing the tears welling in the French girl's eyes. "Emily, I-"

"No." She slapped the unwanted hand away, shaking her head. "No, just don't touch me."


Looking up at the sound of a familiar voice, Emily found her heart swelling at the sight of the girl who had wanted her to begin with. "Sage."

The younger brunette frowned, running around the counter to stand in front of the upset girl. "What's wrong?" She hesitantly reached up, wiping a single tear from the ivory girl's cheek. "What happened Emily?"

Emily bit her lip, smiling the best she could at her date. "No it's nothing. What are you doing here? I thought we were supposed to meet up later."

"Well I thought that I could come help out here," she smiled gently. "It's for a great cause, and I get to be here with you."

The French girl giggled slightly at the light touches Sage was giving her, and she quickly nodded her head. "Yeah, I'd like that."

Jennifer felt her own tears begin to well at the sight of the two brunettes on the other side of the cafeteria, taking extra napkins and cups and handing them all out to the homeless people who had come in for food that day. She didn't mean to say what she did; Emily wasn't the one that she had wanted to spit that out, Sage was.


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